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Old 01-28-2019, 10:57 AM
Location: Appalachian New York, Formerly Louisiana
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Originally Posted by KathrynAragon View Post
It's often the size of the town that makes a huge difference - at least that's been my experience.
Not sure in my case. The worst people I knew were all from Baton Rouge. The friends I made later out in Livingston Parish were mostly pretty good folks. A woman got between one of them and I at one point, but that was different.
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Old 01-28-2019, 11:00 AM
Location: EPWV
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Not by this Northerner.
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Old 03-02-2019, 08:10 PM
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Default Wow, That's Something...


I have not been on this board in years. Out of sheer boredom (and burn out with Twitter), I decided to lurk around for a while. I love discussing various areas of this nation, and the differences one will obviously find in it's regions.

Your post got my attention to the point that I actually went to the trouble of retrieving my password, and going through a reset. That's how big of an impression it made on me, just so you know. It took a little time, and it was a mildly frustrating process. However, I am about to methodically make that annoying process worth my while. With every single word and phrase I compile in this message, I'll make my extremely valid opinion crystal clear to you!

I am a southerner. I was born in Gainesville, Ga, but I moved all over the south for the first three decades of my life. Currently, I reside in Huntsville, Alabama with my wife and family. I wanted to explore and expand my point of view, so I went to college in Missouri and even lived in SoCal for a short time. Many of my best friends are from the Northeast and West Coast. In addition to that, a little over half of my good friends are from the southern states, like myself.

Now, let me fill you in on two more facts; I am a bleeding heart liberal, and though I consider myself a Christian, I am no Evangelical. If someone wants to worship the Moon, they can do that. It they want to worship ancient Greek gods, they can do that too. It's no skin off this southerners back. I have a very unconventional view of God. I don't do dogma and I don't expect anyone to believe like I do. That is personal. Not everyone down here is like that! As a matter of fact, a growing number of people in metropolitan areas of the south rarely think about, or care about, religion. I certainly don't.

Throw that in with the fact that I am a white male, from a traditional southern family, and maybe you can get the idea of what comprises the "New South." I came from money, and my family is steeped in southern history. As for me, right now I am just a middle class man fighting to provide for my family. Someone will have to die if I desire an easy life, so that can wait.

Also, African American's are not "colored." I mean seriously! All you did when you said that is prove a fact that already resonated throughout my southern soul....Racism is everywhere. It's in every corner of this nation, and it doesn't die because it resides in the hearts of close minded individuals from EVERY region of this country. When I lived in Orange County, California, it was more segregated and divisive than any city I have inhabited in the south. I'll admit that I have not lived in a small southern town, and I realize bigotry is prevalent in Dixie once a person vacates the major population centers. However, that is not my point. My point is YOU made a statement about African American's that I KNOW I'd never hear anyone utter on the streets of Huntsville, Alabama. Don't stereotype us when you are willing to publicize a racist and repugnant statement on a message board.

And we want your money? I hate to tell you, but the industries relocating to my area from other regions have already lined our pockets. Even the FBI is relocating several thousand jobs to a massive new central office just five miles from my house. I can also see the Saturn Rocket, towering above the Space and Rocket Center as I had west on I-565 to work daily. After I pass that landmark and money maker, I go by Research Park, the second largest technological center in this entire damn nation. We don't need your money. Why don't you save it since the businesses and industries that have propped your area have relocated here in the last 40 years.

I have nothing against northerners. As a matter of fact, I usually get along with them MUCH better than I do RURAL southerners (A dying breed). My best friend and room mate from college is originally from NYC. He's the coolest little bastard I have ever known, and I'd take a bullet for they guy. In Huntsville, Alabama, there are more transplants from northern states than there are original residents. Every single day, I am grateful for their influence and contributions to this great city. I don't care where they are originally from....They are southerners now. They are part of this community and culture, and EVERY native I here that I know has welcomed them with open arms.

However, I don't think we'd welcome a man that disparages our culture, demeans our contributions to this nation, and refers to minorities in ignorant 1930's vernacular. I haven't met a person from the Northeast like you, but that is probably due to technologically driven nature of the economy now present throughout the south. Huntsville, my city, has attracted educated and poised people from across this great nation. Our city's role in space travel, engineering, and physics has thankfully enriched us with knowledgeable and open minded individuals from every corner of this country, and across the globe. Don't box us in! Don't you dare! I don't feel superior to your region, because it literally brought commerce and greatness to this continent. When I SEE THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, I literally get a lump in my throat. From the steel industry in Pittsburg, to the first assembly line in Detroit, MI, all the way back to the first dress factory in New York City, I recognize the importance of the northern states. I am grateful that other regions of the United States paved the way for us to transform into a bustling and cutting edge economy.

However, try not to come on here and act like we all want to recruit you into some cult. Why would anyone care if "Bible believers" think they are right? I may think that most of them espouse a narrow minded points of view, but I respect them. Those people have the right to form their own opinion, and no one can take that from them. I chose to do my own thing, but no one should belittle them for their choices.

THE MAIN POINT....Remember that we have money pouring into this region. I promise you, we aren't waiting for you to spend two dollars on a Pepsi in Tifton, Georgia. While we will gladly stock the shelves and take your money, I promise that is not the main contributing factor to the explosive economic growth in the southern states. As a good southerner I thank you for your patronage, but we'd be just fine without you. Bless your heart!

Last, but possibly most importantly, don't EVER turn your racist nose up at us if you are going to type out "colored" in a public forum. Yes, there are xenophobic bigots in the south. I do not deny that, and they are a stain on the fabric of American society. I am repulsed by the torrid racial history of this region, even if my heritage is rooted here. It sickens me to the depths of my soul. Since I have to deal with my region's role in the treatment of innocent African Americans, I have a distinct and pointed disgust for racism. I have had to face the atrocities committed by my ancestors every single day of my life, and it's caused me to be an advocate for equality and social justice. To be honest, I know a few southerners that are activist because the past haunts them. My generation is generally repulsed by the actions of former generations of southerners. I cannot think of a single damn friend I have that would fail to cuss you out for your comments about African American's. Welcome to the new age. It's 2019, and in my part of the south, we condemn hate!!

So, come on down and live in our beautiful and prosperous region. By all means, enjoy the sparkling new developments, the cutting edge industries, and the friendly nature of people throughout this general area. I also hope you will come to enjoy the growing diversity present here due to companies in your region relocating directly to this area. Maybe the workforce here is more educated at this point. Wait, I study demographics. This is not 1983, and guess what, the highest percentage of college educated individuals now resides in the DEEP SOUTH! I sort of graded your ignorant and racist composition. It was southern universities that honed my literary skills. Thanks to the assistance of educators from the deep south, I am truthfully CERTAIN that you communicate on a ninth grade level. I congratulate you. You made it to high school. However, you could only get a job in Huntsville at Dollar General. You need to stay where you are!! Judging from your inept literary skills, I am absolutely certain you could never succed in Hunstville , Alabama. I'm so incredibly apologetic! In the New South, we only hire people with skills and class. You have neither, so be glad you are retired.

However, I'll ask a couple of small favors from you...

Don't try to marginalize an entire culture so you can feel superior and important. Let's not deceive ourselves. If you love it enough to come down here for an extended period of time, then it cannot be as abysmal as your prognosis. Well, I am quite certain you already know that.....

So Next...

The vast majority of us no longer assume all "Yankees" are rude or arrogant. Seriously, and I mean this with every fiber of my being, we are more than happy to welcome anyone and it's not because of MONEY! We want people from various states to contribute to the culture and continue moving us forward. The viewpoints brought by those originally from New York state have transformed this area and enriched the viewpoints of countless natives. We DON'T need their money, we need their perspective. After all, even during The Great Recession, the Southeast portion of the United States had the lowest unemployment rate of any region. We have somehow attracted the industries of the future to this area. WE HAVE JOBS! I am certain that various Chambers of Commerce branches located in the south are thrilled when a passer by from Vermont engulfs a meal from Cracker Barrel. However, the average southerner is doing GREAT. I work at a high end retirement community as a Accounts Executive. Many of those incredible men and women are from your area. I am extremely grateful that they are open minded and compassionate in their world view......In other words....NOTHING like YOU!!

Don't box us in because of where we are from. Don't act like we are small minded while you literally compose racist post in a public forum. Well, even though that was racist as hell...you are an honest racist. That is still deplorable.

And get this through your stoic and resolute mind....The urban areas of the south generate enough capital on their own. We don't care if a person from Pennsylvania buys a Snickers bar at Stuckey's. We are glad to see you, and we welcome you freely. Maybe in 1970, we needed people from various regions to vacation here. I am sure that was the case. For the longest time in the early to mid 20th century, tourism was the only viable industry available for the southeastern United States.

However, things have changed. We welcome tourism, but I promise you that the southerners I know would condemn your comments about African American's without reservation. I know and associate with a diverse crew of southern resisters, and I promise you they'd beg you to keep your damn money!

So here we are in 2019. There may be blue and red states, but that means very little. You cannot define the lines of this great nation based on geography anymore....you must base it on population and centers and technology. Welcome to the 21st Century!! Vast regions and predisposed opinions matter very little anymore. In this era, the educational and economic outlooks for a very small and specific sub-region will reveal progress or decline. North, South, East, and West matter very little now. At this point, it's metropolitan or rural that matters. After all, I am from the south and I would never type the things you felt prompted to espouse about African Americans. Whose backwards now...Not I!!

Oh and by the way, if you have a problem with any minority, I request that you stay above the Mason Dixon line. We have progressed too far, and worked too hard to allow your ilk to infect us.

Peace Out!

Originally Posted by galaxyhi View Post
I'm a Yankee.
I also own property in Florida and will retire to a specific area in Georgia, remaining undisclosed.
These are my observances: and read thoroughly before you jump down my throat:

When I/we get to S. Carolina, Georgia or Florida, we are treated differently simply because of our license plate, and lack of a southern drawl.

I'm also a New Yawker, and the " New York minute" is true. We tend to do things/ get things done faster than southerners. Southerners are more laid back, and claim " the weather" makes them move and do things slower. Pish posh. Well we get very hot summers and still go fast. We also get bitter cold winter here upstate and, while bundled up, things done fast too.

NYC folks tend to MYOB, and don't interact with every single person they meet, upstate is similar. The South seems to want to take up your time, in a slow fashion, and "chat you up " frequently as though you have all the time in the world. Perhaps southerners could take a page from our book.

Southerners hate people passing through to another southern local, and hate it more when we move there, even for temporary winter living. They love that we bring piles and piles of money from " outside" the area/region/ state, but don't want us there. Can't have it both ways.

BLUE States like N.Y. contribute more to the government in way of taxes, that the poorer red southern states siphon off, contributing while contributing less in taxes. People in N.Y., just like taxpayers on these fora, do complain (rightfully so) about " supporting southern red states", just like taxpayers on here complain about supporting deadbeats on welfare. SAME SAME.

NYERS are also tired of being treated like a red headed step child when they do winter in southern regions, yet they financially bring funds that the southerners grab with fained indifference, then turn their backs and cuss out the "damn Yankee ". Southerners WANT that money because their wage base and tax base are so low as to not support themselves. See previous paragraph.

Politics are politics the country over. There are red voters and blue voters everywhere in this country. Predominantly red states does not mean everyone voted red, and predominantly blue does not mean must vote blue.

Southern bible voters can't stay away from asking " what church do you go to " if you are there for more than 24 hours. That in itself is a loaded question, as if you don't belong to their church, they will try to recruit you, both for your money and to "save your soul" and to bring you to THEIR THINKING, or, they will lambaste you if you don't attend their form of religion if you don't believe in organized religion, such as myself ( my opinions drastically changed after having died, been clinically certified dead, and shocked back to life in the late 90s, so I've been there done that, and I know some answers some only think or assume they know...and no,don't ask me for disclosing my experience, you'll find out some answers when it happens to you). I find it distressing to have a bible thrust my way with a "my church is right, you are wrong " attitude over any issue.

Last I knew, this was free country, where people could travel and live and vote anywhere they wanted, but yankee/ southern divicesiveness abounds.

I also tire of blacks, colored, African Americans, or whatever they want to call themselves feeling they are " owed something " for past centuries ago slavery. ( and why is I can be " white" all day long, but blacks have to be African American???? I'm European/Scandinavian/Celtic American, must I use that mouthful to describe myself????). My family in the northern free state's did not own slaves!!! Nor did my mid-southern ancestors!!!! I was borm here, in the midwest, and as American as a black georgia born american is.

First, do no harm, To fellow humankind. ( there I disclosed one answer I received on the day of my death).
Too many insist on doing harm to others all in the name of god, country, race, religion, region, in an attempt to prove they are "right"!

I believe we are ALL USA American citizens, and need to or deserve to treat each better, regardless of our differences.

May the superior energy source of the universe help us if we continue to devide ourselves in any way. ( durn it, another disclosure from my death)

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Old 03-05-2019, 09:47 AM
Location: Clemson, SC by way of Tyler,TX
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Originally Posted by BajanYankee View Post
Trump has YUGE rallies in Southern states, so apparently not.
Trump essentially swept the south, didn't he?
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Old 03-05-2019, 10:46 AM
Location: Appalachian New York, Formerly Louisiana
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Originally Posted by Gaylord_Focker View Post
Trump essentially swept the south, didn't he?
Most Republican candidates do ever since the great party shift.

That said, liberals angered so many people in 2016 that millions voted for him out of pure spite towards the Dems and SJWs.
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Old 03-05-2019, 12:12 PM
Location: Clemson, SC by way of Tyler,TX
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Originally Posted by CookieSkoon View Post
Most Republican candidates do ever since the great party shift.

That said, liberals angered so many people in 2016 that millions voted for him out of pure spite towards the Dems and SJWs.
I expect him to sweep the south and most of the midwest again.
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Old 03-05-2019, 12:24 PM
Location: Pereira, Colombia
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This was always a tough one for me, since I was born and raised in New Orleans, a relatively liberal island in a mostly conservative state and region. I identify more politically with states that are nowhere near Louisiana, but it doesn´t mean I feel at ease there. There is nothing like Southern hospitality, and when I visit my brother outside NYC the accents, pace of life and lack of consideration for others make me dislike the place...or at the very least, I don´t think I could live there.

The best combination of open-mindedness, diversity and friendliness I felt was when I visited California.

I tend to feel more comfortable in the West and South than I do on the East Coast or in the Midwest.

Last edited by aab7855; 03-05-2019 at 12:42 PM..
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Old 03-06-2019, 09:16 AM
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Quick story. I'm from Cleveland. I recently visited family in Dallas/Ft Worth and met my new brother-in-law. During our initial conversation, although he was cordial enough, he stated that he hated Yankees. And he wasn't joking.
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Old 03-06-2019, 11:16 AM
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They don't hate Northerners, but they tolerate them.
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Old 03-07-2019, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by cadmen View Post
Quick story. I'm from Cleveland. I recently visited family in Dallas/Ft Worth and met my new brother-in-law. During our initial conversation, although he was cordial enough, he stated that he hated Yankees. And he wasn't joking.
It's all down to the individual. Plenty of people hate other people for petty stupid reasons. Honestly, anybody who says no southerner harbors unfounded ill will towards northerners is foolish.

The reverse is true too. There are still a lot of people in the north who think of the south as overall knuckle-dragging and quick to be violent.

Truth is, bad people are everywhere. Whether Rhode Island, Oregon, or Alabama.
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