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Old 05-11-2018, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by RotseCherut View Post
No other town has so many strip clubs and they are literally dotted all over the city. Some clubs are so low key that you would never even know. They have no signs and are in black buildings and are kept going by groups of regulars in the neighborhood. The strip club scene is so casual in Portland that is not uncommon to see husbands and wives going out to dinner to the strip club and being entertained over their meal.
I've never been anywhere else that has a strip club culture like Portland does. Sure other places have clubs, but they are more in the vein of being strictly titillation or shakedown places.

Speaking of Fayetteville I think that's where some of the people I've been meeting lately are from who seem more relaxed and mix better than in Western NC. However, that might have been Wilmington, not sure, but I figured I'd throw it out there.

Raleigh is about 1.5 hours to Wilmington/Beach, which is a college town & might give it the nod for you over Charlotte, but Charlotte is more of a happening city compared to Raleigh.

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Old 05-17-2018, 12:15 AM
Location: Denver, Colorado
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Originally Posted by snoopygirlmi View Post
I put in a vote for the metro Detroit area b/c we meet a few of the touch points.

We've got the largest Jewish community in Michigan. So, if you want Jewish, you can find it.

Pot - we are on our way to legalizing pot. We've already got medical marijuana, so it's only a matter of time before it gets fully legal. There are signs advertising pot shops around the Ann Arbor area (and apparently, there's an app that will help you find the best pot in town...).

Libertarian politics - well, we aren't the west, sadly. Miss the libertarian culture in the West myself. However, we do have a few prominent Republicans who bend Libertarian (Justin Amash, Tom McMillian), so it's not all social conservatives all the time.

Most people here are really "live and let live", but it also depends on where in the state you live.

West Michigan is more bible-belt than midwest (but less so than in the past).

I really don't know about strip clubs. It's not my thing (but it looks like someone posted stats on that and Detroit makes #9 on the list)

Gambling - we've got 3 casinos in Detroit and you can cross over into windsor and go to a few other ones. We also have other gaming facilities around the state.

IT jobs - plentiful.

Good luck to you whatever you decide.

Yes, we have weather, but we don't have Maine or Alaska weather!

Oh - guns - Concealed carry is okay! Most people don't have issues with gun ownership in Michigan.
Wow, SnoopyGirl.. I didn't realize Michigan is moving in such a positive direction! It sounds like it is becoming another ideal Libertarian destination. You know what is funny? My great grandfather Efraim fled Belarus in the 1920s and immigrated to Detroit. He recorded his whole life story in Yiddish (which I had translated) and talked about how great of a city Detroit was. Detroit was like the greatest place to be and he talked about how much money and good of a life he had there. When he went to Los Angeles, he talked about how poor and hard it was to survive in that small desert city.

Sadly, even though you believe the winters in Michigan are mild, if they are colder than what I experienced in Boise, Idaho a couple years ago, I think there is just no way I could survive there. Once again, if I get wealthy and can afford two homes, that may change I'd also love to check out Isla Royale National Park..
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Old 05-17-2018, 08:31 AM
Location: Colorado Springs
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Originally Posted by RotseCherut View Post
I would say a place with full gun rights. For example, Colorado doesn't qualify 100% here, because it is pushing to ban guns like OR/WA and already has a high cap magazine ban. Yes, it is better than other states and has legal weed which is nice. But, I would probably prefer a place with full gun rights and that doesn't have draconian cannabis laws over restricted gun rights and legal weed. However, with all that being said, Colorado still can be option, but it wouldn't be a place I could live more than a few years as I am sure guns will be banned their eventually looking at how the politics are going in that state.
Again, I think you are mixing up state regulations with municipal regulations. There are some very vocal proponents and sensational situations that bring these items into the media and the primary thrust of these originate in only a few places. When taken to a vote at the state level, these measures typically do nto succeed. The state as a whole is very middle of the road and a large percentage leaning towards personal rights in regards to gun laws. This is why some municipalities have enacted more strict laws because they cannot succeed with the plan at a state level. Even the high capacity magazine ban you speak of has conditional items within it that do not wholly eliminate them.

But you are correct that it is difficult to 100% predict what is going to happen legislatively.

Originally Posted by RotseCherut View Post
It's a tough situation looking for a true Libertarian environment. There is no such thing outside of Alaska, Nevada and Maine. If I ever get wealthier and can afford to buy two properties, I'd definitely be happy spending my late springs/summers in Alaska or Maine, though. Doing Nevada in the late fall/winter/early spring and Alaska/Maine in the summer may be my retirement plan one day
I don't think a true Libertarian environment can occur in governance at a state level now days. At best, we may only ever achieve limited government and we certainly aren't on the path for that in most states. Unfortunately for you, you have two desires that are at extreme ends of the spectrum and really point out the hypocritical nature of what many governments and individuals perceive as freedom.
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Old 06-03-2018, 03:39 PM
Location: The canyon (with my pistols and knife)
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Originally Posted by RotseCherut View Post
I am a native to the Pacific Northwest and I am very sad, but I have decided I am going to be leaving this area for good. There are many reasons I can go into as why I am going to leave, but I will just state the basic reasons.. I grew up in the state of Oregon and sadly watched the state transform for the worse. I am a pretty staunch Libertarian (formerly Republican) and I do really uphold my views, which could be considered very right-wing or left-wing depending on who I am talking to. Basically, I support issues on both sides of the fence, being a Libertarian. Although, I am more right-wing than other Libertarians. I still believe in most Libertarian values. That is not to say I don't have a religion, morals or whatever. I am a semi-observant Jewish guy. However, I also strongly believe in separation of church and state and don't want to live in any type of theocracy.

The main problems I have with Seattle and the Puget Sound are its horrible (to me) and intolerant ultra left-wing radical politics. Basically, the final nail in the coffin for me leaving is the constant unconstitutional gun control legislation they are constantly trying to pass here. I'm thinking in the next couple years they will outright ban gun ownership or at least ownership of most of the types of firearms I own, which are semi-auto firearms. Gun rights always take the front seat for me and I will take my gun freedoms over just about anything else if I have no other choice. So, being a gun owner, it makes good sense to get the heck out of dodge , since Pacific Northwest has been invaded by large swaths of Northeasterners/Californians from the most liberal city centers who are now going to fix and save the Northwest and make it better like where they came from.. This is sad for me, because the Oregon I grew up in (and Washington too) use to be very Libertarian friendly places which had the most lenient gun laws and other types of things were fairly tolerated like smoking weed, moderate alcohol laws, strip clubs, etc.

There are other lingering issues I have with the Pacific Northwest, but more specifically with Seattle and Puget Sound area. People are very insular, introverted, unfriendly and cold. They hate people of a different viewpoint and despise anyone who is not an ultra liberal like themselves. As well, the weather is crappy here almost year round except for our short summers which have been filled with smoke over the last few years. We have so much glorious beauty here and mountains, but unless you enjoy roughing miserable weather conditions you don't get to enjoy them much. Then, there is the insane cost of living and the traffic is getting out of control. The only solutions the crooked and self-serving city and state governments can come up with is tolling roads, increasing taxes and fees to pay for a imaginary high speed rail system that will be built in 15 years.

I can go on and on, but I would rather leave the Puget Sound behind me for good. However, explaining what I hate may give some insight in what I am looking for. So, to the point, I would like to hear people's opinions of the best metro area or cities in the USA that would fit my criteria of being a single 40 year old Libertarian male. I'm aware that there is no perfect place for Libertarians in this country , which tends to be extreme liberal or extreme evangelical/Reagan style conservative. However, I am looking for somewhere that can meet as much of my expectations as possible.

As far as my job situation which many will ask, I am sure. I'm a software developer and will be taking a major paycut over the next two years. However, I will be telecommuting from home and that will give me the flexibility to live anywhere I have access to high speed internet. I will be only making $60,000 for the next couple years, but hoping I will be making over $100,000 or more in the next few years after I launch my new business venture and learn a variety of new technologies.

Here is a list of what I am looking for in a metro area or city:
  • Non-Restrictive Gun Laws (No Unconstitutional Gun Control, so California is Out!)
  • Non-Theocratic (Separation of Church and State, Utah is Out!)
  • Lenient Alcohol Laws/Late Hour Bars/Open Containers (Once Again, Utah No Dice!)
  • Legal or Tolerated Cannabis (Suffering from Nerve problems and injuries from work. It would be major bonus. My Libertarian values also hate War on Cannabis/Drugs. This is one thing I will really miss from Washington. If it is illegal, then at least the laws are not draconian and it is accessible.)
  • Strip Clubs (I moved to Portland at 19 and use to go to these, but don't go to these anymore. However, it's more conceptual to me. If a state bans these, it means they are going against my Libertarian values. I think adults should be allowed to do this).
  • Loose Gambling Laws
  • Proximity to Shooting Ranges (Good gun laws don't do much if you have no where to shoot)

Here is some of my criteria that has not so much to do with being a Libertarian as being just a single guy. This additional criteria is why I think places like Las Vegas (an obvious Libertarian choice) may or may not be good for me. I know most people will say Vegas, but I am wondering how it would fit these criteria:
  • Plentiful supply of Single Women in the 21-40 year age range (The Puget Sound has one of the worst gender ratios in the country for men. Outside Seattle, most people get married young and divorced old. Living in Boise was even worse in this regard. Need a place where people don't marry young and there is a mixed age dating culture)
  • Have a moderate amount of Software jobs (I don't have to live in a major IT hub, but a place with some software jobs would be more ideal than a place with nothing at all. This is just in case I need to get work for some reason).
  • Decent music scene and variety of musical clubs. (I really love so many genres of music and looking for a good music scene, ranging from classical music to folk, blues, jazz and even metal. I was a metalhead back in the day).
  • Some Jewish synagogues (Living in Idaho really sucked because there was no Jewish life. I don't need Brooklyn, but having a small Jewish community to go to services time to time would be nice).
  • Good amount of bars, breweries, beer scene a bonus.
  • Nice scenery, mountains and hiking are a great bonus. (Growing up in the Pacific Northwest it will be hard to say good bye to the beautiful mountains, trees, lakes, rivers, ocean, etc).

Whoa boy.. That was quite a list, but that's the best I can think of and I apologize for being a bit exhaustive . Anyhow, I appreciate any opinions or suggestions people can give me on their view of a best place to fit my criteria.
It sounds to me like you're more "Right-Libertarian" than "Left-Libertarian." Unfortunately, it seems that most people who identify as Libertarians these days are Left-Libertarian, which is why states that have adopted more Libertarian laws in recent decades have gradually become more Leftist in general.

Give Pittsburgh a look. It has a critical mass of Jews and software jobs, a passable music scene, and decriminalized marijuana a few years ago. As for religion, a relatively high percentage of people practice, but most people keep their faith to themselves, and religion never enters local politics. As for state politics, Pennsylvania has lenient gambling and gun laws, and there are plenty of hunting and shooting ranges to go around. Medical marijuana was also legalized a few years ago. One potential sticking point, however, is the draconian alcohol laws, which are the byproduct of a bygone era. A supermajority of Pennsylvanians do not approve of the state's alcohol laws, but they still exist today due to an odd alliance of special-interest groups. Be that as it may, the alcohol laws don't seem to have hurt the quality or vitality of nightlife in Pittsburgh, and B.Y.O.B. clubs are a thing.

As for the singles scene, the closer you are to the city, the better it gets, especially for your preferred age range. Pittsburgh has a lot of colleges and universities, and the population of college-educated young adults has increased significantly since 2000. The gender ratio also favors men. However, the options for both singles and nightlife decrease rapidly in the outer suburbs and exurbs, and rural western Pennsylvania is pretty desolate in terms of dating, though there is a more "leave me alone" lifestyle that can suit introverted people.

ASIDE: Taxes in Pennsylvania are moderate. There is a 3.07% state income tax, but it's the lowest nonzero state income tax in the United States. Only the states with no income tax at all are better off in that regard. There are some local taxes. The city of Pittsburgh has a 1% income tax and a $52 annual tax for every person who works in the city that covers police, fire and EMS services. Allegheny County has a 1% sales tax on top of the 6% state sales tax. Alcohol and gas taxes are high. Property taxes are variable, and largely dependent on school districts. There is no vehicle property tax in Pennsylvania, and only a rear license plate is required. Clothing, medicine and unprepared food are also tax-free in Pennsylvania.
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