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Old 11-26-2008, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by cjester View Post
Americans in general are very superficial when it comes to socializing and have little or no etiquette. When sitting at a table they hardly ever have a well-thought out point of view, except that "we saved Europe". They are not spontaneous and have very little class when having fun. Many times they come across as rude and gross. They will go overboard trying to prove how much fun they are having or come across as overly stoic.
I can't put my finger on it, but they seem to lack culture, tradition and the ability to let life flow and be natural. I have been in many countries and when someone was throwing a party they would never invite Americans. I would question them why, their response was, "They really don't have anything interesting to add to the party".
America is the masters of partying and drinking, maybe topped by Jamaica or Amsterdam. We have more fun and bring more vibrancy to parties than any uptight European can. Maybe not rich, upscale parties where old, uptight, rich pricks can sit around eating caviarre and talk about the stock market, but I mean, just look at our Spring breaks. Tell me those aren't some of the craziest, fun parties one can attend.
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Old 11-27-2008, 08:52 AM
Location: Iowa
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Originally Posted by easydoesit View Post
Not a deal breaker by any means but I dislike how we throw cigarettes on the ground. Just makes things look dirty.
That's not just an American thing. I actually think it's worse in, say, Europe because at least in the States we have the cigarette butt trays and things outside of establishments. And more people smoke in Europe as well, as I have found.
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Old 11-27-2008, 09:20 AM
Location: Alabama
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Originally Posted by RdytoGo View Post
That's not just an American thing. I actually think it's worse in, say, Europe because at least in the States we have the cigarette butt trays and things outside of establishments. And more people smoke in Europe as well, as I have found.
Yeah, not to mention the fact that more and more places in the US are outlawing smoking in and around government and public spaces, as well as private establishments. Smoking in this country is quickly becoming a "hide in the back alley" kind of thing. You see fewer butts thrown around these days because there are fewer and fewer places where smoking is acceptable now.
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Old 11-27-2008, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by mike0421 View Post
I think the Socialists reclaimed the Senate in 1986. The remainder of the 80s was spent backpedaling, as the elected body of congress crept leftward. (Socialists make the politcally sophmoric mistake of looking at presidents for governmental trends, when real attention should be paid to congress) There was another brief backlash against socialism in 1994, but that footing was effectively squashed in 1995, as the media basically portrayed the 94th congress as the second coming of the Third Reich. After the socialists successfully co-opted the media and their effective PR campaign, conservatism, the concept of merit and economic liberty effectively faded away.
Um, do you even understand what socialism is? Not sure which "3rd world" country you live in, but you need to get out more and see what's going on in the rest of the world!
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Old 11-30-2008, 02:37 PM
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11-26-2008, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by SlickRick1
HHmm, where to start, thats a tough question. Lets see.
I hate the fact that for being such a industrialized country we still have way to many homeless. The health care industry is a joke. It has become a highly competitive business. I hate the fact that 1 percent of the United States owns 80% of everything. I hate that there is no longer a middle class. I hate this idea that give the rich tax breaks and more money and they will create more jobs..What jobs? minimum wage at best. I hate that the average CEO makes approximately 250 times the average worker in the same company..I hate how our country is run by rich wealthy white men. I hate the fact that we have no choice when it comes to election time. We have Democrats or Republicans. I hate how every politician lies, and lies like its an art form. I hate our public school system. I hate how the government impisons so many college graduates from the minute they graduate with high student loans. This is another form of slavery. Make the college student in debt to the government by thousands of dollars before he ever makes a dime. If he never finds a good job, to bad we'll just garnish your wages by up to 17% or force you to take two minimum wage jobs. Not to mention all the other 33% in taxes or more your already paying. I hate how our stupid country is so obsessed with reality garbage. I hate how idiots get reality television shows for being idiots. I hate how Hollywood is capitalizing on making tons of money by creating nothing. They put five or more dumb dumbs on a show and say act normal. Which for the dumb dumbs is chaotic. I hate how we have no choice on what they show us on t.v. I hate how theres not much thought put into creating good t.v. anymore. I hate that old geiser Hugh Hefner and why our stupid culture immortalizes his old, decrepit, smoke stack shower curtain wearing fug. I mean he was ugly when he was young. I hate how stupid those girls are for sleeping with such a sick hideous old man just for money. I hate how we reward those dumb hoes by giving them a reality show. I hate how morals are irrelevant in our country. I hate at this point at time how abortion can still be an issue. Isn't it a womens right to do what she wants with her body. How can the government dictate what we do to ouselves. I hate that soft drugs are still illegal. Haven't we waisted enough money of imprisoning our youth for unviolent crimes. Second to that, I hate how we have created an industry with locking our children up. I hate that slowly and slowly we are losing our rights to everything petty. For instance, if my dog ****s on someones lawn, now someone complains. Now I have to pick up doggy duke myself with little bag. I hate how you cant smoke anywhere anymore. I hate how all of our rights are slowly evaporating before our eyes, and we keep letting it happen. I hate how our governments a joke. I hate how we think we are so damn better than everyone else. I hate that the economy is in shambles and will be a long time till it gets better. If it ever fully recovers. I hate how our holidays have become commercialized. I hate how you cant even smack your kid on the bum when it is needed. I hate the young knuckleheads who feel the need to show us there underwear on a daily basis. P.s. pull your big boy pants up nobody wants to see them. I hate the massive amounts of killings everyday. I hate how life seems irrelevant to so many. People being killed for wearing the wrong colors. How insane is that. I hate the fact that our government spends so much time trying to clean other countries backyards yet we ignore our own. I hate that so many smaller cities have struggled to keep companies there or bring in new ones. I hate how chains are becoming more and more prevelant everywhere. I hate how segregation is still so alive. If you disagree, just go to any big city. I hate how the man (government) can do whatever it wants at any time and we are absolutely helpless to that fact. I hate how smug and grandiose we have become as a nation. I hate gas prices and oil companies in general. I hate how they moved things around in the engines of cars. What used to be easy to get to to fix something simple, now you need a mechanic. I hate how everythings a lie. I hate all the propaganda being dished out to us at record pace. I hate that we have just accepted being screwed all the time. We dont rise up like we used to. When Bush screwed Al Gore in that first election, after about a week it was all forgotten. I mean the election was rigged and so quickly we let it go. And then re-elect. I have lived all over this country, and I hate how we aren't good neighbors anymore. Yeah, we might be ok to a few directly near by, but how many of us really know everyone on our street? I hate that we act like cows as massess. We all dress the same act the same. Buy the same crap being peddled our way. I hate that we shun those with individuality. We make them feel like outcasts and inferior to our non-individual mass of moo's. I hate how we are all in such a damn hurry. I hate how technology has actually created more for us to do than not. We are not designed to "multi-task". I hate how a bachelors degree used to be worth something and now we all need a freakin ph.d. I hate how techonology is making us lazy and unsociable. If we need a date we just go on a computer. What happened to the old fashion way of actually seeing each other in person? We say that we dont have the time, because technology has made us to busy. I hate how kids are fatter than they have ever been. Go outside and play! It's not that were feeding them to much, its that they dont exercise. I hate how stores are making there products smaller in sneaky ways, so that the consumer dont know the difference. I hate road, bridges, and turnpike tolls. I hate not really knowing where all our taxes are going. I hate the fact that we still say war creates jobs and helps our economy. When the wars over, we are to busy cleaning up the mess we made, then putting our countries veterans on hefty disability packages for the rest of their lives which tax payers have to swing. Not to say vets dont need their disability or numerous programs to re adjust. We just dont need half of the wars we are always tending to. I hate how so many do so much bitching and complaining, yet do nothing to create change. So enough ranting, I am going to help make this country better, if I can...I wish I could honestly wrap it all up by saying something funny like, but I love this country. I can't, I feel this country is far from loveable anymore. Sorry, just being honest. However, I will stick around because its all I got.

Although I agree with a lot of what your posted, a few things:
  1. Paragraphs, man. Paragraphs.
  2. Hell yeah you better pick up your dog's **** from someone else's yard. It's common courtesy.
  3. This country has become a lot more 'loveable' lately and it will become even more so over these next 4 years.

There were no paragraphs because it was a rant. I wanted to symbolize one. Thanks for the response.
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Old 12-25-2008, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Mattias View Post
This is what I HATE with the U.S.:
  • They don't use the metric system GO METRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most important is to convert to metric, or I hate the country forever!!
  • They don't use 24-hour clock system, AM/PM is crap
  • Many cars has read rear turn signals light (IT SHOULD BE YELLOW!) Red is harder to see because it's same light as back lights. And I will only buy car with amber light.
  • Too many regular trees, forest (For example in Northeast, especially NJ)
  • Not using European sizes
  • The coins should be numeric, how does non-U.S. people know what Dime, Quarter, Penny, Nicel etc. mean? Put numbers on them!!
  • The dollar bills should be different color and/or size.
  • Too many overweight people (This doesn't really bother me, but everyone is considering USA with fat people)
  • They don't allow fireworks in some of the states (NJ for example)
  • There's no ''Second day of Christmas on Dec 26, and second day of Easter, which is day after easter)
  • Few holidays
  • BAD BAD public transportation
  • Too much work, stress, few holidays!
What don't you like in/with the United States?
I agree that the US could improve by using the metric system everywhere and by having different colors for the $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills to avoid confusion. I lost a $20 once because it was mixed in with ones and the clerk took advantage of my mistake. Also, we have too many fat people. However, it is still the best country on earth. Your comments cause me to think you came to the US from Europe. I grew up in one foreign country and taught school in another for 18 years. While there, I was polite and did not disparage how things were done. If you hate living here so much, go home!!
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Old 12-25-2008, 01:34 PM
Location: from houstoner to bostoner to new yorker to new jerseyite ;)
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He has a point about the too few holidays, though. Americans live to work while Europeans work to live. We need more holidays and/or paid time off in this country.
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Old 12-25-2008, 01:48 PM
Location: John From Scranton
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What I don't like is "Illegal immigrants" coming to the USA and taking all our jobs.. And living for free here as we the tax payers have to pay their way!
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Old 12-25-2008, 03:15 PM
Location: roaming gnome
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car culture, largely unsophisticated.

Originally Posted by Banx View Post
America is the masters of partying and drinking, maybe topped by Jamaica or Amsterdam. We have more fun and bring more vibrancy to parties than any uptight European can. Maybe not rich, upscale parties where old, uptight, rich pricks can sit around eating caviarre and talk about the stock market, but I mean, just look at our Spring breaks. Tell me those aren't some of the craziest, fun parties one can attend.
highly doubtful, see spain/germany/italy/uk/greece ...trust me they party just as much, better parties, better clubs...etc.
Ibiza, Mykonos, Glastonbury, Amsterdam, Munich beer fest, berlin love parade, zurich street parade > anything in america outside of mardi gras.

outside of that Brazil parties like crazy too, also more so than u.s.

you really come off as the "dumb american" that thinks so americacentric.
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Old 12-25-2008, 03:31 PM
Location: Back in New York
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We are too stressed and fast paced as a whole (varies region to region)

We do have a riduculous obesity problem which goes back to ppl not eating right, portion size and food manufacturers taking nutrition out of the food and adding things to the food to make us hungry.

Lack of empathy for others and the environment. We are very self centered as a whole. We car more about a new cell phone then helping others/nature.

Lousy education system. We are brainwashed to believe America can do no wrong and our government is wonderful. This allows our government in a very methodical way commit autrocities and take away freedoms (slowly).
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