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Old 11-12-2018, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by silverhead View Post

Bet you can guess I'm not on the above social media platforms.Is city data considered social media?.What amazes me is that so many people after getting sickening abuse through the above mediums and the media reporting it they still keep using them.Why can they not delete their accounts and return to the real world.Heck even these isis scumbags use their accounts to inform the world of their slaughters in the middle east.Social media has a lot to answer for.Just my opinion of course.
It prepares me for the real world. Since I am exposed to so many extreme views on social media, everyone else in my life looks pretty tame.
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Old 11-12-2018, 03:32 PM
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Never signed up for Facebook or twitter. I just decided to not use social media. Let me tell you the women I go out with see it as some sort of badge of honor, like I've done something extraordinary. Its all kinda funny.

I went out with my ex wife and daughter for dinner a couple weeks ago and there was this family of 4 sitting behind us. All of them were on their phones and not a word was said between them while we were there. It was really really weird. Weird and sad.
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Old 11-13-2018, 08:26 AM
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Itís really worthless. I used to think it could bring people together and be a positive but Iíve guven up any hope of that. It just exposes you to things you donít like about other people that youíd probably never notice or youíd forgive in person, in the real world. But you post some article someone doesnít like and pretty soon youíre deleted. Or you express an inner thought or struggle and you get told your issue is silly and doesnít matter compared to X, Y, and Z. If you do what my GFís mom does and just post about food or shopping to not offend anyone, she gets comments that she eats out too much or wastes her money lol.

I think you can use a platform for certain purposes if it makes sense but itís not easy. I have a Twitter account I only use to interact with a sports blog for my favorite team, and so my comments are only sports related and nothing else. It works fine and Iíve never really used Twitter so I am pretty clueless anyway about what else to do with it ha ha. Im content just being a sports fan on there, no friends or family even follow me or know I use it and I hide my identity anyway.

Facebook Iíve been threatened for my views, Iíve had my business attacked for my opinions, my GF has gotten messages from strangers, I never knew there were so many scumbags and losers until I used FB. I keep my list tiny now and only share with people fairly close to me. Itís awkward to reject most friend requests but necessary. I canít say I get much value from it except my relatives in Vegas use it a lot. Iím considering deactivating my account once I move to Vegas though since I wonít need to see what theyíre doing if I live 7 minutes away and theyíre retired, I work from home, weíll have lunch weekly lol.
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Old 11-16-2018, 05:08 PM
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When I think of social media, I think of Twitter, which is the only one I use. People will make bad comments because they just want to be heard, they can, or they want to vent. But there are also Good things about it. I've gotten a lot of news and updates on it, things I wouldn't get anywhere else. Everything comes with the good and bad. Live with the bad if you think the good is worth it.
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Old 11-18-2018, 09:53 AM
Location: Ohio
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Originally Posted by RomulusXXV View Post
Much of social media content is little more than middle-school note passing by narcissists and/or those whose lives revolve around the feigned life of others. C-D, generally, offers more than that. Social media is something else. The scary thing is that this thread will likely die a quick death since there are so few people left who are NOT caught up in the "poison platform" of social media. Pretty soon there will be no one left to exercise any voice of concern and reason. People are becoming dumber and more robotic by the day as their masters - smart phones and a life lived behind social media - take them over. If terrorists want to destroy us all ...they just need to wait a little bit longer.
In my mind, C-D and Reddit and similar forums are social media too - any community platform that permits intercommunication via the Internet is essentially social media.

I generally agree about the content of social media being poisonous, or at the very best a useless time waster. Particularly Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and the like.

However there is some value in it too. First, it sometimes forces someone to have an opinion, to engage their brain about things that pre-Internet they would not be aware of or not consider.

It also shows exactly how angry, ugly, stupid or dangerous other people can be. And that is a valuable life lesson. In the past, these people hid away from society like poisonous toadstools, now they show their ugliness for everyone to observe and avoid.

Overall though the negatives greatly outweigh the positives - I agree that social media is an Achilles heel for democracies, because it provides a way for an adversary to manipulate the national conversation and to undermine our values.
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Old Today, 02:26 PM
Location: Colorado
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Originally Posted by ZigZagBoom View Post
Could not agree more with this. The combination of "social" media and "smart" devices is unleashing something terrible. But people are either too dumb to see it, or have their heads in the sand.

Take a tiny example I thought of recently. I have been riding Amtrak trains along the northeast corridor for almost 15 years. Sometimes for vacation, mostly for business. Even as late as the 2009-2010 timeframe, it was still not unusual to strike up a conversation with a stranger. I still remember back in 2005 or 2006 having a chat with a couple lawyers about an article they were reading and discussing called "The Perils of E-Discovery". Still remember that silly article title! I shared my perspective as someone who works in IT as is not a lawyer. Moreover, people conversed more among themselves. Nowadays, even though I'm as approachable as ever, NOBODY talks to strangers anymore. And its quite normal to see a couple or party who are presumably together in some capacity, either GF/BF, family, or business associates, who sit there for an hour doing almost nothing besides play with their damn smartphones. Not on a train but worst example ever: saw a 30-something father in a pretty upscale restaurant in the Bay Area, taking his 8-9 year old daughter to dinner. He looked like a tech executive or whatnot. Through the whole night he said about 5 words to her. Worked on his smart phone the entire evening. Horrible.
If there is one good thing, there are fewer people breaking the rules of the quiet car than back in the 2000s - because people have become mute!
I talk to strangers in person all the time! What I actually LIKE about smartphones, is that in any given situation in public, there will be people who are open to conversation, and people who really would rather not. And I feel that each of us has that right, to want to talk or not to. No one owes me their time or attention, if they don't want to give it. So I feel that a smartphone is a way to signal to everyone around you, "please leave me be." It closes them off. But it's completely voluntary! So if I do feel like socializing, I simply hit the "sleep" button on my phone and stick it in my purse and raise my head and look around in an open way. I make eye contact to gauge if someone might feel like chatting. I initiate conversations. And often enough, someone might feel like talking.

And if everyone around me is engrossed in their phones, or a book, or a newspaper (which always existed in my lifetime, hello) I just go right back to my phone or gaze out the window.

I don't feel it's really much of a problem.

Originally Posted by MinivanDriver View Post

I think one's attitude towards social media is really a reflection of who you are, rather than a reflection on social media itself. If you are drawn to wild-eyed political rants and arguments with strangers, then that's what you are rather than what it is. If you're a narcissist, then you are annoyed by the other narcissists who are attracting attention away from...you.

The reason for this is pretty simple. If someone is subjecting you to a hundred political posts a day, all you have to do is unfollow them. If someone is always online with personal drama, you can do the same. So you pretty much get to shape social media based on what you want out of it.

Facebook? I like catching up with old friends and acquaintances. Old classmates and colleagues. Friends who moved away. Friends who have suffered the loss of a spouse or a parent. To me, it's a conduit for learning what everybody is up to and what their kids are doing. And if someone is on some fantastic vacation, I am perfectly happy knowing that they're having a good time. If I don't allow envy to rule my life, then why wouldn't I? Just a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine had a band and was touring with a stopover at a nightclub near our home. We strolled in, watched them play, said hello, and caught up over drinks. Hadn't seen the guy in 30 years. If it weren't for Facebook, I wouldn't have had that experience.

Another is a musical organization that I belonged to 35 years ago. I started following it online five years ago. Today, because I saw opportunities to volunteer for the thing, I'm now sitting on the board. Having a blast, too, I might add. Repeat those experiences dozens and dozens of times over the years, and Facebook has been an asset to my life.

In other words, Facebook is basically a cocktail party with a few hundred people you know. There are the ones you avoid and there are the ones with whom you really connect. And, of course, there's always the grump in the corner who thinks he's above it all.
Agree totally with this. I've got a couple hundred facebook friends now, I've dropped a few that got on my nerves. It's not a big drama. I refuse to do serious debates and conversations there. I love seeing videos of cool art from around the world that I'd NEVER have had placed in front of my eyes otherwise. I like funny things. I like cat videos. I enjoy my time on social media, and if I didn't, I'd simply stop using it.

And when I needed to sell a bunch of my band memorabilia, instead of having to contend with insane fees on Ebay, I was able to use the fan groups on Facebook and it felt like I was able to keep my treasures in the family, so to speak, while raising money I badly needed at the time.

(But on the subject of raising money, I'm not a fan of these "donate your birthday to a charity fundraiser" things, nor the many gofundme begging attempts I have seen come and go over the years. I have plenty enough people with problems that are in my real offline life, if I needed a way to dispose of money I didn't need--ha what?--I'd have plenty of ways to do that.)
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Old Today, 02:44 PM
Location: Southwest Washington State
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I view social media as tools. How I use the tools I choose is up to me.

I don’t use everything. I keep a FB account, but I don’t tweet and I barely look at Instagram. I think C-D is special because we it fosters the exchange of ideas and experiences in a format that protects our identities. Because we are anonymous, we can be franker than if we knew each other.

I do think C-D is special. I’ve participated in other forums, and I like C-D better overall. Occasionally, I can choose to ignore a bothersome poster, and there are ways to report bad actors. Mostly though, the discourse here is civil, even in disagreement.

Like Sonic, I will talk to strangers readily. If I feel someone wishes to be left alone, I certainly will respect that too.
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Old Today, 02:52 PM
Location: North Carolina
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Originally Posted by silverhead View Post

Bet you can guess I'm not on the above social media platforms.Is city data considered social media?.What amazes me is that so many people after getting sickening abuse through the above mediums and the media reporting it they still keep using them.Why can they not delete their accounts and return to the real world.Heck even these isis scumbags use their accounts to inform the world of their slaughters in the middle east.Social media has a lot to answer for.Just my opinion of course.
City Data is about as close as I come to using social media. I do not Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I do have a Facebook page that I created years ago, but I never even look at it. I'm sorry, but I honestly don't care what a guy I knew in high school is having for dinner, or where he went last summer. I just honestly don't care to know. I feel like people who are constantly wrapped up in social media are actually missing out on real world activities and interactions. I mean look, I get it, for some, it's their only means of escape. I think social media is great for the disabled, sick, etc. because it provides them a way to communicate with other people without actually leaving their homes. But the rest of us don't have an excuse. Put down your phone and go make some real friends.

Also, a truly sad reality is you may be seen as "strange" for not having a Facebook or using other social media. I personally know 3 or 4 employers who will check their applicants Facebook pages as part of the reference phase of the hiring process. And if you tell them you don't have one, you may be passed over for the job. Sad and ridiculous, but true none the less.
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Old Today, 03:51 PM
Location: Colorado
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My boyfriend doesn't do social media. He is very suspicious of scammers and identity theft, which I think is perfectly valid, especially as spooky as Facebook has gotten with gathering information, passive listening to even our real life conversations using our phone gadgets, spying always. Of course they're not the only ones.

So yeah that isn't too weird.

But he does not carry a cell phone, not even an old "dumb phone" for emergencies, and that actually makes me nervous. That's the reason I got a cell phone in the first place, I just wanted to be capable of reaching out if I got into some sort of trouble while out and about, and it has indeed saved me from problems many times.
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