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Old 07-23-2011, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Freedom123 View Post
Good evening,

I agree with 95% of your post, but I have one question. How exactly are women who choose to be prostitutes being abused? I see this quote all the time without any explanation.

For the record, I'm not talking about forced children or human trafficking victims.
Usually the abuse starts long before they become prostitutes. Nearly 100% of people who engage in prostitution have been physically and sexually abused growing up.


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Old 07-23-2011, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by zinglicious View Post
If a woman who gets promoted while sleeping on the job with the boss - is it prostitution? Xtra bonus, higher wages, wider perks.
I have worked in major corporations - names everyone would recognize, and was surprised to see how prevalent this sort of thing is. Yes, they are prostitutes, but in a scenario where everyone just looks the other way.

In the instances I have witnessed the women initiated the situation, the men being wary of lawsuits.

These were educated women who certainly did not need to do it for a roof over their heads or to put food on the table. They just wanted raises in pay and promotions and probably a bit of fun with a person who had power in the organization.
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Old 07-23-2011, 10:09 PM
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So it is Prostitute Incorporation Limited where ladies can trade and swap like NYSE which is legally acceptable to the highest bidders?
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Old 07-23-2011, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by mysticaltyger View Post
Usually the abuse starts long before they become prostitutes. Nearly 100% of people who engage in prostitution have been physically and sexually abused growing up.

prostitution – Dr. Drew - CNN.com Blogs
Dr Drew ?? = nonsense

Whether its drugs or prostitution America just doesn't "get it".

Its like a criminal industrial complex.Lawyers,cops,feds,judges,prisons,etc

Money.money and more money! All courtesy of the Taxpayer !
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Old 07-24-2011, 12:46 AM
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Originally Posted by bolillo_loco View Post
*Note, this is obviously a long post on my part, so if you don't read through it, I don't blame you.

Here! Here! Keep those fires going! I considered debating this, but itís like you said about two months back, it will fall on deaf ears when one uses intellect over emotion when it comes to making laws or debating a subject, but Iím bored, and I find topics like this interesting. Itís a shame that the average person is too uneducated in proper debate, unable to check their emotions and personal feelings at the door, and look at the real crux of the problem.

Guns, drugs, and prostitution should not even be up for debate! These items and many more are clearly addressed in The Constitution of the United States of America. Our bodies are our own property, and weíre to be able to do what we want with them. If we want to sell our bodies for money, we are granted that right. Whether it be working 12 hours a day stacking product, laying brick, or sexually pleasing another person, as long as both parties are willingly engaged in such activities, the only part the government has in the matter would be the legal taxation of the company we work for, as well as the regulation of the matter so that weíre not being exploited, put into harms way, and the like.

Around the year 2000, and in my middle 30s, I got tired of life in America. A few years prior, Iíd lost a high paying union factory job, where Iíd worked for ten years. The wife had taken off, and as a result, I was estranged from a son that I was once inseparable from, and I couldnít find anything close to replacing all that Iíd lost, so I simply took off for the better part of a year. I just packed up my sea-bag (USMC and Navy equivalent of a duffle bag) and left my state, and eventually the country. I eventually found myself in Mexico for an extended stay. Mexico, a country that most Americans seem to regard as a 3rd world backwards shait hole, yet it had brothels full of clean attractive prostitutes that looked healthy. Some of the brothels were so large that there were literally 100s of prostitutes in one small location. The only thing that was filthy about this area would have been the dirt roads. The women were clean, not bruised, and appeared as well kempt and healthy as they were pretty. Inside their room, there were plaques on the wall just like one would expect when visiting a notary public, doctor, or an attorney that certified that Maria Los Angeles De Leon was a licensed prostitute, sheíd passed her medical exams on x date, and the certificate would expire on x date.

I bought hundreds of them while I was there on my what the Australians call, a walk about, and with each one I met, I couldnít get over how many were wearing nice dresses that werenít dirty or too revealing, and how they looked and smelled good. These young white looking Latin girls, mostly in their early 20s reminded me of the very pretty white girls that I used to get so freely back home during the 1980s. There was absolutely no difference in their look, smell, and appearance as my girlfriends back home during my 20s. None of them were drunks or drug addicts, and I know better than anybody how to spot them. I lived on the streets after my job loss, so I was in the ghetto, and I know how to spot, drunks, drug addicts, and the criminal element. Iím so adept at survival and the like, that I am a 6í3Ē white German American that learned how to fluently speak Spanish along the way in my mid 30s, so to those prude that have gotten this far, itís not like I was dating skanky drug addicts back in my youth when I had a good job, lived in a nice suburb and the like. I know what skanks, drunks and drug addicts look like and itís never appealed to me, but letís stay on my original thoughts.

These cute Mexican whores, looked like any other young woman from the suburbs back home in a summer dress. Before she performed her work, she always tested a condom, and she made sure that she put it on properly. Odd, Mexico, where prostitution is legal and the women performing the this line of work had very a very similar appearance as my above average looking girlfriends of days gone by, yet upon my return to America from this supposed 3rd world shiat hole, guess what the first thing was that I saw upon stepping off the bus at a rest area in Dallas? You guessed it, and American prostitute. She even came up and talked to me. She was a skank and she stank. She had bruises all over her arms and legs. I donít know if this woman was ever good looking, but I doubt that she ever was just going on her body symmetry. She practically begged me to go around the corner for a quick performance because she was dope sick, and I could tell. Iíd worked with quite a few drug addicts back in my day, so I could recognize the symptoms. Yea, welcome to America where prostitution is illegal and look at the end results. Now cross the border into 3rd world Mexico where prostitution is legal, and many of the whores there will be pretty, clean, and drug free just like prom queen Susie the girl next door. I have seen a lot of whores in America during my lifetime. Most of them are streetwalkers that look diseased and strung out on drugs. Iíve seen a few decent looking ones, but the key word is few. In Mexico, I saw a few ugly whores, but none of them looked like they were strung out and thatís the key! Did I see some rather scantly dress whores in Mexico that were performing rather strange acts? Yes I did, but thatís not what I was looking for, so I simply steered clear of it. It was all laid out in sections in an area of the town that was removed from the better parts of the town, so one had to literally go looking for what they wanted.

By the way, I have never bought a prostitute in the United States. The reason why? Because the whores here are too filthy, and even the few that look attractive and clean, are not necessarily so. It has nothing to do with it being illegal. I do not buy illegal drugs, why? Itís not because itís illegal, itís because it was never my thing. If drugs were made legal tomorrow, it wouldnít change my views on them. I still wouldnít bother with them. Thatís a personal choice that I have made, but I donít appreciate the government telling me what choices I have when Iím not overtly trying to harm another either bodily or financially.

Some of you seem to be focused on Johns being unfaithful to their mates. Thatís going to happen whether there is or isnít prostitution. If your manís going to cheat on you, he will find somebody to do it with whether she is or isnít a whoreís immaterial. Even if there werenít any women available to him or pornography for that matter, nobody can stop him from manually satisfying himself with fantasies that he creates with his own mind, and while thatís not as hurtful, Iím sure itís still emotionally damaging to some if not many women. Itís at this time, Iíd like to share more of my experiences and how my not having a prostitute hurts regular honest women. As Iíve stated previously, I am 6í3Ē tall. Iím also 225lbs with a 34-inch waist. I usually take care of myself via weights, cycling, and running, so I have a stocky to lean and muscular build. Iím not saying that Iím some catch, nor am I implying that Iím some chiseled Hollywood leading man. However, you get the idea that despite showing my age, Iím well above average height and build, and there are many women that go for this. Hereís my point. In my daily travels, which sometimes involves attending community college, I run into young and younger women that arenít skanky, donít drink or drug. A few of the many slightly homely or overweight lonely women become enamored with me as I chat them up. I never overtly chat them up for sex, but I do chat all women up regardless of how they look or their age. Hence, theyíre of all ages, colors, and sizes. The Hispanic ones are always most impressed with my Spanish because I speak it with a native accent. Additionally, Iíll talk to a strung out prostitute just to see how sheís doing and if she needs a cigarette or a few no strings attached dollars just as quickly as I will pretty little 22-year-old busty Jessica that all the guys at college chase. God, can I drag things out! Like I said, I read them from afar, quickly assess their interests, and if they look bored, I chat them up. Sometimes, itís just to figure out what theyíre about and see if I can stimulate a heated debate or just to talk about a mutual interest. Other times, I like to use my obvious height and hard looks to see how much I frighten them, and then I like to see the wave of emotional relief come over their faces as they find out Iím really a big harmless man, or that Iím not some creepy old man trying to sex them up. Along the way, the few that become enamored with me usually ask me out, and then my sex drive kicks in. I fully explain how Iím not interested, and they say that they donít want to get serious as well, but they always do. Now hereís the problem about not having cheap legal whores in America. If I could find a clean legal prostitute that I find attractive, I wouldnít find myself unintentionally emotionally abusing the girls at school, ones I meet through friends, and the like. I could simply decline their offer and move on to a prostitute and the transaction would be like buying x product from your favorite local store where the clerkís always glad that you came, they could help you, and they tell you as you leave how they canít wait to see you come back. Is it love? No, itís not, but itís genuine, thereís at least a little caring there, and a mutual beneficial acquaintance has developed. Instead, I have to rely on Danielle, Jamie, and some other 20 Ė 30 something woman that I meet whoís lonely and likes my attention. Then sheís hurt when I donít want to take the relationship as far as she does. I donít feel good about myself when I hurt anotherís feelings, so by telling you this, Iím trying to show that while Johns may hurt their loved oneís feelings with their infidelities, it canít be stopped, and by keeping prostitution illegal, a lot of desperately lonely slightly homely to ill-favored women out there are being hurt on the flip side of your equation.

To those women and wives worried about your husbands cheating. You really need to leave your emotional baggage and worries at the door. Did I share some of my own baggage? Yea, but I used it to provide a comparison of what prostitution is like in different countries where itís illegal and where itís legal. If you canít keep your many happy or pick a man that shares similar beliefs as you, then take a look at your own actions. I donít mean to sound crass about it and I do empathize with your plight, but thereís nothing any of us can do about it until you recognize your own bad decisions and learn how to adjust your bad picker. Donít expect Uncle Sam to step in and make laws to keep your man from straying. Thatís akin to me expecting the government to make summery execution laws for unfaithful wives and girlfriends. In the heat of the moment, yea, Iíd love such a law, but I doubt it would stop women from cheating on me. On the other hand, Iím usually reasonable and rational, so wanting to dispatch my unfaithful mate leaves even more quickly than it came, and Iím left with the rational that if Iím picking bad women that cheat on me, thatís something that I need to take a look at. There is no law that will keep a spouse faithful regardless of their age, sexual preference and or religion. Itís about personal choices, and I donít want the government controlling my personal decisions.

Religion and God shouldnít even be brought into the matter. Thatís for church and people with similar belief systems. Remember, The Constitution is clear on this, and itís not designed to keep the government out of the church, but rather to keep the church out of the government.

Legalized prostitution would bring it under Federal, State, and Local regulation, thus making it the safest of any possible option that we have at hand. One must remember that people are still people, and while we share more in common than we donít, weíre still a very diverse race. Therefore, open laws free of emotion and religious guidance, may not stop people like Yvonne from turning out the way she did, but it will greatly reduce that number. Her problem is drug addiction, and that drove her into prostitution. If drugs were legal, she wouldnít have gotten a hold of the strong unregulated illegal ones, and sheíd have had clinics to go to in order to get safe drugs and needles. Moreover, due to her drug addiction, sheíd never have been able to compete with legal whores due to cheap prices of clean attractive disease free prostitutes that would be readily available in specific areas of the town. Therefore, sheíd never have been able to spread her problem to Johns.

Again, I must say check your emotions. Iím emotional about it in that I have empathy for all those lives that you, who are against this topic, are ruining. Youíre doing far more harm than good. If youíre against this topic, Iíd suggest that you watch Yvonneís video again. You had a part in this because you support abusive overzealous draconian laws due to your myopia.

By the way, Iíve found another video on Yvonne. Iíll post a link for it. Keep this in mind if you watch. Look at the comparison of her before and after. The before and after is drugs not prostitution. She looks good in her second video because sheís off the gear and eating regular. Moreover, keep in mind when she states how Johns will pay extra to her for not using a condom, she did this because she needed the money, so she could get her gear. Drugs and prostitution are so closely intertwined because theyíre both illegal. If we made one or both legal, we could effectively, by and large, break this seemingly hand in hand relationship of drugs and prostitution.

For those of you that made it this far, I wish I was a better writer so I wouldnít have to be so verbose. Itís a tough topic to cover, for me, in 200 words or less, so thank you for reading.

Link for new video on Yvonne that has a positive tone and how sheís on the road to recovery:
‪Yvonne: Former OKC Street Prostitute update‬‏ - YouTube

Cheers, bolillo_loco
Wow, I live in Mustang Oklahoma, where Yvonne's hair salon is. I don't go there, but I've seen it countless times. I'll look at it with different eyes now with that story behind it. I hope she's happy. She sure does deserve it.
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Old 07-24-2011, 01:52 AM
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Originally Posted by SuSuSushi View Post
God has nothing to do with sex. He's certainly not in the bedroom when I'm banging my boyfriend. You'd think he would have shown up by now, considering how many times I've screamed out "OH GOD!" during sex.
Actually, if you do a little research, God may have far more to do with sex than you imagine. Look up "Ancient Hebrews", circa 800 BC (Her name is Asharah)

And, if you look even earlier than that, the rulers of Babylonia were chosen by the "Goddesses". Once each year, the king had to visit the "priestesses" in the temple and prove himself fit to rule. And, of course, the priestesses were the temple prostitutes. And, when you go back that far, you also find out that God Almighty had a mate and at least 3 "consorts". You'll also find that the Ancient Hebrews took what they wanted from the earliest religion and left the rest behind.

Sex may be a "Blessed Gift" from God, but early man did not lose God's favor because of sex with other women or visiting prostitutes. Today, it does need to be made legal so that health can be controlled. Nevada has a good pattern to study and, perhaps, go from there. But, back in the days of early man, prostitutes held a place of honor.

And, with all the times you've been screaming "OH GOD", you may have been too busy to notice him standing and smiling...
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Old 07-24-2011, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by crunchman View Post
Dr Drew ?? = nonsense

Whether its drugs or prostitution America just doesn't "get it".

Its like a criminal industrial complex.Lawyers,cops,feds,judges,prisons,etc

Money.money and more money! All courtesy of the Taxpayer !

I always love how people diss the source when it's not the answer they want to hear.
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Old 07-24-2011, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Anna777 View Post
Ummmmm.....were is humanity to step in and NOT assist people who are hurting themselves. Prostitution will always be emotionally damaging whether it is illegal or not, it will always carry high disease rates, it will always be a form of taking advantage of the weaker persons unfortuante situation in life. The person who buys a prostitute is inhumane and being heartless to a disadvantaged human being, regardless of law.
Regarding the high disease rates, call girls almost never have diseases. It's only the street-walking addicts who share needles that have high rates which would be fixed by legalizing either prostitution or drugs. It's another one of those cases where the laws are the cause of the problem, not the act itself.
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Old 07-24-2011, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by kenshi View Post
Regarding the high disease rates, call girls almost never have diseases. It's only the street-walking addicts who share needles that have high rates which would be fixed by legalizing either prostitution or drugs. It's another one of those cases where the laws are the cause of the problem, not the act itself.
Its like why so many in prison have Hepatitis, they outlaw tatooing so everyone

has to share the needles, then they release them into society, its a major

epidemic, buts its MORALLY correct,sure thing.
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Old 07-27-2011, 10:06 PM
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Regulate and tax it I say.

If some guys are willing to pay for sex I say let them. Who are we to enforce an arbitrary moral center on something like this? Prostitution is one of the oldest professions. The only time it should be illegal is in the case of underage prostitution and forced prostitution. Otherwise it should be a legal form of exchange of services or money making operation.
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