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Old 10-30-2008, 06:44 PM
Location: Aiken S.C
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Originally Posted by Mr Floyd View Post
This place is far from perfect and all too many people are stuck in the nostalgic "we miss the America of old" frame of mind. I am sick of all the arguments about what a true patriot is and Toby Keith can kiss my ass. That being said, I believe a true American does not beat up the guy who is burning the flag but instead flies his or her flag higher and prouder. Let's face it. It's easier to get along with like minded people. The harder thing to do is to accept those that are vastly different. Imagine hardcore right wingers in dialogue with gays. Teetotallers with drug addicts. Indeed the latter scenarios seem closer to the Christian ethic that so many conservatives purport to live by.

Lastly, I love this place and all its warts. But when I hear about Operation Iraqi Freedom, I can't help but feel I'm being duped.
you are and i am sorry ...
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Old 10-30-2008, 07:35 PM
Location: Southern Maine, Greater Portland
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I am very proud to be an American. I also believe in the American Dream and the freedoms we've successfully fought for. I beleive in helping my fellow man by giving a hand up not a hand out. This country was built on hard work and by the protection of our military and the love for god.

We can be anything we want to be, we are the stars of our own movie and how that movie turns out is up to us. We have no one else to blame but ourselves if we choose to play the victum role.
We all face challenges in our lives and how we meet those challenges is the key.

If a man becomes wealthy it's because the American people allowed him to, we had the same options as he. If we are willing to pay $300 for something that only costs $100 to make, that is supply and demand and the seller makes a $200 profit, we can say No, forcing him to lower his price. If we were more self reliant we would have more control.

When you rely on someone else to be educated to supply you with his knowlege and rely on others to supply you with his goods you become needy. Instead educate yourself and become more self reliant creating a more equal society with less involvement and assistance from the government.

Last but certainly not Least -Act towards others as you would have them act towards you. There is evil in this world but if we stand united and find a common ground instead of pointing fingers we can join together making our country better every day.
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Old 10-30-2008, 10:46 PM
Location: Chicago metro
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Originally Posted by AshSov1 View Post
I am VERY much proud to be an American up until Nov. 4th. If Obama gets elected I will have to seriously consider sticking it out, or moving to another country.
If Obama is elected, I think he would be a much better President than Mccain and definately much better than Bush. Obama is most likely to become President.
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Old 10-31-2008, 07:48 AM
Location: West Texas
2,441 posts, read 5,245,515 times
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I am proud to be an American for what I believe America used to stand for. Unfortunately, today, I have very little to be proud of in America. I served over 20 years (Navy) to preserve freedoms that people have perversed to where I would hope someone, somewhere, at some time would have the fortitude to stand up and represent again.

Some of the biggest issues I have regarding being proud of America is:

1. The ever increasing and spreading cancer that an individual's rights far outweigh the overall good of society - leading to enactment of laws that enable the moronic of society to believe they are right by "volume of shouting".

2. A political system that was designed to be run by the people for the people and has been systematically reduced to an overtly corrupt system of political gain and personal profiteering.

3. A criminal justice system that refuses to believe in punishment and pushes reform for people who have proven recidivism is the norm for released criminals instead of harsher punishments.

People don't come to America anymore because it's the land of the free and home of the brave... to find an American dream and better their lives through the rewards hard work had enabled in generations past. They come because our system rewards them for entering illegally; or if entering legally, allows - nay... encourages - illegal and self-indulging lifestyles all at the hands of the minority of now hard-working, tax-paying citizens.

No... I'm embarassed at what America has become. I'm no longer as proud, nor thump my chest as hard, because too many people are thumping their chests even harder for their own personal gain and rights, while simultaneously blaming politicians for the same behavior. "Squash everyone for what I want or believe in!" is the new American motto. There is no "societal norm" except for reward for illegal or illicit behavior.

I am proud and encouraged, being the possibly foolish optimist, in the few people that I do come across that believe the nation is something bigger than themselves. That the good for cohesion of society as a whole is what guides the fabric of our society itself. We can become a nation to be proud of if we stop thinking solely of ourselves, and think about how we help America... of what used to make America a nation to be proud of.
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Old 11-04-2008, 10:27 AM
Location: Somewhere out there
9,616 posts, read 11,062,995 times
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Thumbs up The Envelope please Vanna!

Interesting results. Not unexpected, but a lot of people didn't actually answer the question anywhere in their short or long posts. They gave all the reasons to be or not be proud, or to be (understandably) ashamed of this country's current and recent behaviors. Others overlooked or understood that this is an ever-changing world, and that just because the (pick one:...) Bush II ___, Clinton ___, Bush I ___, Reagan, Ford, Carter or Nixon adminstrations may have screwed up on one thing or another (or alternately shone in some other area), the posters were still proud of the essence, history and potential of this country.

Other rabid non-citizens (well, one at least) couldn't read, and felt it was appropriate to inject his hatred of America where it was truly inappropriate and completely off topic. So he doesn't get to be part of the statistics.

Taking true stated responses to the original simple question (i.e.: "Are you proud to be an American?", or "Are you not proud to be an American?", here's how it came out to date. (I didn't try to interpret or infer a poster's answer based on their posts. They had to clearly answer the question to be either a true positive or true negative)

There are 44 posts including my OP.

Overall true +ve responses versus the total number of all responses =32% Proud

Overall true -ve responses etc. = 4.5% Not Proud

A full 63.5% didn't answer the question directly.

Total number of posts with one or the other true answer: 16.

Percent +ve (14/16) = 87.5% Proud

Percent -ve (2/16) = 12.5% not Proud

In conclusion, it appears that in this tiny little survey...

The significant majority who understood the OP and provided a bottom-line answer are proud to be American,

...warts and all. They also provided many constructive (and a number of destructive..) criticisms. Maybe John or Barak will read the ideas noted here....

I believe that one thing we can be proud of is that we're willing to roll up our gaudy NASCAR T-shirts and examine our navels, our warts, our obese national character and the occasional conceit and arrogance of ourselves, our politicians and our fellows. Other countries, such as France and Canada and Italy and Iran and China and Russia and on and on are too arrogant to be self-critical . They try to present themselves as trouble-free, better than us, and more socially evolved . There are, sadly, many extremist liberal citizens in this country who seem to gloat over any failings we've created. Their solution is always more restrictions and government intervention. As in the countries I listed just above... Hmmmmm....

But in the end this is truly one of the finest countries on earth, no matter how disfigured, greedy and loud-mouthed we are. I'm confident that we'll only improve through our Constitutional freedoms, ongoing self-evaluation and love of life. Many other nations and their citizens (tho not necessarily their leaders) are mature enough to see that, and they do remind us of all the good we've done world-wide. Our vastly generous foreign aid, our military rushing to the Tsunami victims' aid, our massive participation in the rescue of Britain and Europe in WWII, and on and on.

Thanks for your participation. Can we close this thread now, moderator?
I'm tired!

Thanks to all!

Last edited by rifleman; 11-04-2008 at 10:30 AM.. Reason: typos
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Old 11-05-2008, 02:30 PM
2,549 posts, read 2,329,385 times
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Default The good old days

How easy and or tempting is is to refer to the "good old days"? To be nostalgic for a time when this country was strong and people were good and moral and God fearing. Really? I have associates (sort of friends) who yearn for a country based on Christian principles. In their minds, the country that was founded by our supposed Christian fore fathers. These are the same men who owned, and abused, slaves who many believed were less than human. And whose own wives were really just their property. Where's the Christianity there? The indigent population was decimated in the name of Manifest Destiny. Sure we tried to convert them but wasn't forcing our religious beliefs on them the same tyranny we were trying to escape?

I mean no disrespect but, from my understanding, religious tyranny was only one aspect of why so many fled England. An equally large, if not larger aspect was economic, as in unfair taxation. Or perhaps they simply sought freedom, religious or otherwise. These same people cite the In God We Trust on our currency as proof of our Christian foundation. Again, really? Seems to me we worship money more than we do any supreme beings. We are after all, the United Consumer States of America. And show me where our actions, as a country, have ever truly been Christian. Please. I am not picking a fight with people of faith. I just don't understand the energy. It seems so fearful and misguided to me who incidentally was raised Catholic.

I believe in religious freedom and liberty. The only way I think we'll ever truly have it is if it stays out of the government. Is Obama a Christian? I personally think that it has little to do with whether his fiscal policies are sound or whether he will be a good president. Same if he inhaled or not. Live and let live. If not, we are in perpetual danger of fundamentalists from each side fighting each in the name of God / Allah. Where the heck will that religious dogma get us? The 19th (guessing at the number) crusade?

In California, Proposition 8 (Gay Marriage Ban) has stirred as many heated debates as the presidency itself. So much of the reaction seems born out of fear. Look at the pro 8 Ad campaigns. Fear based. I hear some quoting Leviticus and how the "bible says" but what about "thou shall not judge" and "love thy neighbor as thyself"?

Right now, there may be conservatives reading this and branding me a bleeding heart liberal. So be it. I don't believe I am and don't believe that if I was that it would discredit any of these opinions. We are still a strong country. Let's be proud and do our part to improve this place. The world has changed. So have we. So what. Say hi to your neighbor, even the one you don't like so much. Practice random acts of kindness instead of sitting at home cursing our TVs. C'mon people. Smile on your brother...

Any opinions on this?

Last edited by Mr Floyd; 11-05-2008 at 02:46 PM.. Reason: clarification and general proofing
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Old 11-05-2008, 03:16 PM
Location: The ends DO NOT justify the means!!!
4,783 posts, read 3,020,853 times
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I am not proud to be an american. I never lived in the founding father's view of what this nation should be. I have always loved the idea of a society free from a large government, but am far too young, about 150 years or so, to have lived in such a place.

I do appreciate what is left of this once great nation even after most of what it was supposed to be has long ceased to exist. It was a beautiful experiment that lasted for less than a century. Because we as a people have squandered what originally was formed, I feel shame for being from the offspring of those that mindlessly through it away.

I appreciate the amazing freedom of speech that still remains and the relative ease at my ability to take care of myself through what is left of a free market. Again, no pride. We, as a people, had the greatest opportunity ever to sustain a nation of free people and we have allowed it to become nothing more than a minimally violent pathetic patch of whining socialists fighting over left over spoils of an idea long faded into history.

I used to be a republican, as I used to actually believe that they were for free markets and freedom from government regulation, but my years in this country have shown me that they are no better than the other marxist party. I don't view any government regime in power as legitimate, so it would be silly of my to align myself with either at this point in time.
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Old 11-05-2008, 08:09 PM
Location: Maryland
1,534 posts, read 3,672,902 times
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I am very proud to be an American, paid my dues with the 1stBat/3rd Marines, Nam '69. Yes, our nation is far from perfect but it beats the hell out of the alternatives.
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Old 11-05-2008, 10:41 PM
107 posts, read 299,433 times
Reputation: 54
I am, and have always been, proud to be an American.

I, we, live in the greatest nation on Earth. Regardless of who is president of our nation, I will remain a proud American. I do not need to agree with the president or other elected officials to be proud of this country.

I am a proud American because we live in a country in which anyone, who has the drive and ingenuity to make something of themselves and provide for themselves and their family, can.

I am a proud American because we live in a society that provides its citizens with more freedoms than most other countries provide. Sometimes I am embarrassed to the extent to which some people will take advantage of these freedoms and abuse the system.

I am a proud American because our leaders, military and citizens are some of the most generous and giving on the face of the Earth, coming to the aid of any country who needs it regardless of our political relationship.

Last edited by ThAdam; 11-05-2008 at 10:50 PM.. Reason: addition
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Old 11-05-2008, 10:44 PM
Location: southern california
55,237 posts, read 72,402,860 times
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wait a minute you just pointed out that on internet foreigners rub our noses in our faults.
you just said you are canadian.
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