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Old 06-14-2009, 11:43 PM
Location: Orlando, FL
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Originally Posted by user_id View Post
Umm.........huh? You should take some time to read about our legal system. If you get arrested you will be taken to a police station. At the police station a number of things may happen. You may be interviewed and let go, you may be given a notice to appear, you may be put in a holding cell, etc. Most marijuana charges are not going to result in jail time even if you get arrested.

A police station and a jail are two different things, rarely are they the same place.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement the avg incarceration rate for marijuana is 1.5 years.

And isn't it amazing that we arrest more people for mere possession of marijuana than we do for violent crimes?!

Old 06-14-2009, 11:47 PM
Location: Orlando, FL
56 posts, read 252,820 times
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Talking Caffeine is more harmful than marijuana

Originally Posted by fungame View Post
I am a recently graduated MSN nurse, thanks. I don't know if you are familiar with nurse practitioners. **** handler is even a grossly inaccurate title for an lpn. I have years of experience in both the ER and the acute psychiatric care setting. I think this lends me at least a little credit. The difference in addiction, damage done, social implication, etc between a habitual marijuana user and a drunk is glaring. First of all I fail to see the logic in holding back on articles that prove your point in a debate forum. Second the article does not say that it "makes you dumber". It clearly states that it impairs short term memory temporarily and the effects vanish completely usually within a week. You wanna tell me who didn't know that weed impairs short term memory, so does alcohol. My articles were just a quick five minue search showing some of the many benefits of weed and the fact that caffeine kills more people, and therefore is more harmful, than weed.
Caffeine is more harmful than marijuana
a) Exactly.. It kills more people.. It has a lower LD50 rate and users overdose on that easier than marijuana..
b) Caffeine is chemically addictive, not just habitually like marijuana..
c) Caffeine has bad withdrawal symptoms, unlike marijuana.

And guess what everyone.. Caffeine is classified as a mind-altering substance also! Yay for common sense!!

And everyone needs to know that here in Florida we are helping our prison population by going for medical!! PUFMM.com
Old 06-15-2009, 02:06 AM
Location: The Midst of Insanity
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Originally Posted by user_id View Post
This is not an argument, I would after all suggest the same of you. Feel free to show actual data that shows that alcohol is a more dangerous substance to the human body than marijuana.

Did you read what I typed? I stated that marijuana is "nearly impossible" to overdose on. And although alcohol is hard to overdose on, its possible. You have to really be doing some serious binge drinking to overdose on alcohol, that is why there is so few cases in relation to the huge number of people that drink alcohol.

Umm.......yeah okay? Is this your way of saying your argument was bad?
What does this have to do with how the legalization of marijuana would effect prison populations? Oh yeah nothing.
Alcohol More Dangerous Than Weed and Poppers

Myths and Facts About Marijuana

Your View: Alcohol, tobacco worse than pot, ecstasy: study (http://www.cbc.ca/news/yourview/2007/03/alcohol_tobacco_worse_than_pot.html - broken link)
Old 06-15-2009, 10:21 AM
Location: Sarasota, Florida
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It would definetly drop the number of inmates...if memory serves me the majority of drug related incarcirations are for marijuana use...what a waste, putting otherwise law abiding citizens in jail for something less innocuous than alcohol.
Old 06-15-2009, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by user_id View Post
Marijuana is a drug whether you want to classify it as such or not.

When people become addicted (physically or psychologically) to a drug they do stupid things regardless of the drug.

Honestly, I haven't met to many pot smokers that are "hard working people". Most have been losers, after all its an illegal substance so it takes a certain sort of person to use it consistently instead of say drinking alcohol.
The definition of a drug, according to the dictionary, is any substance which when injested alters the body. So accordingly, nutmeg is a drug- it can cause hallucinations, the poppyseed on your bagel is a drug- culinary poppyseed is from the same genus as opiums poppies, chocolate is a drug- it is a proven fact that chocolate affects the neurotransmitters. In a very broad sense, everything we eat or drink is a chemical substance.

I agree that people who become addicts often make poor choices, but I haven't seen any evidence (other than the movie Reefer Madness) that suggests that marijuana is addictive or a gateway drug. I agree that children of 13 or 14 aren't mature enough to making the decision to smoke, but then I don't think they are mature enough to decide to abuse alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs from their parents medicine chest, or huffing any one of a hundred other substances.

Your last sentence is particularly disturbing. Do you really think that people who abuse alcohol do not qualify as 'losers' to use your term just because alcohol is not listed on the DEA's categories of controlled substances? Do you really think they never make poor choices or are those poor choices more socially acceptable because alcohol is legal? Evidently you have never known anyone killed by a drunk driver?

I was around in the 60's and 70's, but drugs were never my thing. Have tried to stay on top of the whole drug for the sake of my students and my own children. When my kids were teens, I preached against them using marijuana, not becuase I believed it was addictive or a gateway drug, but because the quality of the drug had deteriorated from when I was a youth and I was concerned about them inhaling any potential pesticides or other residues that might be on the leaves.

I don't want to hijack this thread, but I am interested in seeing how many people support medical marijuana vs. those who support it for recreational purposes. I don't know how to do a poll, but if I were to start one I'd be curious to see the numbers and to see what criteria most people would be comfortable with for recreational use. Over 18? Over 21? Under an ounce? Under two ounces? Purchase from a shop rather than street? What about growing it? Number of plants?

I live in a state where patients with certain conditions are permitted by registering with the state and having a valid prescription to smoke marijuana and to grow it. If they are unable to grow it either because they don't have the space or are physically unable to tend the plants, they may designate a caregiver to grow and care for the plants. Because this is such a new program and not many caregivers available, caregivers may have up to 5 patients and grow up to 60 plants, each patient is allowed 12 plants.

Currently, there are just a few thousand folks in Michigan registered with the state, but I suspect one day soon the folks at the Health Dept. in Lansing are going to find tens of thousands of applications in their morning mail. That is the day that concerns me. Medical marijuana is going to become big business. I have no problem with Big Brother coming in to inspect my house if I am doing day care, foster care, or if I am growing medical marijuana; that is the price of civilization. What I worry about is the day the pharmacuetical companies are going to lobby for legislation so only they can grow and distribute it, and set the going rate. And then the poor slobs who desperately need it and are on fixed incomes will get shut out once again and the folks who want it for recreational purposes are subjected to exposure to DTT and other banned pesticides.
Old 06-16-2009, 12:09 AM
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user_id ..... you have absolutely no idea what your talking about at all... literally. Watch "The Union: And The Business Behind Getting High"

IT DOES NOT KILL ANY BRAIN CELLS, IT DOESN'T KILL ANYTHING, it fights cancer, proven, DOESN'T KILL BRAIN CELLS, PROVEN, enables MS suffers, PROVEN, help stop the effects of Alzheimers, is an AMAZING ALTERNATIVE to people/kid who have ADD and ADHD i can attest to this, does wonders for allergy suffers have yet to meet some one who is doesn't help in that area, does amazing things for depression suffers, its the best known medicinal curer of so many things its not even funny. So huh, why do you think its outlawed, oh yeah, BECAUSE CERTAIN PEOPLE WOULD LOOSE A LOT OF MONEY IF PEOPLE COULD GROW THEIR OWN MEDICINE, and you can't patent a plant. I have no idea what happened to the SETH group in California that produced the results, they were ether taken out of existence by who knows or their funding ran out, here is a link to video/information of report. THC kills brain tumor cells | Globatron.org MARIJUANA DOES NOT CAUSE LUNG CANCER, if it did it would have shown up by now we have been using it forever, it can paralze the cilia if you smoke like a chimney. Who is most likely to use marijuana, people who know what they are doing, and people who don't care at all, ie "losers".

I need to make this clear, if your lazy and smoke pot, YOUR STILL GOING TO BE LAZY, and if you smoke crappy cannabis, then that is generally a side effect, it mellows you out "severely". That said, there is a difference between getting completely baked and having a couple hits and going about your business.

If you have ever used Cannabis, if you know anything about it, it is VERY easy to tell if some one has used it, and just like alcohol it will leave your system and leave you capable to do what you need to do. IE, you go to a bar, have a drink or two, wait an hour or two and you can drive legally (many variables, but you know what i'm getting at) same goes for marijuana. However, the effects of alcohol and marijuana related to everything are VERY different, especially when driving, various test have been done on the subject, if you want to learn about them go ahead, start searching.

YOU CAN BE PSYCHOLOGICALLY ADDICTED TO ANYTHING! but we don't ban food or cheeseburgers do we or gum for that matter? we don't NEED fast food cheeseburgers. End of case, there aren't any substances that are physically addicting in cannabis.

ON TOPIC, there is so much propaganda that flies around about cannabis its not even funny, i will debunk it every chance i get because people simply don't know, and insists on believing lies. It is FACT, there is an overwhelming amount of NON-VIOLENT criminals in jail. Meaning they didn't have anyone, ANYONE, no one was hurt in any way, but they are put into jail, and many of them are marijuana users. end of story, if it was legalized many, many problems would be alleviated.
Old 04-19-2010, 02:42 AM
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Default advice

Originally Posted by Mopac1980 View Post
Would marijuana legalization prevent jail/prison overcrowding?

I think it would cause the majority of the pot smokers don't go out and commit other crimes against people to support their habits unlike most of the other drug users and most of the pot smokers are hard working and decent people.

I don't classify marijuana as a drug at all.
yes it would 70% of the jail pop is based on mistameners 60% of the being pot based there are lots of documenterys that u guys out in fl can watch i live in cali but am from daytona i would love to see mm be brought to fl i think it would do wonders for the state create more jobs of course help ppl in need and lower crime withch as far as im consurned marijuana is not a crime no 1 has ever died from it the only reason that its not legal is that the havent figuard out how to tax it yet cause u can grow it your self i no u can grow tobbaco aswell but its not the same pot helps u in a 100 diff ways medical wize and is a great hobbie aswell
Old 04-19-2010, 02:45 AM
4 posts, read 9,405 times
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srry those doc are in pot we trust,the history of marijuana narrated by woody harrison amoung many others srry bout the spelling i suck at it lol hope i can be some help as i said i live in cali and this is where it all goes down
Old 04-19-2010, 03:12 AM
4 posts, read 9,405 times
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first of all alot u don't have a clue what u are talking about u should listin to swanson he oviously know alot more if u like a great friend of mine is what they call a doctor hes on cnn news all the time and is a norml rep along with thousonds of other doc and scienitist that have proven marijuana to have lots of medical value.here are some of those there are 2 diff kinds of pot indica/sativa
lets start with the indica,sedating,relaxing,muscle relaxant,treats acute pain nausea-down,appetite^dopamine^and great for insomnia.and for what u have to say about most of the ppl you no that smoke pot are lazy and loser well im srry but if your lazy your most likley not that succseful to begin with and as far as loser goes i doubt pot has much to do with that i not saying that smoking pot wont make u lazy cause if u no nothing about it which im srry but you dont then smoking the wrong pot with deff make u lazy just like taking those pills that the doc gives u or drinking which in my eyes do the math millons of people are killed from every year most importent most of those are kids killed by ireasponsable adults due to drunk driveing and as far as pills well they just FLAT OUT KILL YOU!!!!so u tell me whens the last time pot killed someone NEVER!!!!does it kill brain cell no as a matter of fact some of the smartest ppl in the world all smoked pot do your research greenbridgemedical.com or greenlifemeds.com will help u google it please before u mis inform more people now is inhaling anything into your loungs good not at all but inhaling pot is a hell of alot better for your loungs then drinking 1 beer is for you liver do a test look at ppl that smoked pot all there life didnt take pills or drink and look at someone who a smokes cigs b.drinks alchohal c. takes pill u tyell me whos healthyer srry to dog but man talk to doctors cause my family is full of them and they hate pot there mormon but they will still tell u yes it does have medical vaule

Last edited by dbrm250n; 04-19-2010 at 03:30 AM..
Old 04-19-2010, 03:37 AM
4 posts, read 9,405 times
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Originally Posted by user_id View Post
What does any of this have to do with Fox News? The answer to the question was tacit in my response above. I do not think there are many people in jail "just for marijuana", the people that currently use and sell marijuana are in some sense "criminal minded".

People that suggest that the legalization of marijuana would some how free up massive jail space appear to be under the impression that the jails are filled with kids that were caught smoking some pot behind the local grocery store. In most areas you do not get put in jail for minor violations like this, hence a lot of the people that are in jail for marijuana would more than likely be in jail regardless.
not true at all cail jail do your research use google lol like some crazy % like 60% of cail jails are from minor offence's and 40% of those are bud and vome to cail u tell me if the 2,500 medical marijuana despensurys that we have are criminal mind do u no any thing abouti medical marijuana
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