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Old 04-24-2009, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by JEANNE61 View Post
Love the kitchen f/b . . . my grandmother had the exact same set , tho hers was painted day glo orange. . go figure ???
the hoosier also is lovely ... and i remember cake tins like that one . ..
looks like you are settling in .. . btw . i noticed you keep mentioning 'the library' . i assume that is because you dont' have a living room ???
or have turned the l/r into a library . . . ??

what a re mudpuppies please ??? this girl from bklyn ny never heard of them

have a great week . . and take care . .soon you'll never have to go back to 't hat woman's ' place . .
mudpuppies - Google Image Search

Old 04-24-2009, 12:39 PM
Location: Beautiful East Tennessee
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Hey everyone, I have tried to catch up on things here and check in, but don't have a lot of time to post right now, due to our 30 day time contraint. She deposited the money into the trust acount on the 20th, so we have until May 20th to get everything moved, including the house. I am taking off Monday and Tuesday again next week, so we can finish up moving our personal things this weekend and start taking the house down Monday.

As stated before, I think, the living room is done other than the baseboards. We will get them up much later. It is just not a priority right now. The library is painted and we got all of the hardwood floor taken up from the other place yesterday. We did not have a truck so we moved it all in the car. It was not an easy task, but we managed to get it done. Today, Chris and Shannon are working on the floor while I am at work. Tim is off today as well, so we have a truck available for the day. Last I heard, Chris and Tim were going to move the wood heater, pipes and the 30 or more boxes of books. I forget who asked, but the house has 3 rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom area which is two small rooms. We only need one bedroom, it is only Chris and I, the grandkids come over a lot, but they can sleep in the living room or with us. One thing we do have is literally hundreds, possibly over 1000 books. We are HUGE book fans and have them for every subjet imaginable and I would say 95% are non fiction. We have lots of bookcases and we decided that, since that is a passion of ours, turn one room into a library/family room. We will get all of the bookcases in there and the books, plus an antique table we have with 4 chairs. That will be used as a puzzle table or for board games (which we do a lot), chess, studying, writing or crafts. We have a few other pieces of furniture that will go in that room, but its main focus will be the library. We eventually hope to turn at least 2 walls into ceiling to floor built in bookshelves. For that room, it has a fire place that has been blocked up with bricks. We plan to use the wood heater in there this coming winter, because it has been turned into that use. The chimney outside is half down and in bad shape. But eventually, we want to get the chimney re-built and open the fireplace back up for use.

How you move things without a truck!

Library almost done!

We managed to get the last cat over there yesterday evening. It was Pole Cat. They all seem to be adjusting well, Squirrel and Tree Cat are always exploring, Drop Dead Fred is about ready to pop with the little ones, so I will be bringing her into the house soon. We had 7 in the house the other night and almost went nuts, so they are all out now except for Cutie and Azrael. Cletus was happy to see Tree Cat, his best friend and SadieMae was thrilled to give Drop Dead Fred a good bath!

I got all of the lanterns over there as well. We grabbed some more lamp oil. HUGE, major mistake made yesterday that will NEVER happen again. Our life has been torn upside down for six months and the routine is not normal. I lit the lamp in the kitchen yesterday morning and Chris thought I put the lights out when we left and I thought he did. I came home yesterday evening and discovered the oil lamp in the kitchen had been burning ALL DAY! I am so thankful there was no tragedy and that we put all of the cats outside when I left for work. One of them could have gotten on the cabinet and knocked the lamp over and our new home would be history. It scared me to death and it took awhile to calm down when I realized out mistake. So now...we double check and make sure itnever happens again.

We have not quite perfected our water system yet either. We are used to the double barrels being right outside the backdoor and I just trot out there and fill whatever container I need to fill. We don't have such a system hooked up yet, and have to venture down to the Spring for water. Well, if you wake upand need to wash your face, or the cats need water before bed, or you need to wash something suddenly, and you forgot to carry some water up, you end up making a short trek to the Spring and carrying the water back to the house. So now we are working on a system where we make sure there is a galvenised bucket of water in the kitchen with the ladle so we can use that as needed and another 5 gallon container full under the sink for use as well. When one goes empty, we can use the other if we need to, but we try to keep them both full. I discovered how much we were use to the water containers out the back door the other night when I needed a both before bed and got my bowl and rag out, only to discover there was no water, it was pouring rain and I did not want to make my way to the Spring after dark to get water. It is amazing how one can get so use to a certian thing, like always having easy access to water and when it gets messed up a little bit, you are just worthless until a system gets in place. LOL

We hope to get a roof on the cellar this weekend and get the food in there. That will take care of tones of boxes from the old place. That and the books (well and all of my sewing bins) takes up most of the space in the old house. We have the sink in place, but we have not put the drain and pipes in it yet to drain the water into the bucket, so we will do that this evening before dark. I have been washing everything in buckets and dish pans. We continue to sleep on the floor and to be honest, I am sleeping better and am more comfortable than in the bed we have. I suppose we should look into getting a new mattress, but right now certainly cannot afford it. I don't mind the floor, actually like it.

Not that great cell pic of the living room

and why yes....that would be a chamber pot in the corner for night time
uh....use! LOL That little LED lantern thing on the table is quite an amazing invention. That sucker was given to Chris as a gift at Yule and it has the exact same batteries still in it! It has a radio on it, but Perrin broke the antenna. It makes too much noise for me but I think Chris might listen to it once in awhile while I am work and he is working on the house. The coffee table is one we made when we were bored one Saturday, out of some cedar pole ends that I stripped for the house and some cedar planks Jimmy had given to us.

When I think of everything that needs to be done, and then what all HAS to be done on a daily basis, plus him having a 4 year old all day and me working all day, and not having too many other people to help out other than one daughter with a 5 year old severe ADHD step child and a 10 year old daughter, a son in law that works 12 hours a day 7 days straight and well....it over whelms me. If we make it through this 30 days and can successfully get this house moved, I will have officially amazed myself and will then at least take a one day break! Maybe pack a picnic and explore our 15 acres for the day, There is about 13 acres I have yet to see.

I was heading to the farm yesterday with Pole Cat and the load of flooring and spotted this beautiful double rainbow on the way to the farm. You can barely see the second one, but it was so pretty.

This morning, I was on my way to work and when I pulled out of the driveway, I thought the fog rising was just perfect. So I snapped another pic.

I will be off work 4 days and am not sure if I will have the chance to update before Wednesday. I will answer some questions that have been posted then.

And to the person who sent us the beautiful gift in the mail (not sure you want me to post your name or not so I won't until I know for sure) but my goodness it is just beautiful and is PERFECT for us. I cannot thank you enough and when I put it on the wall in a special area....I will take a picture and post it...and we will cherish it always. It matches the living room PERFECTLY!!!!! Thank you so very much.

It is gonna be a beautiful weekend everyone, get out and enjoy! Play with your kids outside, take a walk with the person you love or find a secluded spot and spend some alone time relaxing!
Old 04-25-2009, 12:00 AM
Location: MS.
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I have been following your other thread and then this one since right after you first started on it. You guys simply amaze me with what you accomplish.

I was raised where we had no electric and had an outhouse and it was not only at one place but we moved many times as I was growing up since the whole family of us worked as day labors for farmers or else we were picking cotton by the pound. Seems that all the housing available for folks like us were the ones no one else would live in. You could see light through the tin roof where old nail holes were in some of them as they had no ceiling.

I admire you for living your dream of being off the electric but I have no desire to go back to that. I would however love to have a solar or wind power homestead but not likely to happen now as I am 70 years old and not a lot of energy left.

I would like to think that one day i would be able to sit down and read about your story in a book and I believe that if you do not wind up publishing one you are missing out on a great opportunity not only to share your story in a bigger way but also perhaps to generate some much welcome income. Extra money can always come in handy in many ways regardless of where or how you live.

I look forward to catching up on the postings every week or so and when the thread slows down I feel like I am missing something. You guys are already accomplishing a lot at your new place and I am sure you are almost overwhelmed with the time frame on having to get everything from the original house at witch Hazel's place.

Hope you and yours stay healthy and happy.

Old 04-26-2009, 11:25 AM
Location: Milky Way Galaxy,Earth,Northern Hemisphere,North America,USA,Pennsyltucky
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I Love your kitchen, FB! When I married Lou 4 1/2 years ago, I fixed up our kitchen like that. I love the white with red trim enamelware, but have other colors mixed in with all of my pieces. Whatever I find at yard sales, Goodwill, etc, I pick up. Plus the matchbox holder on the wall, and cabinet. I don't have the hoosier cabinet, but a wooden cabinet painted and re-painted God knows how many times, but the latest color is this bright turquoise so chipped you can see just about every other layer of color beneath in spaces.

blessings, Shen
Old 04-29-2009, 10:47 AM
Location: Beautiful East Tennessee
300 posts, read 1,345,405 times
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Thank you everyone for the nice posts in this thread. I totally understand about this lifestyle bringing back memories for people, it does me as well. I am just thankful that I made the choice to live this dream again, just to see if it was everything I thought it would be. It has been and much more. I have been blessed a million times over.

Great gift from Hammer and his lovely wife! I will always cherish it as it says it all! (THANKS HAMMER!)

Whew! What a LONG, HARD 5 days we have had. I don’t even know where to begin. Friday I got home and we finished the library floor completely. We moved the bookcases in the room and several other items. Everything was cleaned thoroughly and I got a few of the books on the shelf before it got too dark. We had to go get a few things from town and the old place.

Saturday we worked like two crazed over hyper jack russell terriers. We had the truck from work and that was it. No one was able to come over and help us so it was me and Chris…..the entire 4 days off work! We moved furniture and boxes until I was sure I could not lift another thing. Sunday we moved canned foods (remember that we keep nearly a year supply of foods at any given time and most of that is in glass jars). Those things are not light weight. Another thing we discovered was, you have to limit how many you put in a box, else you can’t lift it. We moved more boxes of canned foods than I can count and as we were unloading them, I begin to cringe every time Chris handed a box to me on the porch. The east side of the back porch has 100% shade all day. We stacked all of the canned food there, until we can get the root cellar done. I felt like my arms would surely fall off as the sky grew dark and the whippoorwill came out. Monday, we had no truck, just the car. We went over and boxed up the last remaining items from the house and got it all in the car. Several trips later, the house was cleaned out and I sat down for a good cry. Tuesday was more of the same, we moved items under the house and porches into the car and then to the farm. Again, it took several trips and one was just to haul all of the metal buckets and water containers. We got the clothesline down and the birdfeeders as well. We had to leave on of the clothesline poles because a bluebird has 4 babies in the birdhouse. Maybe they will be gone before May 20th.

This entire truck load is ONLY my sewing stuff. Amazing huh?

I got everything unpacked in the kitchen and where it all needs to be. We have an ant problem and I have never had a problem like that before. Shannon got me some kind of ant bait stuff they take back to the other ant folks and they all should die. It seemed to work in some areas, but not as well as I hoped for. Thank thee Gods it is not fire ants but I have never seen so many of those little creatures in a home. I kill them in the kitchen, clean everything with pine cleaner or bleach, scrub everything down and go back in 30 minutes to find more. So this will be a battle I am not looking forward to. Nothing pertaining to food is left out for sure! It was nice cooking breakfast in the kitchen yesterday morning, country ham, toast, home made jelly and even coffee for Chris. We enjoyed breakfast and got to work for the day.

I am glad everything is where I need it to be, makes cookin' meals much faster!

The living room is done and looks great. I even managed to get a bunch of the family photos on the wall and it looks rather homey now. Chris began working on the little room beside the bathroom and just painting it white made a big difference. Then he cut out a place for a window in the bathroom. Mind you, we had never even really seen the bathroom as it was pitch black in there and the oil lamp did not light it up too well. So he cut out a place and put a temporary window in there. We were SHOCKED to actually SEE the bathroom. He even got the toilet to flush several times, which amazed Perrin.

Getting the family pics and lanterns up

All of the books, well except two boxes full, are out and organized in the library. The floor in there is just beautiful and the room ended up looking very nice. There is one wall that we will have to put paneling on it has dry wall up and a bad job of it to say the least. So we will cover it with some form of paneling later. The room is nice and I am glad we decided it would be the library. I have the old buffet in there with all of our stones and such on it. We collect rocks and like books, have hundreds. The bedroom is a mess. It ended up being the room where everything was stuck until we discovered its purpose. The bed is crammed in there some where as well, but we continue to sleep in the living room floor. We are on such a tight time line that we plan to leave it as it is and get the clothes organized when the rains come the end of this week. We are not going to worry about it then until we have the house down and everything moved. It is just not a priority. As long as I can find my clothes and know my sewing bins are safe, we are good.

The library floor is done!

SOME of the shelves are up and the books are in them now. Pics are on the camera at home, I will post more tomorrow.

More of the library floor

Yesterday I told Chris I needed a clothesline soon. So I picked a tree and he proceeded to cut it down. Well the top was straight up through some limbs on a big cedar tree. When he got it cut down, it would not budge. So he, I and Perrin decided we would just push it over, it was not very big around. Well again, it did not move. So Chris figured he would kick it off the stump and it would fall. So he proceeds to show his manly strength and kicked it good and hard. He jumped right off the stump to the ground, hard, and stayed straight up through the cedar. We had a good laugh and figured it could stay there and season a bit for firewood, we will attempt that battle at a later date. So we chose another one and cut it down. Perrin had a blast and Chris cut it into 11-12 foot sections. We tossed an end over our shoulders and headed up the hill with it. I was not expecting it to be so very heavy going up the rock steps, of course I was in the rear! I did not open my mouth to complain, but by golly I thought my shoulder was going to break into small pieces! Perrin and Chris started nailing the 2x6 to it, dug the holes and filled them in. It is perfect, the perfect height and distance apart. It is in a rare area near the house that actually gets some sun.

Farm :: 0428091655.flv video by BushwhackerJohn - Photobucket

Perrin fills in one hole while Chris digs another

Working together

While we were working on the clothesline, Don and Johnny showed up with some gold fish. There is a large deep hole where the culvert drains into the branch near the road. Chris put a few bricks up in the shallow area to keep them from getting downstream, but the water can get through OK. Now we have five pretty goldfish in the deep pool. Perrin was very excited about this, and just as excited as the snake Chris discovered. I spotted it again when Don got there and watched it for awhile. I was worried about copperheads and rattlesnakes and still do to be honest. But this snake was a harmless, well as harmless as snakes can be I suppose, common water snake. I am not in the process of training Perrin to watch for snakes and will do the same with the other grandkids.

Chris found a pogo stick when he was mowing Monday. We are finding a lot of things when he is mowing to be honest! Anyway, it was bent and useless, but Chris feels a need to keep everything until it has been proven 100% useless to him. Yesterday, Perrin kept inquiring about the pogo stick. Chris then discovered it was not totally useless and as the videos show, it offered a few laughs. That was a much needed break from the hard work.

0428091601.flv video by BushwhackerJohn - Photobucket

0428091605a.flv video by BushwhackerJohn - Photobucket

I checked on the vulture and she has lost one of her eggs. It was broken and the little baby inside did not live. However, she apparently feels it may come back to life as she continues to sit on it and take care of it. Poor thing. So she has one eggs left, it is nice and warm and moves around a little when she is not on it, so hopefully it will hatch soon and be fine. The whippoorwill is a funny little thing. Starts up at dark and stops at daylight. Most of that time, it hangs out near the house and drives Chris crazy all night. We have a lot of owls around as well. We are enjoying the sparrow on the back porch. She has about 4 babies I think and begins feeding them at daylight. If we are on the back porch, she will wait patiently on the clothesline until we are through and then go feed the brood.

Things we have discovered thus far, there is either not enough hours in the day or too much. When I figure it out, I will let you all know. We are officially known as “those waving neighbors”. I have to make every effort to throw things in the trash when Chris is not around, or else I discover those items in a box at a later date. Tired is when you feel like you cannot lift your arm and sitting down actually hurts. Of course, getting back up takes longer and you suddenly feel every muscle, tendon and bone in your body working together to get the job done, once you stand, it actually takes awhile for your brain to convey to your leg that it has to move in order to move forward. Having Chris makes everything worthwhile and I cannot think of anyone else I would want to walk this journey with. I am so very grateful for him and the hard work he does. Women can have way too much junk in their kitchen. I got rid of half of it and could still get rid of more! Freezers hold too much food! LOL I gave Shannon two huge boxes of meat and now the freezer is ALMOST empty. I am checking at work today to see who may need 20 bags of brussel sprouts and lots of squash and blackberries.

A typical day at this point in a life on a non electric farm: No need to set an alarm clock. The birds start singing at 6am and the whippoorwill stops at that time, you just naturally wake up between 530 and 6am. After venturing out to pee, you wash your hands with the water you hauled in the night before. I light the oil lamps in the kitchen and start breakfast. Usually coffee for Chris, eggs, country ham, toast. I put the jelly out on the table and get my medicine from the cabinet. The cats get fed and watered. Chris gets up and feeds the dogs and spends time with his beloved Cletus. We eat breakfast by the light of the oil lamps and I wash the dishes just as it starts getting light outside. Chris heads out to do some of his many tasks for the day. I wipe the kitchen down and then we work until midday and have lunch, which is usually a sandwich made from the leftover meat at breakfast. Back to work for several hours and then your stomach tells you when it is almost time for supper. I light the stove, cook supper, Chris carries in two buckets of water. We eat, the dishes get washed, we talk about when needs to be done that night or the next day. I lay out whatever needs to be laid out for breakfast the next day, get my skillets and pots ready. Chris puts leftovers in the Spring, like the jar of pickles we munch on with supper. The cats are given water and food, the dogs as well. We brush our teeth and wash up. We get the bed items out and make the bed in the living room floor. We laugh about things until we finally fall asleep, usually around 9-10pm.

This will change as time goes by, there will be laundry and chickens and wood cutting and more, but I will try to update it as we go along. We generally go through two buckets of water a day. One I use to wash hands and such with and to give the cats to drink. The other I use for cleaning and dishes. I have a ladle hanging near the buckets under the sink and dip the water as needed. We re going to have to do some work on the Spring a little. It is hard for me to get down to it to get a bucket of water or get food out of it. So we will figure something out with that soon. Again…it is not a big priority right now.

The rest of this week, we are going to just play it by ear, as it is scheduled to rain some, and not much we can do outside when it rains. During rain, we will work on the house, unpack boxes and such. IF no rain, I will drop Chris off at the old place before work, with Perrin, Shannon will come over in case there is an accident (which we are just hoping and praying there will not be one). Chris will begin taking the tin off the roof and the house down. When I get off work, we will load it onto Don’s wagon and get it to the farm, because we worry someone will steal the stuff if we leave it unattended. This weekend it will be strictly focusing on tearing the old house down and moving the stuff to the farm every day. We will put everything into the barn for now, other than the tin. At some point, we need to work on one of the stalls in the barn and turn it into a good chicken coop and then get the chickens moved over. I will be glad to be able to walk to the barn for eggs and not drive to the other place. So we will be busy and…..

We have all those plants to move still! As of today…we have 21 days left!

I took lots of pics over the past few days, but I forgot the camera at home today. I took some cell pics and had them up online, so I will post them today and will try to post some other pics tomorrow.

My little wonderful grandson, Perrin, taking a break and stealing a sip of unsweet tea

One of the folks who lives between here and there has buffalo and I love seeing them eating in the field.
Old 04-29-2009, 01:39 PM
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Man you've had a very busy week. I'm glad things are looking up for the both of you. I love the floor that you put down it looks wonderful.

I love reading your post. Thanks
Old 04-29-2009, 01:47 PM
Location: Native Floridian, USA
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fb, thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. I love it. It is something I would do, given the chance but I am too old now to start it.
I look forward to each new post and the pics. Your grandson is an angel.

God bless you and Chris.
Old 04-29-2009, 03:27 PM
Location: Tennessee bound...someday
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wonderful update on a wonderful life. Perrin's smile says it all.
Old 04-29-2009, 03:59 PM
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I have been following your story for a long time and am so happy to see a wonderful HOME for you here. You have done an incredible job at fixing the new place up, it looks great!!!

Blessings to you and yours!

Old 04-29-2009, 08:25 PM
Location: Mountains of Oregon
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ALL is Mighty Beautiful & Wonderful FB&C................................

I think i lost bout 10 pounds jus reading yer post Sister Forest Breath..............................har.har.har... ............................................ ................................ ........................

i Love those GoldFish. i hav water snakes tooo in the basspond...................................... ..................................:c ool:

i mighty sorry bout miss vulture baby.......................................such is the way of nature...

Have a Beautiful Evening Y'all.........................
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