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Old 06-28-2017, 07:20 PM
Location: Somewhere in northern Alabama
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A number of us have experienced oddities after a death that are not easily explained by logic or science. There are various "explanations" for these events, but those are irrelevant for the purposes of this thread.

Very simply, did you have any experience after the death of a loved one that made you think/wonder if they were attempting to communicate, guide, or bring comfort?

This is NOT a place to attempt to explain. This is NOT a place to attempt to place the event in a context. This is NOT the place to denigrate or say "That is impossible." If you want to do any of those things - start a new thread, or link to a thread in a different forum if it is inappropriate here.

After my wife died, one of the first things that happened for me was finding a poem of hers that was in an obscure place, affirming our love. The chances of my coming across it were on the order of 1 in 1,000. If something happened for you, and you wish to share, what was it?
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Old 06-28-2017, 08:01 PM
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A very caring site with a closely moderated forum that has been around for many years is www.after-death.com, run by Judy Guggenheim of Hello From Heaven! fame.

A couple of my After-Death Communications: I had visited my wife in the hospice, where she had been in a coma for about a week, and returned home to take care of the cats and make my own dinner. In the corner of our bedroom was a little "meditation shrine" of sorts that I had created with framed portraits of my wife and her late parents. Included, on the top of a five-foot bookshelf, was a teddy bear she had received at a cancer survivors' retreat that was wearing a little sweater that said "I love hugs." When I arrived home, that teddy was sitting fully upright on the carpet, about two feet from the bookshelf. I tried at least 50 times to make it topple into that position without anything resembling success. I also carefully checked the dust on the bookshelf for possible cat paw prints but found nothing (my cats weren't climbers anyway). Shrugging it off, I went to make dinner. Every evening I toasted a muffin in a little electric toaster oven. I was standing at the kitchen counter and heard a very loud POP! I turned to one of the cats and said "What the hell was that???" The smoke alarm then started screaming. I looked to my left and saw that the toaster oven was literally glowing red, like a blast furnace. It was too hot even to touch, so I just yanked out the cord. The muffin was a piece of charcoal. Perhaps 30 seconds later, I got a call from the hospice saying my wife had died. The next morning, I warily plugged in the toaster - absolutely no problem, then or ever again.

But wait, there's more: Maybe two months after my wife's death, I went to vacuum the bedroom carpet. The stereo just started playing by itself. I jokingly said "Bev, is that you?" I then went into the laundry room, loaded the washer, and did some other chores. When I walked back into the bedroom, the stereo started playing again. I said "You do that one more time and I'll be convinced." I then took a shower, went shopping at Safeway, and put away the groceries, all of which took perhaps two hours. When I walked back into the bedroom, the stereo started again. I said "OK, I'm convinced." The stereo never did that before, never did it again. Weirdly, I have had almost no dreams involving my wife, and none resembling an ADC.

Now I'm on a roll, so I'll add another more recent one I like. My most frequent dream ADCs have involved an irascible old fart who was my next-door neighbor for 20 years and became like a cranky old father to me before he died at 87. His house sat vacant for months with his old Ford Ranger in the driveway. In this particular dream, he asked me to pick up a "gold and silver" For Sale sign for the house next time I was at Home Depot. I jokingly asked, "Oh, is that what they use in Heaven?" and promised I'd get a regular one if they didn't have gold and silver. I then asked if I should get one for the truck too. "Nope," he said. "Don't need one for the truck." The very next morning, we went shopping for a few hours. When we got home, the truck was gone - to our astonishment, it had been sold while we were out.

I would say I've had at least 20 pretty definite ADCs dating back to 1968, and I'm a hard-boiled 67-year-old lawyer. None of them are particularly evidential for anyone but me. But when you multiply my incidents (and much better ones) by 10,000,000 or 100,000,000, only someone who simply wants to deny the obvious for psychological reasons could have any doubt.
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Old 06-28-2017, 08:12 PM
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Two other quickies, since this is one of my favorite topics:

My late wife got a call at 2 a.m. the morning her father died. After hanging up, she started speaking out loud to him, telling him to "be at peace and go toward the light." The light fixture above her head, which was operated by a push-switch on the opposite wall, came on. This was the only time it ever did that in the entire time we lived in the house.

I was sitting on the sofa and happened to be thinking about the elderly neighbor mentioned above. The ceiling fan came on at full-blast, the highest setting we never, ever use. I thought that either I or one of the cats must have sat on the remote control. But no, the remote was inside I desk drawer - I had to hunt for it.

There are many, many different types of ADCs. But there are so many involving electrical devices that I think this has to be some sort of very big clue to the nature of survival.
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Old 06-28-2017, 10:06 PM
Location: WA
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I'm sure this is completely my imagination, a way of my mind dealing with watching my mother suffering for a year and finally succumbing to cancer.

It's been decades, but I think it was less than a month after she died and I was still in a profound state of grief. For weeks after her passing I was having horrible dreams where I thought she was still alive for a while, but within the dream I would realize it wasn't real and she was really gone and I would wake up crying.

I was in my bedroom just looking out the window one day, and a mourning dove came to rest on the sill. Generally they are pretty skittish birds, not like pigeons who are used to being around people. I was transfixed by this dove, its sparkling, innocent eyes and beautiful, smooth plumage. It seemed like it saw me watching it, but didn't fly away right away even though it was a foot away. In my grieving mind, I saw the dove as a messenger of some sort, not that it was my mother's spirit (I'm not religious) but it just snapped me out of my depression for a minute. It made me feel a little better. It was some sort of transcendent moment that I'll never forget.

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Old 06-28-2017, 10:57 PM
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After dad died, I'm driving through the mountains on the long trip to be with mom. I call my daughter to tell her the sad news and while we're crying on the phone, I tell her the sweet story of how grandma still had the tiny bear they both had in her purse and my daughter said she did too and at that very moment, I go around the bend and a dead bear is on my side of the road.

Get to Mom's house and the light bulbs burn out constantly, everywhere over those two weeks.

It's a few months later, the electric is fine, now dad is toppling over trees trying to get mom to move out. She's lost 6-7 huge old trees, they are just falling down.

I had a blue jay start following me right after my aunt died. I was convinced it was her. She followed me cross country when I moved and would come right up to me when I was outside. My mom came to visit and asked if I had seen the blue jay lately and at that moment 6 of them flew into the yard.
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Old 06-30-2017, 11:28 AM
Location: SW MO
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My wife died the day after Mother's Day. I had called 911 and her transported to the hospital in the morning of the Friday before. Saturday night I was cat-napping in the electronic recliner where she'd spent her last night at home and late that night was jolted out of one such nap by the realization that someone else was in the home in which I was alone but for our cat. Peripherally, seeing some movement to my right I turned toward it and saw a shrouded figure standing there, tall and erect. That was a posture that had typified my wife but for her last several years in which she could no longer achieve it. In any event, I quietly nodded a greeting at which time the figure began to gradually fade away and then disappeared. I was up most of the rest of the night with mixed feeling of extreme sadness and loss and those of relief and joy that she was finally out of pain and in a better place.

No! It wasn't a dream as I'd come wide awake and there have been other "signs" since. I immediately knew it was my wife's spirit waiting for me to acknowledge her presence then by visiting letting me know she'd left her physical body and would not be returning to it. That body breathed its last breath 36 hours later. Although sedated, her physical being lasted through Mother's Day for which children and grandchildren were grateful as, through my tears, was I.
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Old 06-30-2017, 07:55 PM
Location: Midvale, Idaho
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I have had a few visits I call them. First the day they cremated him. I was not supposed to be told when this was going to happen but signals got crossed and the lady from the mortuary called to tell me she would be doing so within the hour. I was working on a mosaic grouting it because I needed mindless happenings in my life right then. I had put the already dished up pill boxes up on the pantry shelf. I had given all the boxed and canned foods in the pantry away because I do not eat them. I was just standing there gloved with grout on my gloved waiting to do my first clean across my project. I was trying to decide now what to do with the empty pantry shelves. Suddenly his pill boxes flew off the shelf right at me and hit me on the shoulder opened up and spilled the pills all over the floor. It scared/startled me and how could this happen when those two boxes were sitting flat on the shelf? I stomped my foot for some silly reason I am not sure of and called out Joe's name looked at the clock and sure enough it was the exact time she said she would be doing this. Then told him I guess I was supposed to be with him even through the cremation. Even though I really did not want to know this. I just felt his presence. He also did not like me to put things off and I feel it was his way to make me deal with those pills.

Then he also told me to sell his truck and so I did so. But I needed a vehicle to haul things that would not fit in the car. And it was a new car and not for really hauling yard trash and all. o winter came along and I did nothing with the truck money but leave it in the bank. Actually I was mostly snowed in the whole winter because I did need a four wheel drive. Anyway. Spring I stopped to look at cars and was debating on trading the new car in on a Subaru. But I really wanted to think on it. I also was considering just buying an old beater to drive for these dump runs or to haul things in but I still needed the four wheel or all wheel drive. SO I looked at an S10 truck pretty beat up. So decisions decisions I was going to think about it over the weekend and make a decision. So upset over this. I was mentally begging Joe to tell me what to do when I went to bed Sunday night. I woke up early and decided to look at Craigs list for Chev s10's and down the line a bit pops up a 1995 S10 Blazer and I called about it. We had had a Blazer and loved it but it went down the river in the flood years ago. It only had 80K miles on it and I ended up buying it. They brought it up to me and after they left I laid down the back seats to see my hauling space and there was a dove feather laying in the back. Otherwise this car was pristine in side not even any dust. But here was a feather. I just feel it was a sign Joe led me to that car on Craigs list and then letting me know I did the right thing to buy it. And it was super cheep.

Then I was building a kitty kennel and using a saber saw. It is the kind you have to push and hold the button in then pull the trigger to make it run. Safety feature. So I am going along using it putting it down then using it and once when I put it down not touching it it starts to run. Well I just watched it for a few seconds then said to Joe so what am I supposed to do now? It is not like I can hug a running saw blade. The thing sped up. SO I let it run a little longer then got to thinking it might over heat. I told it I hated to turn it off and let him go but I had to and then it went really fast. I did pick it up pulled the trigger with out pushing the safety button and it stopped. So maybe the safety button is broken?? But it continued to work properly after that and has not started running on it's own since.

Also when I went to stand that tall kitty kennel up I knew it was going to be terribly heavy. I was dreading even trying to do it. I considered asking some one for help. I hate to do this so I thought I would just give it a try. I picked that 7 1/2 foot cage up made of four wood bifold doors and lots of 2 by 2's right up like it weighed nothing. Got it set up on the small foundation I had made for it of treated 6 by 6's. I feel like I had some help from above on this one. I KNOW my hubby is still here with me.
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Old 06-30-2017, 11:25 PM
Location: New Mexico
5,097 posts, read 2,913,065 times
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I've had a few un-dreams that were so I vivid and wakeful that I can't call them dreams -- more like visions. Very real and altogether welcome and reassuring experience. Other than that there have been a few situations where, against all odds, something positive happens for me or my daughter that seems very unlikely -- my daughter will comment that "that was mom" when it happens and maybe so.
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Old 07-01-2017, 08:38 AM
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I had a dream recently - friends and I were attending some sort of memorial - not a funeral- for my lost best friend who died just after Easter this year after a long, hard-fought battle with cancer.

I entered the room - and there sat my lost friend, looking as they had when in their thirties, white hair once again brown, unlined face glowing with health...once again alive and well.

"I didn't expect to see you here!", I said to my friend.

My friend answered, "Well, you KNOW I'm your friend, don't you??", (as if to say, "Why on earth WOULDN'T I be here??") with a warm rather wry smile. Very typical...

I woke up with both a smile and tears on my face.
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Old 07-01-2017, 07:27 PM
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The day of my mom's funeral, I was in the kitchen. Her favorite cup she dranked from all the time fell out of the cabinet, almost hitting me in the head. I remember the cabinet wasn't opened at all.
My son who was six at the time, I caught him staring into the den close to the doorway of my parent's bedroom, just smiling and laughing. There was nothing there. My mom spent her last days in her bedroom as she was terminally ill. I think she made herself visible to my son and he was smiling at her.
Also, shortly after she died, this black kitten appeared. Never seen it before but for some reason it would come and sit on our doorstep. My dad thought it was my mom so he started caring for it, giving it milk and whatnots.
I remember my mom saying she saw her dad's hand touching hers shortly after he died.
I had a dream after my dad died. He died after my mom did. In the dream, he was with my mom. My mom didn't say anything, he did most of the talking. I don't remember everything he said in the dream, he was talking about the house and other stuff. Just chit chat, really. But I do remember him saying I found your mom and we're ok.
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