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Looking for Ghosts...

Group Created by sdb731

Looking for ghosts in all the wrong places? Anyone who wants to talk about hauntings or ghosts without feeling like they're being criticized.

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100 1684 (Small)This is my son standing  seconds after the first picture was taken of what im guessing is an old fire place before the structure was...
From ohsusanna
100 1683 (Small)this pic was taken 45 second before I had my son stand in front of what im guessing was an old fire place before the structure was...
From ohsusanna
100 1678 (Small)this is an overall sight of The Ruins of Windsor....Port Gibson,MS
From ohsusanna
From LuckyGem
Snowy night, and 3 orbs
From PinkString
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  1. thatteenthatcares
    05-30-2014 01:00 PM - permalink
    Ive been seeing figures since a very young age and witnesed alot of paranormal activity. Alot of my bio family has talked to the dead and seen things that werent there and powers to heal so will i end up like them
  2. animalcrazy
    09-29-2012 10:18 PM - permalink
    I had an incredibly strange experience while house hunting in Maine with DH last January. As soon as we walked in the house it gave me the willies. I told my husband that it was very active and he wanted to know who was there. I just said ancestors. I was off alone exploring a bedroom upstairs and had an overwhelming feeling that I was intruding. I felt this tremendous need to get out of there. My husband had photographed the side of the house and I noticed some odd shapes in the same bedroom window that I had felt uncomfortable in. I looked through the magnifying glass at the shapes and was shocked at what I saw. We also took the picture and blew up the section of the window and found more faces. The picture is in my photo album and is quite creepy.
  3. franny47
    04-11-2012 12:05 AM - permalink
    Hi I am Franny,and have had a number of paranormal experiences.After my brothers'suicide 7 years ago,I not only felt his presence,but little objects would fall down in our apartment.My brother was an artist,and one night,my uncle reported seeing gray mist around one of his paintings,after we moved it to another room.Everytime I would get upset,a little St Anthony card would fall over.My nephew also reported seeing a small white light in his room.A Catholic Priest told me my brother was in purgatory.
  4. PinkString
    11-08-2011 08:38 PM - permalink
    Ohsusanna, nice orb pics. Yes, we definitely need a Ghost subforum if it's not there already. I keep forgetting to come and check this out.
  5. virgode
    09-21-2011 08:01 AM - permalink
    Any Looking for Ghost members interested in a subforum under Hobbies and Recreation, pleasse express an interest in the "About the Forum" section. I posted a thread there for opinions....Thanks virgode
  6. animalcrazy
    09-03-2011 01:05 PM - permalink
    Flower 54 I had a similar experience when my dog died. His chain collar was hanging on a door knob and I could here it rattle. Mike was a doberman and borderline vicious. I've had two strange experiences with him while he was alive. I lived in the Sierra Nevadas in Californis and my sister-in-law at the time needed help cleaning a house she was moving out of. The house was used as a nursing home for a while and she would hear the call buzzers going off from time to time. I was there with Mike cleaning and as I finished the bedrooms I would close the doors behind me to keep Mike from going in the rooms that were clean. Mike was with me downstairs and I watched him go back upstairs. It was getting dark and I was going to leave so I called Mike to come. I could hear him walking around upstairs but he wasn't coming. I went up and found him locked in one of the rooms I had cleaned. I thought it was odd and I couldn't understand how he had been locked in there. When we walked down the stairs there was s steak knife stuck in the wall that I had not noticed before. I never went back to that house again. The other incident happened at my current in-laws house that they were moving out of. I was in the attic and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Mike was with me and I had to get out of there. I was on the stairs and I could see him upstairs and he was in full attack mode. I was totally creeped out and to afraid to see what he was barking at. We went down to basement apartment and I listened for footsteps in case it was an intruder. I never heard anything. The house was built in the 1860's and my in-laws had called the police late one night thinking they had an intruder, but the police found nothing. We were married at the house and still live close enough to see it. I wish I could ask the current owners if anything unusual has happened to them.
  7. BitofGypsy
    07-15-2011 11:19 PM - permalink
    I have not yet seen the coveted apparition but when I was a child I believe I was visited by the spirt of a man who had been murdered on the property where we lived. I was no more then 5 years old but I remember this like it was yesterday. It was that frightening that it left a very clear impression. Up until I finally talked to my mom about it years later, I had just chalked it up as a nightmare. I remember that I had been dreaming that night and I was dreaming a normal dream about playing with friends outside. All of a sudden that dream was cut short and I was in my bedroom right down the very minute detail. It was so vivid that I still don't know whether or not I was really dreaming or if I had wakened partially and it didn't quite register yet. Anyway, I opened my eyes and looked towards my doorway. As I was looking an older man walked into my room and came up to my bedside and stood there glaring at me. He was angry that I was there, I could tell that and he looked like he was damaged in some way. I can't say that he looked gory or anything, damaged is the best I can do. I had a bunk bed at that time and slept on the top bunk. He came up right next to me so that we were practically face to face. I threw the covers over my head in terror and at that time I realized I was totally awake. My heart was pounding and even though the blanket was over my head I could still sense someone there. Eventually the feeling faded and once it did I gathered up the courage to get out of bed and tore straight up the hall to my parent's room. I remember that the only thing that finally gave me courage to move is that my giant teddy bear was there and in my childhood I believed that bear was my protector. It's very silly thinking of that now but I thought my bear made him go away long enough for me to get out of bed. Fast forward to my teens and my mom and I were talking about ghosts, the interest runs in the family, and she started telling me this story about the old farm we used to live on. She told me that she had a recurring dream of an older man wandering the pasture by the house and he was not good. In the dream we were always hiding from him because he wanted to harm us. One night she was home alone, us kids were in bed and my dad was working the night shift. She started to feel really uneasy, almost terrified, and she took comfort in the fact she could still hear the crickets and tree frogs singing outside. She thought to herself that as long as she could hear them singing she knew she was ok. As soon as she thought that all sounds stopped and it was dead silent. Almost terror turned to total fear and the only thing that helped her get through was prayer. She then told me that she believed the man in her dreams was the older man that had been murdered in the old house that still stood on the property. My dad also saw smoke coming from the chimney of the empty deserted house the old man was killed in. He checked it out and there was nothing there. My mom called the priest of our church at the time to come bless our home and she felt that once it was done the problem stopped, at least she thought it had until I told her my story. I asked her if she didn't wonder why I refused to go in my room for two weeks after that nightmare and she replied she thought I was just being a goofy kid. There have been other times when I've sensed a presence in certain places but otherwise I have never seen anything else.
  8. flower54
    07-15-2011 03:07 PM - permalink
    Hi everyone, decided to join the group. I don't have any ghost stories to share, as far as sightings. I do feel the presents of relatives that have past and believe it or not, my dog. She past away 5 yrs ago. But every once in a while I actually feel her lay on my feet, when I'm sitting around watching tv. My thing is usually dreams or a flash in my mind. I've seen certain places or objects and had dreamt about them several yrs before or just a feeling of something is going to happen before it does.
  9. animalcrazy
    06-30-2011 12:14 PM - permalink
    I believe I've been haunted since childhood when I first saw hooded figures walking through my room at age 5. I've also been psychic since I was young(I'm 53 now). We moved in to our 1911 four square 22 years ago. When we were moving in I dropped an antique clock which left me quite distraught. I went to take a shower and the towel that was hanging on the towel bar on the shower door was ripped off with a load noise and landed in the middle of the floor. I've heard it walk through the hallway upstairs, tap on windows, open doors, and rattle dishes at 5 am. This seems to follow me to work as a water faucet turned itself on after I turned it off. In the same room a clipboard was flung off of the table. At another job I worked at another therapist and I had just entered our dept, sat down, and the stethiscopes hanging on the door started swinging back and forth. At the same hospital in another room I was telling family members about my strange house and a tub on the nightstand behind me flew off and landed on the floor. I can't explain what this is but it doesn't frighten me any more. The psychic gift has been a mixed blessing. We were flying back from Puerto Villarta Mex. and I was very uneasy about it. This voice came to me and said "It's not the right numbers" (flight numbers) Three days later Alaska air crashed out of Puerto Vallarta killing everyone on board. It may have saved my husbands life as he was on his way to get something to eat on his motorcycle and that same voice told me to go with him now. He started to turn left in front of a car with no headlights on and I yelled at him to stop. If only it would tell me the winning lottery numbers. The house has been quiet for awhile now and I kind of miss the activity. The psychic aspect seems to fade with age but it is st6ill there from time to time.
  10. temptation001
    05-16-2011 05:26 AM - permalink
    So? Anybody seen any ghosts lately?

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