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Talk Politics!

Group Created by Suncoast Guy

Anything politics you can discuss here.

This is a MODERATED group. Come join if you like talking about Politics!

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  1. elamigo
    12-30-2010 04:47 PM - permalink
    US-Traveller, to me it is complicated. All elected leaders generally have to asnwer to their voters. For the sake of argument let us say they do not have any care for the people per say. However, they may be selfish and want to get elected. A big factor is pleasing their voters. Go to the different discussion groups and do you see consencus? Do we all are a nice happy citizenry in agreement? No, not at all. We all want our leaders to please us as we see fit. They simply reflect what we society in general are. In some ways some political theorist say that a dictatorship can be more efficient than a democracy where all the different voices argue and argue and decisions take longer to execution.
  2. skylar0201
    07-06-2010 01:36 AM - permalink
    US-Traveller: because we are controlled more than ever, by huge corporate interests. The president or any member of Congress aren't the ones running this country. Remember Don Regan in 1981? He was Ronald Reagan's W.H. chief of staff ( was the CEO of Merrill-Lynch just before that ) when he stood over Reagan's shoulder making sure he signed that bill so that the US is run like a corporation by corporations?

    Don't believe me? Look what happened to the middle class since 1981. Nope, doesn't matter who the president is, the president will make sure they ( the corporations ) have a final say in everything if they want to be re-elected ( or keep their party in Congress. ) Just look at Obama's biggest "accomplishment". The health care bill. Now, look how many presidents didn't even come close to getting it done, including Clinton and Kennedy. The *ONLY* reason it passed? The pharmaceutical industry automatically inherit 32 million+ more paying customers. Forget about cracking down on employers, no president will do that either or reform broken immigration. Those illegals save corporations MILLIONS--why would they give that up!?
  3. US-Traveller
    05-01-2010 09:47 AM - permalink
    Why can't the Democrats, Republicans, and President take one for the team and put country before politics and secure the border, crack down on employers, deport, and reform our broken immigration laws?
  4. Teranell
    11-28-2009 02:57 AM - permalink
    where are real, intelligent people ? all i see is the reelman guy/ hate-bot, thing, whatever it is.
  5. reelman
    08-26-2009 06:09 AM - permalink

    Probably in 2009 one of the worst moral midgets of my generation will die. He never worked a day in a real private job and thus became a lifelong pig at the gov-meant trough of power. He was born with millions in his trust fund yet claimed to completely understand poverty.
    This man was a known serial offender on many fronts. He left a woman to drown inside a car (he was driving) in less than 5 feet of water. She was trapped in the car while he made CYA calls before calling the police. His family power made sure there was no normal sequence of investigation or an autopsy. He was a well known skirt chaser and boozer. He claimed to be a catholic yet always voted for abortion…decade after decade. He pushed eco-wacko stuff but fought windmills near where he stayed. He paid for another student to take his test in college.
    He pushed secular socialism at every turn with vicious distorted rants (not reason or logic-based) against those that disagreed.
    He trashed America with the usual democrat guilt trips, victim worship and demon fears. For this he will be lionized as some sort of hero.
    His brother JFK was a known serial adulterer who also went back on his word so Castro got Cuba.
    Another Kennedy kin died flying at night when he was not certifed to do so.
    The secular socialist clan of Kennedys paved the way for democrat moral midgets like the Klintons to succeed because the fawning liberal media gave them a pass year after year. The skeptical “media anal exams” have become reserved for any conservative or Republican.
    Hence, here we are in a cultural Oz.
    Now Teddy wants the state law changed for political reasons to quickly get a successor on his throne. As usual, the voters are never to be trusted, even in Kookatushetts. His very name was arrogance…at least until Obama came along. Records are made to be broken they say.
    Imagine for a minute if the above post described any non-liberal member of congress…imagine. This too is yet another indication of the state of our political culture and the network media. Expect hours of TV worship for Teddy. What does that tell you about American media values?
    Is it any wonder more and more thinking people realize “Liberalism is a mental disorder”?
    Update: Teddy K died August 25, 2009.
  6. Suncoast Guy
    08-15-2009 11:52 PM - permalink
    Suncoast Guy
    NOTE: I have switched this group to moderated as I have done all of my Social Groups. They are for my own reasons, not due to anything that has been done here.

    All a moderated group does is moderate the new members that come in. Your posts will still automatically be posted, and nothing will change for you.

    Please continue to talk and have fun!!

  7. reelman
    08-12-2009 10:39 AM - permalink

    Now that serious voters have actually read the bill, driven some distance to t-hall meetings, asked questions, refused to be snowed or ignored…the democrat media machine will go true to form. Its time to distract and smear. Anything to avoid actual real legit answers to voter questions. So now we see the fawning biased media suckered into reporting demo-thugs and plants as somehow coming from conservatives or blaming conservatives. No praise as the many years when the loud lefties had their “rent a mobs” all over TV. It was noble and American then to disagree.
    Now we will see more demo-plants into t-halls, demo union thug plants into t-halls and name-calling media smears. Anything to avoid legit answers to voter questions. Cancel meetings, have meetings by phone, have one-on-one-no-witnesses or cameras meetings, call voters names and pronounce them disrespectful (disrespectful of a congress with approval ratings under 20% year after year) rude meanies not worthy of the presence of congressional royalty. This is the same congress that does not read trillion dollar bills, wants to count illegals in the census and give the HC while borrowing trillions from the chinese to buy votes. This is the congress of a broke nation now attempting to rule your life in the most intimate way via tens of thousands of medical bureaucrats (Britain has 1.5 million of them).
    No, they won’t do medical tort reform or portability reform or multi-state plan reform. The corker is congress and federal employees are exempt from the O-care Plan.
    So you wonder why there is anger? Give us all a break. The voters have been patient for too many years. Enough. Answer WE THE PEOPLE.
  8. reelman
    08-11-2009 07:43 PM - permalink

    They don’t just send union thugs to beat up a peaceful assembly to ask our publik servants about a trillion dollar bill…and nightstick wielding thugs to intimidate precinct voters…
    they are including over 12 million (How do they know really how many there are?) ILLEGAL aliens in their HC coverage Plan.
    They are also counting ILLEGAL aliens in the next census which could add congressional seats.
    Did I mention they looked the other way as Fannie-Freddie allowed 5 million ILLEGAL aliens to get home loans to meet “diversity quotas”.
    Okay, read the words above again and tell me that modern liberalism is not a mental disorder. Try, just try.
  9. reelman
    08-11-2009 09:30 AM - permalink

    Just watched the t-hall with publik servant A. Specter (democrat in the royal senate). Well, at least he did not do the typical cowardly democrat thing and cancel t-halls this month. Such are the arrogant publik servants of today. He scored points ONLY because he actually respected his JOB…which is to listen to his voters without gamesmanship to limit input. Correction, his staff apparently passed out only 30 cards for “input”…oh well, at least he was there this morning. Why morning when most people actually work? Well, we can’t expect better habits from old dogs.
    How did the voters know only 30 cards were passed out? An enraged “mob member” revealed this after he had to force his way to the mike. Specter is more democrat every day.
    Next time the union thugs will pack the t-hall or beat up people outside. Oh, democrats already did that? Time for new ideas to ignore input then.
    Specter listened without the arrogant face of the previous democrat congressman, a plus. However, he, like the rest, has some absurd “talking points” and denials despite not ready the House bill. The usual Senatorial dodge of saying,”the Senate has no bill” had to be tolerated…like nobody knows HB 3200 is the deal here.
    Did I hear that illegals will not be part of any bill? Cannot recall him saying that.
    Did I hear that tort reform will be done first or soon? Cannot recall him saying that.
    Did I hear him say Medicare and Medicaide will be reformed, cleaned up, made more efficient? Cannot recall him saying that.
    Did I hear him reject the basic takeover-run your life points of HB 3200? Cannot recall him saying that.
    Did I hear him say portability will be done first or soon? Cannot recall him saying that.
    Did I hear him say he supported any public Plan be mandated to include the royal Congress. Cannot recall him saying that.
    Did I hear him act firm and indignant about the end-of-life HB 3200 parts? Yes, but what else could he say? Has he even read that bill part?
    Did I hear the foggy baloney of a man so unprincipled he changed Parties to commit wholly to secular socialism? Yeah, heard that.
    It was so lame to see (once again) these scorned (yet arrogantly clueless) self-serving secular socialist vote-buying control freaks befuddled when they are treated as the publik servants they should be.
    The real horror is democrats are now spending lots of time trying to AVOID explaining-defending their ideas…this is very very bad.
  10. reelman
    08-09-2009 06:53 AM - permalink

    Want to tell the political Parties apart? Outside of abortion there is an issue of great importance as more elections end up in court due to local corruption. That is Voter ID. An ID is required for a dozen activities from cashing a small check on but somehow is “intimidation” to require it to vote. How about some names of people “intimidated” by a required ID to cash a check or vote? Can anyone explain that “talking point” smokescreen which sounds like a lie for a loophole for corruption to thinking people?
    Even when the ID was offered free at your home in a state one political Party refused to support it. It matters not that dead people still vote and people living far away still vote. One political Party likes it that way. Its the same Party that said their big frowning guys with nightsticks at your precinct last year was not intimidation. That Party has become a criminal enterprise. Voter ID is not just right, its a necessity now.

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