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Food allergies/intolerance

Group Created by perros -y- gatos

Who out there is dealing with food allergies? Not just wheat, gluten or celiac, but a variety of "foodstuffs". Join in and let's tak about these "foodstuffs"....

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  1. arttile
    07-15-2013 02:58 PM - permalink
    Has N.A.E.T. had any positive effects on stopping the progression of progressive multiple sclerosis?
  2. Phonix49
    12-06-2012 07:39 PM - permalink
    Yep whenever we socialize, we always do the cooking! I seem to have issues with all fruit & veggies except apple sauce, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, sometimes corn. I can handle most kinds of juice, like V8, and cooked tomato sauce, but raw tomatoes I can't eat. Add to that my wife & daughter have Celiac disease (no wheat gluten) and we're a real treat to have over!
  3. Traifler
    10-18-2012 10:17 PM - permalink
    Dear all, I'm afraid food is a good topic, let's talk it and share the ideas about the gourmet in the world together... Com on!
  4. harry chickpea
    10-18-2012 09:39 AM - permalink
    harry chickpea Moderator
    Sanwil, since the group is essentially dead, I rarely visit and just chanced coming across your message while referencing my material.

    It really does take a number of sessions for the technique to work. It begins with very basic and common foods like eggs and works forward from there in a progression which ends with the idiosyncratic ones that remain after clearing all the main groups. IIRC wheat is a few sessions into the process.

    With allergies and sensitivities there are never guarantees on the effectiveness or permanence of treatments. People who go through allergy shots for pollens and such have similar results. I know it is frustrating.
  5. Sanwil
    09-24-2012 11:47 PM - permalink
    Hi Everyone
    I'm new here.

    @Harry... I read your sharing with interest. I have tried N.A.E.T. with little success. I am not saying N.A.E.T. doesn't work.

    I am wondering if I should seek out another practitioner. I had NAET done for my wheat allergy... no results. But then I read that you need to have about 16-25 sessions before you see results. I stopped then.

    My practitioner said even if NAET works for me, the wheat intolerance may not go away??? I couldn't help thinking "What's the point then?"

    A certain Sister Naina who is practicing NAET in India has done miraculous work curing autistic children just by doing NAET on them. She and a certain Dr Jacob Tietelbaum (spelling may be off) wrote a medical paper reporting the miraculous results with NAET on young children with autism. It was this report that had me wanting to try it for myself. I do believe in the sincerity of the report.

    Just not sure why it did not work for me!!!
  6. harry chickpea
    04-08-2009 03:03 PM - permalink
    harry chickpea Moderator
    I'd like to present a treatment protocol that many people know nothing about, and others pooh-pooh, yet could be a help.

    I've always had various food sensitivities, which changed from time to time. I remember my first one was to shredded wheat, which I loved. It occurred soon after a shot of penicillin when I was five or six. I quickly figured it out, moved to corn flakes, and learned to be very aware of what I ate and what my reactions were.

    A number of years later, my food sensitivities started to really get out of control, and I sent blood samples to York Labs (only in England at the time) for an assay of sensitivities. They came back with documented sensitivities to wheat and about fifteen other common foods including, of all things, lettuce. It got to the point that if I had to eat out, I'd order a hamburger from a fast food place, eat the meat and use the bun to feed the birds. My diet continued to become more restrictive, and after having read a number of books and talking to people, I was getting desperate.

    It was then that my wife mentioned that she had made friends with a nurse who had gone through a desensitization of her own numerous food sensitivities. I spoke with that nurse, and decided to try that treatment, even though she warned me before hand that I wouldn't believe the process.

    The process is called N.A.E.T., and I will be forthright in saying that it sounded like a bunch of unscientific voodoo and charlatan mumbo-jumbo, and STILL sounds like that to anyone who hasn't had results from it.

    The first practitioner I visited did nothing to dispel the notion of quackery, and I quit him after the second session. I then found the practitioner that the nurse had used, and was amazed at the difference in the quality of the process. The first significant breakthrough came after my sensitivity to wheat was treated.

    24 hours after the treatment, you are supposed to challenge it by eating the offending food. If the treatment took, your body will not react negatively to the food. I ate a hamburger with the roll and... absolutely no problem! I ate bread and butter. No problem. I had pizza. No problem. At that point, I didn't care if she was divining spirits from the appearance of mouse livers. It worked. No ifs, ands, or buts, it worked.

    As she went down the list over the next few weeks, every one of my sensitivities but one became normalized.

    There are various explanations on how some people think the treatment works. I have my own ideas, but the bottom line is that it worked for me when everything else failed. The previous avoidance diets had bought a little time for me, but allowed other sensitivities to manifest.

    In the 1970s I worked in a health food store for a while. I am a voracious reader, and have read literally tons of books on various subjects. I'll provide a list of books that I have found helpful:

    "Living Pain Free" by Dr. Devi Nambudripad D.C. L.Ac. R.N. PhD
    This book is the layman's guide to acupuncture and acupressure for when you need to use it for yourself or a loved one quickly. It literally has charts of where to press and instructions, based on common ailments. It may be hard to find but worth the search.

    "Say Goodbye to Illness" by Dr. Devi Nambudripad D.C. L.Ac. R.N. PhD
    Details the development of the N.A.E.T. process and gives an overview. I found myself balking a bit at some of it, but pushed through. There is also a workbook that goes along with a treatment program which is mildly helpful.

    The N.A.E.T. treatment itself is not cheap and involves a dozen weeks or more of commitment. I doubt it would be covered by any insurance. You do what you have to do.

    "The Food Allergy Cure" by Dr. Ellen Cutler
    This is a self-help rip-off of the N.A.E.T. techniques, but is close enough that if done properly, a simile of the N.A.E.T. can be done at home for only the nominal cost of the book. I suggest it only for those who can't afford the real thing. Results are mixed, while the results from N.A.E.T. have a much higher success rate.

    "Dr. Braly's Food Allergy and Nutrition Revolution" by James Braly, M.D.
    Braly is the one that put me on to the York Labs testing. If you are working with allergies through avoidance, his writings are very good.

    "The Complete Guide to Understanding and Relieving Your Food Allergies" by William E. Walsh, M.D.
    Bill Walsh's work in conjunction with Braly's forms a good solid core for traditional approaches. IIRC, he did some of the early work with Nystatin and yeast issues.

    "Patient Heal Thyself" by Jordan S. Rubin, N.M.D, C.N.C. Fascinating story of one man's trip through conventional medicine to development of his own alternative approach. If nothing else, his "dirt" that he sells through Garden of Life products is an amazing pro-biotic, unlike the standard milk-digesters.

    Other resources that should fit on your shelf are the Balches' two big books on "Nutritional Healing" and the "Eat Right for Your Blood Type" books. I have a host of other books, but the ones I've mentioned here are by far the most important.

    Oh, the food that never cleared for me? Guar gum. Supposedly it is classified as a G.R.A.S. fiber from an Indian tree. It is used as a thickener for liquids. It is in a LOT of adulterated milk products and in me will create a thick mucous that can be so bad that I have to actively work to keep my airway clear. "Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream" is impossible for me to eat.

    Every person is different. Foods affect us all differently based on our constitutions, the bugs in our guts, our overall nutritional balance, and a number of other factors. If there is one thing I have learned, there is NO one-size-fits-all answer to food sensitivity and allergy issues. You do what works, and keep looking for better solutions. I hope that the resources I mention here help you discover your own counsel and route to better health. Being sick s*cks.
  7. mcleanl
    04-05-2009 07:18 PM - permalink
    Hi all,
    I am a mother of a 5yr old with anaphylaxis. His allergies are to dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree-nuts. We are also doing the "from scratch" thing here in our house. We have periods where everything seems to be going along fine and then we hit a snag. For instance this time of year everyone is doing easter related egg hunts and things of that nature. We can't participate and it is really bothering my son...he doesn't like to be different. Times like this can be painful.

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  8. Sharon Tillman
    10-23-2008 10:47 AM - permalink
    Sharon Tillman
    I know what u mean. I used to be able to eat almost everything, although i have suffered a cow's milk (but not the milk fat, isn't that odd) problem since birth. Now that skim or low-fat milk has been substituted for cream in most restaurants & house-holds, it's hard to eat healthily away from home. Have a bunch of other food intolerances, too, ever since a doctor gave me steroid injections for pneumonia when my medical records (which my primary doctor sent to him & which i quoted to him) clearly stated that i would have life-threatening adverse reactions to it--about 12 years ago. Took me three years to get back on my feet & i still have permanent issues stemming from it, including being double my size from thyroid devastation (affected my pancreas, liver, & gall bladder as well) & many food intolerances. I substitute other liquids in recipes that call for milk.

    I'm working on a recipe book for people who can't eat like everyone else. I would like for it to be a compilation with credit given to each contributor. There are some serious food intolerances that hardly anyone seems to have addressed. There are a few websites that offer menus & recipes with a variety of substitutions. Do you all ever eat out in public? What do you do at large social gatherings: i.e. church dinners, club or organization dinners, etc., or do you all just avoid them altogether?
  9. MomNlovNit
    10-21-2008 01:50 PM - permalink
    Hi, I was a little disappointed to see that this group is so small. I guess there are not alot of other families that suffer from food allergies. We do, and some real serious ones too. Dairy is the devil in my house. I have been cooking from scratch for over 1 year now to keep my 2 out of 3 kids out of the ER. It was tough at first, but I am mastering it. I have learned a lot, saved a ton, and would love to share with the group.
  10. Sharon Tillman
    10-06-2008 11:47 AM - permalink
    Sharon Tillman
    Hey, there. I'll share. Are you looking for recipes or experiences? If you need to Talk, i will listen. I have been looking for something like this.

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