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Group Created by Roselvr

Have you been diagnosed with cancer or know of someone that has?
Come talk about it here.

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  1. christykitty
    06-10-2015 01:46 AM - permalink
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  2. NorthShoreGrrl
    06-05-2015 10:00 AM - permalink
    Hi there -
    I just lost my oldest brother to cancer of the lining of kidneys which spread to his lungs (he was not a smoker) and then to his brain. I am thankful every day i got to see him and love on him. He was an artist and a photographer. I live in NYC and he lived in Virginia and it was quite the experience to visit him there. Culture clash but in a good way if that makes sense. Beautiful country and beautiful people - small town. Most people know what a big city is like and how pushy and impersonal it can be. It was not my wishes or doing but we hadn't been in contact for over 10 years but we had an amazing week and i was able to visit him on Veterans Day (he was a Disabled American Vet - US Navy retired). I met and fell in love with his pets and was able to help them all find good, loving homes. One of his friends drove us around and he showed me the beautiful countryside. He let me cook for him and we watched movies and he gave me some of his photos and artwork. It was amazing to see him at peace but I fell apart at the airport after we said goodbye. I kind of knew it was the last time I'd get to hug him or see him.

    When he went into the hospital I knew it was for the last time. I tried to see him but he just wasn't up to it. (I am the youngest of 5 and he felt like he was protecting me - I just respected his wishes). Thankfully my other brother from Vancouver was with him and they had a great visit as well and were even able to celebrate his 65th birthday with bagels and creamcheese, chocolate and icecream. He loved icecream.

    My sister and my other brother from Vancouver came to Virginia after he died and we buried him. We went through his things and did our best to settle his affairs. I could not have gotten through that without my other brother and now his cancer came back (prostate). I know this kind of cancer is relatively slow moving but I live 3,000 miles away. Planning to get back out there to Van later this year. He is 63 and has a very loving girlfriend. I'm just scared it is the beginning of the end for another brother. I have 3 siblings left and none are in good health.

    I am 52 and doing the best I can to stay positive and take good care of myself and the people I love.
  3. nanayeve
    01-16-2014 09:09 AM - permalink
    hello everyone,

    i joined this group cause my bestfriend was diagnosed with staged3 recurrent sarcoma and im very very mad to myself that everytime i talked to her i just don't know what to tell her, she somewhat already knew what her doctor going to tell her, she took it calmly but me and her husband is just flipping inside and out. She thinks she is dying very soon and she is kinda preparing me to what to expect, im just not ready to accept the fact that these is happening to her. how do i deal with these situation and its not helping that we live in a different state
  4. Roselvr
    08-14-2009 10:16 AM - permalink
    Cancer Tips - in new cancer forum
  5. mpride
    08-13-2009 07:11 PM - permalink
    I recently had an abnormal mammogram and need to go in for an ultrasound. Here is my problem: I was recently laid off and need to find somewhere in Denver to get that done at little to no cost. Any idea's out there?
  6. sweetiipie78
    05-29-2009 07:02 AM - permalink
    The big C. I hate the word. I have a family history of cancer on both sides of my family which scares the crap out of me. My grandma that I am really close to was diagnosed with esophageal cancer about 4 years ago. They told her that she had approx. 6 months to live. She had radiation earlier in life when she had cancer in her liver and so the doctors said they could only give her a little bit this time because she would be at her max that a peroson could receive. We were devestated!!!! We prayed and prayed and asked God for a miracle, and he answered our prayers. My grandma had a really big surgery to remove the tumor in her esophagus. She was in the hospital for about 2 weeks and had chemo and radation, it was really hard for her and the chemo made her VERY sick, it was really hard to watch her being in so much pain. She did recover and I am happy to say that she is still cancer free after 4 years now, and the doctors say that if she makes it 5 years without the cancer coming back then she is "in the clear". I have been told that this type of cancer that my grandma had is usually not good and that a lot of people don't make it. By the grace of God and through all of our prayers she made it and is doing great!!! For those of you that may have a family member that has been diagnosed, don't give up, miracles do happen and my grandma is living proof of that!!!! Keep your spirits up and pray,pray,pray.
  7. amacop
    12-19-2008 09:10 PM - permalink
    Just got diagnosed with cancer it is in the left side of my face and throat will be starting treatment January 6th at CCOM not sure what to expect as far as radiation is concerned and the side affects of it but it has to be better than what I am going through now as my diet is Full Liquids only as I can not open my mouth to chew solids. I have already lost 50 pounds in the last two months not sure how much more I will lose due to treatments.
  8. titaniummd
    11-23-2008 11:54 PM - permalink
    My father was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in Feb 2008. He has been having a severe rash with Revlimid (analog of Thalidomide) which has caused him to decrease his dose.

    We are considering an autologous Stem Cell Transplant for him.
  9. JuLioBanderas
    10-16-2008 06:44 PM - permalink
    Oh, before I rush out to attend to my marathon training where I am now running like a youngster at age 58, I shall give you some idea on what these CELLULAR NUTRITION doctors prescribed. Dr. Romulo De Villa of Octagon Medical Group in Singapore and Dr.Robin Navarro, formerly from Pasadena, California, then later trained under Doctor Schuller in Germany, now based in Australia and the Philippines, have jointly designed for me on a strange but proven daily diet that the USFDA would not allow :

    1. Six (6) eggs from free range ducks that are not given any commercial feeds - poached, boiled, scrambled, or sunny-side-up in butter, or olive oil, or coconut oil (NEVER CANOLA, NOR SUNFLOWER, NOR CORN OIL, NOR ANY MARGARINE);
    2. whey milk and/or full-cream milk ;
    3. unprocessed cheese and goat's cheese ;
    4. Whole-wheat bread and/or mountain rice (violet-colored);
    5. Three (3) tablespoons of wild honey or moscovado squeezed from sugar cane (NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, NOR WHITE SUGAR, NO BEETS);
    6. Two (3) liters of alkaline water (NO COFFEE, NOR TEA, NOR SODA POP OR ANY COLA DRINK);
    7. One (1) liter freshy squeezed fruit juices (NO READY-MADE JUICES from the grocery);
    8. One (1) pound of veggies - ALL that you would normally find in your salad bar... plus more (served with lemon, olive oil, or vinegar);
    9. One pound of fruits (I have a very long list of choices);
    10. fish - broiled or cooked in coconut milk (again, from a very long list of approved and disapproved types of fishes).

    And then thrice (3x) per week, I eat :
    1. 250 grams of cow liver - medium rare ;
    2. Half a pound of beef steak or lamb roast (NEVER PORK, NOR ANY ENTRAILS, EXCEPT THE COW LIVER ABOVE);
    3. bone marrow soup with five tablespoons of soft marrow;

    In each food that I ingest, we have discussed and studied the molecular and cellular properties of these food, specially when they are subjected to heat when cooked, and the short, the middle, and the long-term effects they will have on my organs and tissues.

    What took me longest to study was understanding the right combinations of these foods to attain the maximum effects on my body.

    My brother's mom-in-law had 4th-stage breast cancer fourteen (14) years ago, and thanks to these doctors, her cancer was totally gone within four months.

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