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Get It Fit

Group Created by Xtreme Pole Fitness

Come and experience the #1 Dance and Fitness Program in the Upstate at On Pointe Choreography.

Classes offered: Xtreme Pole Fitness, Chair Tease Aerobics, Adult Hip Hop, Hip Hop Abs & Buns, Personal Training, Private Lessons, Professional Choreography for all events (auditions, weddings, birthday parties, Sweet 16's, pageants, school events, church groups, praise teams, and more)!

Join today and receive 1/2 off registration.

On Pointe Choreography
Shauna (Owner)
(864) 621-7326
462 Oak Grove Rd.
Spartanburg, SC 29301

As you asked for ladies...Greenville location coming soon!!!!!

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  1. funval26
    10-14-2020 05:42 PM - permalink
    Weight loss tips, weight loss motivation, before and afters, diet plans, meals, workouts

    Looking for help to lose weight the healthy way? If your goal is to lose weight and start living an active and healthier lifestyle, you’ve landed on the right site! From tips for weight loss, fat blasting workouts, weight loss meal plans to learning how to maintain a healthy diet, you’ll develop the tools to stay active and fit for a lifetime. go to https://loseweightkit.com
  2. yourslifestyleguide
    09-15-2020 02:04 AM - permalink
    Benefits Of Healthy Lifestyle
    Healthy Lifestyle is important in our day to day life; why is it so crucial, and what is the actual meaning of a Healthy Lifestyle.

    A Healthy Lifestyle is one in which you take care of your body internally and externally. It consists of eating whole foods and real foods such as fruits and veggies and incorporating exercise such as strength training in your daily routine.

    Why is it Important to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle?

    To wake up excited and feel good and fresh to start your morning, and you need good health to carry your body throughout the day, and a good immune system also backs you up even if you are sick.

    You may notice that by maintaining a healthy life, your energy level also increases.

    There are many health benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    It promotes happy hormones from inside and you will feel good throughout the day.

    Some most asked questions by audiences and we get this all covered.

    How you can start getting healthy?

    What are the health benefits of exercise? Physical Activity?

    What are the benefits of eating healthy?

    What is clean eating? Healthy Diet?

    How to develop positive health habits?

    What Does a Healthy Life Look Like?

    Let’s look at the benefits of healthy lifestyle

    Let’s Look Top 5 Benefits Of Healthy Lifestyle
    Benefits Of Healthy Lifestyle

    1. Longevity Of Life and Fewer Health Related Problems
    The most important benefit of living a healthy lifestyle is your age increases and it helps to live longer than usual and fewer health problems that most of the adults faced like diabetes and heart-related problems and another chronic disease.

    Our Immunity gets started getting weaker as we tend to age and a person living an unhealthy lifestyle is at a greater risk of acquiring big diseases.

    So the best way to protect your body is to take care of yourself and your body in this way your body becomes enough cable to fight off diseases.

    Genetics also plays an important role and maintaining a healthy lifestyle generally reduces and cuts your diseases of acquiring genetic diseases such as cancer.

    Leading cause of the most chronic disease is an unhealthy lifestyle pattern.

    According to the figures, heart health and stroke prevention show that in 2017, the majority of 93 million in the United States have atleast one type of cardiovascular disease.

    So the most important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is healthily achieving weight loss if you are obese and achieving a good amount of muscle mass.

    Physical activity is very important and essential in our day to day life. Regular physical activity also helps in good sleep.
    When you engage in physical activity, your body burns more calories, thus helps to lose weight.

    An individual should maintain 5 days a week of physical activity in their lifestyle.

    An individual should always maintain healthy weight by opting for a healthy diet into their routine.

    A good amount of muscle mass in the body improves and speeds up your metabolism throughout the day.

    Healthy lifestyle is important for healthy living and for your physical health and also for your overall health.

    You can read these two articles on how can you lose weight and how to gain muscles naturally

    How to lose weight in a month?
    How much muscle can you gain in a month?
    Though there are advantages and disadvantages of a healthy lifestyle, though there are many benefits of healthy lifestyle the disadvantages are only you have to be consistent enough to achieve greater health.
    Longevity Of Life

    2. More Energetic & Health Benefits
    More energy throughout the day if you are living a healthy lifestyle is because if you do regular exercise or do strength workouts.

    You understand the importance of healthy eating habits your body becomes tougher and stamina increases rather than those who do not have an active lifestyle.

    Eating nutritious and healthy food nourishes your body internally as well as externally.

    You do not have to visit the doctor often because you are living a lot healthier than other’s, this also means that you will end up saving medical expenses.

    A study has found that eating fruits and vegetables increases the mortality rate and cuts down early death risk.

    Many chronic diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, and type 2 diabetes are linked to a poor diet lifestyle.

    Good health also promotes good heart health and stroke prevention.

    It’s obvious that you will perform better at work because you are now more energetic buy there’s more to it.

    More Energetic

    3. Maintains Your Weight & Proper Weight Loss
    Adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will keep your unwanted weight gain away from you.

    Maintaining fitness 5 days a week provides more benefits it also helps to burn more additional calories. Fitness is good for your overall health.

    Being fit cut downs your health risks and also improve health conditions. Regular exercise plays an important part in your life.

    If Someone is active and doing mindful eating not intaking enough junk it becomes very easy for them to remain slim and keep fat off for a long period of time.

    This doesn’t mean you do not enjoy junk foods with your friends everything in moderate is absolutely fine.

    People depend on fast food to curb their hunger are tend to gain weight faster because they contain an unwanted higher amount of calories.

    Over time people with unhealthy eating habits tend to become obese and welcome heart diseases, diabetes, and kidney disease.

    Always focus on eating real foods rather than processed foods as processed food are made by highly chemicalized materials.

    Also, eating at a fixed time always helps to curbs your hunger.

    Do Living a healthy lifestyle can help an overweight person lose weight over time?

    Yes, living a healthy lifestyle helps in losing weight, but this takes time; this is not magic; your body will not change overnight. Give your body time at least a period of two-three months to notice changes.

    If you start eating healthy and start to do at least 30 minutes a day exercise, it will benefit you in the long run.

    One important rule is that do not put all your efforts to lose weight in a week as it will put tremendous stress on the body and in turn, will provide negative benefits of healthy lifestyle.

    Once you achieve your target weight you do not have to hard work anymore the weight can be maintained by 50 to 70 percent of efforts.

    Maintains Your Weight

    4. Good Mental Health
    Another and most important benefits of healthy lifestyle is improving your mental health.

    Eating healthy foods, doing exercise daily makes you feel good, and you feel energized and feel fulfilled because a healthy lifestyle promotes well-being and mental health.

    Healthy mind powers you up to achieve more things in life, and it also sharpens up your thinking.

    When you start to live a healthy lifestyle, it automatically becomes a habit. It sets yourself in synchronization with a healthy habit.

    Overtime healthy habit makes the process less burden on yourself, and you will notice that it’s not that hard before it used to be when you started off for the first time.

    What foods are good for helping depression?

    Eating veggies and fruits in your meals help keep you healthy and feel fullness throughout the day.

    You will not crave for junk foods and have the guilt of gaining weight.

    How can you change your eating habits?

    Pack healthy lunch and snacks whenever you are going out for work. Do not be hungry for a long time; otherwise, you will crave unhealthy foods.

    Do not try to skip and meals to lose weight faster; eat slowly, and enjoy food.Be sure to be always hydrated; otherwise, sometimes the brain mistakes hunger for thirst.

    To be noted that you must drink 10 12 glasses a day as it will have negative effects on the body of overconsumption of water.

    Having six glasses a day is more than enough if you are lightly active during the day. This may depend on your level of activity

    If you are feeling thirsty even after six glasses of water, you can satisfy your natural thirst.
    5. Enhances Your Personality & Confidence
    The most important benefits of healthy lifestyle are you will feel confident from inside and that confidence will improve your personality.

    Living a healthy lifestyle regularly tends to lift up the mood and also helps in participating in healthy habits.

    In return of a healthy lifestyle, you will get a toned body, good figure, and posture as it uplifts your physical appearance.

    At the same time, you feel confident and you tend to become a happy and successful person.
  3. sparxx
    09-07-2020 09:29 AM - permalink
    Guys to everyone whi wants to get fit and get that sexy body you have been wanting check out this workout https://shrinke.me/GkKF5UbK its very effective and you can do it at home without any equipment and its a full body workout guys
  4. Natalia Chanel
    09-01-2020 11:04 PM - permalink
    Natalia Chanel
    Hi guys my name is Natalia and I'm a model I have been modeling for 8 years and believe me before I was suffering with obesity the best diet that worked for me and my model friends is custom keto diet this diet will tell you the perfect diet that your body needs check it out.

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