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ADHD/ADD/Reading Disability information sharing

Group Created by dspenc8888

Due to the lack of support in the school systems and the misinformation given by teachers to parents, I wanted to see if there are others out there that need information on the TRUE disabilities associated with ADHD/ADD and have a place to share good experiences and what works with others.

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  1. Netty1974
    03-09-2016 12:01 AM - permalink
    I have five children and four of them have ADHD/ADD and one of them has the ADHD with Autism. I had to go through so much with the Chicago Public Schools, until I moved to Berwyn, IL and I was finally able to get the help I needed for my 11 year old son, who has the Autism and ADHD. I was told by my son's teacher that yes he did have autism and he needed to go to a therapeutic day school, and when I was trying to get the help from the Chicago Public Schools right before then, they would not help and would not recognize the fact that my son had autism. So, for the next three years my son was in the therapeutic day school but he wasn't learning anything. Yes, he was getting the therpuetic help and he learned coping skills and so much more, but he wasn't learning how to read. Then last year we moved from Chicago to Gary, Indiana. Gary's school district does not have any sort of school that can help children with special needs and do not have speech therapists or the occupational therapist that Chicago or Illinois has. Today my son's teacher tells me that Indiana cannot afford those sort of therapists. And when you look at his IEP, he states he is to get these services, by the way, the school district just copied the IEP he had from the therapeutic school from the 2014-15 school year. Then not only that, the school bus that is to pick my son up only has one bus for the children with special needs for his school and every child from three classrooms gets on that bus and my son gets beat up and bullied nearly everyday. And the school and the district does nothing. My son's teacher told me today that as two boys were bullying my son today and one of them tried to hit my son in the face, the teacher told my son that he needs to defend himself and needs to punch that boy in the face and she will not allow that other boy to hit my son anymore afterwards. When I was speaking to the social worker at my son's school and I told him that the schools my son was at in Illinois wasn't like this and I have never heard of this sort of thing going on where parents tries to jump on buses to hurt kids, teachers condone kids to fight to show they can defend themselves, that the social worker told me that this is the way the culture is here in Gary and I have to deal with it. So, we moved back to Illinois but for now, my son still goes to school in Gary, which we drive him because their last day of school is at the end of May. Since we are back in Illinois I will see if my son can go back to the therpuetic day school he was in but the only thing I can say that my son had good at the school in Gary, is the fact that the four teachers he had were very focused in having my son learn how to read and do his math. He is in 6th grade and he is not able to read except for a few words and even my daughter who is in 3rd grade can read better than him. But my son would never have learned to read the words that he knows now if it had not been for these teachers. Then I have had an issue with my youngest daughter who I was told by two doctors that she has a diagnosis of being at the borderline of having ADHD. The teachers that she had at her last school noticed that she needed to get assessed but the social worker was too lazy to have her assessed. Then I talked to the social worker, and the teachers at the school she goes to in Gary and the teachers would not help me have my daughter assessed but then they wanted to complain to me about her behavior and why her work wasn't done or why she wasn't doing work at school. So when I had the doctor send the school forms to have the teacher answer a questionnaire about my daughters school work and behavior, the teacher wrote that there was nothing wrong with my daughter and there was no problem with her work. But yet again, the teacher complained. So I told her after she called me about my daughter's behavior that when I had forms for her to fill out concerning my daughter and her behavior plus her school work and you made it seem as my child was perfectly fine and had no problems because you refuse to see her get the help she needs, then don't call me about anything when you refuse to fill out the paperwork truthfully. I have not had anymore calls from that teacher since. Was I wrong? Next school year my daughter will be back at CPS.....
  2. hecboo499
    01-12-2015 09:53 PM - permalink
    I'm in Durham,NC
  3. hecboo499
    01-12-2015 09:51 PM - permalink
    11 year old daughter not 1 year old (typo)
  4. hecboo499
    01-12-2015 09:49 PM - permalink
    Hi I am a single mother of a 1 year old girl who has ADHD. I had daughter in private school for 5 years and in 6th grade had to take out due to the inability of the teachers not able to help her succeed 6th grade. She is now in public school. I am seeking some guidance for a good therapist to perform new testing and to direct us to the best school and tutoring and or coaching for her to become a good student and enjoy school. Seeking help. Thank you.
  5. debnsync
    12-22-2014 11:32 AM - permalink
    oops, mistakenly mentioned a post by a ADHD coach, by the wrong name as he thanked an MD at the end! THANKS fpapa39 <3
  6. debnsync
    12-22-2014 11:28 AM - permalink
    I am so glad that people are reaching out to one another here; I have never been aware of this site online, much less a sub-group, support for parents/teachers/ADD-APD(Auditory Processing Disorder, which is what both of my now adult sons were diagnosed with at age 4!), albeit there is a lot of asking and searching, with a need for more answers, information and communication, especially involvement with people who are up to date, perhaps through recent research going on now in studies by psychologists, M. D.'s in the field, and the ones who do the testing, like mine who works only with kids for determining a diagnosis and holds many, many ideas and professional advice to help kids like my sons, as they were just entering public schools the next year after testing. She was incredibly good, and yes teachers are not trained to understand much less be able to work w/ our children. Remember we can help them help us~ IEP's are legally backed, teachers usually have been most helpful and cooperative despite that they have to be coached a lot by the school team helping out the students. I often found myself alongside our social worker, teaching teachers how to work with my sons. They simply do not have the time unless we help them, and additional educational requirements for teachers is on the horizon. There are SO many children with many different ways of learning, hearing, perceiving, and most are highly intelligent yet fail, are overwhelmed with school and how it is set up in our country and sadly if parents do not get involved, and find out about students rights and how IEP's are available, even through college. One of my sons graduated college and is successfully working in his field but yes, he is still struggling a lot with issues around self-organization and project management, etc. There IS help! My other son, after I did some research post-high school and during his freshman year in college, immediately was still eligible for an IEP, joining thousands of others on his campus alone! Education of parents and teachers as we work together is key. I would love to hear more from those who are very learned and perhaps presently doing research within our hospitals, studying even the total picture of ADD, APD and ADHD which encompasses so many different types of kids. I would enjoy learning from our social workers, advisors, guidance counselors and social workers, as there-in lie many answers and support for all of us. It is a constant and was for many years, in many's lives as it cannot be left alone, these kids need the assistance and again, so much is still not understood about many of them, especially if they are not professionally tested. My sons were totally off the charts! Their teachers in nursery school noticed that there was a real gap in following-through on simple things such as lining up with a group, raising the question about their auditory abilities. The tests done took a few days, parts I sat in on, some not, but I was blessed by this audiologist who took so many hours with my first son, here in N. C., as she was very up to date at that point about what his risks would be in school, the type of classroom environment and adjustments he would need, etc. I basically taught then his new teachers as well as the IEP team things I was also learning along the way! Never give up, son 2 is struggling a bit, he is APD as well, and the IEP made a huge difference and he will most likely graduate from college, a U. N. C. location, next year, as he took less hours as one compensation, 12 instead of 15-18, he attended some summer school as able since he had a broken arm/wrist and 2 surgeries wearing a cast for the last year! His teachers/professors of course can SEE those disabilities. And yes, you have to talk to the office of student affairs in order to create a plan for your child to get through college level classes separately from their IEP in place already. All of his professors were great and supportive throughout the initial IEP and responded well when I had his surgeon's letter faxed to the school contact person and I helped her myself create what he would be needing and what kind of classes he needed to change/drop for awhile.
    I just read Dr. Frank Papandrea's note here, and found it very interesting, and this is what I mean by finding these experts, learn more, and share it among groups, individuals working with your child, and their teachers! There is so much more I could write; his suggestions are spot on, and adding to that I wish in an ideal world students, all of them, could learn to calm and balance themselves as a routine early morning part of their day, through yoga and breathing instruction. It IS available! There are certified instructors who teach children all over the country, just not always allowed or available within a school system. I remember years ago, as I drove my children to school, without real knowledge about this concept, talking to them quietly, encouraged them to breathe fully, to sit still and feel the mind and body balancing as they (I would say mediated but I had not taught them this as was not qualified then). I would always say remember to ASK when you need help, raise your hand, and be present. Still it does not guarantee it will happen! Many teachers, again, overlook them as they are quiet, polite and compassionate kids who do think and see the world through different eyes. Classrooms are over-crowded, and private schools I discovered lack IEP's and teams to help them! This is presently changing, thank heavens, because one would think and hope a smaller classroom situation would bring positive results, and it is not true unless the student has been tested and that teacher respects the wishes and needs of the child. I end this long epic here with a bit of information about a team, or one M. D. anyway, who himself has a child with Auditory Processing Disorder, now researching at UNC-Chapel Hill. I would love to read his book when he is done! More later, never give up, these kids are often so creative, intelligent, and misunderstood but they CAN do wonders in a band, mine played drums throughout school even into college, art, film and videography, one is building websites and has formed his own company, so keep at it, it is so worth time spent and care and attention given surrounding your child with what is needed in addition to your love!
  7. fpapa39
    09-20-2014 09:33 AM - permalink
    Hi.I'm an ADHD coach, semi retired in bradenton. Just want to alert you to the amazing truth abt ADHD.itsa multisensory gift not illness. We take in so much energy from outside and internalize aa lot.key to parenting: 1. No anger when child upset.we read t energy and overcorrect.2. We cannot give in, so get rid of t idea of conquering us to obey. We won't. But learn to talk a lot and listen. 3. Give us lots of breathing room but clear consistent boundaries that we own with you.eg. discus the meaning concept of the rules to obey.if you demand obedience w/o meanings we cannot obey. 4. Don't get more hyper than we are.2 ADHD Peo in a room hyperenergize. Be calm slow kind and ask questions. #5 do not criticize, correct, challenge after age 11 or 12.win us don't push us. Thanx. Dr frank papandrea
  8. Mom&Moe
    08-09-2014 05:58 AM - permalink
    My name is christi. After countless hours of internet researching for discussions and support. For. My son, Moe , 8.

    I am going to be d now, e xhausted.

    I will be. Back to see if we found anything helpful here.

    Goodnight. Zzzzz
  9. Sal93
    10-29-2013 10:36 PM - permalink
    Sometimes children are misdiagnosed and it's a sensory integration disorder. Keep a journal of their habits or actions and work with their teachers.
  10. elainemmayo
    09-09-2013 01:08 PM - permalink
    How about advice for ADULT ADD/ADHD? When are employers going to be required to know the signs & symptoms before they stop terminating dedicated & hardworking employees over habitual tardiness (within 10 minutes of start time), but have excellent attendance - as far as, showing up for work everyday?

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