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This is a public group.

Paranormal Activities and things that go "BUMP" in the dark.

Group Created by Roy (NIGHT WOLF) Jennings

This is a discussion group strictly for those that has had or is having paranormal activity within their homes, woods, cemetaries, etc. Please, no bashing or predjudistical remarks. Let's all act like adults and feel free to give opinions of either belief or skepticism. This page is also for Pagans/Wiccans/ Druidism, etc. Any religion and all religions are welcomed. If you have a haunting and you need help, feel free to post it and I will get back to you ASAP!!! Let's all just have sun, learn and be professional and mindful to others feelings and beliefs.

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  1. cynthiajames617
    09-05-2015 05:48 AM - permalink
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  2. Old Snow Bear
    09-01-2015 12:51 PM - permalink
    Old Snow Bear
    There is a part of life that goes unseen and that is the afterlife and the spiritual world. Bdubs415, when I was about 16 I was living with my family in a town house in Northern VA. Probably a month or so of moving in we started hearing what sounded like foot steps in the hallway and up and down the stairs. Soon after that an entity began physically Knocking on the doors to the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Dark forms were also seen ducking away and lurking about. Come to find out "New age" people lived in that residence before us because we started getting their mail and the rental office confirmed it was their mail. This situation prompted me to what the Bible labels as Spiritual War. The Bible is full of scripture that tells of these situations and also gives the Authority that believers in Christ has over the Spiritual Realm. It even tells a story of those who try to submit the spirits w/o authority and it didn't end well. What you saw was likely a local witches coven or druids whom were in essence praying to their "god" and like Angels of God who inhabit the prayers, it was a demon which would do the same. The key is the fear in which you and your friends experienced and the confusion that you feel to this day. Going back to the town house we held to our Spiritual Authority over our home and never had a problem again. I have since continued to encounter spirits in which Warfare through Christ has been necessary and I hope you can find some peace with what I have written. Please feel free to inquire further if need be. Shalom- OSB
  3. MARIE2015
    02-09-2015 10:55 AM - permalink
    Hi everyone. I have had quite a few experiences that started at a young age, BUT my dark experiences has evolved into light experiences. I give God honor for everything I AM, I do, I receive...and no I AM not religious. Have been affiliated with religion but no...not religious. Oh, I agree that activity is between 1:30a -5:30a. My experiences have been: feelings of something entering my body, smelling cigar smoke, feeling very tall presences standing beside me, seeing waves in front of me within a midst, an entire hallway filled with a gray midst, had a voice say in a church I attended "i hate you, you *****", have been touched, hearing children riding a tricycle and I was the only one at home, seen dark figures standing and looking at me while at a laundromat and much more. My son has had experiences as well. Also, have quite a few family members that see spirits. I also experience white light, surges of extreme love. I think I AM what is known as "open." I now just embrace me and don't experience all the dark. My true self is that I like helping others. Have a wonderful day!
  4. Bdubs415
    02-04-2015 07:12 PM - permalink
    Ok. So I have a story about a strange and unexplained encounter that took place in SW Indiana. Specifically the west side of Evansville.
    It was during the summer of 1989 and I was 14 at the time. Some friends and I spent our days riding our bikes all over the west side of the city. We were told about some trails that ran through the woods that sat behind a brick block company a short ride away so decided to go there. We were also told that strange things have taken place in those woods, but we decided to go anyway. It was the middle of the day after all.
    We rode the trails and explored the area then went on our way without incident. As we sat around talking we decided to go back that night and see what we could see.
    A few hours after dark we met up and made our way towards the woods. I had a nice bb gun I brought with me slung on my back and was dressed in camo because I liked to dress for the occasion.
    There were 4 of us and we rode up the entryway of the brick company, hiding our bikes in the shadows next to a building. There was a single lane, gravel road that lead back behind the company towards the woods and we walked along that road. Once we got back roughly a 100 to 150 yards down the path we saw a fire down in the woods, maybe another 200 feet to our left in a low clearing. We ducked down behind a stack of stones that acted as a wall along the left side of the path.
    I witnessed what appeared to be a group of people in long robes and hoods standing around the fire. One guy got spooked and made his way back towards the building where we hid our bikes. The others and myself stayed a few minutes more then decided to get the heck out of there. But that's not even the half of it.
    We quickly and quietly walked back towards the building, but before we got there we ran into the other guy standing in the middle of the gravel path with a alarming look on his face. We stood there talking about what we had just seen when one noticed something in a large shrub only a few feet from us. It appeared to be two small, glowing blue eyes a few inches off the ground and only two inches or so apart. I looked at them a moment or two. The other guys wanted to get away, but I said it's probably just a raccoon and in a attempt to scare it away I raised my bb gun, aimed between the eyes and pulled the trigger.
    Rather than a cry of pain and the eyes scurrying off as I expected, it made absolutely no sound and the eyes only got brighter, bigger and started moving together in a clockwise motion. As they did so the distance between them grew, transitioning from blue to yellow to orange and rose higher and higher off the ground. That is, the smaller blue eyes were only a few inches off the ground, the yellow about a foot off the ground and the orange two feet. At no time did the shrub move or rustle with the movement of these strange eyes.
    We didn't wait around for the eyes to turn red or get any further off the ground. We ran as fast as we could, terrified, back to our bikes and rode away. Never stopping, never looking back.
    Although we ran around together that whole summer and had known each other for a while that was the last night we did. We all went our separate ways and I've never seen those guys since.
    I've only told this to a few close friends and a few family members in all this time. I only share it now in hopes someone has experienced something similar either there or elsewhere or can offer a explanation to what it was we witnessed that night.
    I told my great uncle about it later that summer and he seemed to have a idea what I was talking about. Said he knew some people and he would relay my story to them. I never heard anything back about it. It was never mentioned again and I have no clue as to just who these people were he said he knew.
    I honestly just want a answer that makes some kind of sense of this.
  5. Old Snow Bear
    08-20-2014 02:57 PM - permalink
    Old Snow Bear
    Friend me if you need to talk further. Shalom, OSB
  6. Old Snow Bear
    03-12-2014 08:07 AM - permalink
    Old Snow Bear
    Hello I just read your postings I have dealt with things in the past as both of have and there are many things that can cause your circumstances. First, I will warn never challenge any demonic activity it can result in injury to illness, In this situation one must have Authority over the demon(s) and most people clearly do not due to Ignorance. Second, can be unsettled spirits as in the Bible a witch called forth the spirit of a prophet, Samuel I believe it was, for King Saul. I believe that spirits can and do wander and haunt properties with this it can be as simple as asking God for forgiveness of the sins committed on the property in the past. One must have the Authority to ask such things such as leased or owned by Title or Deed. Shalom, OSB
  7. LStanford
    02-15-2014 07:37 PM - permalink
    Briefly, nightmares prevent me from sleeping in my bedroom. Approximately three months ago, I went into the bedroom to find the ironing board turned over, a cup of coffee splashed across the carpet, and papers strewn about the room. I had my house cleansed and had a few weeks of quiet. The nightmares are back and now I am experiencing a different and disturbing phenomenon: Messages are appearing on my television screen. The message appears in a black box in white letters. The first, approximately two weeks ago said something to the effect, "I don't know what's wrong with them (?), me (?)...." Today, the message said, "They all lie." I took a picture of the screen with the message. I contacted the cable company and tech support told me there is no possible way for my television to receive other people's text messages or any other kind of message. Evidently, I don't need tech support; I need an exorcist. Any ideas?
  8. ParaComm
    01-02-2013 09:47 AM - permalink
    Idaho Girl,
    From my expeirences, "3" signifies demonic activity, wether it be 3 scratches, 3 things being knocked over or broken, or even 3 a.m. when activity almost always seems to peak. Obviously being hurt in any way is demonic. One question, Is there any temperature change you notice? "Cold=Good Warm=Bad Hot=Evil" My advice (beyond getting too involved and possibly opening something you can't close) is direct communication, and I dont mean use a ouiji board... they are nothing but portals. get a cheap voice recorder and see if you can't get a response to a series of questions. I recommend writing down your questions and practicing them befor you do your actual recording, aim for the early morning hours 2am-4am but don't forget that paranormal activity is an ocean and it shows itself in waves and just like the oceans, some waves are bigger depending on environmental influences. Im waiting to get caught in that tsunami, it's why I founded ParaComm.
  9. ParaComm
    01-02-2013 09:03 AM - permalink
    Recently (since right befor christmas) I have had a few things happen to me and my family. First of all, my accounts, I've been seeing my all white cat in the woods behind my house, he has been missing for a little under a year... another thing that brings me slight comfort is the gush of cold air followed by what feels like my doggy jumping up with me on the couch, I've heard her collar jingle, I've heard her crunching her food, and I've heard her nails walking on the plastic rug my mom has down in the high traffic are. a few days ago Duchess (my dog we put down last year) was seen by my mother, a slight glimpse of her booty and tail walking for the front door. My only question is this... Why am I hearing music now? I've set myself up with multiple voice recorders, but Ive really been wanting to get my hands on a P-SB7 aka. "Spirit Box"
  10. Idaho girl
    02-28-2012 09:56 AM - permalink
    Idaho girl
    My husband and I have been followed for sometime now,but ever since our new place things have been picking up.... My husband keeps receiving unexplained scratches and there is absolutely no explanation. The marks come in threes and are found on legs,butt,back,and chest. I've seen things, hear things, and have been touched 3 times. We try and "debunk" these situations but can't seem to find a normal or realistic answer. Help!

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