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This is a public group.

Single Mothers Relocating

Group Created by Maqueta

This group has been formed to help single mothers find resources in other cities. Many women are relocating to create better lives for themselves as well as their children. This is a place where women can network, get advice, as well as offer support and encouragement to othee women.

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  1. rsagro
    08-31-2020 02:04 PM - permalink
    Attention: Anyone that wants a strategy for building True, Long-Term Wealth, and not a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

    Let’s face it—growing up, you were probably sold a story that went something like this …

    Sure, once upon a time that may have held some truth … for your parents or your parents parents.

    You see, when they were growing up, lifetime job security, home ownership, and a comfortable retirement were practically guaranteed.

    Back then, people needed very little schooling to get a good job, and once they did, they were usually set … for life.

    More importantly, people’s income kept pace with the rate of inflation, and they were able to afford kids, a home with a 2-car garage, and a new Cadillac

    … All on just one income.
    Compare that to now.
    Today, many businesses want you to have a Master’s degree just for an entry-level job!

    And unfortunately, that degree’s out of reach for most people unless they’re willing to take on crushing, massive debt OR they’re loaded enough to have $100,000 sitting around.

    And even if you are lucky enough to afford college, your salary won’t go nearly as far as it once did.

    You can blame astronomical inflation for that … while the costs of housing, day care, higher education, and medical expenses have skyrocketed, wages haven’t.

    Meaning, that every month, you’re forced to make the same dollars stretch further and further.

    Of course, that makes it virtually impossible for you to ever get ahead.

    And, here’s the real kicker—while you have to work your butt off to have the very same things that came easily to your parents, there’s no “pot of gold” waiting for you at the end of it all.

    Where Social Security was once considered a reliable retirement safety net, there’s a good chance it won’t be around by the time you’re ready to collect.

    All this boils down to one thing--you and I were given a raw deal.

    We were told that by hard work alone, we could get ahead.

    It’s understandable. I mean our parents probably believed the same thing.

    For them, it was true.
    These days? Not so much.
    We’re living in a very different world, where the traditional path to success just doesn’t cut it anymore…

    You can do all the “right” things—go to college, get a job, work hard--and still never experience the financial success previous generations took for granted.

    That’s why you need to work smarter, not harder. Working smarter is the only way you’ll ever experience true financial freedom.

    So, what does “working smarter” actually mean?

    Well, in today’s world, it means you need to be your own boss.That’s the fastest path for building true wealth—because you’ll never manage to do it with measly 4% annual raises.

    Don’t believe me?

    Statistics show that people who work for themselves are four times more likely to be millionaires than those who work for someone else.

    Meaning, that by going into business for yourself, you stand a
    400% better chance of becoming a

    Then, if you’re like most people,
    it was immediately followed by all the
    reasons you can’t start your own business:

    Not enough money

    Not enough time

    Not enough know-how

    Not enough security

    Sound familiar?

    That’s how most people view entrepreneurship.

    They allow their fears and doubts to hold them back from reaching their full financial potential.

    That’s a HUGE mistake, and I’m going to tell you why.

    Do you know what one of the biggest regrets of the elderly is?

    It’s that they wish they had taken more career chances…that rather than allowing fear to dictate their professional choices, they’d pursued their dreams.

    In fact, the richest man in the entire world, Jeff Bezos can be quoted saying the following when asked about why he decided to leave his stable, high paying job to start Amazon.com.

    "I knew that if I failed at building
    Amazon, I wouldn't regret that,
    but I knew the one thing I might
    regret is never trying."
    Listen up, folks. You only get one life--this is it.

    If you’re slaving away in a go-nowhere job that’ll never offer you financial freedom, imagine how you’ll feel 5 years from now, 10 years from now, 20 years from now when you’re still doing the same thing.

    The only way things will change is if you have the courage to do something different.

    You CAN change your life

    You CAN experience true financial freedom

    You CAN discover the thrill that comes with being your own boss.

    You just need some guide … someone who can help you navigate all the ins and outs of Become your own boss., so you don’t:

    If any one wants a free guide then please enroll yourself by click here and get your step by step free video tutorial
  2. Umam18
    08-30-2020 07:14 AM - permalink
    https://shrinke.me/Umam hey guys check this diet plan of versatile Vicky for amazing results
  3. Choc_Key
    01-31-2019 11:35 AM - permalink
    Hi! I'm looking to move from Philly to Las Vegas with my 4 year old twins. I have no family or friends in Vegas. I have researched and it is alot cheaper to live there and I could live fabulous for the same money I am paying in Philly for the "hood". I'm afraid to move because it will be just me and my two 4 year olds. I only plan on living there for two years and then I'm coming back to Philly (suburbs) to buy a house. I want to experience something new and see different things. I want my children to experience new things and different cultures too. I work from home and I can work anywhere in the U.S, so that covers employment. I feel like I'm stuck because I'm fearful of leaving my family on the east coast and I'm out west alone. Should I take the leap??!! My kids are really young, do you think it would have a major effect on them?
  4. anynomousvery
    10-03-2017 06:38 PM - permalink
    Hi! I'm not a single mother, or a mother at all. But I need help. Lately it was my first time having sex. Well I think it was sex. My partner told me he didn't come in and plus we only did it in less than 10 mins. He only "rubbed" my part with his penis but I guess I wasn't in the right position and plus I was too "tight". I'm new to all these things. I'm really scared to be pregnant. I'm still doing my education. I don't know if I'am or if it's just me. I wasn't on my period. I did it on Sept.28 and I was on my period like 2 in half weeks ago. I don't know probably Sept.11. I don't know what to think or what to do. I've search stuff up about pregnancy and I haven't had any symptoms but they say it's possible not to feel any. I didn't take plan B and I think it's too late. I'm very desperate to know and I'm very disappointed in myself too. My partner said "It was only a try, that that wasn't the real thing". He said "You were wet and tight". I actually don't know what to think or do. HELP?!!!!!
  5. Jburdick83
    09-27-2017 01:26 PM - permalink
    So I’m looking to see if there is anyone who has been in my shoes and can give me any advice. I moved from my hometown to Ohio in 2009 with my daughter and at the time she was going into second grade we would still visit and she would go back several times a year bc tha is where her father lives, the reason we moved was the relationship that I was in (long distance back and forth for over a year) had moved us there and as of last October it ended. I made the difficult decision at the end of the year that with us having no actual family/ support system there it would be best to be close to family and move home. A month before we moved she started talking to a boy which I advised against but she’s a teenager and by the time we moved she was devastated. We were only moving three hours away so I was willing to meet halfway with his family to allow her to go visit every once in a while on weekends that lasted for a few months and then he said it was too hard to be apart which is understandable and she has been devastated, and angry with me because she says they would still be together if we were still there that may or may not be true.
    Now she has slowly started to make some headway but we have had some setbacks and she’s made a couple friends but not many and I’m worried about her. She was always into sports and bubbly but she was popular at her last school and now she’s the “new kid” in high school at that. I try to talk to her or mention her talking to a counselor (and she refuses)but she won’t talk to me about it at all and when I try to validate her feelings and tell her I’m sorry she’s sad she says things like “well it’s not my fault” (as in herself) implying it’s my fault and I get she’s going to blame me and that’s fine she’s going to be angry about something anyways. But the boy has just recently started talking to another girl and she’s been very upset and I think along he has led her to believe they were going to get back together and now we taking a big step backwards.
    I keep allowing guilt to take over despite that fact they I feel in my heart I made the right decision. I’m hoping others have been there and can give me some advice and tell me how your child did. I apologize if my story is confusing in anyway I’m just hoping she will be okay.
    Thank you!!!
  6. GodFinderOrg
    06-25-2017 05:17 AM - permalink
    hello all!
    Apet - Goddess who protects pregnant women, children, nursing mothers and justice.
  7. Finnsmom7578
    04-02-2017 02:46 AM - permalink
    Hello all!! I am a widowed mother of beautiful 4 year old boy. I am looking to relocate from Indiana to Olive Branch, Mississippi. I have lived in Indiana my whole 38 years, and this is a big change, but I believe it's the best for myself and my son. I am looking for any advice on moving tips, tricks, etc.
  8. Brneye86
    12-06-2016 01:05 PM - permalink
    Hi Everyone, I'm really hoping joining this would be of some or a lot of help for me. Lol I currently live in Florida however, heard great things about Prescott, AZ... does anyone have great advoce that will help me get started on great elementary schools, and affordable safe areas to live?!
  9. Colorblind11
    11-30-2016 12:12 PM - permalink
    Wondering if there's an app for this type of program?
  10. Colorblind11
    11-30-2016 11:43 AM - permalink
    Hello everyone, I'm new here.

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