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Old 02-20-2008, 11:45 PM
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Originally Posted by ProLogic View Post
Since we're talking about the Hispanic majority and White minority I came across the term "White Hispanic".


See? Even Hispanics now-a-days are still regarding themselves as White. White minority? I'd think not.
Yup, exactly the point I made before. I probably jumped ahead by describing possible scenarios the government could do to nationally implement those statistics into the general white populace. Basically, if about 48 percent of them consider themselves to be white alone already - than we know that missing 7 to 8 percent of America will get plugged in when the government feels it's necessary. When immigration slows down significantly and everyone is assimilated (as well as mixed), the term ''Hispanic'' will lose all it's power as a political device.

And America will plug in it's new nationally recognized white group to protect the whiteness of the United States' population. The media just loves to throw things out there to screw with the American publics head. I don't know if anyone here remembers, but in 2000 I kept hearing every day on networks like CNN and MSNBC - Hispanics are the new largest minority of this country. How could that be so if 3% of people of Latin American descent marked themselves as black - which would technically also bump the black number over them? Or that if you counted that 48% white, than that wouldn't be acknowledg either. This is just the media play up, because they know stridency sells.

Old 02-20-2008, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by xino View Post
Then America is a third-world country. Then schools here get even worse. Then Britain, Germany, Australia and other White countries wonder what to do about it, or nothing at all.
What's your logic? Regardless of what immigrant comes no matter how rich or poor, they'll live as middle-class Americans within 25 years - if they choose to have children. That's the way how things work in this country. The only people who will be taking down our schools are Americans. Real-estate taxes pay our school. As long as that keeps coming in and good paying jobs rely on college education, than I think it's a safe bet that our country will be alright educationally. Even if we don't keep up the pace with countries like England, Germany and France - we'll still be ahead of most of the world.

Most of the immigrants who come to our country aren't even from the third world. Even our media doesn't say that. Louisiana is more of a third world place than Mexico - especially for the whites. If you're going to describe to us your logic, put some detail behind it. I don't know if you believe in some kind of white supremacist crap like one on here suggested, but your opinion will be little valued if you can't defend your own points.
Old 02-20-2008, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by PNWhike View Post
Hispanics a US majority? Across all fifty states?, Get real, it's never going to happen. Not now, not in fifty years. There are over three hundred million people in the United States. Only a relatively small percentage overall is Hispanic, maybe 10 to 15%. Even though that will continue to grow, it would take many generations to even come close to overall numbers. However, they definitely could become a majority in Arizona, (Home of Juan John McCain), Brand New Mexico, Mexifornia, and of course the home state of President Man-or-Monkey Jorge W. Bush, Texas. Where is your source explaining the demographics? Just curious.
His source is nothing. His opinion. This belief is actually more common than you think in America. Some Americans are so stupid, they believe that European-Americans are already a ''minority'' in this country. The facts are layed out there, but no one researches it. The projection is that America will be 1/2 non-Spaniard Euro-American white (or how unintellectually the U.S. government says non-Hispanic white) and about 1/2 of Latin American descent. They say the ''Hispanic'' percentage will rise. A lot of American idiots automatically thinks this equates to majority. This is a problem with most Americans.

And by the way, Juan John McCain will still be John McCain. He might look different, but if you believe these Latin American immigrants got any chance at holding their culture - you have to get real. By the second generation, they give their children completely American names, often quit on Catholicism (or become non-religious like the whole populace of this country) and just lost all their foreign ties. Who the hell cares how people look? All that matters is money and education in this country. Even if the rednecks of the southwest don't like it and love their whiteness, they'd probably be astonished to realize that who is arriving may indeed have much more oppressive European ancestors than them.
Old 02-21-2008, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Muhnay View Post
Well when it happens you will now be a minority, and can use Affirmative Action to get you that job your not qualified for. =)
Affirmative action doesn't do that and barely even exists. Didn't a black guy named Ward Connerly help destroy Affirmative Action anyway? Since 1995 (it might have not been finalized until 1997), it's become illegal. Quotas especially. So unless he gets a time machine, than he couldn't get the 1% of the time thing you are talking about. Affirmative action mostly only applied to blacks anyway.

Asian immigrants came ready and their children are too. Here is how it goes for Latin American immigrants though. If programs that didn't help progress their children ahead weren't created, things might take one generation longer. Kind of like Italians 100 years ago. They'd get there, even if it took longer. Affirmative action was designed to help blacks - but it did nothing more than backfire.

If you believe Affirmative Action exists, you've probably watched too many movies like American History X or had a loser white father who couldn't except he lost his job because he was either uneducated or simply unlucky. Any person of Latin American descent who considers themself a minority simply for being that alone isn't just an idiot, but someone who is a cry-baby looking for attention. It doesn't exist. You live as one person in this country.

I give credit to immigrants to still have faith in this country. Because I really don't. Most immigrants who enter this country were losers in their countries before getting here. Most of the country (like Mexico) are middle of the line compared to the world. They're not so bad. Let's let Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Arabs and other college educated immigrants in here though. That they'd put all whiny Americans in their places - especially economically.
Old 02-21-2008, 12:03 AM
418 posts, read 264,581 times
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Originally Posted by Muhnay View Post
Well when it happens you will now be a minority, and can use Affirmative Action to get you that job your not qualified for. =)
By the way I know you were joking about that, but sadly a lot still do really believe in it lol
Old 02-21-2008, 12:09 AM
418 posts, read 264,581 times
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Originally Posted by ArizonaBear View Post
Side note here:

Not every person with a stereotypical Spanish surname as a 'Hispanic'; aside from people from the Philippines, many Anglos have names like Mayo, Barron, Martinez, etc. And; that is not counting people of Portuguese heritage whom almost always claim Anglo/White.

I knew a 'Santos' of full Lusitanian background; referred to her as Hispanic (no offence intended towards her)------she almost bit my head off and said: 'Bear', I am White, not Hispanic'!

Hell: supposedly, one Frenchman in ten is of Spanish lineage due to many of their ancestors fleeing Spain in the 1930's getting away from Franco.
We all need to stop saying ''Anglos.'' This is the exact kind of thing Mexican immigrants do so they don't have to feel uncomfortable having their whiteness or future whiteness challenged. White people don't call themselves that. It's not even like they ever did. It sounds like something you'd see in a dirty old textbook - like Negro. People just say white and black. Or the other scapegoat other immigrants will use is ''American'' for whites. Because to a lot of them, that's what being American is. It's not to say they don't think blacks aren't Americans, but they don't kiss their ass.

You are right though. A name isn't always a give away - but is usually. That's why so few would think Bill Richardson was of Latin American (actually part) descent. Most actually never knew who he was to begin with though.
Old 02-21-2008, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by High Springs Gator View Post
Racism Killed Immigration Reform (http://hispanic.cc/racism_killed_immigration_reform.htm - broken link)

Don't shoot the messanger
First off, this is an unreputable source. 30% Black? And where might these black people come from? African-Americans have a fertility rate of 2.2% and European-Americans are at 1.8%. 60% of the world lives in Asia. Wouldn't it be a little more wise to believe that Asians would actually have a higher percentage in this country in 2097 over blacks?

How could it be 30% black though? The projection is that it will be 13% black in 2050. Life is economically depressing for many African-Americans in this country. The world is not a beautiful place for many. They won't have kids. The West Indies don't have enough people to supply this country even if they wanted. Plus, why would they come?

Life is better there than it is here. It's warm, they can make money, they got better and safer medical coverage than us and often governments that subsidize college and work out good international grants. African immigrants would choose Europe. They aren't going anywhere either. They respect U.N. quotas and don't want anything to do with this country. The only primary immigrant that has hope in this country is Mexico.

And that's because they're on the Western Hemisphere, we border them and even if our country is beginning to suck - theres is worse and no one else is willing to take them. I don't know what America will look like in 2097, or if we have the same government or if our planet is even here - but I really don't care what the percentages of ethnicites are. Maybe the author of that article should reanalyze who is the real racist. Sometimes talking about racism along with spreading ignorance is the worst form.
Old 02-21-2008, 12:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Senator Palpatein View Post
Here's what'll happen ... there will be running street battles ... civil unrest and the US will collapse.

Talking specifically about the illegal aliens - already they're targeting blacks in LA and elsewhere in the country in "ethnic-cleansing" operations. This is a fact. And it's been going on for a few years now.

The vast majority drop out of high school and those who do graduate high school most do not go on to college. Look at these statistics:
  • [SIZE=3]Students in large cities are twice as likely to leave school before graduating than non-urban youth.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3]More than one in four Hispanic youth drop out, and nearly half leave by the eighth grade.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3]Hispanics are twice as likely as African Americans to drop out. White and Asian American students are least likely to drop out.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3]More than half the students who drop out leave by the tenth grade, 20% quit by the eighth grade, and 3% drop out by the fourth grade.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3]Nearly 25% changed schools two or more times, with some changing for disciplinary reasons.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3]Almost 20% were held back a grade, and almost half failed a course.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3]Almost one-half missed at least 10 days of school, one-third cut class at least 10 [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3]times, and one-quarter were late at least 10 times.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3]8% spent time in a juvenile home or shelter.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3]One-third were put on in-school suspension, suspended, or put on probation, and more than 15% were either expelled or told they couldn't return.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3]12% of dropouts ran away from home.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3]In high school completion rates, the United States has now slipped to 10th place in the world.[/SIZE]
Instead of reporting this, the media are running stories on Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Many of these kids are refusing to learn English. One Texas city is now teaching kids in spanish not English. In other areas of the country they're freaking out about their kids having to learn English. The President of Mexico declared that whereever there's a Mexican, there's Mexico. Now did LULAC or LaRaza or any of their groups decry that? No they did not! So what does that tell you?

Most of these 40 million plus people are poor, most do NOT speak English and their children will group in an America where they will compete with native Americans over labor and service jobs at Wal-Mart, picking fruit, janitorial work, etc. The US is outsourcing it's major industries even tech jobs are going over seas. Many white kids are graduating with useless degrees like sports management or just partying through college so they'll be competing for these same jobs too.

This huge population of people have no allegiance to the US but to Mexico and most will be poor with no prospects except doing back breaking work for the rest of their life. These people are ripe for the picking by the likes of the Mecha and pro Azatlan succession/reconquesta groups. Which promise these people a golden era by rerataking North America or at the very least the Southwest.

Okay, I think you're either being too naive to swallow all this junk that was spread to you by another - or you're blowing things out of proportion. Ethnic cleansing? What is this Kenya? No. This is the United States. As bad as this country may seem socially sometimes, this is not a thing that exists in the modern world. You need to pick your worlds and/or quotes more carefully, so you maintain your own integrity in any argument you choose to make.

Running street battles? There is no such thing as ''Hispanic'' people, so how could this be possible? I mean we're literally talking about immigrants who had no human connection to others before arriving here. So they'd voluntarily come to our country (and possibly even jump on Greyhound for thousands of miles) to be brainwashed by the U.S. government into believing their unified with a bunch of losers they can't even identify properly - and participate in ''street battles.'' If the United States collapse, it will be due to people like Bush and our economy. We'll be here, but less powerful and not such a great nation. It used to be that America a decade ago would look at Canada as a good country to this world, but nothing special. Ironically, it now looks as if that's the other way around.

You can't leave school before 8th grade. Where are you even getting these statistics and/or resources from/ And if you were an independent thinking intelligent human-being, would you even believe in the 1970-government implemented term ''Hispanic?'' What you're doing is taking a million pieces who know nothing of each other and trying to put them all in the same place. It's not working and that's why nothing of what you're saying has any merit.

''Hispanics'' actually don't drop out more than African-Americans, even if I were to believe in the unification of that garbage political device. If that was true, why would they be making more money than them? Why would immigrants come to this country to live like crap? Why so blacks go to prison much more than the rest of this country - and much more than immigrants? Why are blacks far more unemployed? Why do blacks always get the rawest end of every deal in this country? Why are immigrants always living that much better and have more hope in life? It's because the government holds these working-class immigrants hands, because they don't their children equate to a surplus of a middle-class population. The government chooses to neglect blacks, who never even voluntarily ended up in this country. So to insinuate Latin American immigrants or anyone for that matter is anywhere close to the living standard of inner-city African-Americans would be bull.

''The President of Mexico declared that wherever there's a Mexican, there's Mexico.'' You're obviously taking his words out of context. Surely enough, I'm sure our president was dumb enough to say something like that too, right? Personally, you sound similar to that possible white supremacist/nationalist, so obviously what ever information you dispose to any of you will likely be skewed. It's not like you had anything positive to say about Latin American immigrants in this message. If those immigrants really believed that, why didn't they just stay in Mexico? Why didn't there president treat them better there? Why would they need this country?

Do you really believe stories like that teacher? Come on. We should call you Mr. Naive. If you hate Mexican immigrants so much, go be a loser and go on the border with a gun like one of the minute men. It will give you a hobby and possibly a life. When you realize you have no authority though, everyone else will be the one laughing. And the rest of the world will be laughing as they see your country crumbling - not because of Mexican immigrants, but because of our loser citizens who can't keep a stable currency or economy and vote presidents in who create unnecessary wars that help destroy our economy. And than give him low approval ratings and whine about it. If McCain becomes president, I'd seriously considering moving to Canada. A loser like him might be dumb enough to enforce a draft and I'd be the first one to tell you this is a country not worth fighting for - and if it was, I wouldn't die for such a stupid cause anyway (that was supposed to be for oil and our economy, but backfired).

''Most of these 40 million plus people are poor, most do NOT speak English and their children will group in an America where they will compete with native Americans over labor and service jobs at Wal-Mart, picking fruit, janitorial work, etc. The US is outsourcing it's major industries even tech jobs are going over seas. Many white kids are graduating with useless degrees like sports management or just partying through college so they'll be competing for these same jobs too.''

This is the cutest paragraph. It's actually funny. Get a marble notebook for these ideas. Native Americans exist in this country? Especially where Mexican immigrants live? Aren't all Native Americans like 1/32 white Americans who just try to feel special? lol Or Chuck Norris? Come on now. I could honestly tell you the only thing I see when I walk into Wal-marts is white trash, white trash and white trash. And occasionally a computer that's blocked so they you can't apply and take their jobs. And maybe a McDonalds and a dirty bathroom. The only ones with Native American blood that are applying for those jobs are those immigrants you talk about and occasional mid-western hillbillies.

Most of those 40 million+ people work in retail stores, drive trucks and get paid mediocre salaries. Most have 2 kids and are citizens of the United States. Most don't give a crap what delusional windbags think. Most don't have enough time to stir a pot and think about excuses for why our country is beginning to suck. You are right about one thing though, those partying European-American kids with useless degrees who don't know where Jupiter is are the reason why we can't go on vacation to expensive countries anymore.

Those immigrants don't have any allegiance to Mexico, because they don't have the money or time. They work just like me and you. What makes you think there such hate machines? If they hated this country so much, why would they want to come here in the first place? As you pointed out - our country isn't all that great anymore. They don't have to pledge allegiance to this country, because that's just how it will end up whether they like it or not.

Those immigrants are screwed for life. Not there kids though. Once your born here, you're as American as anyone else. Especially true with programs like Financial AID. You'd actually have to work hard to not be a loser - especially in a good state like California which most of is overwhelmingly educated and over-expensive. If you think people would voluntarily live like there parents, than you might need to second guess yourself. That's the whole reason why they left their countries.

This might shock you, but most never even heard of Mecha or Aztlan. I don't think anyone in the whole state of New Jersey ever heard of them either lol I think you're either thinking too much or sitting around too many hate groups - like white nationalists, who are ''scared'' of to what they believe is their competition.
Old 02-21-2008, 12:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Senator Palpatein View Post
Hispanic can mean mestizo. As hispanic is a term labeling someone who's a spanish speaking person. In social issues in mainstream America when the word hispanic is used it's meant to reference latino. How can you label this as fear-mongering when the facts are there in front of you?

I guess it's understandable you want to believe "all is well, there is peace and security". After all, most of America is consumed with getting their next entertainment fix. The news feeds you info on Britney's latest development in lieu of the outragous drop out rates and the F and MS 13 gangs, etc.
Would you even believe this if the government didn't implement this though? Maybe you should open your eyes up to see more as to how this issue is internationally viewed, rather than how it is in this country. Wouldn't that be a wise idea? ''Hispanic'', ''Latino'' or anything to unify Latin America doesn't exist in Latin America. They're equally as divided as any other continental region. It's a political tool that is designed to assimilate immigrants into mainstream America at a quicker rate with programs like Financial AID that could be created. If you don't believe me, go to a mall and see for yourself.

You'll probably see a Mexican-American girl (if you knew) going out with some typical European American guy who are both not just didn't grow up middle-class, but are in decent universities and have never heard or thought about half the things you have. No one thinks about half the things you brought up because they don't exist. They're radical ideals that don't go anywhere. Brainstorm about it in a basement all you want, but if you think they'll ever matter to 19 year olds like myself regardless of background, keep dreaming.
Old 02-21-2008, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Senator Palpatein View Post
If you have to ask what facts ...

With all due respect Blackknight you seem like someone who must watch TV and party all the time. Totally oblivious to what's happening.
The better question is what has brought you to the radical belief of all this? Likewise to yourself, I know there are problems - even if we look at this differently, but why are you over the top upon all this? Why doesn't anyone else see this the way you are? Why are you spreading non-factual propoganda like saying people of Latin American descent drop out twice as much as African-Americans, when indeed that isn't true and you provided no source to back yourself up with.

My feeling is that you have some sort of anxiety or phobia that was probably influenced by someone who wasn't yourself, and it probably leans towards the favoring of whiteness (even if you wouldn't say it). Even you really feel all of this is true, why would you even want to stay in this country? Why would you force yourself to endure such misery? Or do you deep down know you don't believe in half the crap you say, but would rather just feel remotely ''powerful'' by spreading your radical views?
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