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Old 04-12-2008, 02:25 PM
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Once upon a time, America welcomed and prudently controlled Western European immigration to strengthen our country with people who shared our values and work ethic.

Somewhere around the late 1970's and early 1980's, something changed and the focus shifted to Third World cheap labor with a propensity for violence and cultures so incompatible with ours that conflict and discord was ensured.

All controls and common sense were abandoned and it was, and has remained, like a feeding frenzy for greedy globalization of everything American. Nothing else seems to matter does it?

The Middle Class became an obstacle to be eliminated and the same is also true for every civilized European and Western country.

Consider....No significant Middle Class exists in Third World countries.

DIVERSITY AND GLOBALIZATION.... for whose benefit?

Throughout recorded history, Diversity has destroyed every country and culture that practiced it.

That is a fact.
It is not Politically Correct but then, the Truth is seldom, if ever, Politically Correct.

Just out of curiosity..... Who invented POLITICALLY CORRECT?
Probably the same ones who decided that RACIST was a pejorative and now yell Racist at us .....while they practice it themselves.

Racist is a pejorative only when it is convenient for those who want what others have.

The PRIMARY definition, according to the dictionary, for RACIST is >noun 1. the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race.

To take pride in who you are, in your culture, your country, your language and anything else that makes you unique is Racist and it is normal and natural for human beings in any group and country on this planet..

It is also necessary for survival. For when any culture or country ceases to protect and value themselves and begins a practice of uncontrolled diversity, it will soon cease to exist as a distinct and unique society. It will become a land of diverse enclaves on the road to oblivion.

May I direct your attention to all of the Enclaves that have sprung up among us and are spreading rapidly at an alarming rate.

I will not go into detail about all of the unprecedented number of Muslim Mosques all over America financed by Saudi Arabia.

Or the hundreds of Mexican Consulates , some even mobile that use our own Schools to issue Matricula Consular cards to both legal and illegal Mexicans.

REMEMBER...Presidente' Calderon said "Wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico."?

I digress.... You can look that up on your own at www.google.comhttp://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=Matricula+Consular

We are behaving like fools in trying to take care of the world all at the expense of the American people and the American culture.
Russia, Korea, the Muslims, Africa, etc. are all "Big Boys" and they've been around longer than us. Let them "have at it" with one another until they threaten American... then deck them!

America has compromised far too much since the early eighties.

We have placated, appeased, apologized and debased ourselves to point of embarrassment and the abandonment of our dignity.

We are giving away our country and all that sets us apart as if it were not precious and valuable enough to protect and perpetuate.

In doing so we have earned the derision, contempt and ridicule of the third world as it seeks to overwhelm and devour us.

We are no longer respected because we no longer value ourselves enough to require respect and compliance with our laws.

We extract no premium, we set no standards above mediocre for entry into our beloved country.

We allow the basest examples of humanity to enter our country with their incessant demands, degrading our educational system, destroying our medical facilities and debasing our society on every level.

We are no longer respected because we no longer command respect with our appeasement and apologies.

We would all do well to remember that.... what is free, what exacts no sacrifice or requirements is never considered as precious or desirable as that which we must earn, deserve or struggle for.

Our greedy Politicians are selling off our treasures, our country, our economic future, our heritage, and everything else as they grovel before the altar of Globalization and cheap third world labor.

That cheap labor pool inside America is called “immigration”.... outside of America it is called “outsourcing”.
A pig is a pig no matter what you call it..... it is still the rape and genocide of the American Middle Class and America's ability to be self-sufficient.

The American people are culpable because we are watching it happen. We acquiesce when we do nothing.

No one.... NO ONE single person or entity can stop the political mafia that has evolved unchecked in America.
Only a united, determined and righteously angry American populace can stop it.


If I declare... "The elected U.S. Government no longer represents the Majority of the American people." Will you call me a liar?

Whether those elected politicians and their respective parties act from greed, ego or a sense of entitlement no longer matters.

They serve a different master. They have betrayed their oath of office and their actions are treasonous.

The American people, UNITED, are the only ones who can put an end to this madness, this desecration and this ultimate demise of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The defining adjective "United" has become lost in the contrived dissension of party politics.
Is that an accident?

They probably do have a mandate to keep us, as American citizens irrespective of political party, from uniting together.

Division makes us easier to control until they have diluted our numbers to the extent of rendering us powerless, irrelevant and unnecessary.

At the rate the third world is flooding into America that should not take much longer.

I firmly believe that we cannot, we dare not...from this point onward, compromise in any way on legal or illegal immigration and remain a distinct people with a culture, history, language and identity of our own.

The TOP candidates we were given to choose from in the presidential election have been reduced to three, Any one of which will continue the destruction of our country at an accelerated pace and that’s no fairy tale.

What convoluted, subverted and unnecessarily complicated POLITICAL PRIMARY PROCESS accomplished this outcome and how did we get saddled with such a mess?
Who contrived it's inception? How did it evolve and why?

We blinked and there stood three examples of our worst nightmare for president.
Do you really suppose that the choices have not been selected for us?

Shift gears for a moment and take your mind back a bit in time.......

I remember where I was and what I was doing on September 11, 2001 and I'll wager you can say the same.

Think back to that day and then fast forward to Barack Hussein Obama.

What would you have said about this absurd development in 2001?

What would you have said about Keith Ellison taking his oath of office on the Koran?

What would you have said about all of the Mosques that have been built in America to accommodate 7-8 million Muslims many of whom arrived after 911?

I don't believe that on that day, any of us would have considered it possible for such idiocy to happen after 911.

If we do not unite against all odds and stop what is happening....we will have little to squabble about in the future for we will have lost our Republic and become irrelevant.

If any one of those candidates is elected..... Global business will dance with glee.

Hell, they have already choreographed the steps AND the foreign investors are avariciously deciding how to carve up our country for themselves.

Mexico is ecstatic! (No viagra needed there! Yes, I can say that because the commercials are on every channel at all times of the day. Wait until your grandchild asks you what E D is.)

Without exception, all of them consider that control of America is a DONE DEAL.

If it is a DONE DEAL... then.... consign America to your memory for she will soon exist no more as the America we created and so many fought and died for.

I didn't start out to be long-winded but, one thing just seems to lead to another doesn't it?

In the final analysis it doesn't matter much what any of us say.

Like anything else in life it is what we do that will count.

What are we going to do? ....Marge
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Old 04-12-2008, 08:56 PM
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WAAAAY to much post for me to digest..but I'm pretty sure the term was FIRST used in the 1960's, in a somewhat sarcastic tone (P.C., of course, in its ESSENCE, is always a little sarcastic, if you think about it).

George Orwell, way back in the 30's, actually "foresaw" something very close to PC, in the novel "1984", in which he used the term "newspeak", for the method by which "Big Brother" altered the present, by re-writing recent history, and using "softer" terms to mask the truth...pretty much EXACTLY what PC does.
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Old 07-14-2008, 07:56 PM
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A follow up.........

There is a book written by an international economist that was featured by Lou Dobbs and describes The War for Wealth: The True Story of Globalization, or Why the Flat World is Broken by Gabor Steingart of Germany.

He says that the Middle East, China, India, Korea and other Third World countries are not "trading partners" or "emerging Nations".
[SIZE=3]They are attacker Nations!
[/SIZE] [SIZE=3] [/SIZE]
Instead of bullets and bombs the weapons being used to destroy America and Western Europe are GLOBALIZATION and Free Trade.

This book is available on Amazon.com. I urge every American to read it...

The NAU, SPP and all of the other similar pacts, proposals and acronyms are promoting
what is being done in Europe with the European Union.

like most people on the Internet, I have received emails about a One World Order or One World Government. I deleted them as nonsense but, as time wore on I began to have doubts.......

Then, just recently, I watched a documentary on WWI on the History Channel and in the actual newsreels of that time, Woodrow Wilson was quite open in his plans for a "New World Order". That shocked me............. So I looked it up.

They have seriously been trying to do this crap for a long, long time. What arrogance.
First mention was 1773.

The "THEY" in all of this are the self-appointed elite world families who have openly formed dynasties in various governments, most especially America.

Look up Joseph Kennedy senior and read how he made his money, how he planned a political dynasty. Prescott Bush. Rockefeller. Look at the links and see how far back some of today's names go.

I really looked at the information at these links and it has upset me more than a little because, the stuff that is actually happening in our country all seems to facilitate this agenda.

[SIZE=2]New world order - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/SIZE][SIZE=2] The phrase "new world order" was explicitly used in connection with Woodrow Wilson's designs in the period just after World War I, during the formation of ... www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_world_order[/SIZE][SIZE=2]

[/SIZE][SIZE=2]A history of the New World Order — Part I[/SIZE][SIZE=2] The Illuminati seek to establish a New World Order. .... 1913 – President Woodrow Wilson publishes “The New Freedom” in which he reveals: “Since I entered ... http://www.michaeljournal.org/nwo1.htm

[/SIZE][SIZE=2]The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and The New World Order[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Woodrow Wilson was elected President in 1913, beating incumbent William .... They have all promoted the "New World Order," controlled by the United Nations. ...

Part II of this history is particularly interesting. i.e. [/SIZE][SIZE=2]United States :: Wilson's vision of a new world order ...[/SIZE][SIZE=2] The rise to world power. Woodrow Wilson and the Mexican Revolution .... America's role in the war, Wilson's vision of a new world order ... www.britannica.com/eb/article-77860/United-States[/SIZE][SIZE=2][/SIZE]
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Old 07-14-2008, 09:53 PM
Location: California
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We're getting closer
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Old 07-15-2008, 07:50 AM
1,861 posts, read 2,967,216 times
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It's what you call Fascism - the liberals can be just as fascist as anyone else. That's what happens in places where there is unrest - like Germany in the 30's. "Suddenly" (and it's of course not really sudden), everyone is told they can't say certain things.

And, since we now all live in a broken America, where patriotic rules don't apply, only elite rules (mostly regarding multiculturalism), that's what is happening to us.

We are in a dark time if, in this country, we have lost freedom of speech. And, that is just what is happening. It's an indication that we have lost our way.

I suppose it started with the late 60's, early 70's "movement" away from conservatism. And, I don't know why it happened, except that somehow, the timing was right, and we were kids (I was in college), and we tried to break down the old rules. We succeeded - some of it was good (more rights for women, ie) - and some was bad like the loss of freedom of speech.
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Old 07-15-2008, 07:56 AM
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Obama and mexicans invented Political correctness? That post was way too long and i don't want to lose valuable brain cells by reading that crap.
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Old 07-15-2008, 07:59 AM
Location: Maryland
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I believe PC was created to silence opposition to the deleterious agenda of our government and the corporate elite. Few relish the thought of being considered a racist, xenophobe, or a hater; which is precisely why this phenomenon has been so effective.
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Old 07-15-2008, 09:50 AM
Location: Wichita,Kansas
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I dont know who invented it but i would like to find the S.O.B
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Old 07-15-2008, 04:04 PM
7,020 posts, read 9,894,200 times
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Originally Posted by Benicar View Post
I believe PC was created to silence opposition to the deleterious agenda of our government and the corporate elite. Few relish the thought of being considered a racist, xenophobe, or a hater; which is precisely why this phenomenon has been so effective.
I couldn't have stated it any better or clearer. Wish I could rep you!
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