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Old 03-04-2010, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by monger316 View Post
I am in my mid-twenties and am from Seattle, Wa. I am moving to Bloomington to finally finish my education , settle down and be an adult. I am over Seattle, when I was in Indy I enjoyed myself and felt like it was the place for me. Everyone I meet talked to me , its inexpensive to live there compared to where I live nowand it seems like a great place to start over. Moreover, the dudes in your state are very different from the whiny, skinny jean wearing guys up here in the Pacific Northwest.
Are you kidding me???....Bloomington is FULL of skinny jean wearing indie/punk guys. And, most of them are cool as hell.
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Old 03-10-2010, 09:56 AM
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Default Indian Is It Similar To Wisconsin?

I live in Southern Wisconsin..been here for five years.. Actually.. I was researching Indians this morning.. because someone on tv last night.. said they live and love...Indian. I am orinally.. from the money making state of NJ as is the East Coast.. I have to agree.. with the person.. who said.. that "The Grass Is Always Greener On The Otherside".. I felt the same and still do about NJ.. because many reasons. I never felt a part of NJ..felt misplaced. I love..Wisconsin.. its clean.. beautiful.. a lot to do.. a lot of land preservation.. no car insurance.. yee ha.. However.. I was looking into Indiana or Kentucky.. can anyone tell me in more details about them? Indianas weather is just like Wisconsin.. But.. I like clean wholesome living myself... About Dallas are.. My brother lives in Texas outside of Houston.. I have been there twice.. "I hate Texas" Its the flattest state.. its not at all pretty. Wisconsin by far holds more beauty.. A lot ... I mean a lot of Mexicans there. Good Restraunts and a lot of shopping is all there is to do there and bars.. My brother works for the Houston Astro Dome.. the only reason he moved there is cost.. to raise a family and his wife had family there. No snow.. I will give it that.. but.. you can find sports bars and stadiums anywhere.. The heat is above and beyond any heat you could ever feel. I went In May twice.. May 2nd was 98 or above.. and I almost had heat stroke.. I was so... so...miserable.. with this heat. Wisconsins Summers are cool sometimes rainy.. but so..so..mild. I love the cooler weather.. But.. Texas would be my next to last pick .. up there with Florida. I hope.. you know what your doing.. Like every state.. maby you have just been in the wrong areas.. Not sure what you do for a living..but Sure.. Texas is a cheap cheap state to live in.. rent can be 400.00.. My dad use to live there before he died.. and he rented a whole house for that price.. But.. the heat can kill ya.. I had sun poising on my wrist and did not lay outside. Its not something .. I personal can get use to. When they had a thunderstorm.. because of the flatness of the state..which to me takes away from the beauty.. I like trees myself.... you could be lying in bed and hear the thunder like it was on the floor in your room.. and tornados.. Indiana and Wisconsin get them.. why move where they are again? Oregon and Washington area is absolutely gorgeous..my brother us to live in Seattle.. I would rather deal with the rain.. then tornados and heat waves. You cant do much outside in Texas because the summer heat is severe. There is no beauty there. Also.. I heard the Carolinas were nice.. and Savanna Ga.. Maryland. I can think of many .. more then Texas.. Good Luck

Originally Posted by BSL63087 View Post
I'm from New Albany which is next to Louisville, KY and I am somewhat suprised at how many people I talk to seem like they really love living around here. I'm not really posting this to rant or anything I'm just wondering what makes people like it so much? Is it something that I don't see or what? The cost of living is reasonable I guess but after seeing some other cities in other parts of the country, the Louisville area is far behind.

I am planning to move away to the Dallas/Fort Worth area within a year or two, likely permanantly. I grew up here and never liked it at all. I don't like the weather, it gets too cold in the winter time and the early spring and late fall are usually pretty much too cold too, making for about 5 months of cold weather. I don't mind the heat in the summer I just don't like the cold. Another reason is that I don't think there is much at all to do around here. I am a huge sports fan and hate not having any pro sports teams. Yeah you have U of L but A) I don't like them and B) I'm much more of a pro kind of person. The Bats are a joke to me although I would agree that they have made the best out of what they have. For triple A, the stadium is pretty nice. I just never did like it around here. Am I missing something or are the people too narrow minded to see that there are better places or maybe this is just where they are from and don't know any different?

I in no way am intending to offend anyone or start anything up... I'm just seeing if anyone else views it the way I do.
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Old 03-10-2010, 10:18 AM
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Default MN And Indiana


Its a small .. small world.. I wanted to ask you some particualr questions.. about MN.. and Indians.. I was born and raised in NJ.. although felt misplaced.. hated NJ and the expense of the East Coast.. never.. saw any beauty in my eyes.. untill.. I came to Wisconsin.. which is a lot ... like Indiana weather wise. There is a lot.. to do in Wisconsin.. you just have to make day trips and travel to do them. I was researching Indiana.. how did you get out there to see Indiana? What is there to do there. I love.. nature.. seen a picuture of one of those swinging bridges you walk on at a park and that blew me away. I am alone.. for now.. I live wholesome living..and real down home people and clean living ..that you don't find everywhere. I was on a train and went through Indiana on my way to Texas when my dad wad dying.. I met a woman and her teen daughter.. who were so... nice..and down to earth from Indiana .. that did not have to.. but they both consoled me and her daughters manners were something you don't even see today. I heard.. some parts were getting bad.. but.. I am sure like every state.. there are nicer and safer areas.. Wisconsin.. has one of the lowest crime states .. coming from NJ.. I was not use to that. I was wondering how you like MN .. I heard because they have 10,000 lakes the beauty is excellent.. jobs are plentiful.. and they even have a nature sanctuary school for kids.. I have no kids.. no one but me and my dogs. I save a lot on car insurance.. being from NJ.. I am sure you know what I mean there.. I can't even imagine how much in fees ..fines.. insurance.. and car repairs because of the inspection stations I paid out.. I came here.. it was another world.. I had money in my pocket and wasn't at all waiting on roads in traffic. No husstle busstly road rage here. You can have a highways to yourself .. hardly any car accidents.. However Wi.. an New Hampshire is the only two states left that require no car insurance.and I have no desire for the East Coast living anymore. How did you like MN and why didn't you decide to live there>? Also.. what is there to do in Indiana.. how are the jobs.. I will leave you my yahoo email.. since you grew up in NJ.. you get where I am coming from... I want to know more ..incase I decided to move to Indiana.. I heard Kentucky is nice to... please email me starrfillednights2007@yahoo.com.. Thanks Leah

Originally Posted by Kin Atoms View Post
I'm no expert by any means, and not even an Indiana resident yet, but I really can't wait to get to IN. I have lived in NJ for 35 years from birth, moved back and forth to CA and lived there for over 11 years, and spent a year in MN. IN is a great place to raise a family. From my short time there, the people are very down to earth, no facades, no misgivings, just really decent persons. On this forum, I think the native people go out of their way to be fair, open minded, and even handed. This is not an exercise in over-extending themselves as much as it is an experience in strong values and goodness. This is how people should be, not dreamed of being. Larger cities lose the personal touch and the true character of persons often gets hidden by the rush and anomie of urban experience.

Unfortunately, the weather in IN can't be changed unless you wait some years if you've been listening to Gore. If you are already bundled up by late August, and don't put away the down coat until May, you probably should move to warmer climates. My wife grew up in the tropics and believe it or not, California winters can be very harsh on her - her skin dries out, she wears parkas and down coats, and enjoys wool hats and scarves at 55 degrees. Individual differences in weather experiences are extreme among persons, and for you friend, go South or even Southwest, where it is warmer.

Regarding sports, I can't speak about it personally, but I think going to stadium experiences can get tiring over time and costly. Big screen TV's aren't all that, but they are as good as being there. There's probably a handful of players you'd like to see sweat, but for my beans, not enough to want to be in close proximity to many thousands of others, whose mingled sweat is a noxious, malevolent assault on olfaction.

Wherever you go, I wish you well, and like Dorothy, hope you find home. You raise some very valid points for yourself and your liking, and they are very real for you. With your attitude, you should find bliss wherever you land.
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Old 03-10-2010, 10:22 AM
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Smile Lousiville

Originally Posted by LouisvilleJake View Post
I am a native of California - and now live in Chicago, and I cannot wait to move back to Louisville.

If you're not happy in New Albany, Indiana then you need to pull up stakes and move to a place that makes you happy - but just because you don't love it doesn't mean other people who do are "narrow minded" or don't know better. I've lived from coast to coast, and I've adopted Louisville because I think it is an amazing city.

Hopefully Dallas will be all you think and more!

How did you like Chicago.. and you mentioned living your life in California.. why did you move to Chicago..? Did you visit Indiana before? What is there to do there? My cousin lives in Chicago.. I live in Wi.. which is a great state.. but.. I never been to chicago? What makes Louisvilel amazing... please.. share.. Thanks
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Old 03-10-2010, 10:26 AM
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Thumbs up Arizona

Originally Posted by dodeca View Post
I think it really depends on your phase in life. When I was just out of college, I wanted to be anywhere but Indiana. I moved to rural Arizona, then Japan, and then traveled on the cheap all over the world. I can't imagine my life without those experiences, but now that I'm back in the Midwest, I'm very content. I live in Indianapolis now, and while there are some things I wish Indy had (like more local shops, mass transit and a pedestrian atmosphere), I've learned that I love the landscape, and that the city is good for cycling. I can't comment much on Dallas, but if that is the place that seems to be drawing you, then you should give it a chance. Twenty years from now, I think it would be awful to be still in Louisville, hating it, and wondering "what if?" you'd moved to Dallas. You might be very happy there; you might be very miserable. Good luck with your decisions - and your move?

Dodeca.... How is Phoenix? I hear many who aren't interested in living in CA.. live in Arizona.. or New Mexico.. WOW.. wonderfull.. that you had the opportunity to travel... I am looking into Indiana or Kentucky.. I do need shops.. malls.. and small quaintness..and love the beauty of nature.. Wisconsin has all the above.. I just want to make sure.
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Old 05-20-2010, 09:43 PM
Location: Phoenix
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I was born and raised in Indiana. Spent some younger years around Northern and Central Ohio. I lived mostly in Center Indiana and some Nothern, I wanted to leave Indiana at the age of 30. I left and moved west 1700 miles away. I moved back fora short time and then back west 1700 miles away. I love it here. I also am torn between moving back obn=nce agailn. Closer tyo my family. Thats the only part of Indiana I miss. My family. Children and a grandchild I have yet to seen in person. She is now 2. My sonx=s and daughter I am missing so much and it is really tearing at my mind and my heart. Although I love it here I fear I have lost my family due to my journey of moviong so far away from everyting in Indiana.
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Old 05-29-2010, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by DennisDerrick View Post
Don't forget racing. Indy 500, NASCAR, NHRA Drag racing. If you like to go fast, this it the place to be. Just drive on I465.
I laughed & had to reply to this one! One time I was downtown INDY at the State Museum doing research. When we left I accidently got on I65 & was forced onto I70... in about 3 minutes I was on the East side to I 465. I said NO WAY am I going to Ohio today... & closed my eyes (not really) and forced my way to an off ramp so I could go North. It was 4pm & boy! did those people wanna get home & FAST! LOL!

More recently we went took someone to the INDY airport & on the way back due to construction got forced onto a loop that went downtown. Good thing we didn't care where we went because again it was quitting time & it was a fast ride. LOL!
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Old 08-10-2010, 04:25 PM
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my husband and I are from the state of Louisiana...we lived in a little farming community for nearly 15 yrs in a little town in Arkansas then got the opportunity to move to Plymouth Indiana where my husband worked for a company in Knox In...we lived two yrs in Plymouth & bought a home on Randolph Drive...I loved loved loved it there and miss it like crazy...my husband had the opportunity to move bk to Louisiana to get bk into the grain business and both of us are wishing every single day that we had not moved from up there...I miss it so much and would give my eye tooth to be able to move bk....Wonderful Area:-)Missing Indiana:-(
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Old 08-11-2010, 10:36 AM
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I have always lived somewhere in Indiana and love it. It's affordable and wonderful to raise a family. Columbus is great - close to Indy, Cincy and Louisville. It has it's own good things to offer too. I guess you haven't found the right place yet. Everyone has a right to their opinion though. There are much more $$$$$$ out there.
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Old 10-11-2010, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Murong67 View Post
I have always lived somewhere in Indiana and love it. It's affordable and wonderful to raise a family. Columbus is great - close to Indy, Cincy and Louisville. It has it's own good things to offer too. I guess you haven't found the right place yet. Everyone has a right to their opinion though. There are much more $$$$$$ out there.
Exactly.. It's affordable(b/c there are no good paying jobs!) and a wonderful place to raise a family, (b/c it is so conservative and family oriented).. However if you are a single professional looking to get a start in life, don't want kids, or an empty nester, DO NOT move here..unless one, you are a farmer, two, you enjoy working in a factory for peanuts, or three, you enjoy being on welfare. I have lived here my entire life and struggled every day since I graduated w/ a bachelor's degree almost 10 years ago. Indianapolis is a wide spread out area with a very low Population per square mile..which amounts to an empty, ugly and depressing atmosphere!! You dont see people out walking, jogging, playing.. etc.. Its very recluse and very fat.. the 8th Fattest state in the country! It consists of high inner-city crime, with rundown housing, and the suburbs consist of empty, rundown areas except for one county to the north where EVERYONE wants to go..so it is jam packed. I have lived in alot of different places, including Indianapolis and nomatter where you live its always the same old song and dance. Undereducated people who cannot and will not appreciate intelligence. Generally speaking of course. When you get into the bigger cities in Indiana, or the college towns, of course there will be the exception to the rule. Most of the exceptions are people who are here from other places for a job.. or here to get an education from a far off place, if only for a temporary time. I have read most of the posts here some 40 pages worth and the dominant theme tends to be people who have moved and say they will NEVER move back! The posts will speak for themselves. Here's the thing.. Small town = Small mind.. Most of Indiana is small towns. Over 30 percent of Indianapolis workforce commutes to the city from a small outlying town to work.. this is b/c there are no jobs in these small towns and they do it out of necessity. It is LARGELY Republican, Lutheran, pentacostal, conservative, , Uneducated, Blue Collar, Rural, and Self indulgent. If an outsider were to speak intelligently about any subject other than "Deer Hunting, basketball, football, Nascar, or how your "kids" are doing in Sports" then you will be looked at confusingly and people will think you are "weird"! You then will be ostracized!! Most people in the small towns drive huge loud trucks and suv's that suck gasoline and bumper stickers that read "city boys ain't ****!" , and they cannot appreciate a worldly perspective. Differentness, individuality, and intelligence will not be respected or rewarded in Indiana. Everything is political and you will only get a good paying job if you are of noble birth which means your great grandfather also worked for the same company.. So people get jobs because of their last name and for no other reason.. case in point..the Director of the State DMV was just arrested for "exposing" himself to a plain clothes officer in an Indianapolis downtown bar!! Why would a jackass like this be able to be in such a high paid, high profile position? Well could happen anywhere I guess.. just funny how often this type of thing happens here!
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