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Old 04-01-2007, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by blakeb99 View Post
I will be moving to the midwest soon and am possibly looking at Iowa. I am wondering from the people who live there how it is? Do they have as much cold weather and mosquitos as their neighbor minnesota? how are the roads and stuff? is traffic a problem there?
I agree with some of the others. I live in southeast Iowa and if I were you I would go west. The weather is the worst in the world. Cold in the winter and muggy muggy muggy in the summer. The mosquitos will carry you off. The worst part is that there are a lot of ignorant people here.
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Old 04-04-2007, 11:46 AM
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Well sorry to here that, but you don't need to be a f***ing pr***k about it. Glad ur gone because its people like u that give us a bad name. Iowa is nice, maybe the reason people didn't like u is because ur pompous a**hole and very rude? Think about that?
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Old 04-04-2007, 07:15 PM
Location: Minnesota..California Dreamin'
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Originally Posted by tallsally View Post
I agree with some of the others. I live in southeast Iowa and if I were you I would go west. The weather is the worst in the world. Cold in the winter and muggy muggy muggy in the summer. The mosquitos will carry you off. The worst part is that there are a lot of ignorant people here.
Well, I think the weather is not the worst in the world, I disagree there. It goes hot/cold so much. But it was in the 70s where I live in Iowa in late March- Nice. I just think the weather changes all the time. Thus, if you don't like it, you might like it tomorrow. I love Iowa summers- they are hot and sunny. The ignorant people is a bit more on target.
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Old 04-06-2007, 07:09 PM
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Default For Cactus Sam

I want to reply to Cactus Sam's posting and no, I am not a Christian-Iowan. It's funny that what he described about the people, the meth labs, the lack of law, and the house markets, but guess what? That is exactly what I see too, but in CALIFORNIA! Yeah, you read it right, California! I commend you FarmBoy82 because I deal with people like that all the time in California and that's why I want out.

Today I live in California and am looking to move to Iowa (among other states) because my wife and I do not have 1.5 kids and my wife stays home. Almost everyone in Cali has 1.5 kids, drives Benz and BMWs, and lives in condos for 4k a month. That to me, is total vanity and selfishness and I can't live with that. We are looked upon like freaks since we decided to have five children and I'm only 29. So I'm hick-bound. Haha. That's why I want out. Oh and this too...

If Cactus Sam, while in Iowa, was shot at on the freeway, or saw road rage turning into fights on the side of the road, or was hit by a drunk driver, or saw drunk drivers every night on the road, or had drugged out folks wondering around in his yard, or had cars running him off the road into oncoming traffic because of road rage, or had a city with an all time low of police employment, or commuted for 90 minutes one way to work with 40 minutes of stop and go over 5 miles of pure madness, or bought a home (more like a stucco hut - 1700 sq ft) for 400K two years ago that is now 30k less in value, or had his kids in the worst schools around (drugs, as in crack, at middle school), or got broken into and ripped off AND if he had all of this happen to him in Iowa then I say he had a pretty bad time in Iowa. But just a minute; all of that has happened to me, and in a "good" part of California so not in the major city areas like LA or San Diego, actually right between those two cities. So it was supposed to be "nice". It's not. Well the builders that sucker you into an over priced home say it's a "nice" part of Cali.

Listen, bad stuff is everywhere. Not just Iowa but in California where this guy moved to...

On a side note (this is good). I visited some family in Denver (I’m originally from Colorado thank God) and I noticed something in Colorado. I didn't experience one road rage driver or inconsiderate driver no not one time in three weeks. Amazing. Then, and I kid you not, five minutes into the California boarder I had three near accidents NOT my fault. Idiots on cells phones in big trucks and racer cars with too much pride than they know what do to with....

Last edited by Malcolm; 04-06-2007 at 08:04 PM..
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Old 04-08-2007, 05:26 PM
Location: Iowa
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Iowa has it's advantages. The cost of living, the low unemployment rate, lower property taxes than a lot of other places.

My DH and I moved from Northern Cali to SE Iowa, took our first and last months rent and deposit and put a downpayment on a home. Our income is at least four times higher in Iowa than in California. The school district we live in is good.

With that said, I'm not crazy about Iowa. It smells funny. Hogs and cows and fertilizers not to mention the wafting aroma of road kill. I hate ice and snow, in Cali the roads are closed if it snows. I think I'm finally used to the incredible humidity in the summer. It's nothing that my C/A can't handle. The people can be very standoffish when they find you're not a native although with a positive attitude there is nothing one can't overcome.

I feel pretty blessed to be where we are in life. I am certain we could not have achieved the goals we have in California. Homeownership of not one but TWO homes, nice cars, nice toys, etc.

In the long run it doesn't matter how people react to you, it matters how you react to them. People are people no matter where you find them.
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Old 04-10-2007, 01:56 PM
Location: Chicago
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Everything sounds great. I'm in Illinois and everything is just opposite.Higher taxes,Unemployment Rates, Crime. I cant wait to get there. Thanks for the important views.
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Old 04-13-2007, 01:10 AM
Location: central California
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Default There is no Callifornia, from an Iowa native....now living in California

When I left Iowa in 1964, with a sign in the back window of my Chevy that read, California or Bust, I passed a billboard outside of Des Moines that read, 'There is no California'. Well, there is and I have loved most of it till lately. It's getting harder to keep up... The climate if fabulous, the people are wildly open-minded, imaginative, and, sometimes very unique.But traffic is horrific, home prices are sooo high, people are pretty nice, but not so easy to run into very often so you get to know them.....do do I miss Iowa? You betcha!
I miss lightning bugs, thunderstorms rolling over the horizon, the incredible smell of new mown alfalfa hay, the picnics in the yard, the ponds and trees and birds....The older people who looked out for you when you walked to school.....ice skating on back yard ponds of frozen water or better yet, on country ponds or creeks outside our small hometown church....hot chocolate after a few minutes of being outside, the incredible beauty of ice storms and those first heavy snowfalls, even in the city, under the streetlights, it can be so beautiful. Sledding down a small hill, having our dog pull us across the ice. It did not take long to get frost-bitten toes. In the summer, the 7 year locusts rang from the trees like miniature chainsaws....we played with garter snakes and tadpoles.. We told ghost stories under the trees, on streetcorners, all within a block from home with the neighborhood kids.
I think what has changed is us, as adults, because all we see is the trouble with things. I no longer get homesick, because now that I am older, it is called nostalgia. Drugs have ruined things, tv and com****r games, and many other things. It is probably not safe to let kids ride their bikes to the edge of town to catch frogs and tadpoles is it? Iowa used to be a wonderful place to grow up, hot or cold....I still have the memories in my head; guess I'll never be able to go back home, but you never know. I think I'm beginning to see the child in me again, as I get older. Slowng down is starting to look good....Maybe I'll just settle into one of those old, decrepit houses, fix it up, and start looking for lightning bugs again.....Life is what you make it. Though I don't love the smell of pigs, I do like farms and quiet, country gravel/dirt roads, and church potlucks.....It's like someone said, there are trade offs.
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Old 04-13-2007, 01:23 AM
Location: central California
114 posts, read 370,365 times
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Default Nostalgia, part 2

Riding horses down country roads, from farm to farm, and stopping at a stranger's house for a glass of water and getting it, for myself and my horse....swimming said horse in a shallow pond.....trying to outrace a storm on said horse before the thunder and lightning blended together, which meant the lightning was close....
Bundling up for a snowball fight with the neighbor kids, building snowmen (and even a new snowhorse once in awhile)
Picking lilacs on the way home from school....potluck dinners at the relatives after church.....hearing train whistles from a distance.....reading books on a rainy day....
I'm sure I'm boring everyone with this stuff, but maybe focusing on the nice things, might make any place feel like a good place to be...I once lived in some 'bad' parts of town, but I did not have to stay...just packed up a few things and took a bus to another place, until I found just the right spot., once I was old enough, of course, to make a living...I am looking for that new place again, soon, for our slowing down years. California has served its purpose....not sure where to go next, but I want it a little more like the small towns of my childhood.
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Old 04-13-2007, 09:36 AM
Location: central California
114 posts, read 370,365 times
Reputation: 57
All this nostalgia being said, the weather is a big issue. If you have to work, and most of us do, driving is dangerous and now, expensive, so most of us have to live near our work. As an adult, we have to get out everyday and work, in the snow, ice, or heat, and that is why I left, and may stay away from Iowa or anywhere in the midwest. Out here, we get over 300 sunny days a year, and even when it's overcast, it's usually nice. Freezing pipes and water are rare and far between. Traffic may be slow, but nothing like when there is a pile-up from icy conditions. Or just starting your car! I remember having to put a light bulb near the battery so it would start in the morning, or take a bus to work.
Things have changed politically also, (much more multi-cultural now, and this might be affecting some of the older locals). Economically, it is harder to make ends meet on the low wages, even if the housing is run-down in some neighborhoods. I know there are newer housing tracts everywhere, insulated and expensive. When I left, wages were about 1.25 an hour entry level, without a degree. Rent a house, about $50 a month, or buy one for $15,000 and up, and a car was at the most, $3,000. Each of the above items are now at least ten times as much, except wages. You can hardly get $10 a hour out here, and if you get this or more, guess what, part-time, no benefits. It's a different world.
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Old 04-13-2007, 10:01 AM
Location: Texas!!
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Default Living in Iowa

Des Moines, IA:
7.9% Foreign born (3.1% Latin America, 2.6% Asia, 1.6% Europe

White Non-Hispanic (79.6%)
Black (8.1%)
Hispanic (6.6%)
Other race (3.5%)
Two or more races (2.2%)
Other Asian (1.6%)
Vietnamese (1.1%)
American Indian (0.8%)
If you enjoy living where there is little diversity and little to no culture, then Iowa is your state! I was born in Iowa and lived there for 31 years. I KNOW Iowa! IT SUCKS! Bitter cold winters (the snow and salt on the roads can ROT a brand new car in two or three years), HORRIBLE roads (the constant freezing and thawing of the ground MANGLES them), and those of you who think Iowa summers are hot and muggy, rest assured--ya'll got it easy. I live by Houston, TX...ya'll don't know what hot and muggy is!

From my MANY years in Iowa,there are two classes of people...the yuppie who believes they are better than you & ignores he who works for a living, and the regular folk who have earned respect, and yet, the yuppy just looks down their nose at them. I have lived in the FABULOUS state of Texas for almost 4 years. I have been back to Iowa only once in those 4 years and I am nearly 100% sure it will be the LAST time I go back! The dullness of that state has not changed, nor has the absence of 'real people'. Both are still intact. (If anyone tries to make me move north of the Texas border, I hope they come prepared for a fight!)

I believe the worst thing about Iowa is when you walk into a place of business and the first thing you notice is the smell of MANURE because a farmer has just walked in before you and he has tracked mud and cow/hog CRAP all over the carpet!! IOWA IS THE LAND OF THE WHINING FARMER. Too much rain, not enough rain, corn prices too low, propane prices too high, so broke he can't afford to pay attention, yet still found enough money to 'socialize' at the bar 5 of 7 nights this week...he will *itch all the way to his brand new pick-up then show you the navigation system and 8 bazillion dollar add-ons he HAD to have! Ain't nothin I miss about that state. Once you live there long enough, the drama and cliques are no different than the dynamics of high school. Gossip may very well be the number one sport there, tho no one would care to admit it! Not sure where you had thought about moving TO in Iowa, but unless you are in a 'city', boredom could cause you to gouge your own eyes out!

The education system in Iowa IS top-notch, I will say that. My daughter was at least 3 grades ahead of where her class started teaching down here. Her class in Iowa was about 60 students...she will graduate in Texas in a class of over 800! The town where she went to school when we first moved here had very few students who went on to college without a sports scholarship. Kids generally graduate and work for one of the factories in town (usually the same plant one or both parents are employed).

I never realized just how little I knew about "real life" until I moved here. Iowa is SO SHELTERED! My kids may never see snow again, but what they experience here that they could NEVER experience in Iowa is worth it!

As a whole, I am really glad to get out of the state where it is impossible to make a wrong turn...look at a satellite map of Iowa--it is, for the most part, a GRID! If you turn left instead of right, just go to the next intersection and make three more left turns and you are back where you started! Talk nasty about Texas and you got yourself a fight...talk nasty about Iowa and, chances are, you are within earshot of someone who agrees with you! Wish I'd have had the nerve to make this move 15 years ago! As a whole, I have found friendlier and more genuine people down here. Iowans keep to themselves and I have found that you have to dig through a whole lot of phony to find a genuine person in Iowa. When you find that one, ask where they are originally from, because the answer won't be Iowa. For some reason, Iowans are more worried about APPEARANCES.

Just my experiences here...take what you want and leave the rest!! Good luck with your decision and may fate take you to a state that has SOMETHING to offer!
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