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Old 10-02-2011, 01:50 PM
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justify this...............

The White House condemned the conviction and possible death sentence for an Iranian pastor who refuses to renounce his Christian faith on Thursday, saying the execution would further demonstrate Iranian authorities "utter disregard" for religious freedom.

Youcef Nadarkhani, 32, who maintains he has never been a Muslim as an adult, has Islamic ancestry and therefore must recant his faith in Jesus Christ, the 11th branch of Iran's Gilan Provincial Court has ruled. Iran's Supreme Court had ordered the trial court to determine whether Nadarkhani had been a Muslim prior to converting to Christianity.
White House Condemns Possible Execution Of Iranian Pastor | Fox News

Tell me again about your peaceful and loving religion...............

Old 10-02-2011, 01:53 PM
Location: Logan Township, Minnesota
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Originally Posted by Asheville Native View Post
justify this...............

White House Condemns Possible Execution Of Iranian Pastor | Fox News

Tell me again about your peaceful and loving religion...............
This is already an ongoing discussion.

Look here:http://www.city-data.com/forum/relig...islam-die.html
Old 10-03-2011, 11:15 AM
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Default OK, different country, same wonderful peaceful religion...

And yet again the religion of peace shows how peaceful it can be..........

Will you ask Pakistan to release this mom sentenced to die for believing in Jesus? - Beliefnet News
Old 10-03-2011, 12:31 PM
Location: Brooklyn
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Hmm...the White House says that executing this man would further demonstrate Iran's "utter disregard" for religious freedom.

But...but...since when does Iran care what it demonstrates to any other country, let alone the United States? (And if the first demonstrations of their disregard for religious freedom weren't sufficient, what makes this one so special?)
Old 10-03-2011, 03:34 PM
Location: Metromess
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Originally Posted by Fred314X View Post
Hmm...the White House says that executing this man would further demonstrate Iran's "utter disregard" for religious freedom...
Indeed. I'd say further demonstrations are unnecessary.
Old 10-03-2011, 08:33 PM
Location: Logan Township, Minnesota
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Originally Posted by Asheville Native View Post
And yet again the religion of peace shows how peaceful it can be..........

Will you ask Pakistan to release this mom sentenced to die for believing in Jesus? - Beliefnet News
As I am not in Pakistan I do not know how the people of Pakistan are justifying this. Even the President of Pakistant is opposed to it.

The minister assured the minorities that the government will take the necessary steps to ensure that the law is not misused against them. Protests by Islamic parties began when President Asif Ali Zardari announced his intention to pardon Asia Bibi, a Christian sentenced to death on false charges. The government had previously indicated their willingness to amend the law, and had formed a committee for this purpose, headed by Minister for Minorities Shabahz Bhatti.

The majority of the Pakastan people are in favor of free expression by non-Muslims.

As many as 69 percent of Pakistanis believed that Christians in Pakistan should be allowed to construct churches for worship, a survey said on Friday.
SOURCE (http://www.daily.pk/nearly-70-pakistanis-support-christians-to-build-churches-in-pakistan-14350/ - broken link)

There is no justification, if it as reported.

I have no explanation as to why this is happening. This is not in accordance with Islam and definitely not in agreement with the Hanafi Madhab of shariah.
Old 10-04-2011, 08:49 AM
Location: Saudi Arabia
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Originally Posted by Asheville Native View Post
justify this...............

White House Condemns Possible Execution Of Iranian Pastor | Fox News

Tell me again about your peaceful and loving religion...............

look, I see this news is Very ridiculous that you or fox news attributing to Islam

how is that!!!

Government of Iran does not follow the teachings of Islam,it Follows the wrong Shiite legacies

No right to forced anyone to leave his religion at all

Allah said in Quran " There is no compulsion in religion"

that's it
Old 10-10-2011, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Asheville Native View Post
justify this...............

White House Condemns Possible Execution Of Iranian Pastor | Fox News

Tell me again about your peaceful and loving religion...............
And every other religion is a bastion of tolerance and love? Get off your high horse.
Old 10-10-2011, 03:51 PM
Location: 30-40N 90-100W
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Originally Posted by Aganusn View Post
And every other religion is a bastion of tolerance and love? Get off your high horse.
Asheville is pretty equal-opportunity and bashes Christians too. I don't know if he does much on how "bad" non-Abrahamic religions are, but that might just be lack of interest not actual acceptance of their existence.
Old 10-10-2011, 07:07 PM
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Originally Posted by zeinab View Post
pace be upon you
yes, i say like what my sster said_ there is no compulsion in religion_ this is what allah said in the holy coran.He says: There is no compulsion in religion shows majority of the canceled [al-Baqarah: 256
[LEFT] [RIGHT][/RIGHT] So is the religious freedom of non-Muslims in a state of Islam. [/LEFT]
Islam has given freedom to the people in their beliefs, if subjected to the rule of Islam is not a pagan from the Arabian Peninsula, this does not free him, and except for this, what people knew a place to feel safe when their religion is the land of [RIGHT].[/RIGHT] Islam . [RIGHT]، .[/RIGHT] The evidence is clear, is that where open land where the Muslim religion and found the remains of the people of this religion are present, even though Muslims who hate their subjects to convert to their religion, as did others to find this phenomenon. [RIGHT][/RIGHT] You do not find such a single Muslim in Spain with the Muslims where they were thirty million, while you find Christians in the Levant so far from the remains of Christians first, and find the Jews, is still non-Muslims are the majority in India with the Muslims ruled eight hundred years, and so repeated phenomenon everywhere[LEFT] [/LEFT]
T] I once tried to Sultan Selim I take the children of Christians and bring them up on Islam, Muslim scholars stood in front of the opposition, and declared that this may not be altered for his idea.
:[/RIGHT] And read the treaties between Muslims and others across open land, he found Saad was Muslim and tolerance, and learned that the call of Islam did not take its way into the hearts only through persuasion and good treatment, and belief in the values ​​great in this religion, and read the text of the treaty started between the Christians of the Levant, between Omar find this meaning is clear and the text of the treaty:
[RIGHT]" [/RIGHT] "In the name of God. This is what gave Abdullah Omar of the faithful people of Elia security to secure for themselves and their churches and crosses, and saheeh and honor her and other Mmeltha they do not inhabit their churches not to demolish or break one of them nor of crosses and none of their money, do not hate their religion does not the harm done to one of them, or live Elia one of the Jews. and the people of Elia to give the people of the cities, and they have to get out of the Romans and thieves, it comes out of them it is safe to himself and his money until they Momenhm and established them is safe and it like to Elia of the tribute, and I like Elia of the tribute, and love of Elia to walk by himself and his wealth with the Roman and disclaims allegiance and their cross, they are safe to themselves and their allegiance and their cross until they Momenhm, and was where the people of the land it is willing them sat and was like what the people of Elia of the tribute, and willing, he returned to his land, and that is not taken them something to reap their harvest and what in this book, God's covenant and discharged edema His Messenger r and edema caliphs edema faithful believers, when they gave that to them of tribute, has seen to that of the prophet - God bless them - Khalid ibn al-Walid - may God bless him - and Amr ibn al-Aas - may Allah be pleased with him - and Abdul Rahman bin Auf - may Allah be pleased with him - and Muawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan - may Allah be pleased with him - ". [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] And read the certificate of non-Muslim population saw the confirmation of that.
[RIGHT]:[/RIGHT] According to the Patriarch (Aicho Aaah) in 656 AH:
[RIGHT]" " .[/RIGHT] "The Arabs, who allowed him time to control the world as you know, treat us fairly."[RIGHT]" .[/RIGHT] Makarios said Boutrak Antioch: "Adam is building a state-Turk immortal forever. They take what forced it from the tribute would not have religions of their subjects, whether Christians or Jews or Nasserites Samaria."
[RIGHT].[/RIGHT] Arnold says: Even Italy was where the people are looking forward to a great Turkish so that they might enjoy their subjects also received by the freedom and tolerance, who despaired of enjoyment under any Christian government.[RIGHT].[/RIGHT] He says: It happened that the Jews fled Alospainaon oppressed masses in the huge resort not only to Turkey at the end of the fifteenth century.
[RIGHT]...[/RIGHT] Says Richard Sabre of the sons of the sixteenth century: While the Turks are generally the people of the fiercest people ... [RIGHT]" .[/RIGHT] Allowed for Christians of all the Greeks, whom the Latins to live a conservative on religion, and disbanding their own conscience how they like it that gave them their churches to perform their sacred sites in Constantinople and in many other places too, while I can assure the right of the evidence of twelve years I spent in Spain we are not forced to view their performances papacy, but we are in danger of our lives and our predecessors. "
[RIGHT].[/RIGHT] Even the tribute , which is part of a symbol of subordination to the Sultan of Islam, is one of the last symbol on religious freedom , Valdzeh this side imposed on nationals of the Islamic State of non-Muslims, in return for protection and non-participation in wars, and in the ultimate justice, as the fighting in Islam is fighting contract, which is fighting Muslim fighting but inspired by his faith and his conversion to Islam, and for his Lord and his religion. [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] If we asked our nationals from non-Muslims to fight the Arabs are with us in this case force them to fight for the doctrine do not believe in, and the ultimate injustice, especially if the fight against the religion themselves. [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] Valdzeh permission of this aspect in favor of those nationals, and an integral part of their freedom, with evidence that it happened in Islamic history that NASA is not involved in the armies of the Muslims Muslims Muslims Vosagt them tribute.
[RIGHT].[/RIGHT] Even a heavy sanction imposed by Islam on apostates from Islam is death, the death penalty for non-Muslim minorities in the land of the Islamic side. [RIGHT].[/RIGHT] The non-Muslim when he knows that his choice to enter Islam, but if the input and output, his recompense is murder, it makes him think a lot before his conversion to Islam after studying it presents a long and full conviction.
[RIGHT][/RIGHT]Compare this freedom given to non-Muslims in Islamic territory, in their beliefs and religions, including other people do new and old to force the human to change his faith, or killed or imprisoned, or tortured or persecuted, or impose specific ideology, it embraced and adopted, or not to allow him to study religion and his doctrine, or transmitted between them and enables the deeds. religion, and find the tragedies and accidents raise Hjn rights. [RIGHT].[/RIGHT] But if I studied Islamic history. [RIGHT][/RIGHT] You do not find a single incident like this and these are examples of the work of non-Muslims:
[RIGHT]:[/RIGHT] The author of the book revealed effects in the stories of the Prophets of Israel, a Christian book author:
[RIGHT]1 – [/RIGHT] - is the Emperor Constantine to cut off the ears of the Jews and the evacuation to different regions, then ordered the Roman emperor in the fifth century that the Jews out of Alexandria, which was Momenhm .. [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] And ordered the demolition of their churches.[RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] And the prevention of worship and not to accept their testimony, and not force the will recommended that one of them in one of his money, and when he protested against the looting and killing all their money a lot (page 27).
[RIGHT]2 – [/RIGHT] - The Jews of the town Antaouh the captured after they became overwhelmed, cut off the members of the other and killed another, and evacuated the remaining all, and the injustice of the Roman Emperor Jews in the whole kingdom, and expelled them and stirred other nations to such treatment Fathmiloa this injustice from Asia to the maximum extent in Europe. [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] Then after a period assigned in Spain to accept a condition of three. [RIGHT].[/RIGHT] To accept Christianity, but if they refuse their consent to be locked, but they refuse to evacuate for both home and like it happened in France (p. 29).
[RIGHT]3 – [/RIGHT] - Among the laws issued by the Catholics. [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] May not be eating with the Jews and their children should be removed, including the education of Christian education (p. 29).
[RIGHT]4 – [/RIGHT] - has been proven historically that the Jews were evacuated from France seven times (pp. 30-31).
[RIGHT]5 – [/RIGHT] and happened to them in Austria, Spain and Britain of killing and Tr and forced a lot, have been evacuated Edward I, King of Britain more than fifteen thousand of the Jews after looting their money (p. 32).
[RIGHT].[/RIGHT] The Thomas Newton in his book about the prophecies of the Scriptures that Christians, when they opened in Jerusalem of the Crusades killed more than seventy thousand Muslims.
[RIGHT].[/RIGHT] We say: Muslim, when the city recovered after a long time did not kill a human being, one after the opening.
[RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] The King Louis atheist tenth in 1724 a law which he says: that Catholicism alone is authorized and the other religions Vdzaahm works for life, and every preacher calling to the Catholic religion is reward for death.
[RIGHT].[/RIGHT] Killed in the massacre in France and one a famous massacre Brocolmaws Thirty-one thousand of the Protestants.
[RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] And killed the Inquisition burned with fire, about two hundred and thirty thousand, and those who were killed by the sword and bales of torture, the creation of many such non-Muslims, while Muslims have stated that he remained in Spain from the thirty million Muslims, one Muslim, all of them betrayed them, it is dead or long arms or disliked the change religion.[RIGHT]r .[/RIGHT] The rights given full freedom in faith is his choice and not force him to change his religion by any mode of coercion, the fruit of Mohammed the Messenger of Allah r. [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] What was to be no revelation. [RIGHT][/RIGHT] The Arabs are the people of this harsh, could have a role in the event of victory like the Tatars, who from a distance. [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] Mass murder, and literacy of civilization, but the Arabs to the contrary.[RIGHT] r .[/RIGHT] Appeared on the stage of history's greatest examples of compassion and tolerance with the subjugated peoples, and this is not the morals of the original without the call of God and the religion of Allah and Muhammad the Messenger of Allah r.
[RIGHT][/RIGHT] Indeed, the process of continuous Jihad, and the many sacrifices made ​​in order to bring the world to God's authority, giving the individual the freedom to stay or move him to his religion to Islam, the religion of Allah the right to the full evidence of the conviction that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah r.
[RIGHT][/RIGHT]Those who think that the place of prophecy is incompatible with the just war , completely reversed their views. [RIGHT][/RIGHT] The prophets and the war alone is reasonable in the world, that human life does not add up only to the law of God and His law. [RIGHT][/RIGHT] What the world was not subject to the authority of God, the world is torn apart by including it at the time the whims of human beings, but if subjected to God's authority of His servants the righteous of the righteous, and the law of God, the goodness, as we do not mean to subject human beings to God's authority to force them to engage in the religion of God.
[RIGHT][/RIGHT] And those who deny the Messenger of Allah Jihad for God's sake either atheists: those that are smaller than them, because killing and destruction that occurs on their hands without the right of his forehead Wendy monsters. [RIGHT].[/RIGHT] Russia has killed one of its nationals for the establishment of communist rule nineteen million. [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] As for the people and religion: the Jews and the Christians and they contradict themselves in the Bible that he believes in all texts indicate that many prophets fought in Allah's path, and in the Bible and wrote the New Testament evidence that the prophets and the evidence of fighting.
[RIGHT]1 – [/RIGHT] mentioned in the Book Views door (19) and Part II The second message to the people of the two books Tsalonic Nasranaan. [RIGHT].[/RIGHT] That Jesus will kill the Antichrist and soldiers after coming on.[RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] Any time and the onset of the doctrine of the Muslims.
[RIGHT]2 – [/RIGHT]2 - In the Book of Deuteronomy (10) and if not go near the village of fighting them invite them first to the Magistrate, the accepted and opened your door all the people that it is saved and who are you slaves give you a tribute, though there were no working with you a covenant and began to fight with you Vqatlha you, and if delivered by the Lord your God with your hand Kill all of the male sex of the sword, not women, children and animals and the others in the village and I swear the whole booty to the camp. [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] All of the rob your enemies, which gives you the Lord your God. [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] So then do all of you a very remote villages. [RIGHT] .[/RIGHT] As for the villages that you give them no breath at all ashamed of them but destroy them all with a lethal sword. [RIGHT][/RIGHT] Alehithe and the Amorite and the Canaanite and the Screening and Alhawwaba Albabusse and as the Lord your God commanded you.
[RIGHT]3 – [/RIGHT] - In Part XII of the book of II Samuel So (29) David, the people gathered and marched to the banner of her family fought the open, and take the crown of their king on his head.The texts have this many found in Exodus Chapter III, paragraph (43) and section thirty-fourth of it (10) In the Book of Numbers Chapter thirty-third in the Books of Samuel the first door XXVII (8) In the Book of Kings Chapter VIII (20) and others, many others says Paul, the Bible of the Christians in the letter Hebrew door atheist tenth paragraph (32): What I would also say it fail me the time that the latest of Gideon and Barak and Samson and Jephthah and David and Samuel and the prophets who through faith conquered kingdoms, made ​​the land received the dates blocked the mouths of black extinguish the fire, surviving the sword gain strength from the weakness became aggressive in the war defeated the armies of strangers.
[RIGHT] r .[/RIGHT] Finally Jihad for God's sake the fruit of the fruits of a prophet, and not to coerce people to enter into Islam, the fruit of another, both witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah r.
[RIGHT].[/RIGHT] These fruits are the tip of the iceberg and only the fruits of a prophet for many human can not count. [RIGHT].[/RIGHT] Where Islam is considered the massage of Islam as a religion of God to Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God Almighty and that he reported. [/LEFT]

lol what a loooooooong read............

Maybe copyright issue or 2 from all the cutting and pasting?????
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