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Old 09-20-2016, 08:52 AM
Location: Logan Township, Minnesota
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Originally Posted by mahasn sawresho View Post
1-black stone is a stone-type Tektites It is like any other kind of rare black stones that are found in the desert, and can make sure this speech access to the nature of the stone in the Wikipedia free encyclopedia:


As well as in the search for the network (tektites for sale) any tektites-stone Balangelazah- for sale by its owner, that there are institutions that sell the stone to the public at specified prices being one of the rare stones that space scientists claim they are the remnants of asteroids or meteors hit the earth millions of years ago.

2. This means that the allegation that he had a stones paradise is just a myth, because people like him in the earth in abundance and are presented to the public with worldwide cheap, perhaps believing sacredly stone stems from being a space Arabs, I think it came from the gods.It is important that this doctrine allowed the interpretation that the stone is .. "paradise of stones" .. as coming from the sky, despite being a stone from the stones meteorites that fall to the ground to this day, and most recently fell to Russia for several Oaom,7. believe the sanctity of stone -ualbda related to the cramped and impoverished came the beginning of the third century, when Muslims are the ratification of stories about the Prophet claims that .. (a stones-paradise and that was accepted by the Apostle-kissing and the forgiveness of sins and-black color became the severity of sins humans) .. all of these beliefs were not present in the notations and wrote the second century which raises doubts deviation beliefs of Muslims around the pagan beginning of that era ..To Black, and as it has already shown that the belief his holiness came from the modern and novel ways, particularly since the beginning of the third century after the death of the Prophet to 300 years, where the spread of narratives that explain the nature of that stone, it was before that-even when people talk themselves-is just a signal to initiate and organize the process circumnavigation, in my opinion, this expansion "disgraceful" in the interpretation of the stone came from backgrounds nodosum is an innocent vulnerability to the tenets of idolatry, most notably, in my beliefs of Hindus, they are the most prominent and the most active in this area, and raised a fuss about the stone is this sudden transition in the beliefs of Muslims around it, it being a stone does not hurt does not help and is merely a signal to regulate the pilgrims stone them all ... being hurt and benefit and forgives sins and that he would come the day of Resurrection intercede for man and speaks in a tongue and lips ..
I have never seen any disputes that Muhammad(SAWS) Smashed the large alter that was in the Kaaba. What is now called the "Black Stone" are remnants from that alter. It is believed the Alter was Brought to Meccas by Ibraham and reassembled by Him and his son Ishmael. It is also believed it was used as an alter by Christians and Jews in Mecca until the idolators invaded about 100 years before the birth of Muhammad(saws) and took it for their own purpose. There also is no despute that the alter was white and was a large slab before Muhammad(saws) smashed it.

From a non-Muslim Site

Walking Around the Stone

The sacred ritual associated with the black stone is called tawaf. In their book Pilgrimage: From the Ganges to Graceland: An Encyclopedia, Volume 1, Linda Kay Davidson and David Martin Gitlitz write: "In a rite called tawaf, which they perform three times during the hajj, they circumambulate the Kaaba counterclockwise seven times. ... Each time pilgrims pass the black stone they recite a prayer from the Qur’an: 'In the name of God, and God is supreme.' If they can, pilgrims approach the Kaaba and kiss it ... or they make a gesture of kissing the Ka’ba each time if they cannot reach it."

When he used the black stone in the altar he built to God, Abraham used it "as a mark to indicate the beginning and end points of pilgrims' circumambulations," write Hilmi Aydın, Ahmet Dogru, and Talha Ugurluel in their book The Sacred Trusts. They continue by describing the stone's role in tawaf today: "One is required to either kiss the stone or salute it from afar on each of the seven circumambulations."

Circling God's Throne

The circular paces that pilgrims make around the black stone are symbolic of how angels constantly circle around God's throne in heaven, writes Malcolm Clark in his book Islam For Dummies. Clark comments that the Kaaba "is believed to be a replica of the house of God in the seventh heaven, where God’s throne is located. Worshipers, in circling around the Kaaba, duplicate the movements of the angels continuously circling around the throne of God."

Black Stone of Mecca Kaaba Angel Gabriel Hajj Islam
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Old 09-20-2016, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Woodrow LI View Post
I have never seen any disputes that Muhammad(SAWS) Smashed the large alter that was in the Kaaba. What is now called the "Black Stone" are remnants from that alter. It is believed the Alter was Brought to Meccas by Ibraham and reassembled by Him and his son Ishmael. It is also believed it was used as an alter by Christians and Jews in Mecca until the idolators invaded about 100 years before the birth of Muhammad(saws) and took it for their own purpose. There also is no despute that the alter was white and was a large slab before Muhammad(saws) smashed it.

From a non-Muslim Site
This talk of books and publications Muslims
I think you have the wrong information about the Mecca
Ibrahim did not arrive to Mecca, Ibrahim did not know Mecca
All that read of Muslims wrote fables and you believe those myths

Every Muslim who goes to Hajj for him to kiss the Black Stone to complete this pilgrimage
Seven courses around the Kaaba of Hajj
It's tradition of pagan religions
It is the rituals of the cult of the moon god before Islam
Yes, Muslims believe that the Black Stone of Stones paradise
Hence the Muslims respect and kiss the stone
You have to know that you worship a stone with God
You should consult your misconceptions about Ibrahim
Islam does not belong to Abraham
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Old 09-21-2016, 12:05 AM
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Kaaba in Mecca is not only the Kaaba in the Arabian Peninsula There were several Kaabat in the Arabian Peninsula before Islam

Many Muslim historians believe that the name Mecca origin Mqh name and it turned out that actually the temples of God, the God Aalghemralutnah was dubbed Mqh name found inscriptions archaeological character Misnad which ones inscription understand them it was a temple for the worship of God, the God Temple of the Moon God of Sheba famous known as Mqh and close to the village Marib in Yemen see Zidane Arabs before Islam

Twenty-three Kaaba in Arabic: If there were not the Kaaba and one rock and one was not in the Arabian Peninsula heel one time but there was a twenty-three heel and all the Kaaba by a rock but the heel Mecca was considered is Ashraf and most exclusive and position of honoring all the Arabs were the Quraysh tribe largest tribes his home in Quraish and its members are called "the people of the Temple
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Old 09-21-2016, 12:09 AM
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Types Alkaabat
With the large number of stones coming from the ancestors, or descending from the sky; Kthera also Alkaabat. The researcher says (Mahmoud Salim Pisces): "We must not occur to one to Mecca - and that position up from other places of worship - is the only direction on the island; it was the Arabs and many other Kaabat pilgrimage to in a specific and non-specific seasons, Taatar (slaughtered ) then, offering her vows and gifts, floating around them, and then deport them after they have made all the required religious rituals. "[1]. The best known of the houses of the gods or Alkaabat what we found mentioned when Hamdani (Lat house, Najran and the Kaaba, the Kaaba Shaddad hands, and the Kaaba Gtefan) [2], and said al-Zubaidi (the house of a known Alkhalsh Ka'bah Alemnip)
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Old 09-21-2016, 12:22 AM
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The oldest useful information about Alkaabat
Even Muslim intellectuals know the truth about their religion
This information does not know a lot of Muslims
Kaaba is the place of worship idols and not to build Ibrahim
Ibrahim rejected the worship of idols in ur Chaldean
But Alkaabat cult status is God-il, a moon god and groan Sen
You can review the religions in Mesopotamia even know the fact Kaaba
The idols that KHow was the Kaaba in the Arabian Peninsula?

Arabs known since ancient times as the show Arab and Western history, including books worships called some pagan! With the notable presence of Judaism in the north and south of the island, as well as Christian campaigns first mission came from Abyssinia.

The industry Kaaba and claim they are the house of God was widespread among the Bedouins in the Arabian Peninsula, Persia was there Kaaba Zoroastrianism ratio of the Prophet Zoroaster in Persia, for example
Quraish Kaaba was famous Oza her will and continued until today as they triumphed and imposed itself on the rest of the tribes on the island and her and her stories and they hatched the source of the Abrahamic message ..

It should be noted that the Kaaba Ream is renowned for a tribe donkeys in Yemen and was to draw near her sacrifices and brought round it out as well (see the biography of Ibn Hisham Part 1)
There Kaaba Ayad between Basra and Kufa tribe Iyad believed to be the house of God and brought round them (see the biography of Ibn Hisham Part 1)
There Kaaba dieback in a coral Valley Hrad! Match for size and grandeur Kaaba Mecca
Riam Kaaba and to the people of Sanaa, and many others, why all these Alkaabat?
Each tribe or each own temple town, which contains a god or a more common thing in the cities sites I fall on trade and water sites lines, between Mecca and Taif there was a lot of competition in trade Taif Vosthrt as safe and cool crossing and has water for traders commuters Vosthrt and made famous. .

Renowned for Taif time market Okaz one of the most important and largest Arabian Peninsula markets over the ancient history and compete Jews markets in Yathrib so it was the obvious presence of the Kaaba exceeded fame Kaaba of Mecca .. but were driven her annual pilgrimage Quraysh and was told after they say stand in Okaz before standing in Arafah.

Taif Taif temple or the Kaaba was the largest in the Arabian Peninsula, the time and the most famous among the Arabs and some tend to localize the Greek word Makuraba dialect of Yemen to (close) or (rounded) Any close to God, and this diligence does not guide him ..
Historians and the West, which Thago name Makuraba claim that Mecca were not apparent in maps of trade routes between Yemen and the Levant and the tribes were used by the Taif .. Taif road remained significant even in the era of al-Qurashi religion (Islam).Alqrxion in Western history books are a group displaced from the states, cities and tribes of several political reasons habit or of faith and Aatviadeh often and had settled in Mecca for many reasons .. it chose those tribes of Mecca to its geographical location which resembles a fortress was stop displaced chase.

Alqrhien scorer of the most important at the time was to revive the economy in the place where they live! So what is the best way to attract the pagan Arabs to the region in your opinion?

It is said that Alqrhien were atheists throughout history does not believe in God nor religion nor the messenger over time but need arises planning and the first fruit to build the Kaaba, and including most of the Arab pagans Fkov to allocate a fetish for each each tribe then Btho marketing messages from the Kaaba, Mecca and Zamzam (construction Abrahamic story and the story of the well Ismailia).
The most famous of these stories is the story of the elephant owners! The Astglu Abyssinian army death disease like the plague they are religious in their raids against the pagans, Valahbah were Christians!
How else God sends birds Ababil to kill believers (Christians) to win the slaves of idols claiming that the Kaaba the house of God and the Holy real and what other human beings making ..?

Some historians tends to Alqrhien equipped or Qtm Muhammad ibn Abd al-Lat (his real name) to be a messenger for a divine message even tames its victims oxen penetrate the larger areas on the island!

Note that some historians are inclined to that Qureshi is the group of tribes who lived in the Levant is not Mecca, and the migration of Muhammad and his companions were from north to south and not vice versa (ie from the Levant to Yathrib), although built Mecca back to the Umayyad era.
(This statement may be extreme, but it grew out of the lack of impact of the Old Before this proves the existence of a town or village in the name of Mecca).

Western historians agree that Muhammad Quraish equipped well academically and culturally, was a paper bin Nawfal is the player feat teacher originally the idea of ​​prophecy and the new religion as well as it has been sent by education between Sham and Yemen, Egypt and Iraq. (Read the book of priest and prophet).
And that the targets were more Alqrhien expansion in all directions, but the idea of ​​expanding the ideas of pagan was impossible Certainly collision Jews and the Christians, so it was Islam.

Of course Islam evolution whenever broke more geographical areas have only Muhammad in his life the story of Isra, for example, so to @NGED Maraj in the Qur'an Volhakoh speech after him due to the Umayyads after the Hashemites this talk of Islam, evolution and even credit may come back to them in the debt industry as strong as it is today, and writing history (past hard)
(Refer to the book behind the Prophet Muhammad to Explore).

Will not sailed much in the subject may be possible for me to return him to his more expansive
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