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Old 09-04-2009, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by JetJockey View Post
I've read both the Qu'ran and the Bible and have found no truth in either.

If it works for you, great! It most certainly doesn't for me, but thank you for the concern.
That would be great if muslims believed that non believers ought to be allowed to live live as they desire, but they don't believe that. Even the christian bible dicatates that after approaching a non believer and addressing the issue of christ as their savior on three occasions, you must let them go.

Whereas a devout christian(at least in current cultural context) might feel really horrible that you are going to go to hell, at least some(many, most?) muslims(again in current cultural context) are supposed to kill you.

And that is proven by the honor killings we even occasionally have in North America.

Anyway, it would be nice if people who believed in fairly tales would keep it to themselves.
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Old 09-04-2009, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnG72 View Post
That would be great if muslims believed that non believers ought to be allowed to live live as they desire, but they don't believe that. Even the christian bible dicatates that after approaching a non believer and addressing the issue of christ as their savior on three occasions, you must let them go.

Whereas a devout christian(at least in current cultural context) might feel really horrible that you are going to go to hell, at least some(many, most?) muslims(again in current cultural context) are supposed to kill you.

And that is proven by the honor killings we even occasionally have in North America.

Anyway, it would be nice if people who believed in fairly tales would keep it to themselves.
Silly answer.....wanted to rebutt...but naaah....not worth a nickel
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Old 09-04-2009, 09:50 PM
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First of all Religion is from Satan God doesn't need any one of us in this whole entire Planet!!!! Christianity is a relationship with God not religion. There are 2 different people that walk this earth believers and unbelievers. If you believe in your religion why aren't you in your own country and not over here which God protects? The problem with religion is that it has loop holes exceptions and any body with any reasoning can see right through it, but you are blinded by the light.
Let's go into the facts and let's use your God but not use any regurgitated crap that has been shoved to you since you were a child.
First Allah (GOD) has to be perfect in every way He created everything and everything he created is perfect and makes no copies. Look around nothing he makes is the same.
2. His ruling is final he doesn't have any exceptions you follow his rules his system or you out.
3. This makes him Holy with perfect thought and perfect integrity.
4.He is the final judge and he judges fair and swiftly.
5. He is absolute Perfection.

None of us this earth have not one of these characteristic. Now let me ask you how can you go directly to perfect Allah (God) ???
Allah (God) doesn't need any body on this earth he doesn't shed one tear about all the turmoil that happens. Only in Man kind minds do we think he needs us.
We are all only here because of Adam disobeyed Him. This brought chaos to the earth. They were thrown out of perfect environment the serpent who was the most beautiful crafty intelligent creature that Allah created. That actually moved on its scuts appendages like legs it was the king of the animal kingdom. Allah made it crawl on it's belly and eat the dust the rest of it's life and also it is one of the most feared animals to most and every time they see one they want to kill it. The saying a good snake is a dead snake, a punishment that Allah laid on them. Why was this punishment put on the serpent? Because the serpent allowed Satan to possess it, which caused Eve to betray Allah by eating form the tree.

Explain some thing to me those who followers of Allah?

Why does it say in the Koran that it would please Allah to have only one race well if he is supposed to infinite and eternal Allah why didn't he do that in the first place????

If he made the universe heavens and angels why didn't he just make one people??

[5.48] And We have revealed to you the Book with the truth, verifying what is before it of the Book and a guardian over it, therefore judge between them by what Allah has revealed, and do not follow their low desires (to turn away) from the truth that has come to you; for every one of you did We appoint a law and a way, and if

Allah had pleased He would have made you (all) a single people, but

that He might try you in what He gave you, therefore strive with one another to hasten to virtuous deeds; to Allah is your return, of all (of you), so He will let you know that in which you differed;

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Old 09-06-2009, 12:49 AM
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It is not hard to believe I knew of a guy that was a Russian scientist and was a true atheist he didn't believe in heaven or hell he stated there was no proof. He became acquainted with a person in Texas who was a Christian and the Russian had respect for him, yet he never believed. He defected to United states and the KBG found out and ran over him as he was coming out of the phone booth. His soul left his body and traveled through a pitch dark tunnel and he said all he felt was evil and emptiness and knew when he reached the end that he would never come back. He woke up and the Doctor told him that he wouldn't make it another night as his spline and kidneys and punctured lung told the story. He called the nurse in to get a hold of his friend in Texas and tell him to come immediately that he was going to die and he wanted to know more about this Christ. The nurse immediated called the number of the friend and he was on his way. That night he was going in and out and kept seeing the black dark hole and emptiness and hopelessness he felt. He was so afraid of leaving that he actually dug his hands into the mattress of the hospital bed as if he was hanging on for dear life. The next morning he was woken up as his friend was right beside his bed and he said oh I am so glad to see you tell me how I can except your jesus in my life and the man said just believe that Jesus died for your sins and you are saved. The Russian said thats it and he said yes. the Russian excepted Christ as his savior and was completely healed by God from his injuries and now is telling everbody about Jesus christ. The injuries being healed was nothing compared to saving his life from being in total damnation for eternity.

Pearl Harbor was bombed by 423 planes on December 7th 1941 the Jappaneese Officer in charge of the planes and arranging for raid on Pearl,came to the church in the 50's and gave the pastor who was a Colonel in the ArmyAir Corp at that time of the raid ,a book and told the Colonel that he excepted Christ as his savior. The book he gave the pastor was about his life and being wounded in his plane and experiencing simular feelings that the Russian felt and the raid he arranged on Peal Harbor. The Minister took it and the Japaneese officer talked to the congregation how he found Christ then he left back to Japan. The pastor opened up the book and what was written in the front cover was Ezkiel 39:12 and underneath it was written the land needed to be cleansed.

Ezekiel 39:12
And seven months shall the house of Israel be burying them, that they may cleanse the land.

This is after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan
The Colonel he gave the book to was the one that trained the cadet officers to take back the air space away for Japan in War 2.

Now you tell me is it important to believe in JESUS CHRIST???? NO I guess not if your perfect you don't need Jesus. If you don't though hopefully he will give you a chance like the Russian and Japaneese officer. My question to you why take the chance. My dad who was in the Korean War was on a mine sweeper in the Navy they were lead into a mine field going flank speed by an unidentifyed sub. My father stated you show me an atheist I will show you a GOd D#$$%M Liar he told me they were praying to God and they professed to being true atheist. He said when comes down to leaving here people's atitudes change real fast when they are on their way to meeting their maker. Terry
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Old 09-06-2009, 01:27 AM
Location: NZ Wellington
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Another ignorant person who believes that everyone that is not part of their religion wants to kill themselves..
No wonder people like you are so scared to leave their religion. Or are you scared your family will try to kill you to restore their honor?
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Old 09-06-2009, 08:43 PM
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Really I sorry do you have a problem I don't know what you are talking about!!!!
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Old 09-06-2009, 10:44 PM
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Okay letís see if your god holds water, Will the real God please stand up???

Okay I want to talk to some one who really knows the Koran not the regurgitated parrot fool that goes through the rituals and never learns anything. Are you out there???

Answer these questions because you are leading a lot of humans to hell.

  • Was Adam and Eve Muslim?
  • Why did Abraham and Eve have to put clothes on?
  • If they are Muslim how come your god took perfect environment from them?
  • Was Moses a Muslim?
  • If he was how come your god told him to free the children of Israel when he states in the Koran that they are disobedient and not worthy of your godís approval.
  • So why did your god free them didnít he know (omniscience) that they would turn against him?
Are you trying to tell me the god of the universe who has omniscience who you pray 5 times a day for, fast for weeks didnít know the Jews would be this evil race and still made Moses the Muslim go through all the trials and tribulations to free them for what???
  • Why didnít your god just wipe the Jews and Christians off the earth, or better yet why didnít he stop them from being born?
  • They were always disobedient and not worth his approval so why are they here?
  • Where were the Muslims when Moses was freeing the Jews?
  • Where are the Muslims, are they the Egyptians or the Jews?
  • If they are the Egyptians why did your god destroy them to free the Jews?
  • If they were not the Jews or Egyptians where was your godís chosen people Muslims?
  • Why isnít there a mention about the Muslims in the beginning in perfect environment with Adam and Eve?
  • Was Abraham a Muslim? But then he turned into a Jew by circumcision and got favor of your god?
  • Why did your god promise land, a nation of people and, rule king of kings, wealth and then make him a Jew?
  • Was Hitler a Muslim?
  • Why did Hitler kill 8.5 million Jews?
  • Why hasnít the Jews started any wars oh maybe it is because they are an evil race?
They have had the philosophy to live and let live, while your god said they are evil and should be destroyed?
10. Why is your god so against them? I mean you talk about brotherhood and all
Getting along and living in peace. LOL You know praying 5 times a day going on fasting for days!!!

What I am trying to say you have a weak god his name is Satan he is not the God of the Universe and he hates humans he will destroy all humans in the end it doesnít matter if you are a Muslim he will destroy you.

What amazes me I have met some wealthy Muslims. You come over to United States because you despise your country and every country in the world wants to migrate to our country. You will even give up your country become citizens of the United States Why???

The only way you can get one of us to stay in your country is to pay us a tremendous amount of money and only idiots would give up their citizenship. Personally your country doesnít have enough money to pay me, but we have suckers born in this country everyday.
You Muslims want to bring your family and experience what we have grown accustomed to. You have none of these things in your country you canít trust your neighbor and if you do have money your dictator at that time wants it and will kill or punish your family if you donít do what they want. Your children are not safe walking to school in case guns are blazing from some revolt or the dictator has some mental problem and thinks that some one is after him. This is why you do everything in your power to migrate to the United States because we are Blessed BY THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD and we are blessed abundantly so much that we feed the world all because we believe in Jesus Christ who came down to save the whole entire world yes even you, it doesnít cost anything and no one has to know but just like that Russian scientist said what if it is true what if these Christians are right.

Again I will tell you that I have met some wealthy Muslims in my career and one thing that really puzzles me is that most are very intelligent and no one can pull the wool over their eyes in business or anything in their personal life. They have the ability and aptitude to see bull S#$%%T. They live in some of the nicest homes and drive expensive cars and actually experience the American dream. Yet they are fools when comes to the most important thing, their eternal life for them and their family. They just put their head in sand and their brain into neutral and believe some crock about thinking that they can stand up to perfect God without a medium. When Moses met with God in a burning bush and his face shone so bright that if people looked at his face they would go blind, this is why Moses wore a veil. You pray 5 times a day and fast for days for a god who hasnít done nothing for you. He didnít put you in the best country he didnít give you freedom and he didnít give you peace of mind for you and your family. He canít even take the people he wants to destroy; he has to rely on you to parrot his commands to have you do it. Knowing you have grown up in this faith from generation to generation and you are still in the same boat. But you should be smarter then your parents and use your brain and figure what is this religion doing for me. With computers internet and all the info why are you still acting like a zombie. I pray that God sends one of the idiots who wrote that stupid book and let him tell you what it feels like to be in total darkness and have a feeling of emptiness and evil, all around you. Then whatís even worse you see Satan laughing and he says I fooled you all of you thought I was God.

If your god is who you think he is why did he make you second not first?
You are praying to a weak God Satan and he hates the Jews and Christians. He is evil and doesnít care if you wind up in the lake of fire, where he is going.
Satan is more intelligent then any creature that God has made we can not compete with him on any level. Research these questions thoroughly for you and your families eternal well being depends on this. Donít let Satan take that away just because you parents were parrots doesnít mean you have to be.
Remember this if you canít answer these questions or anybody that is supposed to be a guru in the Koran canít, if they can I would really like to meet them. If you find they canít, then you have to agree that this is a false God and when you stand up at the judgment seat in front of the true God you will have no one to blame but yourself because you just received the truth. If your children and grandchildren perish right along with you then again look in the mirror. The only positive thing is you will all be together though isnít that nice burning in eternal damnation for eternity.

God is logical and has no emotions or rituals he is perfect as none of us are, and he doesnít want us to be parrots. He makes the rules not the exceptions all though I will agree with you we have some pretty screwy messed up Christians that even I will not associate with. That is not true of Christianity but the are still a Christian and they are going to heaven all because they made one right decision in their miserable life, to believe in Jesus Christ, they were saved.
If you still think that you still want to be a parrot for Satan then call a spade a spade, you are working and praying to Satan.

So if you are not going to accept Christ as your savior please quit calling Satan a god he hasnít done nothing for you except cause grieve and taken away your chance to live with God in eternity. This is why the true God said I make the wise fools and the babies wise.
Jesus states the truth will set you free if you care about your family and their eternal condition you need to research and the true God will show you the truth.

Note This goes for any other religion also
Love in Christ Terry

None of you can answer any of the questions with wisdom or prove me wrong or are you a parrot????
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Old 09-07-2009, 02:49 PM
Location: Sugar Land
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Default Another example of the Religion of Pieces finest...

The Real Aim of Islam...not Life...

Such peace loving souls...
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Old 09-07-2009, 05:59 PM
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Thanks for trying to answer the questions asked. I went to a chat website about training Muslims not one could answer any questions as I can see you can't either.They sent me to a web site and got this form it.

The Quran is clear on who God is and who He is not. There is no room left for doubt after reading the Quran in the Arabic languge: God is One. He is the only Creator, Sustainer and Owner of the Universe. He has no partners. He has no relatives; wives, children or offspring. He is not like His creation and He does not need it for His existance, while all the time the creation is totally dependent on Him. His attributes are clearly spelled out as the epitome of each and every one. He is for instance, the All-Knowing; the All-Hearing; the All-Seeing; the All-Forgiving; the All- Loving; the All-Merciful; the Only One God. There is never a contradiction to this found anywhere in the Quran.

This is exactly what Satan wants you to think God will not make you die EVE if you eat off this forbidden fruit he won’t do what he said he was going to do!!!! He loves you and Adam so much he is a forgiven Merciful and loving God don't worry about eat Muslims!!!!.

Leave it to Satan to leave out these characteristics of God in his black magic book just as he did to EVE!!!
This is a serious error God can not be all forgiving because of his perfect character you are missing Justice, righteousness, (= Holiness of God or God’s integrity) veracity, (never tells a lie) immutable (unchangeable) omnipotent (all Power) omnipresence,(he is every where) sovereign (supreme authority) eternal life no beginning and no end.

He will send millions of Muslims to hell because of his righteousness:
God has + absolute Righteousness and we have – righteousness
+ Righteousness can not have fellowship with – righteousness. I don't care how nice you think you are or how many times you pray a day you are going to the lake of fire and God in his infinite wisdom and power can not do nothing about it. Why because he can not use one character less then the other, meaning all of his characteristic have to be satisfied and none of us are no damn good.

What Satan doesn’t want you to know that what ever the righteousness of God condemns Justice has no choice but to execute The same thing Eve found out in the Garden of Eden, which in turn took away perfect environment and brought us all here needing a savior. You are still eating off that tree and don’t know it just as Eve did. The God of the universe doesn’t even recognize you. You are dead to him but very much alive to Satan and his band of demons. None of us can even compete with Satan, after all he went against the most Awesome Powerful God in the universe. If you think you can you are fool Eve thought the same and she and Adam lost everything.

This is why Jesus Christ came here to save us. He is not the son of God as most baby Christians are lead to believe he is God in the flesh. It states in the Bible that he created everything heavens earth the universe with the flick of his little finger, it took his whole arm to come down and be sacrifice for the human race. This is the difference between what he was willing to do for us and what it took for him to do it.
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Old 09-08-2009, 12:42 AM
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Sudanese woman fined for wearing trousers - Yahoo! News (http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090907/lf_nm_life/us_sudan_trousers - broken link)
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