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View Poll Results: Should Camp Tracey in Jacksonville, Florida known for physical, mental & sexual abuse to kids be
Yes 23 65.71%
No 4 11.43%
Not No Hell No 3 8.57%
I need to research the information to answer this question 5 14.29%
Voters: 35. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 01-27-2017, 09:21 PM
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I was at the camp. It was a nightmare. Don't get me wrong, there were a few decent staff members. But just as the kids were treated, if staff didn't follow the program they were also in trouble. I'll tell you straight up. Cedric McCormick definitely crossed the lines many times. He would make us boys strip naked in front of him to change and then comment on our junk..he once said we all should sit in a circle and jerk off onto a piece of bread. The last one to bust had to eat the bread.. ****ing sicko.. there was a time when he jumped on my back while he was naked and then slapped my ass.. I told my local preacher once when I was allowed to go home for Christmas. He said awwwww that's just locker room talk.. not sure what locker rooms he's gone too.. I wish I could have 5min alone with that guy.. cause trust me he would not come out the same way he came in.. BTW my name is Andrew Ingram.. I would have no problem going on record about this place.. anyone need to reach me. Here's my email address. [email]Andrew.walkerroofing@gmail.com[/email]
Also if anyone knows the whereabouts of Cedric I would love to know.. also the name of my home preacher at that time was Gary Byram.. I hope god is just in making sure these sorry excuses of men and Christian's are held accountable. Or like I said able to let me have a few minutes alone with them..
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Old 05-22-2017, 02:10 PM
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Im Brian Lee Wilson... Adopted son of molestor and abuser john wilson aka brother john...
To this day I still cannot squire justice for the crimes against me and other children at ct... They just shut the camp down and dissaper like nothing ever happened and nobody seems to care.
I have severe PTSD and lots of mental issues because of my trama... Ever since Bruce scott kicked me out at 18 for a CD player I received from a church member I've been on and off the streets with little to no help.... No parents to cry to for help... Nothing I've been quick to get taken to jail for petty bad choices though and even prison after being set up for four years... Im in the process of aquiring ssi so that I can live somewhere that's not a shelter or somebody's couch... Was only taught how to work and obey without question from ct... Yet while my childhood was robbed from me and sanity beaten outta me and manhood taken by sexual punishment... Somehow I am still alive but never actually taught how to live in society... I've been suicidal more times than I can mention and baker acted over and over... I've been homeless living in the woods behind target in pontra vedra on and off... Im about to be living in Salzbauker because the housing agency that's had me housed has reached its limit on helping me....
I know the truth because I was their... Most ex camp kids are now hush hush about it because most have had parents to fall back upon and help them live their lives... I have no one and am alone.
I feel like nobody gives a damn and yet somehow I still have to figure out how to live at 29 yrs old....
The members of the baptist occult have capitalized and prospered from the labors of teenagers and even though ct is closed have bailed out and ignore me as if nothing happened...I feel as if the only way I can ever sleep at peace without nightmares again is if all the criminals were brought to justice...
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Old 07-23-2017, 08:14 PM
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I was there around 1981. Worst experience ever; convinced my parents to get me out of there during one of our rodeos.
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Old 01-06-2018, 08:59 PM
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Default I too we as a camp kid...

I was also in the camp. My name is Paul.

After becoming a dorm captian, being number one or two consistently in performance evaluations, and having the cushy job of tractors I found one of my kids crying in the bathroom at 3am. My kids were kids. I had the three youngest boys in the camp. It was the youngest of the three I found crying.

After some effort I was able to get him to tell me what was the problem. He told me he was being sexually molested by Author House and Cedric McCormick.

I had totally bought into the bull****, to the point where I was voluntarily staying beyond my year with the intention of graduating high school from Harvest. I announced my intentions to become a pastor and was given a full ride scholarship to Bob Jones University for Pastorial Studies.

This accusation shook me.

After confiding in a two other dorm captians we collectively made the decision to run. Two of us would go. One would stay to make sure the victim was okay. We got lucky and ended up with Brother Tom a couple of days later on a trip into Jacksonville to dismantle a walk-in freezer.

We loaded the dually with the materials and then ran.

I lived in Jacksonville, so I had friends I could lean on for help. My running companion lived in Bradenton, so he had a much longer trek. Our plan was to tell as many people as possible in both towns. I never saw him again. His folks kept him home.

As for me, well... Nobody believed me. Not my mother. Not the preacher. My mom dropped me off at the Preachers house the next morning. I spent the hour ride back to the camp listening to him tell me about his disappointment in me. Having balls the size of Nebraska, I interrupted him repeatedly to remind him that his brother was not only gay, but a child molester.

He knew. I know he knew. The preacher and I were close.

Houde was gone shortly thereafter. But then Cedric moved out to the camp, and that sick ****ing sadist Chuck. And I just gave up. I took my punishment like a man knowing I did the right thing.

I did not go to Bob Jones. I did graduate from there.

For years every so often I would call the preacher and taunt him, but finally I gave up on that as well.

The only good thing about that place was Ken Jackson. He believed me and refused to punish me. I always had coffee during school... Bald head and all.
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Old 10-17-2018, 12:40 PM
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I was there from June of 1999 october of 2000. I had lived a relatively sheltered life up till that point. My first day in I made a smart alic comment and the drug me down the road almost a mile by the hair of my head and beat me once we reached the dorm then dragged me back down the road where two other staff members beat me with a paddle they did not give me the three swats on the behind that they are allowed to do they pinned me to the ground and hit me in the legs the back and the butt about 10 or so times. This was a nearly daily occurrence for the remainder of my time in camp Tracey. I was starved for 3 days straight once. During this starvation period I was still forced to do manual labor my entire body ached from a lack of nutrition. The worst thing they ever did was the mental abuse which usually started with 3 words “Let us pray”. They would use religion as a weapon and Proceed to tell you how you were a disappointment to god and your parents etc etc. my only friend in the camp along with several other boys were molested. This place gave me post traumatic stress disorder at age 13. Im 32 now and I have to deal with this disorder and I still have nightmares about that place to this day. I could go on for hours about different things that happened to me in there. But I will just leave you with this thought. If you love your children. Don’t send them away! Take care of your kids raise them love the don’t send them to a place to be beaten and indoctrinated by people (and I’m using that word loosely) that say they are nonprofit and charge you money to “teach” your kid about religion. This place was hell it gave me a disorder that our returning combat veterans get from war. Let that sink in.
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Old 10-18-2018, 06:25 PM
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Default Cedric easy to find

In answer to Andrew Ingrams request to find Cedric McCormick, he lives in Winston-Salem, NC. He travels all over to churches as a so called Music ministry. Heard the pastor of Gospel Light church in Walkertown was warned about him, but he died & Cedric used the opportunity to settle in there cause that where his wife is from. He has a Facebook page under his name & also "McCormick Music Ministry". Hope you get your chance to confront him & get closure. To bad men don't have a "Me to" movement.
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Old 10-18-2018, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Me2GuysCT View Post
In answer to Andrew Ingrams request to find Cedric McCormick, he lives in Winston-Salem, NC. He travels all over to churches as a so called Music ministry. Heard the pastor of Gospel Light church in Walkertown was warned about him, but he died & Cedric used the opportunity to settle in there cause that where his wife is from. He has a Facebook page under his name & also "McCormick Music Ministry". Hope you get your chance to confront him & get closure. To bad men don't have a "Me to" movement.
Absolutely men need a "Me Too" movement. Call it "Men Too". A close friend of mine is into the Men's Rights movement. Best wishes to all of you.
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Old 11-05-2018, 12:41 PM
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I was a kid at camp tracy i remember being in trouble and having to run laps and with my heart condition i passed out and i remember hearing the lady tell the girls to kick me in my ribs...they never help me with my schooling I'm 33y old and have so many learning disabilities i remember they always had me crab walking wall sitting and feeding and cleaning the pig pin crab walking to feed the cows and so much more i was always being called in the office to get paddle with a very thick wooden paddle to where I couldn't sit down for almost a week and now it's black and blue it was not a good place to be a also remember one girl getting sent away because she said is she was having sex when one of the men there i had to crab walk to feed the cows I've dug trenches and ditches whenever we wouldn't ride to church we had to look down also when you were first get there you had to change to blue and yellow and you always had a girl holding each arm while you walked around they always found a reson to put me on the wall i remember experimenting with a girl for my first time there got caught and had to face the wall till I turn 18 i wasn't able to go on the senior trip or talk to any one you wasn't aloud to look at the boys we always had to have our head down
And bec being there for a few years now when i walk around at 33y i still look down

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Old 11-05-2018, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by dgorsu01 View Post
I went there in 2000 when i was 12 yrs old. Upon my arrival i was stripped of all my possesions, pictures,clothes, family, and many other things that came with me from home. I was put into the "new girl dorm" i was under strict supervison. I was not allowed to speak to anyone, not even make a noise or i would be in trouble (This was called gag). I had to face the wall and when i was walking around i had to look at the ground i was not allowed to make eye contact with anyone. For being twelve this was a very scarey experience for me. I was already alone, and on top of that i was being treated like an animal. I was there for 2.5 years. I was contstantly in trouble. For little things that not even inmates in prison would get in trouble for. The only way to get on top and not be in trouble in the camp tracey world was to play thier game. For girls that were there between 2000 and 2003 you know what i mean. You had to be to other girls, treat them like crap, get them in trouble for even slightly glancing at another girl. When i wasnt in trouble i was allowed to go to school or what they called school. Going to class was like heaven. I loved the teachers, i could sit in my cubical and actually have peace for a few hours without the dorm mom or other higher up camp girlsfinding reasons to get me in trouble. I was never sexually abused, however i heard other girls talking about it there. One girl tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach. You know how they responded to it? they beat her ass and worked her out in the gym until she would have bloody hands from crab walking or passed out. Then they would make her get back up and do it again and they would follow her around with a paddle and beat her. I had a few good times but those were far and few. I loved going to the mission to get bread with grampies...he was so sweet the only one besides brother greg that was really kind to the girls. I also do not agree with how they made us thier personal slaves. I was always cleaning the pig pen or digging holes just to fill them back in...or scrubbing the gym with a tooth brush. I would really like to tell some of the good times i had there but like i said they are few...and im just showing Camp Traceys Staff the kindness they showed me when i was there. I was 12 yrs old, all i wanted was someone to love me my life back home was screwed up I was taken away from my mother and my dad was going through a divorce. I needed someone to understand me not someone to work me like a slave,hit me, yell at me, be little me,and treat me like an animal for being a child. Thats all i really have to say for now : )
I remember the same things i turned 18 in 2000 and they gave me a completion in school bec they had to give us something before we had to leave
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Old 01-27-2019, 06:19 PM
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Can nothing be done for you folks? Is there no attorney willing to take your cases, no state representative willing to help you all get justice? I believe everything you've said here and my heart just breaks for you.
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