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Old 10-25-2008, 10:19 PM
Location: southern california
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only one, just me.
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Old 10-26-2008, 03:55 AM
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Originally Posted by KerryB View Post
Snakes are, well, sneaky. The neighbor probably left his back door open a few times without looking & the snake just came right on in like he owned the place.

I've seriously been here for a little over a year & have already seen 3 snakes in my backyard alone (and one snake-hole that I plugged up with a wash cloth). Never in the house though. Some lizards, plenty of spiders & other small insects, but no snakes inside...yet!

I have small dogs & a baby, so even though I'd hate to do it, I'd probably bust him up good if he got in the door since there's a possibility of poisoning & since I dont know the difference between a harmless one from a lethal one.
Please remember this is Florida. Many type of critters are here. Alligator, roadrunners,beachcrawlers,etc. Check out Camden County, Ga. Just across the stateline. None of these horrors mentioned above can exist there. Weather too cold.
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Old 10-26-2008, 04:49 AM
Location: NE Florida
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I have, but then I have kids and pets and the doors are frequently left open.

If it's a small one, I take a sheet of cardboard and a bathroom-size trashcan, place the trashcan over the snake and slide the cardboard underneath. Then pick it up, turn it so that cardboard is on top like a lid and take it outside and let it loose.

I haven't had a large one inside, but in the garage I shoo them out. If unsucessful, I stay out of the garage as much as possible and leave the door open a couple of inches.

Never say never, but I can't imagine killing one that is not poisonous.
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Old 06-13-2010, 10:10 AM
Location: playing in the colorful Colorado dirt
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Default well, yes

Having been raised in Jacksonville ,snakes are a common sight . Never had one in my house though until I moved to Colorado. Last week I was walking thru the foyer to refill my coffee when I heard a rattling sound. I looked in the direction of the sound and my kitten was smacking at a 18" western diamondback. Living on a farm, they're common, just not in my house. My son trapped it and cut off the head and the kitten lived to terrorize the dogs another day.
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Old 06-13-2010, 10:13 AM
Location: NE Florida
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Haven't had a snake in the house, but have seen a few in the yard. the other day my husband saw his first. One of those black racer snakes was sleeping on my front porch and my husband opened the door, walked out, saw it out of the corner of his eye at the same time the snake saw him and they both darted in the other direction. My husband screamed and yelled out some obscenities and I laughed SO hard.....but I didn't react well the first time one slithered out from the grill cover a few weeks back.

We didn't have snakes in hawaii so I guess we just have to get used to them possibly being around......
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Old 06-13-2010, 09:22 PM
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We've only found one snake in the garage (attached to our home), but not indoors. Quite frankly it's surprising that it's not happened more often, given that our garage door is left open so many times by the kids. We do often get lizards in the house (their food source), so it could happen. They would probably be traumatized by our terrifying mini-dachschunds who think they are the boss of anything which moves. The old lab would probably just raise her ears a bit, then lay down and continue her nap.
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Old 06-14-2010, 12:02 AM
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Default Not for the faint of heart

Had to laugh when I saw this thread as I have quite the reputation with my friends. They call me the "Snakehunter" I lived for 7 years on many acres of land where my closest neighbors were a mile away. This little house I lived in had a screened in wrap around porch. I had one dog at the time, a husky/lab that was only a year old the first summer I was there. He got bit by a rattler right outside my back door one morning and I freaked out and took him to the vet , his head was 3X as big as normal, he was bit on the nose. He had to stay over night at the vets but recovered fine. So a few day's later I hear a rattle and there is a snake inside my screened in porch.
As much of an animal lover as I am... I decided to kill it as Western Diamondback's have a territory and it's obviously included my house. this was not an easy decision but for me it was safer to do that than try to catch and transport it and risk getting bit myself. There's a whole long story on how I did this as it took a while because I was so nervous and it was difficult to kill with the tools I chose ( rookie) but anyway it ended up being pretty big ( 12 rattles on it's tail and as long as a full sized shovel. ) So after this was done I was so hyped up on adrenaline I wrote out this long email telling my friends of my ordeal and sent it off. This was back in 2003 and I still get comments from people... and sometimes even meet people that tell me " oh you are the snakehunter" LOL so apparently that email made the rounds. I also sent pics which I later looked at and thought "why did I send those " hehehee

Okay that's round one....
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Old 06-14-2010, 12:15 AM
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I had this one saved in my word - this happened in 2005- I have since moved from this house and havent seen a rattler since.... thank god

.. after two years of zero snake sightings since my last kill. I guess the vibe isnt out to stay away from my house anymore. So I get up this morning and go into my kitchen to tame my caffeine addiction... Anyway, I walk in and hear that unmistakeable sound of a rattlesnake. It was muffled so my first thought is that it was under the house since there is a crawlspace there. But it had to be directly beneath the kitchen for me to hear it so I wasnt sure. Then I thought maybe it was on my porch which runs the length of my house and the kitchen looks out onto. So I go out the back door ( which is off my kitchen) to look out on the porch. No Snake. I then thought of this space under the cabinet under my sink. It's about 4 inches high and when I first moved in I trapped a couple mice there. The bottom floor of the cabinet there lifts up and must have some opening to under the house since the mice got in there previously. This really freaked me out so while I was outside I went and got my trusty shovel, just in case.

So I go back in the kitchen now trying to think of how I can lift the board if it is under there, without getting bit. Yes, the adrenaline is flowing.... Well I didnt have much time to think about that because as I come in and hear the rattling... I also SEE the snake!!!!!! It appears to be coming out underneath the cabinet..... apparently there is a hole that goes from that 4 " area into my kitchen... I never saw it because I'd have to lay on the floor and look up under the cabinet and it just never crossed my mind to do that hehehee So now I have about a foot of a rattlesnake coming out of my cabinet staring at me as I stand there with a shovel. I figure my best shot it is to get it while its part of the way out so it can't coil and strike farther. So I approach it, put the sho vel near to see if it strikes it.. um doh yea it does! Then my two dogs are trying to get near it.. so I shove them outside and go back towards the snake with the shovel.. I'm a little confused as to why it hasnt gone back in the

hole but figure I gotta move fast if I want to get this thing. The last thing I want to do is try to get it when its in that small space under my sink. So I pin it about 4 inches from its head and try to cut through it ( deja vu or what?? ) The snake is staring at me and writhing around some... at this point there is ONLY adrenaline running through my veins.... Okay now what??? I dont want to let go of it because the last thing I want is a wounded, pissed rattler slithering around under my sink. Well I look around and realize the closest drawer is my knife drawer ( okay now the evil snake huntress mentality clicks in) I open the drawer and find my Biggest, Sharpest Henckel and pull it out of the drawer. Okay so now what?? Well since it only has about 4 inches of striking power since I have it pinned. I decide to poke it with the end of the knife to see how easy it slices ( is that sick or what?? ) So I poke it and it strikes at the knife , I scream and jump back but luckily held on to the shovel. Okay I take a few breaths and tell myself to calm down and deal with this. I take the knife and put it out there to poke it again.. it strikes but I dont jump... instead I pin the head down right where it attaches to the body and start sawing away.... wow my trusty henckel went through very easily and the head was detached! VICTORY!!!!!! So I get a tupperware type container and push the head in... and it BITES THE KNIFE AGAIN!! EEEk!!

I go outside to get my leather garden gloves so I can pull the body out and when I come back in.. the body is writhing around, I thought it was going to slip back in the hole. Well it didnt but when I tried to pull it through... its STUCK! I cannot pull it out and its so gross to try to pull on this headless, bloody mess... So I go take a break and call one of my best buds... I had to tell someone and just get away from the scene for a bit. So after my chat go back in and decide to try to get it out from the other way, I pull out the board under the sink, get a flashlight and look for the body. I find it but it's so far over from the opening under the sink area, I cant grab it.. so I look around and end up going outside for my long bbq tongs... I try to pull it out that way... no such luck. This snake stuck..probably was stuck when I found it , I didnt realize it. So now I have part of a bloody snake hanging out under my cabinet. Is there someone you call for this type of problem?? LOL I called my brother and he said you might just wait till it dries up a bit and then it will come out once the moisture in its body is gone. Nice..... I gotta have a dead snake in my kitchen for who knows how long?? Any other suggestions???? Luckily I can shut off my kitchen from the rest of the house so if I have to do that.. at least I can stay away, eat out, etc til he can come out and help LOL
Well thank god he came that evening and we ended up having to CUT out part of my cabinet to get the snake out, it had eaten something and was stuck because of lump in it's body! GROSS! So needless to say after sending out this story to friends and family.. I will never live down the snakehunter stories...

And no I dont use that Henckel knife anymore

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Old 06-15-2010, 07:08 PM
Location: Jax Beaches
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Originally Posted by jrmutley View Post
Early this past spring my wife and I were in the backyard doing some work typical for that time of year. We have one of those Rubbermaid storage bins by the patio back there. It is about 4' high with a lid that lifts up. I lifted the lid and was holding it up for several seconds looking for something. When...in the corner of my eye...something moved. There was this rather long snake all coiled up laying right on top!

I immediately jumped back and dropped the lid. When the lid closed, you could hear the startled snake thump and fall down off of what he was laying on. My wife goes..."Uhhh, what was that?" As soon as I said snake, she was in the house claiming that she wasn't going near that bin until I got rid of our visitor.

Now, I have no major phobia about snakes. As a kid, we would pick them up in the woods all of the time. I was a boy scout and regularly camped. But, I've only been in Florida for two years and had no idea what type of snake this could be. So, I go inside and google Florida snakes. The first picture is of a black racer. I'm 99% sure this was what I saw. But, I wasn't taking any chances.

So, I called the Clay County Sherrif's office for advice. I'm told that they have a "snake guy" who will call me back. Yeah...right...they have a "snake guy". Sure enough, though, I get a call from Maynard Cox, resident snake expert. I told him my story. He confirmed that I probably had a black racer.

Now for the advice he gave me that would apply to the OP and anyone else who is interested. He said go to home depot and buy moth balls. Make sure the primary ingredient in them is napthylene. Drop a couple in the storage bin, under shrubbery, in the corners of your garage near the door and walk the perimeter of your property dropping one every couple of feet. Napthylene burns the snake's lungs. So, they stay away from it and your property. It forms a chemical barrier that the snakes will avoid.

As a kid, we used to catch them by the tail and then try and whip them real hard and make their heads pop off. But alas, I lived in Northup, Ohio. Check it out on google earth (if it even shows up) and you'll see there wasn't really much else to do.
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Old 06-16-2010, 11:55 AM
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I don't understand why it is so hard for people like Jasmine to kill a poisonous snake. Just think if it was right beside your bed or if you had kids in the house. One snake sighting would have been enough for me. I would have been just like the Clampetts, moving on out and like the Jeffersons, moving on up. I hate snakes and yes I think the sneaky creepy slithery things are evil. First thing that some people write or say, is that snake will shy away from people. Bull crap on a stick. If that was true, why do they strike when people don't see them? You walking by, minding your own business, humming a tune to the Beatles. Bam!!!!! you feel stinging bite on your foot. Why didn't snake mind its own business? if it is so shy. See one, chop it up like chop suey or bash it head in. Bible tells that evil serpent for tricking Eve into biting that apple. Her children will crush your children head and your children will strike at her children heel. I'll be the one running but someone brave enough will put that brick or rock to use.
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