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Old 03-13-2014, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by wonderwall View Post
Tell us a true story of an interviewer being rude to you in an interview. I can't think of one right now, but you'd think with as many interviews as I've been on and the number of rejections I got, that I could think of one. I am sure it will come to me.

What I *have* had happen is acute awkwardness when it's been obvious I am not what they were looking for. I once went to a sort of training/interview where the leader or interviewer or whatever basically told me not to come back the next day. I felt so rejected, and in fact dejected, since I didn't know the reason why she picked on me personally. I will never forget how confused and mystified I was.

Pretty recently, I was invited, spur of the moment, to interview for a position at a small company close to where I live that I had never heard of, and what little information I could find was mostly from bad reviews on Yelp. Let me emphasis that these people were the ones to contacted me. I agreed to meet at the requested time yet when I showed up, their approach towards me completely changed. I was slated to interview with them at 11:00am and showed up a good 20-25 minutes in advance. However, when I arrived, I was forced to wait even after the time I was suppose to go in because they were too busy interviewing another candidate for the same position (!). I should have left when I was handed an application that asked me Jeopardy style questions (for example, Dallas is the capital of what state? (This was an actual question)), but I'm too damn polite.

When they finally brought me in, they looked over my educational background and experience and you pretty much know where this is going: My interviewer, the head of the marketing team, proceeded to act really dismissive, unimpressed and as if she didn't even know what to do with this piece of paper I gave her. I had to break it down for this person that no, I didn't study Fine Arts, I had a Masters of Fine Arts in Interactive Design. And when she looked at me confused, I had explain what 'Interactive Design' was. Mind you, this was an entry level Web Design position. It was as if they had done no research on me. Still, they decided to move along and make me take a quick test. I was forced to sit in a narrow office with **** poor lighting where some girl gave me a sheet of paper with some vague instructions and barely even finished a sentence before walking away, refusing to elaborate further what it was I had to do. With that, I was half way through the second part of the exam when she interrupted me and told me that the person who usually sits at the desk where I was sitting needed her desk back and that, oh by the way, I wasn't going to be allowed to finish. The other candidate, who was taking the same exam in front of me, seemed visibly muffled when they told her they were going to have to cut the exam short. They told the other candidate that she would be moved to another room for the second part of the exam. Naturally, I asked if I would go with her and they told me no, I was going to be escorted out of the building, lol. And then they proceeded to walk me to the doorway as if I was going to steal something if they didn't watch me.

This incident will probably go down as one of those rare moments when I don't feel guilty for not writing a Thank You note.

ETA: I couldn't help but notice how not diverse that place was either. At the risk of someone telling me I'm being sensitive when I know better, these people are lucky that I'm so broke. If I had nothing to lose, I wouldn't have a problem reporting their unethical hiring practices.

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Old 03-13-2014, 08:41 AM
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I am one of those hiring managers that 99% of people that I interview find me rude. I ask multiple follow-up questions to their answer, I present the candidates with various problems he/she will be dealing with, and I expect clear concise answers to the questions I asked, not the ones candidates would like to answer. But, I always keep it on topic, and my questions never veer off the purpose for hiring each candidate: a.) whether or not they can do the job, and b.) return on investment. Everything else is non-sense.
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Old 03-13-2014, 09:54 AM
Location: USA
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Originally Posted by greywar View Post
Interviewed for Tesla. All of the following are my opinion only. I am currently employed so I scheduled time off to do the initial phone interview. Beforehand he repeatedly stressed how it was a startup (uhmmm...no its a profitable multimillion company) and how long hours might be needed, the pay might be below average, AND they were looking for people that really believed in the company. Heres the thing...I DO love what Tesla is doing-awesome stuff there! But come on, they're a startup? This was in mid 2013. They were WAY beyond startup by then.

Repeatedly the HR person doing the initial phone interview rescheduled me. 3 times-and keep in mind...he didn't even call me to reschedule before, he called me AFTER the scheduled time. And ignored his phone when I called at the scheduled time.

Really? The third time I stated that was unprofessional. I was really annoyed. he sent me an email 20 seconds later saying "after a long discussion with the manager for the position it doesn't appear you would be a good fit"

Left a really bad taste in my mouth.
That's disappointing... seems that they are already heading down the path of established companies in many ways, both good and bad.
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Old 03-13-2014, 01:13 PM
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Lol. Mine was a little after I graduated college. The guy was really impressed with my résumé and kept telling me I was a perfect fit for his company. He was the owner of the business and it was a small family business. During my first interview he kept telling me I reminded him of the receptionist he said she was Jamaican. I met the receptionist during the second interview and the only thing we had in common was that she was black,
The second interview went well and at the interview he got references from me. If took him two weeks to go through all three references. One of my references said he asked her really unprofessional inappropriate questions about me. anyway they called me in for a third interview where I brought a portfolio and was offered the job right in the spot. I told him I was happy to hear that and just wanted to go over the job package prior to signing anything. His face got really red and then he said I would have to keep the documents(basically the job contract) at the office.... In other words he wasnt going to let me take it home and review it before i signed the legal contract. it was really weird. He told me he would email me it. Two days later he told me that he had changed his mind and was no longer offering the job. He also told me I could pick up the portfolio. I picked it up and he wasnt there but it was awkward honestly. I still am clueless as to why he got offended.
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Old 03-30-2014, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by charolastra00 View Post
Last week I was called in to a recruiter for a project assistant position. The meeting was 5 minutes and she basically looked me over, told me my resume and dress were good, and proceeded to belittle my employment. I am a recent college grad so all of my employment has been part time or short term internships. The conversation went as such:
Her: So, these aren't real jobs are they?
Me: While they were either part time or unpaid, they were real jobs.
Her: But people didn't rely on you did they?
Me: In X and Y positions, I actually held a great deal of responsibility.
I then went on to explain why.

She also noticed I studied abroad in Mexico and made really disparaging comments about the people there. I found it quite inappropriate but smiled and nodded all the same. She then shuttled me out as quickly as possible while another girl was sitting in the office- she must have double booked us. I hate going through recruiters but I don't turn down an interview, no matter who it is with.
Oooohhh, I had a similar experience with some recruiters, but these guys contacted me through a job board (I think it was Monster, but I forget). Decided to give them a chance and meet with them but they were so stunningly crazy. It probably should have come as no surprise. Although I had never heard of them, they swore that they tried getting me to come in in the past and that I just never did. Whatever. I was told the meeting would be half an hour and it ended up being over an hour where they interrogated me over every little thing (including my brief work history and my portfolio). They were really yelling, accusing me of misleading them of my background (!!), overwhelming them (?) and berating the way I was dressed ("You know, why don't you dress nicely to these places you go to?"). It was weird because in the beginning, one of them kept complimenting me and telling me I was so "smart" and then as soon as she brought her coworker in (because she said I was using "complicated words" and she wasn't as well versed on my field), both she and the coworker started going all in on me.

To put it in perspective, her "expert" coworker was super intense: While she looked over my resume, she would ask me about what certain words meant. I basically watched the Expert and her coworker go back and forth over buzzwords (point of sale/point of purchase, stuff like that) That was when she glared at me, started snapping and accusing me of not noting down everything she said as she looked over my resume. By this point, Her coworker tried defending her antics and would jump in and try to rationalize it ("Well call us selfish, but we just want you to look good...").

At some point, the Expert then tried accusing me of lying about my work history and my skills! The interview ended when the Expert ended up storming out of the interview and made up some weird excuse about how she had to be somewhere else. She didn't even bother to shake my hand or anything and just gave me a snide expression instead. I'm not even sure what did it because the whole time I was there I hardly said a peep but she tried to insult me by saying that I was a weak candidate because I was inexperienced and that's why I couldn't find work (Which is hardly an insult, I mean, isn't that the point of a staffing agency?). It was really strange. After that, I think her coworker felt really embarrassed by her behavior and told me that she was apparently upset because one of the companies I had applied to in the past was her main account and their rule is that if you've been submitted to a client in the past, they can't submit you again, so she was upset she wouldn't get commission. I pretty much told them I wasn't interested in their representation but I wish them the best of luck and they would. not. stop. calling. me. and sending me emails. I last spoke to their supervisor and basically let her really know what I really thought of their company and that this isn't a way to create a positive candidate experience. I haven't spoken to them since, rofl.

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Old 11-30-2014, 11:49 PM
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I remember i had a job interview at dell taco i was 19 mins early. So i asked for the manager and he told me im early and to wait for the assigned time.So i waited and he finally came to the table i was standing up and said my name while giving him a good hand shake.He was in his phone talking to other customers making sure they were ok just being so unprofessional. When he would ask me a question he would talk over me wouldn't let me finish it was so horrible.
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Old 12-01-2014, 03:06 AM
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Yup. Had an interview at a Starbucks in Plantation, Florida one time, a second interview. The older man who interviewed me was so icy and snobby I was glad I didn't get the job no matter how desperate I was to get it. Wouldn't shut up about "upselling". Haven't been back to any Starbucks again.
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Old 12-01-2014, 03:33 AM
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Years ago, I was at a retail store with a friend that happened to work there. I had put in an application at this store, but hadn't heard anything from them yet. As my friend and I were walking out of the store, the store manager walked in and spoke briefly to my friend, who introduced me and told him that I had my application in. The manager told me he had things he needed to do right then, but asked me if I could come in the next day at the same time for a formal interview. I agreed and showed up the next day for the interview. So I showed up the next day and asked one of the employees if they could let the manager know that I was there for our interview, which they did. I wait 5-10 minutes and the manager comes out and says that he's already interviewed me and that I wasn't right for the job. The only thing he said to me the day before was, "Hi, nice to meet you" and "I'm busy right now, but can you come in tomorrow at the same time for a formal interview?"
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Old 12-01-2014, 12:23 PM
Location: Altadena, CA
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Originally Posted by Osito View Post
Yup. Had an interview at a Starbucks in Plantation, Florida one time, a second interview. The older man who interviewed me was so icy and snobby I was glad I didn't get the job no matter how desperate I was to get it. Wouldn't shut up about "upselling". Haven't been back to any Starbucks again.
I had the same situation but here in Michigan at Biggby Coffee. The manager was a cold witch and she sized me up as she sat down to "talk" to me. I never felt so damn uncomfortable in an interview and it took everything for me to not tell her to F off and leave. When it was over, it was obvious she was evil and would never hire someone like me, so I left without saying a word to her. I remember walking out into the parking lot and balling up a piece of paper and tossing it in the middle of the small parking lot.

I was so disturbed by the "interview" that I wrote a letter to the President of Biggby Coffee. He never responded and I have since boycotted them. If only he or someone from the company acknowledged my letter I would have continued frequenting the business, but since they didn't appear to empathize with my situation, I take my coffee buying business to other places.
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Old 12-01-2014, 05:20 PM
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3 recent incidents:

1) I was ten minutes late to an interview due to a combination of traffic issues and the recruiter giving me the wrong location. I accept the blame for 50% of that, but the interviewer expected me to grovel. I apologized profusely instead and she decided to make me pay throughout the entire interview. She wasn't rude as much as she was sadistic, and in hindsight, I should have walked out.

2) Another interview at a hospital found me in a situation where the first of six interviewers asked me about one of my certifications. I proceeded to explain how I had earned it, only to have him turn around and put me down for even having it. He took pains to explain why he didn't need the same certification and how his phD made him superior to me in that regard.

3) The interviewer from above had a boss who was a piece of work. I'm from the public sector and this man didn't think the company I worked for was sophisticated enough. He also didn't think I could manage working with elite individuals. It turned out that he had a bias against my company and he wasn't supposed to be so involved in the interview process. Thank goodness I didn't get that job.

This all took place within a few months this year. No wonder I'm fed up with interviewing. And the hospital where experiences 2 and 3 took place are still searching for their Golden Unicorn four months later. I wish them luck- they'll need it.
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