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Old 11-25-2009, 10:58 PM
Location: San Diego
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Thanks for the continued replies.

JasonAndAmelia--special thanks for the focused information. I have found some tempting properties around Elizabethtown and Lietchfield. Not quite as far west as you are, but farther than I had originally been looking. Good to hear that there are hills and timber in the area.

Gotta find time to get out there and do some firsthand looking around. I am hoping to be able to get out there in January so I can experience the cold first hand.
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Old 11-25-2009, 11:29 PM
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Well, it doesn't sound like you are the type who would read this book (even though I share your life objectives) but once upon a time I've read a book:

Worked to the Bone: Race, Class, Power, and Privilege in Kentucky (Paperback)

Pem Davidson Buck
Amazon.com: Worked to the Bone: Race, Class, Power, and Privilege in Kentucky (9781583670477): Pem Davidson Buck: Books

It's a great description of social history of Kentucky you may want to know about, not the kind they teach in schools or show on TV. However, it's not why I recommend this book. The author left her comfortable middle class existence to actually live off the land in rural KY with her husband and kid. They did rural handyman line of work to make little bit of cash. She writes about that too.
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Old 11-26-2009, 08:00 AM
Location: Bryson City NC
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To choose between E-town or Leitchfield , I'd pick E-town. It has alot more to offer . I've lived/worked in both . But that's just my opinion......good luck ! Keep us posted on how it's going for ya !
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Old 12-05-2009, 04:26 AM
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Sorry to "hi-jack" the thread, but I am too am from California and looking to move to Kentucky as well, specifically around Louisville. I'm a single male, in my early twenties. I do like the hustle and bustle of cities, but also like the hometown feeling and low-key style at the same time. I think the perfect city would be a smaller Chicago-style city. Cities like Nashville and Austin heavily intrigue me, but never been to either. Anyways I hear religion is huge out here, I myself am not into religion. I guess you could call me a typical "college boy" even though I hate to be stereotyped into that category.

I would be moving here to go to school, not UofL, but to a very highly specialized training program. I'm very curious about job opportunities in Louisville, specifically in EMS (Emergency Medical Services). I know in California(atleast in Northern California) it is very hard to get a job as an EMT as there is an influx of EMT's. I also want to know what the nightlife is like. I'm young and single and like to go out during the weekends. Are there a lot of good bars and clubs?

I guess I'm pretty much asking is Louisville an ideal match for a young single male that likes to go out on the town?

Another question I have is about the females. LOL. It seems as though in California there are a lot of stuck-up, pretentious little daddy girls.. And so I guess I'm wondering if its a complete 180 there in kentucky? I feel as though there is a lot of that "southern charm" there.

The LAST question is regarding real estate. What is the typical rent for a house or even apartment? My thinking was that I could move there, get a stable job for around 6 months and than start looking at duplexes. I would rent one side out, while I live with the other, so it would dramatically cut down my mortgage and essentially having the tenant be paying my mortgage. How much are middle-class duplexes in Louisville?

Sorry for the long post... And maybe for the confusion some confusion that may arise, or the grammatical errors. It is very late and have had a long night.

Thanks again.
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Old 12-30-2009, 01:42 PM
Location: Louisa ky
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i didnt read all your post but i was gonna tell you what the rent was here, if you live where i live, in a very small town(louisa ky) its on the eastern state line about 30 min south of a place called ashland ky, and about 35 min from a place called huntington wv. just to give you an ideo, but anyway in my town you can rent a trailor for 300 a month sometimes utilities paid but not all the time and there are houses that you can rent and the average of those is probably around 600 for a pretty good house with yard and all the good stuff, i know there is a thing down the street and its the only one within 30 miles and its a town house and you get 2 storys with it and it costs 700 a month for rent, and around hre like most people try to jip you and ask an arm and a leg for a deposite and then make up a reason to keep it and give you a fake price on an imaginary repair, thats what this whole place is about anymore, but ill not get into that but the farther east you go in the state the price for rent is alot less from what i have noticed, good luck ps. if you want rural land and lakes and ponds, and woods everywhere you should really think about comeing real far to the east because as soon as you get as far over as lexington they are quite diminished by the time you go that far west and keep going away the farther you go, and arounf here you can buy a house for nothing compared to what you would pay in cali, a million dollar home , would cost you here about 250,000, and you get alot of things you dont normaly get for that price in a big city, like acers of land and garages,
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Old 12-31-2009, 01:29 AM
Location: Newburgh, IN
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Originally Posted by SFLWR View Post
To choose between E-town or Leitchfield , I'd pick E-town. It has alot more to offer . I've lived/worked in both . But that's just my opinion......good luck ! Keep us posted on how it's going for ya !
I would have to agree with you, E-town is big enough to offer a lot more services. I always liked the area between Leitchfield and E-town. There is a little wide spot in the road called Clarkston, I worked in a gas station there one summer before joining the Navy. It is a pretty area and I'm sure the real estate would be very reasonable.

Grayson County has some good deer hunting though. My brother took a real nice 8 pointer a few weeks ago a few miles SW of Leitchfield.
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Old 06-23-2010, 02:11 PM
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I have lived South of Frankfort and in San Diego both. I live in Lawrenceburg. We are a rural county with a growing city. We are 10 miles from Frankfort, 45 from Louisville, and 35 from Lexington, and 30 north of Danville with Harrodsburg inbetween. You can access all the cities around us by either country roads or US 127, I 64 or the Bluegrass Parkway. We have 3 elementary schools, 1 preschool/kindergarten that is planning to break ground on a new building within the year, 1 middle school and 1 high school. There is also a Christian school and a homeschool asssociation here. There are many churches of differing denominations--something I didn't find many of in eastern San Diego (we are still part of the Bible belt). We may be considered small but we have enough of the city life to find what we need and close enough to the larger cities to find what we want. The Kentucky River flows through our county and we are close to rivers and lakes. If you are looking for rural life, you will find it here. The economy has hit many hard, but ther are still many industrial businesses here. With elections this year, there are many promises and ideas that are being presented and made.

As with any town, there are always idiosyncrasis and problems. Yet, even though we are a small city, everyone is welcomed. Most Kentuckians in rural areas know everyone and everyone's business. It's not that someone is from California, it is that you are not from here. As with any move, it takes time to settle in and get to know people and the town you live in.

When we lived in San Diego we interacted with the military community and those in housing around us or in the office. So it is similar here. Kentuckians interact with those they know and are suspicious of those they don't. I loved California and often wish we could have stayed.

As for the cold. Snow is becoming a factor here--especially in February. You just bundle up and have fun. Also, it is a wet cold as compared to S.D. It's a lot drier out there.

I hope you consider Lawrenceburg. We have many military active duty and veterans here. Lawrenceburg also has the only Healing Field honoring our men and women who have died during Operation Iraqui Freedom.

Welcome to Kentucky!!!

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Old 08-06-2010, 10:31 PM
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I am interested in moving to Boone Co. next summer...problely Burlington...can anyone tell me about this town and if its a good place to live in the country and raise kids. I checked on city data for info about schools in Burlington and it doesnt list any. does that town have schools or do the kids go to another town....thanks for any info you can share with me...
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Old 09-05-2010, 06:03 AM
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Default Mixed Race-No Problemo

I had to reply to the post about the Leichtfield/Etown area not being diverse. Nothing could be further from the truth. We moved here from S. Florida (Etown) in Nov. 09. My husband is hispanic (Argentina)and I am white. Being a military area with Fort Knox (huge) being right here in Radcliff/Etown area, this is an extremely diverse area. In fact, go to the local Walmart on a Saturday and mixed race is the norm, rather then the exception. Tons of military families from all over the country and tons of retired military families living in a 30 mile radius. The diversity goes back to wars as far back as the Korean war. Many, many older white/Korean and white/Vietnam older couples, as well as many, many hispanic and black mixed couples. We have been welcomed here with open arms and can not believe how nice everyone here is. My husband was worried about the being discriminated against here since we moved from an area in south florida where there were alot of Hispanics. Just the opposite happened. He has been treated far better here, has had 2 great job opportunities and is actually faring better then me in the job market here. Everyone from the local auto parts shop (O'Reilly) who have gone out of there way to be nice to my husband to the clerks in any given shop. He can not believe how nice people are here compared to s. Florida. There are Asian & Hispanic grocers in the area as well. Never has he ever felt intimidated. One of his coworkers lives on a farm (white) in Leichtfield and they have become very good friends. In reality, we should be living 48 miles north in louisville since we now have to commute to work up there, but we have this 'cozy" wonderful duplex we are renting for a very good rate and when we get back to Etown after working all day, we feel "at home". I guess we are going to have to move closer to Louisville for our jobs, and hope that we can find an area as nice and affordable as this area in Etown/Radcliff/leicthfield area. If you are retiring here, you will not be disappointed by any means. If you still need to work and want to relocate, you must understand there are no jobs here unless you can get on in the new HR complex at Fort Knox - difficult at best to get these jobs. Or if you have some sort of medical experience to work in local hospital. I would recommend to save on gas, you go to the other side of Louisville by St. Matthews/Crestwood/or if you like city life- the Highlands district on Bardstown Road is ultra trendy. Steer clear of Shepherdsville-1/2 way from etown to louisville- not enough rentals/shops, etc yet, and I found it not to be as progressive as the military area south. We looked in Valley Station area (too many factories/bad traffic) and at this point can not find a decent house to rent under $900 in greater Louisville. We are only paying $650 to rent a house/duplex now on a wooded lot/fireplace- really nice. Anyway, do not fear about diversity here- I can truly say my husband feels very welcome (and his english isn't even that good) and no one has ever treated him with disrespect. We live on a cul de sac in a very nice subdivision and almost all our neighbors are mixed race retired or active duty military connections. Very nice. Everyone waves to you here in etown when you are driving. It took me about 6 month to get the nasty S. Fl. attitude out of my system and realize people are just as nice as can be here. In S. Fl., everyone was nasty and you started to become nasty yourself after 8 years down there just to communicate with store clerks/gov. offices, etc. So glad to be out of there and so much looking forward to a beautiful stunning Fall here in Etown.

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Old 11-10-2010, 06:14 PM
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I was born and raised in Kentucky, but my family moved us away when I was 18. I didn't want to go, but everyone went, even grandparents. I grieved over leaving for years. Still do sometimes. My husband was a career Navy man. I have lived in Hawaii (Honolulu), California (San Diego and Long Beach) Maryland (Annapolis and Baltimore), Florida (Sarasota), Colorado (Denver), and Arizona (Scottsdale). I mention these to make the point that I have lots of experience with other places to compare to. My husband retired from the Navy in 1993, but now has a lucrative career in Baltimore. I still love KY above all other places and when we retire again, for the final time, in 5 years, we will be headed there at break-neck speed.
As for acceptance.... my husband is a New Yorker, the city, Queens. But over the years he has visited KY with me many times. He has grown to love it as I do, and never fails to be amazed at how friendly, open and accepting everyone is. Everyone has always greeted him with open arms, friends and strangers, and if they ask where he is from at all they always respond with curiosity and genuine interest in hearing about New York. Never has he encountered a single instance of stand-offishness or rudeness. Because of the kind of person he is, kind and genuine, I suspect he never will.
KY people are among the warmest, friendliest, most genuine and down to earth you will find anywhere. If you approach them openly and genuinely, I have no doubt you will be treated the same way. The only time you may anticipate a less than warm attitude from a Kentuckian is if you were one of those more liberal and socially free Californians who brought your ways to Kentucky and then tried to convince your Kentucky neighbors that they need to change their ways/beliefs to accomodate you. Kentucky may be considered a "border state" geographically, but culturally it is a southern state, conservative, Bible-belt. Kentuckians "are who they are" and outside of the big cities (as big as cities get there) are generally not interested in the latest fad, trend or social experiment. They are God, family and country.
Judging from your description of your values, as long as the cold doesn't disagree with you, I think you might find your paradise.

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