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Old 04-08-2013, 11:53 AM
Location: Sunset Beach, CA
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First I must state that this is my opinion of the state of Nevada and more so Clark County. Some of it factual and some of it from experience but with that said I only wish someone had informed me about the "real" Nevada before I moved here. I actually lived in Henderson for 8 months moved and made the mistake of coming back for a year and I will be moving permanently in June 2013 to the NE coast and I will never set foot in Nevada again and I'll tell you why..

There are many things I love about Las Vegas for the obvious reasons: galore of entertainment, the Las Vegas strip, shopping and the fact that I can drive anywhere and be anywhere in 5 to 20 minutes depending on what part of town I drive to. There are many suburbs and urban neighborhoods to choose from but I love the burbs. Henderson is very walkable and puts you in a comfort zone I love the feeling.

Now to the bad and some people may not see this as bad at all and that's perfectly reasonable but for me I just cannot live under the circumstances any longer.

1.) The overwhelming Police presence in Nevada both Highway patrol, Metro LV and Henderson Police; they are like vultures and will pull you over for any and everything seriously it's better not to drive but with the horrific transportation system you are forced to drive everywhere. I never had a speeding ticket in my life until I was pulled over in Henderson twice once for speeding 5 miles over the limit and the second for not switching over my registration to NV timely. Ok big deal you say but wait we aren't talking a measly $90 speeding ticket every fine in Nevada is HEFTY. The speeding ticket was $300 and the registration deal was $1800. Gulp. I fought the registration one and it was closed but the speeding one I had to do traffic school and pay the fine in order to not have points on my DMV record. Btw I may be digging a hole but from what I have seen minorities and the poor are far too often targeted.

2.) Which brings me to my next point: Public Transportation. Ha the lack of and the dismal pathetic system they have now is pitiful. The only thing they do well is keep the Deuce running up and down the strip for the tourists. The further out from the strip the more non-existent the transportation is. It is not uncommon to see homes where every single person of driving age has a vehicle. Drive down any neighborhood in the burbs and Vegas and the driveways are littered with 4 or 5 trucks and cars. What I cannot understand about Vegas is the amount of trucks and suv's that litter this city. How on Earth can these people afford the gas?? It's crazy it's like they don't believe in pollution or global warming.

3.) Affordability. Las Vegas and Henderson (Clark County in whole) are not affordable. The rent was fairly cheap during the big turndown the big real estate bust in Vegas but that is not the case anymore! Even when the rent was cheap and buying foreclosures and homes was easy the utilities will knock you out of reality. Seriously electricity will run you anywhere from $300-$500 a month depending on whether it's summer or winter. Gas isn't cheap during the winter months either. If you add the cost of utilities to the rent you are paying what it costs to live in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York and what are you paying for here?? The Desert and migraines. The only thing that used to be cheap was rent. Everything else is disproportionate. Tires: $45 for used ones and don't even try to go to a chain mechanic they will charge you an arm and a leg. Food and Gas are still relatively inexpensive. Clothing is about average too.

4.) HOA's. Aargh they are a pain in the heiny. They have ridiculous rules and regulations and will find any reason to kick you out of your home that you purchased. Also what gives with all the management companies? You rarely will find a homeowner that manages their own property so that drives the rental prices up and believe me I was shocked in just under a year between the time I left NV and came back the rental prices went up about $300-$400 in the suburbs.

5.) Buying a Home in Vegas: Do yourself a favor and don't. First of all you won't find a good deal right now. There's more demand than supply presently and that is in large part to a lot of foreign investors who swooped into Las Vegas and purchased 5 or 6 homes at about $90,000 each. Properties are going quickly both for sale and for rent. I personally would never purchase a home in Clark County. Too much headache and after all this is the Desert and there's virtually nothing of substance that exists here.

6.) Political corruption. I won't go into too much detail about this but let's just say that the Judicial system is a joke. This is a corporation friendly town and the people that work in the Judicial system, attorneys, and city officials all favor the Casinos and businesses, landlords and management companies. The renters have virtually no rights and the mafia although not on the surface anymore have stocks in many companies in Vegas umm no surprise there. This is a town that loves to evict tenants and landlords will find any reason to do it including lying it's really sad. If you move amicably and surprise the owner or management company keeps your security deposit even unjustifiably don't even bother going to small claims court. All the lower level and upper level courts require businesses and corporations to be represented by an attorney. So yes even in Small Claims court they have the advantage because they can and are required to bring an attorney. The Police are, unfortunately, very corrupt and they have their very own commission to protect them. Las Vegas Police shoot and kill a lot of minorities but have never been found guilty of negligence or held accountable and the laws that written in Nevada protect them even with blatant corruption. Speaking of which there are many many laws in Nevada that are written that, to me, are blatantly Jim Crow type of laws but so cleverly worded and disguised the average person cannot decipher it. Do not under any circumstances try to sue any business or file complaints with the "private" agencies against companies because then you will be on their radar.

7.) Stress. With the constant Police prescience and increased violence on the strip this is a stressful city. I do not want gray hairs in my 20's. I am always looking over my shoulder and the Police are tricky. They have many unmarked vehicles on the road. Mostly Chevy's like the Chevy Impala and Chevy SUV's with very dark tinted windows. They park in driveways in neighborhoods and they are everywhere but it's big money to them. $300 a day for every prisoner they have in jail.

8.) Education. Education is a big concern for families and well the Clark County School District just doesn't compare to many school districts and are behind but the suburbs do a better job. To me the kids have no critical thinking skills and UNLV is dismal. Why would anyone choose to go to UNLV over California universities or even Arizona??

Lastly I will say that each and every person in the USA has to find their niche and their place in the world and Las Vegas just isn't it for me. It seems the bigger the corporations get the less "FREE" we are and why are the Casinos in Vegas paying a less tax rate than the people? Anyway the people in Nevada do not fight for their rights and won't because they are complacent. Even though Nevadans largely voted Democrat this last election do not let that fool you this state is clearly very conservative and very old south republican. There is nothing social about Las Vegas you won't be making any friends here and be careful who you trust. The only people you can trust in Vegas are Mormons because they do not lie, cheat or steal and if for some unfortunate reason you decided to move to Nevada aka the Republic of Nevada surround yourself with Mormons because with everyone else it's just talk.

GOOD-BYE Nevada! I feel blessed to be leaving such a horrific place.
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Old 04-08-2013, 12:05 PM
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It's funny, but every time I have visited Vegas, I have rarely seen a cop. I honestly have no idea what the cop cars there look like, I don't think I have seen one! (and yes, I have driven all over the city, not just the tourist areas)
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Old 04-08-2013, 12:13 PM
Location: Sunrise
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1) Don't speed. Don't run red lights. Don't drink and drive. Don't text and drive. And it's unlikely you'll be pulled over. I've only been pulled over once in six years. And I was let off with a warning.

2) They don't believe in global warming. But they do believe in angels.

3) My electric bill tops out at $100 per month. Why? I bought an evaporative cooler and acclimated myself to the desert environment.

4) My mother-in-law's neighborhood has an HOA. There are some minor annoyances, agreed. The neighborhood next door to hers was built at the same time by the same developer but doesn't have an HOA. It looks like crap. Toys strewn all over yards. Cars parked everywhere. And nobody keeps their place up -- all the paint is peeling, dead trees, weeds everywhere. It's an eyesore, plain and simple.

5) This is just dumb. "House prices are rising, so don't buy." That's like saying, "The price of Apple's stock is rising fast. Don't buy!"

6) While I agree, corruption is everywhere. Voters get the government they deserve.

7) Stress is something you take with you from place to place. It has nothing to do with where you live. I hate it here, but I don't have any stress.

8) Hand your wonderful missive off to a copy editor and then get back to me about education.

Howard Hughes also believed Mormons do not lie, cheat or steal. Google "Mormon Mafia" to see how that worked out for him.
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Old 04-08-2013, 12:14 PM
Location: Anchorage, AK
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Is it really that much of a hardship to obey traffic laws and the rules of your home owner's association?
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Old 04-08-2013, 12:20 PM
Location: Anchorage, AK
43 posts, read 190,607 times
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2) Air pollution blocks sunlight, which makes it cooler. So if you like it hot, get rid of air pollution.
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Old 04-08-2013, 12:48 PM
421 posts, read 769,789 times
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Wow, and I think Las Vegas is wonderful!! Hope you find what you want in the NE. I hope you won't view it with as much negativity as you do Nevada when you like there for a while.
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Old 04-08-2013, 01:00 PM
Location: Henderson, NV
5,314 posts, read 6,285,085 times
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Is your house going to be for rent on June 1st? I'm moving from the NE coast to Henderson because I can't stand it here. I'll swap with you! 5 miles from the ocean.. 1600 sq.ft. condo for $1400/mo. Electricity ($150-$200/mo for heat 9 months out of the year and a/c for 3 months). Gas just came down to $3.69/gallon, car insurance is around $2000/year, Sales tax of 7%, income tax of somewhere around 5-6% I think? It's like MECCA! (but seriously, I need a place for June 1st. If yours is 2000 sq.ft. or more, I'll switch with ya)
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Old 04-08-2013, 01:34 PM
20 posts, read 101,283 times
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To each is his/her own I guess. It's a preference among many people and it seems like people either love Las Vegas or hate it. Me personally I love it! I have lived in NYC, Orlando, and Las Vegas and Vegas is my preference. I have no issue with the high temps out there as to me it's better at 115 degrees out there in Vegas then 95 degrees and the high humidity here in Orlando.

As far as cops go, yes motorcycle cops like to loom around and have their favorite hiding spots but that's just like anywhere else in this country. I lived in Vegas for 9 years only pulled over once and didn't even get a ticket or a warning. Lived in Orlando a total of 10 years been pulled over 4 times and ticketed once.

Some HOA's are a pain and others are not. I lived at one house where they were indeed a pain in the butt. They nitpicked about every little thing. Where I currently own a house now the HOA really doesn't bother anyone UNLESS it's something really bad like excessive weeds or general house not being maintained which I have no problems with at all since it's in the best interest of the neighborhood.
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Old 04-08-2013, 01:56 PM
Location: Las Vegas, NV
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So let me see if I can piece together the kind of place OP wants to find for his next home: A stress-free place with minimal policing, abundant public transportation, affordable housing where the home prices are declining but kept in good condition without private community regulation, in a moderate climate, governed by politicians free of corruption, and a high quality education system including the presence of quality institution(s) of higher learning.

Well, I can see why Clark County wasn't the place for OP. Having lived in the NE, I had no idea nirvana was there. In fact, having lived in and visited most parts of the continental U.S., I am stumped as I think about where OP can find nirvana. Good luck OP!
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Old 04-08-2013, 02:11 PM
Location: Las Vegas, NV
553 posts, read 1,042,752 times
Reputation: 800
As for the things I wished I knew before moving to LV:

I wish I knew how magnificent my neighbors were going to be;

I wish I knew how much I was going to enjoy the weather year-round;

I wish I knew how magnificent and inspiring it was going to be to look around me and see the most beautiful sky and mountain views that any city can provide in 360 degree views;

I wish I knew how much fun you can have without ever going to the tourist spots;

I wish I knew it was going to feel so safe and serene every day and night as I take my dog for walks around the perfectly manicured blocks lined by the well-maintained and guarded homes;

I wish I knew how much fun it was going to be to enjoy swimming in our backyard pool and dipping in the hot tub;

I wish I knew how much I like being able to go to the Strip when ever I please, even if I don't often desire to do so;

I wish I knew how much I would enjoy driving on roads that are wide and flat and without the obstacle course of potholes that routinely appear in the NE and Midwest as winter ends;

I wish I knew how amazingly friendly most of the people working in retail or otherwise providing services are here in LV;

I wish I knew how much I was going to love the feeling of a day spent for the first time in a world-class spa with my wife and then choosing a new one to have that experience over and over and over;

I wish I knew how much fun it would be to spend a holiday like Thanksgiving by hiking through Red Rock Canyon instead of bloating myself at a dinner table;

I wish I knew how much I was going to enjoy an occasional trip to the Smith Center for cultural events;

I wish I knew that this metropolitan area with about 2 million residents can have the best of a small town community feel to it;

I wish I knew how efficient the government service offices like the DMV, the Family Court, and the fingerprinting bureau were going to be as I took care of things that a new resident to the State has to deal with;

I wish I knew how to describe all of the things that happily surprised me even though I moved here with the greatest excitement and anticipation after having been a tourist and visitor for more than 20 years.

LV is not the perfect place for everyone. It's not even a good place for a lot of folks. But when the plusses and minuses are weighed, it is pretty darn fantastic.
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