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Old 02-01-2017, 04:26 PM
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Hey everyone. I recently posted this review on a completely unrelated forum, but I've heard the Red Rooster club being discussed enough over the years that I figured I may as well give my $.02 on a Vegas forum.

The place is called Red Rooster. It’s snuggly tucked away in the eastern suburbs of Las Vegas, is apparently one of the most famous swingers clubs in the country, and isn’t so much a “club” as it is a private residence. In fact… it is a private residence. It’s an old couple’s freakin house. The ex-couple (the husband passed away a couple years ago, but from my understanding, the widow still runs the place and lives there) had been swinging in their party house since the early 80s. In the last few decades, they’ve expanded the place from boring every-house to the coolest old person pad in the world. Imagine your grandparents’ home – with their furniture, color palette, and sense of style – but with a dance floor, indoor pool, porn on every TV, and a couples-only area upstairs where nudity is a requirement for entry. A horrifying must-see.

I had heard about this place for a couple years and made note that online reviews claimed the patrons skewed toward the… let’s call it “distinguished.” So I braced for naked old people. I’m a very open-minded hippie liberal with a casual attitude toward sex. My girlfriend is the opposite – all class, traditionally raised, somewhat shy and private. It took some convincing, but eventually I piqued her interest and we decided to go. We agreed that we’d go primarily as observers and would only fool around – and only with each other (damn) – if the mood was right.

I think our first visit was on a Friday night. The place wasn’t that lively, and while the average age did seem on the older end of the spectrum (I was 30 at the time and felt younger than a clear majority), a few of my biggest fears were immediately alleviated:

- There were actually women here
- Enough women were attractive enough for me to at least fantasize about fooling around with
- There were very few creepy single men

I feared that the place would be filled with nothing but men that would follow my girlfriend around like piranhas, but luckily, there was an eclectic mix of people. I’d say that couples were the dominant group and the gender ratio was around 50/50.

Refreshingly, the owners and staff had put in longstanding mechanisms to make this place inviting/safe for females and couples. First, the entire upstairs area is COUPLES ONLY. This rule was well enforced throughout the night. I saw a single man try to sneak his way up there but was quickly called out and embarrassed by the staff. They even called out a single woman who was up there. Naturally, couples gravitated upstairs, and that’s where most of the action went down. The downstairs had the “fun” areas like the dance floor and pool, but they didn’t get much use during our first night.

So we walk in, give ourselves a tour of the downstairs, and there isn’t as much nudity as I expected. Most notably, a nude old man was sitting near the pool, just enjoying himself and not giving a care about the rest of the world. He was so inconspicuous that my girlfriend didn’t even notice him. There IS a dark area downstairs with beds – this is the public sex area for couples that are daring enough to get down in front of everyone – including the passion killing glare of creeps, but this area got zero use throughout the night. A couple hours in, I actually brought my girlfriend near one of these beds, held her and acted like we were gonna do something, and within five seconds, she whispered that there was a dude behind us just staring. I turn around and it’s an awkward Asian man. Sorry dude, no show tonight.

After walking around and getting quite a few looks from others (my gf is very pretty and I was wearing a sweet Street Fighter t-shirt soooo), we went upstairs to the couples-only section. This area was more populated. It consisted mostly of a few sofas placed around a large TV playing some porn. Some couples were on these couches just chatting and being touchy with each other, but I still hadn’t seen any actually swinging yet. That… was reserved for the last room. This “special” room, behind a set of old town wild west saloon doors, was reserved for people who simply wanted to have sex. In order to ensure this room remained hot with action at all times, couples were required to fully undress before entering. This meant that any couple who wanted to enter the sex room had to undress in full view of every other couple in the upstairs area.

The first couple I saw do this were very fat. I mean… fat enough that the man’s penis was completely covered by his gut. I actually wasn’t grossed out by this because who gives a hoot – get your game on, fat man. They disappeared behind the double doors.

My gf and I grabbed a seat on one of the couches, and we were soon joined by one of the best looking couples there. They were tourists from… Venezuela I think, and they had been dabbling in the swinger lifestyle for a few years. We were just chatting, with my gf on my lap and Mr. Venezuela with his wife on his. The mood started to feel right, so my gal and I started making out, and the tourists next to us quickly did the same. I began playing out scenarios of the two gals voluntarily switching laps (dude’s wife was pretty smokin), but it never happened. I think a move like that would have needed one of the men to initiate, and neither of us did. I got the impression that the other couple was very willing (GAD ZOOKZ), but I could never put my gal in a situation like that. Still, after a few minutes of sensual kissing, both ladies’ tops came off. I never managed to get a good look at Ms. Venezuela’s breasts, but the gf later told me they were incredible. Damn. That was the steamiest action we personally had during the first night.

We left around closing time, which I believe was 1 or 2. Neither of us felt creeped out by the experience, so we agreed to go back.

We decided on a return trip about a month later – this time, on a Saturday night. I can’t remember if there was a special occasion or if Saturday made all the difference, but the place was much more lively. There were maybe 2-3x the number of people, and the male/female ratio seemed unchanged.

We had a lot more fun downstairs this time because of the bustling activity. There were two couples in the pool (it had been empty on our cherry-popper visit). Not particularly attractive, but they were enjoying themselves and the women were topless, so who’s to judge. Additionally, and this caught me by surprise – the downstairs bed area was actually being used. There was a larger woman laying quietly on one of the beds, receiving oral from a man who was either her partner or some daring stranger. Another dude (no idea if he was part of their gang) felt comfortable enough to occupy a corner of the bed for a bird’s eye view of chubby cunnilingus. The bed was surrounded by a group of people, mainly single men, gazing in silence. The whole scene was so quiet, which seemed weird and pathetic at the time, but looking back, I guess I can appreciate the respect those onlookers displayed for simple sexuality. Who cares if she was fat. Also, the spectacle kept most of the single dudes occupied, to no one’s chagrin.

Along the dance floor and tables, I was smitten by a blonde beautiful enough to be ripped straight out of the 1940s Hollywood cinema. Later during the night, she decided to tuck her dress down and go topless, revealing a pair of INCREDIBLE breasts. My gf commented on their supple beauty, admitting she kind of wanted to touch them (for a gal as demure as my gf, this was a big admission). The blonde seemed open minded, and I told her that we could walk up, strike up a convo, and be touching them ta-tas inside of two minutes (I had already seen another woman touching them). But the gal was much too shy for that, so we never approached. Damn, I probably could have parlayed that into something awesome for me.

Unlike our first visit, the dance floor was bumping this time (by “bumping,” I mean there were maybe 10 people out there, but this is a private home with a dance floor the size of a small room, so that seemed plenty to me). The gf is a great dancer, and I can gyrate my crotch somewhat in rhythm, so we jumped out there. The other women – all more forward and brash than my sweet lil gal, all recognized her innocence and helped break her in. They danced around her, and a duo of surprisingly attractive lesbians (at least that’s the impression I got) sandwiched her and began grinding. She was overwhelmed but loving it, and at no time felt uncomfortable. One of these lesbians started going wild, doing twerk hand-stands and trusting the rest of us to hold her legs up. She was cute as hell, so in my nightly act of chivalry, I stepped in, grabbed her ankles, and made sure she was supported enough to twerk to her heart’s content. I’d have to say that dancing with cute lesbians and bare-chested big girls was the funnest part of the night.

I noticed that while the atmosphere was more fun and lively than the other night, it was also steamier. I saw an older woman with her bare breasts being devoured by another woman – all while the first woman’s husband took it in with a look of smug satisfaction. A man was being orally serviced by another larger woman at one of the tables, in clear view of everyone. A very attractive young couple – muscular black dude and a fiery redheaded dame – made their way down from the private upstairs area completely nude. They were a bit of a spectacle and were followed by a small group of dudes wherever they went. The nude couple set up shop at the bar (for legal reasons, this place does not sell alcohol. Their policy is strictly BYOB, but when you bring it in, they’ll label it, store it, and serve it to you for free), where I made particular note of a pervy dude approaching the nude black man, making some conversation, and eventually feeling comfortable enough for a grab of the redhead’s ass. The naked couple couldn’t care less. Well played, perv-man.

While walking around and taking everything in, we noticed several unflinching glances. These weren’t discomforting, judgmental stares – to the contrary, it felt like men and women were sizing us up and generally approving. Again, the girlfriend is attractive and was wearing a very nice dress. Together, we’re a younger couple and decently put together, and that was really all it took.

So while it wasn’t a huge shock, it was still a surprise when we were officially propositioned. A lady, perhaps in her mid-30s, approached us near the dance floor and made friendly banter about how much she liked my girlfriend’s hair. Chicks love chick compliments, so naturally, the gf perked up and reciprocated. I noticed this woman was showing off a very nice pedicure (full disclosure for the hundredth time: foot fetish dude here), and quickly complimented her. Remember, it’s better to do something like that right away with confidence than to dwell on it and awkwardly sputter the words out two hours later. The lady was very receptive of my flirting and told me she was down enough with the whole foot lifestyle that she once let a Mexican chick suck her toes, and that it felt amazing.

K, I liked where this was going. She then gave us the pitch.
“Ok, so you probably figured out that I think you’re an attractive couple. How about I invite my husband over here, we all have a chat, and see how things go?”

Awwwww husband =(. No likey, no touchy. I mean, I wasn’t REALLY planning on getting with this woman anyway, but perhaps I could have talked my girlfriend into okaying some foot play were it just the three of us. However, with her wanting to bring her husband into the mix, it created a simple no-go. We very politely declined, stating we were first-timers just here to observe and learn about the scene. She understood and went about her way. After a moment’s thought, I respected the courage it must have taken for her to approach us alone. I also started suspecting that her husband might have put her up to it, which is more sound strategy than anything else. A man approaching us would have been immediately turned away. A woman doing the same managed to initiate lots of friendly banter and pervy compliments about her pedicure. Just the way the world works.

I later asked my girlfriend if I had crossed the line with my flirting. She said that she actually enjoyed it and clarified that had I been saying/doing the same things behind her back, she would have felt betrayed. However, in a situation such as this, with us in the same room and living the same experience, she was surprisingly permissive and would consider letting me fool around in the future. WOMEN, AM I RIGHT.

Near the end of the night, we noticed some activity in the couples-only upstairs area. We walked up and saw three young (around our age) nude couples. One of the men was standing there receiving oral from two women – both attractive – who were happily on their knees. He kissed the breasts of a third naked woman who played with his hair while making small talk with someone else. I looked on and envied their liberation; I began to fantasize of myself in the same situation, and of how it seemed so inviting and attainable in a place like this.

Of course, I knew that even suggesting it would take my gf outside her comfort zone, so we instead found an intimate spot upstairs and began making out. No one paid any attention to us in the midst of hot fully nude youths playing around.

Once closing time hit, some of the security staff stopped paying attention and the rules were kinda thrown out the window. Seizing his opportunity, a single dude (this may have been the most pervy looking creep there) made his way to the couples-only area when security was lax. The fiery nude redhead from earlier was lounging on a couch, receiving very sensual oral from another woman. This creep stood about four feet away, and with a hand on his bulge, stared as if he were under a trance. Dude… ugh. As most of the people left the swinger house, so did we.

We walked to my car in the crisp night air, trying to take in the events of the day while deciding between “2 a.m. tacos” or “straight to bed.” While driving, we noticed a car pulled to the side of the road and were shocked to see that it was the lady who had propositioned us earlier that day… in a total shouting match with her husband. We had no way of knowing what the argument was about, but it doesn’t take a genius to assume it had something to do with that night.

Watching them, alone in the dark, against each other, likely grappling with their own love, sex, intimacy, whatever… it kind of put a damper on the night and we decided to go straight to bed. God DAMN I wanted tacos.

So yeah, while most couples we saw seemed very accepting and casual toward their chosen lifestyles, I guess several more were still as unsure as my girlfriend and I were.

The end.
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Old 02-01-2017, 10:23 PM
Location: vegas
52 posts, read 153,497 times
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most people are to shy to talk about such topics, I enjoyed reading your review.
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Old 02-02-2017, 05:52 PM
Location: Las Vegas
14,216 posts, read 27,633,581 times
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To each his own. Do whatever floats your boat.

But this sounds creepy to me!
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Old 02-02-2017, 11:20 PM
Location: Las Vegas, NV
455 posts, read 556,600 times
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"Dear Penthouse Forum, I never thought this would happen to me but..." 😂
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Old 02-02-2017, 11:29 PM
89 posts, read 172,019 times
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Old 02-03-2017, 03:32 AM
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I didnt mind the review, but then again, I'm not a prude.
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Old 02-03-2017, 03:33 AM
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linkfromsocal, feel free to private message me pics of your girl, lol.
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Old 02-03-2017, 09:22 AM
71 posts, read 456,970 times
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Originally Posted by Guest89169 View Post
I didnt mind the review, but then again, I'm not a prude.
Eh, I don't know if it's really about prudery. I can see how someone who views sexuality as a very private thing can be offended by my experience. I've always been a lot more open about that stuff, with the understanding that not everyone else is, so I try to be respectful.
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Old 02-03-2017, 11:55 AM
Location: Las Vegas
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I've been to red rooster in Australia, it's delicious
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Old 02-03-2017, 12:14 PM
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Dang I'm hungry - for chicken.

Funny read.
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