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Inter-city connector alt129/23@i16 to Pierce@i75 1 25.00%
connector alt129/23@i16 to bass road@i75 0 0%
new interstate connecting Athens to Macon by 129&49&19 to WarnerRobins/FortValley/Albany/Tallahassee 1 25.00%
NE connector Hwy18 Forsyth/Gray/Jeffersonville @ 96&16 0 0%
Combo of 1or2 & 3 1 25.00%
Combo of 1or2 & 4 0 0%
All 1or2, 3 & 4 1 25.00%
Voters: 4. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 03-29-2007, 08:16 PM
Location: Port Hueneme, CA
283 posts, read 1,087,886 times
Reputation: 92


I am wondering why this project is still on hold. I used to live very near this intersection and I still use this intersection every time I visit GA. I tried to get personally involved in this project by proposing some solutions of my own while living there. I have a back ground in real estate and must admit the solutions I offered would have greatly benefited my career at the time. I am no longer involved in real estate but would still like for the public and not local politicians to be able to vote on what some of Macon's crafty citizens have designed. I do not wish for local politicians to be involved until its citizens have more knowledge of what has been presented to Macon's authority figures and dismissed. Macon citizens I think would love to see many of the renditions brought before council. Of course I would love to see my rendition of this interchange and the others directly affected in as the fore runner of some kind of progression for this massive project that desperately needs to be dealt with; however, many of the drawings by other citizens, and people directly affected by this on their daily commute, have contributed many hours of research and wonderful ideas to solve this problem simply to be shot down at city council without any further noticeable investigation or public involvement. This intersection has been both the life-blood and poison to Macon. As Macon struggles to regain positive growth I would really like to see this beautiful dying town continue on its current upswing even with as slow as it maybe. Macon's revival in my opinion will only occur with progressive thinking followed by positive action showing that Macon not only has good access and a great location but is willing to put theses aspects to use. Many websites are up to discuss this intersection but are lagging up to date information or public appeal. If anyone can inform me of better information than the official gadot website www.i16i75.com; (broken link) is interested in more information in how to get my drawings just let me know and I would to assist and have more knowlege.
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Old 03-30-2007, 02:21 PM
Location: Port Wentworth (North)
726 posts, read 3,289,625 times
Reputation: 217
The state of Georgia "ain't got no mo money for roads", You guys got to start paying more taxes............................................. ......

http://www.georgia-navigator.com/news_full?Article=GDOT-NEWS-100078 (broken link)

http://www.whatsthebigidea.us/ (broken link)
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Old 03-30-2007, 06:19 PM
Location: Port Hueneme, CA
283 posts, read 1,087,886 times
Reputation: 92
Default Paying more taxes

Thank you very much bgnzsavnh. I had never noticed this link in Navigator and the big idea is very helpful. I was able to find more information about other projects I'm interested in as well.

As far as paying more taxes go I don't have a problem paying more as long as GA can continue to maintain having some of the best roads in the nation. Living in CA now has really made me appreciate how cheap everything is back home. And the roads here, while not as bad FL's I-10, they aren't good either.

Well even though GA has always done a good job maintaining its roads. I really hope others notice the information you pointed out on the big idea, plus I hope they find funding and make GA's commuter rail lines happen ASAP
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Old 03-30-2007, 08:08 PM
Location: The Great City of Macon
511 posts, read 2,286,050 times
Reputation: 122
Macon City Council, or the Bibb County Commisioners have very little say in what is built. The Department of Transportation is in charge of building it and doesnt really care of who they effect. DOT has proposed several plans that do not fit Macon, there proposing plans that are fit for cities like Atlanta. 8 lanes in each direction is not needed in Macon. Many citizens argue redoing the intersection could destroy one of Macon's Historic Communities ( Plesant Hill ), I dont totally disagree with the bulldozing of parts of Pleasant Hill, because I believe bulldozing some of the buildings would really get the community back on it's feet. There is alot of land on the split that is not being used. Many other things are also hampering the construction, the Ocmulgee River, the Spring Street Exit, and Norfolk Southern has a railroad that runs between the split, two historic graveyards, a historic neighborhood, and 300k houses, are all involved. What I wuold prefer is a premiter. It would decrease inner-city traffic, and give the people in Atlanta what they want. Also the time frame of the project is also ineffective, taking close to 10 years to complete. So the best solution is to leave the I-75, I-16 split alone and build a premiter.
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Old 03-30-2007, 09:21 PM
Location: Port Hueneme, CA
283 posts, read 1,087,886 times
Reputation: 92
I was hoping to get MayorofMacon involved in this. Interesting to see your thoughts on this.

Well although the city council and county commissioners aren't supposed to have anything to do with the project they do have the ability to get in the way and during the 5 years I lived there I discovered this first hand. It may not be quite as bad now as it was in 2000. A couple of the people hampering efforts to change Macon bad reputation have died off and some were thankfully voted out of office just as I was moving away.

The primary example known to me of their getting in the way when was a large corporation of developers (comprised mostly of investors) from all over the Southeast including several from Macon had proposed a project that included a 7 lane (2 for right hand turning and a center turning lane) highway and tunnel that they were willing to purchase 5,347 acres on the NE side of town, donate the property needed for the highways and actually pay to have it put in, this is option 1 above. It was only to go to (129) Gray Hwy only during its first phase as a large scale tester; to see how much interest large corporations expressing interest actually had before continuing the connector on to I-16 to connect a new downtown business district, golf course and upscale housing. The development included approx 30 sites available for high-rises, 6 large high density apt., condo/townhome communities, approx. 60 industrial sites, nearly 150 other commercial sites, 600+ new homes ranging in price from 350k to a million+ and even included a new civic center in combination with a mass transit center utilizing the rail line you referenced above. The corporation, now dissolved, had progressed quite far in getting expressed letters of interest from major employers for the area one even willing to express interest in constructing two 28 story skyscrapers straddling the exit from the new tunnel and bordering the river in an area that actually isn't in a flood zone and still only being 8 blocks from Macon's current primary downtown business district. They had contingent contracts on all but one 440 acre property of the 5,347 acres and unfortunately (sometimes) GADOT doesn't have control over developments like this and cannot over ride Macon/Bibb County's authority for such an opportunity. Yes this would have generated much more traffic but it was the proposed intersection changes of I-16/I-75 in combination with land availability and location of these major interstate systems to Atlanta, railways and the ports of Savannah and Brunswick that spurred the interest of this group and their many investors. The development in combination with these factors and prices is what made so many of the large corporations interested in Macon.

I do agree with you about Pleasant Hill, if the residents aren't going to maintain the homes there that were riddled with drugs and crime then get rid of the problem. Historic matters but if it isn't cared for at least as well as Shirley Hills (still needs improvement) then it isn't really cared for and change would be positive.

Also I am glad to see that you chose option 4 creating better access to/thru downtown and a way around it. This is also what scared the then in place authority in Macon. They are or were dead set against a perimeter or redirecting Gray Hwy traffic but would like to get I-16 out of downtown entirely redirecting it south of town and north of the airport if possible. What are they thinking? Of course, a route across the river on the southeast side is needed too.

I disagree on giving the people of Atlanta what they want. Why give in? Compete. Certainly close enough and definitely cheaper too. If people are willing to live in Macon and commute to Atlanta for a job. Maybe Macon should put a little more thought into how they can keep those people from having to travel so far to better paying jobs. I think any of the road projects would assist but just putting another road in and not planning how things are constructed around it only continues to build more problems.

Last edited by pickleswanson; 03-30-2007 at 09:33 PM.. Reason: missing words
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Old 03-31-2007, 12:58 PM
Location: The Great City of Macon
511 posts, read 2,286,050 times
Reputation: 122
I'm not to familiar with what your talking about in the first paragraph, but it sounds like it would have only benefited Macon, so if you could give me more detail, I would appreciate that.

As of now many people are just wanting DOT to leave it alone, I disagree with that, something must be done. Another project that would help with traffic on Gray Highway is the Eisenhower Extension. The Eisenhower Extension is a project that would carry the end of Eisenhower parkway ( near Seventh Street, and Broadway ) to Interstate 16. There they would continue on to make a premiter.

County Commisioners, along with Macon City Council are afraid to stand against DOT, and tell them what is best for the citizens and the city. Many of are leaders planning to run for Mayor in 2007 should take many things into consideration, and the I-75, I-16 Junction is one. Bibb County Commisioners should understand Macon is within its county lines, and should look bettering Macon, than just the county. People do not think Bibb County they think Macon, and county commisoners should realize this and take advantage of it, by making the city just a beautiful, safe, and nice as the county. I understand the city got into these problems themselves, but they shouldnt have to suffer alone.

I'm also mad at the city government, the city could reduce crime rapidly by passing up command of the Macon Police to the Bibb County Sheriff, Miami-Dade Police is a great example, two different goverments but they share Public Safety Responsiblity. I hate to say this but Macon Police is really slacking, and with great leadership like the Sheriff Jerry Modena, would get them on the right track.

In the upcoming election I personally do not agree with any of the officials running, but if I had to choose one it would be Anita Ponder, even though she has bickered with City Council Memebers, and not stood up as President of Council, she seems to be investing the best in Macon.

Moderator cut: removed manual sig/political ad
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Old 03-31-2007, 02:36 PM
Location: Port Hueneme, CA
283 posts, read 1,087,886 times
Reputation: 92
Well that's okay I wouldn't defimate any person by mentioning names anyway.

I'm not real sure that people really want the DOT to just leave it alone; however, they are sick of dealing with it cause things seem to be going no where. It's like beating a dead horse to many. The longer the situtation left though the worse the problem becomes. Lack of activity shows a lack of interest; virtually telling the DOT, GA and our tourist that Macon doesn't care. I only some what agree with you about hwy 80 project. I don't think it should be used as part of the perimeter but should tie into it. I think the perimeter should cross 129 where 49 (industrial hwy/peach pkwy) has an overpass/entrance ramp just north of MidGA Airport and should continue to 49 (north of Byron crossing I75 at same location as railroad following along side Juniper Creek Rd)to 42 to 341 to 42 to Reedy Creek Rd to Jenkins Road to 18 then of course crossing some farm land until connecting up to Henderson Rd crossing more farm land reconnecting at exit 6 (putting Herbert Smart Airport inside the perimeter) building up Bondsview Rd and crossing Ocmulgee where rail already crosses (leaving protected Indian Mounds untouched) and finally completeing its circle at the already existing Hwy 49 overpass/entrance ramp. Hwy 80 should be left as an east west through fare.

"Stand against DOT"; they have no need to stand against them. The DOT welcomes input and local populas assistance to work together for final result that most people can be pleased with. Never is everyone going to be happy.

You are obviously interested in being Mayor in 2019; why not now? That way you know that at one of the running officials is taking these things into consideration. As far as people not thinking Bibb County, they only think Macon, that's not all bad. I don't if rumors still fly about incorporating the rest of Bibb County as Macon, why not try, seems to be working well for both Athens, GA and Jacksonville, FL. Then Macon really would have some money add the services it should be giving its citizens anyway. I don't remember where you had mentioned that before, but you have. This would alleviate the passing up of command issue. Sheriff Modena would do a much better job the current corrupt crew handling city matters.

Can't say I have an opinion on Anita Ponder. I have no clue what she has done for Macon if anything.
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Old 03-31-2007, 09:26 PM
Location: The Great City of Macon
511 posts, read 2,286,050 times
Reputation: 122
I will not be running this year because I do not meet age requirements, I'm not really known and have alot of advertising to do. Athens and Jacksonville, are great consildated governments but look at the bad ones such as Augusta, and others. I do have a suggestion about voting, everyone could write in my name, LOL. Just joking, I'm asking everyone to get out and vote, no I wont be running, but its good to vote, so that Macon, can be even better than what it already is. I love having conversation with you Pickleswanson, and hope to meet with oyu in the future.
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Old 08-14-2007, 10:16 PM
726 posts, read 2,553,893 times
Reputation: 86
what happen to this project and where did you hear this from?
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Old 08-15-2007, 11:55 AM
41 posts, read 151,041 times
Reputation: 23
"what happen to this project" - it's still around. GaDOT does not have the money ($300 million+) to build the monster in Macon.

"where did you hear this from" - GaDOT's website - I-16/I-75 Improvement Project, community website I16I75 Interchange plus numerous other sites. Just google I16I75 and Macon.
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