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Old 12-08-2014, 09:32 AM
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I have searched threads on Columbus, MS and they are pretty old. The earliest is 2 years old and I did not get much out of it. Can someone offer any direct counsel on the location, area, things to do?, and other things that are important to consider that I may not. I am coming from near Austin, TX. The job is excellent with what seems like a great company but i cannot see the unseen or unforeseen within a few day visit. I know Tupelo is the place where Elvis grew up a short drive north but that does not mean anything to me when his history is dirt poor living in a shack growing up and then moving away. So it really does not say it is somewhere to move to. No offense. I grew up dirt poor most of my childhood. My parents worked extremely hard along with all of us kids growing up. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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Old 12-08-2014, 09:53 AM
Location: NE Mississippi
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A city of 23,000 with a growth rate of - 8.8% may or may not be what you are looking for. It is 60% Black. There is no meaningful growth on the horizon, although there are some businesses moving in.
Since the North-South highway, US45A, has by passed Columbus the decline is not expected to reverse itself.

There are so many factors to consider, and you are the only one who knows the complete equation. Marital status, gender, age, career path, interests, and many other things would have to go into my deliberations.

Sometimes all you can do it take a shot. I have passed up opportunities and been rewarded later, and have passed up a couple I should have stuck with.

Columbus, MS Population Growth Rate City Rank
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Old 12-08-2014, 11:31 AM
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I see the demographics but it looks like that Starkville will be a better choice for actual residence than Columbus. I appreciate any input. Thanks. I know that the position is excellent experience to add what I already have but I think of the environment near Austin, TX where it has everything. I just don't seem to be able to find anything quite like the position in MS. Such a fracked up choice but definitely glad to have choices. I am grateful that I do have another income with a client situation that I rest with my wife while I would take the permanent job. It does pay comfortably but I always worry about having one income risk (I did that before 8 years and it was scary when my position was cancelled and that was my only source of income).
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Old 12-08-2014, 04:13 PM
Location: Lake Oswego, Manhattan, Aspen
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The best way for an intelligent person to handle living in Mississippi is to consider himself/herself to be living alone on a mountaintop. Trying to relate to the locals will (unless you're an extremely trivial person with no aspirations beyond being "involved" in foobawl, and eatin' hot biscuits, gummy-textured "rolls", and candied barbecue: yep... even the meat is sickeningly sweet) only lead to frustration and self-hate.

Wishful Thinking, Evangelical Thinking, and especially, MAGICAL THINKING, are ingrained in the collective psyche, in most of Mississippi. Columbus is one of the cities where the whites, even the upper classes, are considered to be particularly neurotic and mean. We had neighbors from there, and they were truly 'pieces of work'. They were smart, hard-working, successful, and from "good" families. And they've become internationally known. But, BOY! Ten minutes around them, and you wanted to go kill yourself. They really stood out in our little gated enclave - and not in a good way. And they had friends from Columbus: one a Developer/con-man, who'd studied grifting under some "swami", in a cult in California, then turned Baptist, of course. Then, he and his wife turned Episcopalian, in order to hobnob with richer potential victims at the "Happening" Episcopal church "everybody" was joining, in Madison County. Developer/Con-man would corner you at a party (and this is someone from a monied family, who drove 7-series & S-class, and lived, with his even crazier heiress wife, in a spectacular house that's been in more magazines than you could count) and start telling you about Proctor & Gamble being "of the Devil", because it's "got that Moon sign"... when he wasn't pointing-out "that little f@ggy guy over there" and "that little qu**r talkin' to mah wahf, right now."

Everybody we've met from that town has an odd combination of institutionalized sophistication and personal hickness - all wrapped-up in twenty layers of mean and crazy. They can be consummate professionals one minute, and deranged holyrollers the next minute. They're big "joiners": churches, cults, clubs, teams, professional associations... They may have heirloom Ocelot pillows and Bosendorfer grand pianos (at least that's what the magazine ladies write down, when they "shoot" their houses): but they loudly chew gum with their mouths open, and jerk their food into their mouths like field hands (while otherwise observing all the 'cutlery-handling' choreography you learn in etiquette classes). It's a really strange mix. And when the neighbors start telling you about the skeletons in Columbus People's family closets, it'll make you want to jump out of your skin.

Not that Columbus can hold a candle to Holly Springs or Canton, when it comes to Intrinsic Evil... Holly Springs folk can snub you better than anybody, and going to Canton makes you half-expect to look up into the trees and see Satan's face glimmering in the shadows behind the leaves.

Tupelo may be near Columbus, but there is little resemblance. Columbus is 'cotton country', with a lot of "slavery residue" (60% of the population, now, apparently). Tupelo is in the southernmost tip of Appalachia, where the land was too poor for plantations and slaves. Most old families in Tupelo are heavily Native American. And the social climate could not be more different from that of Columbus. My dealings with people from there have been pleasant. The women are kind and nurturing and calm. And since I got to college at age 17, I've been hearing Gay friends talk about all the hot bisexual men there. Salesmen, truckers... anybody with an excuse to go to Tupelo... loved going there, because all these big, beautiful part-Indian men were quite actively available. I'm sure that all changed with the influx of newcomers. But it was considered to be a "little Kentucky" in that regard - one of the few nice things anyone could say about life in Mississippi, where most human interaction is fraught with anxiety and anxiety-producing sub-themes.

We were talking about crazy, mean Columbus people (and our old neighbors, in-particular, who'd just been in the news, again), and my Ad Man pulled up a Gay social networking site on the Internet. There were several muscular men from Columbus. They looked really ripped, and obviously had plenty of money. But each one had a crazier-sounding profile than the next. Everything was about "epiphanies", "being true to yourself" - just all sorts of the noble, high-flying, "spiritual" kind of language that guilt-ridden, half-deranged people use - was in those profiles. "Wow! These guys are twisted into little spiritual pretzels, aren't they?"

"OK! Now, go to Tupelo..." And the Tupelo profiles boiled down to "Nice guy. Look pretty good. Horny. Like to cuddle. My wife don't mind." Compare that with the Columbus profiles, and you get a good index of the difference in social climates.

But if you just go to work, go to the gym, and otherwise avoid the locals, you won't have to think about any of that. Oh... and Mississippi womenfolk are much more manipulative, controlling, and parasitic than what you're probably used to. So, it's a very good thing you're already married.

Otherwise, do what is done by native Mississippians of a certain calibre, and live your real life somewhere else. Jackson people have always had places in the New Orleans French Quarter, where they go to drink and have sex. We used to go to the New Orleans Northshore, or to Lafayette or Monroe, Louisiana, just to buy groceries and do mundane shopping - and to weekend - simply because we had to escape the Mississippi rudeness and craziness. We know a Jackson couple who keep a condo, and a Bentley, in Palm Springs. Every few weeks, they fly out there, "To live our REAL life". Other Mississippians have co-ops in Manhattan, condos in Destin, houses at Seaside, houses on the California coast... That's where they have their friends.

Other people just plant tall hedges, and hide on their wooded estates in Madison, and places like Madison. "You just learn that no possible good can come from interacting with these people." (this, from someone whose ancestors arrived in Mississippi at the end of the Eighteenth Century, to claim their land grants)

The trick to living in Mississippi is to live within your own bubble.
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Old 12-08-2014, 06:17 PM
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Dang Gloria, I love ya, but that is some crazy talk!

BLUF (bottom line up front), Mississippi is a poor, rural, state; therefore, most of her people are poor and rural. The people in Columbus are much like people anywhere. If you are gregarious, you will make friends and fit in well, however, if you tend to be introverted, not many Mississippians will go out of their way to befriend you. I read that 75% of Mississippians were born in the state; therefore, many Mississippians are not exposed to change/outsiders/new perspectives, etc, and kind of "stick with their on." Mississippians will drive long distances to work, decline great job offers that require a move or quit good jobs and move back just to be "close to momma."

Several things hold the state back, one of the most useless is the amount of time devoted to race. Every political decision will have a racial element to it, it gets frustrating. Unfortunately for the rest of us, for those who make money off race, the money is in the problem, not the solution.

Back to Columbus, it is not a bad town, but not great either. Coming from Austin will be shock to the system, there is just not much to do other than football, hunting and church. I suggest living in Starkville and making the 30 minute commute. If it is a good job opportunity by all means take it. There are tons of Texans at MSU, you will see many Texas tags around town.
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Old 12-08-2014, 07:48 PM
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If you would like to see some of Columbus on google maps, here are a few neighborhoods to explore (using that feature with the gold stick-man, that allows you to get a street picture view as if you were driving through town). Look up Greenbriar Drive in north Columbus, 2nd and 3rd streets in the historic district near downtown and Plantation Drive in north Columbus.

Columbus has a beautiful and sophisticated historic district with hundreds of elegant homes (2nd and 3rd streets being examples in the district). And the newer neighborhoods as noted above have houses on steep, lushly wooded ridges with elegant, larger, new homes. There are many other streets in the area; these are just some examples.

For good public schools, there are new subdivisions for families located a few miles north of town in the community of Caledonia. And for a golf course community or lakefront home on large lots, check out the area west of Columbus along Hwy 82 just east of the airport.

In neighboring West Point, there is Old Waverly, one of the top golf clubs in the state and host of LPGA championships. The residential community at Old Waverly is gated and has some big, beautiful homes.

Columbus has risen in the last 10 years from a very slow economy to being rated among the top 25 micropolitan areas in the nation for industrial and economic job growth among over 500 micropolitan areas across the country. That, according to an independent private company that ranks the nation's metro and micro areas annually.

You'll notice on Golden Triangle Link website, that the region in the last 5 years or so has attracted a bevy of big companies making steel, truck engines, drone aircraft, helicopters, tires, and most recently aluminum. Several of these were billion dollar developments that has put Columbus on the map in recent years for industrial locations. They seem to have the right formula for land, transportation, water, electric power, government support, and community college job training.

Starkville is a nice town, with the benefits of a major university. South Montgomery Drive is lined with new, very nice subdivisions and homes of all sizes. A nice area. Downtown Starkville is nice with a charming Main Street and the Miss State campus has a nice bookstore (Barnes and Noble) and recreation center beside a pretty lake right there on campus.

Tupelo as you mentioned is a little too far to commute (an hour) but is bustling small city with many affluent and nice middle class subdivisions, a nice and growing little downtown area and good location with proximity to Univ of Mississippi, Mississippi State (for sports) and Memphis (90 miles). Tupelo recently attracted the billion dollar Toyota plant that was the one of the year's number 1 economic development projects nationally. City leaders regularly come to Tupelo to learn how Tupelo over the last several decades turned itself into such an industrial dynamo, producing tens of thousands of jobs in its factories and hospitals that are filled by citizens of Tupelo as well as people from all the surrounding counties.

As far as demographics according to USA website, the Columbus/Starkville region is roughly 60% white/40% black and Tupelo region about 80% white/20% black.

Overall this is a pleasant region, with a pleasant climate and a good start in becoming a fast-growing, affluent region. I would consider this a nicely livable and pleasant area, especially if you've landed a great job there.
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Old 12-10-2014, 08:45 AM
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No one has mentioned the fact that Columbus is actually a college town itself by being the home of MUW. I know it's a small public school, but does it have no impact at all on life in Columbus? My daughter is thinking of going there next year, so I've been researching the Columbus area and am just surprised that the school is not really mentioned. Just curious about that?
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Old 12-10-2014, 09:04 AM
Location: NE Mississippi
13,650 posts, read 8,565,244 times
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Originally Posted by Drift Away View Post
No one has mentioned the fact that Columbus is actually a college town itself by being the home of MUW. I know it's a small public school, but does it have no impact at all on life in Columbus? My daughter is thinking of going there next year, so I've been researching the Columbus area and am just surprised that the school is not really mentioned. Just curious about that?
School has a wonderful reputation, and I have never heard anything negative about it. If young women (and now, even MEN!) want to learn how to become major contributors in life, MUW is a good place to start.

I would send my daughter there in a heart-beat.

Insofar as the students interacting with the residents of the town, there is far less of that than might be expected. My own feeling is that because the school is not into college sports and because the school only admits real students who take real classes, the townspeople have little in common with them.

Contrast that to Starkville where fuhbawl reigns supreme, the team is always referred to as "we", and the coache's salary is four time greater than the governor's. I prefer "The W".
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Old 12-11-2014, 04:18 PM
Location: Chattanooga, TN
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Originally Posted by Drift Away View Post
No one has mentioned the fact that Columbus is actually a college town itself by being the home of MUW. I know it's a small public school, but does it have no impact at all on life in Columbus? My daughter is thinking of going there next year, so I've been researching the Columbus area and am just surprised that the school is not really mentioned. Just curious about that?
To expand on what Listener said, the population of MUW (about 2,600 students, faculty, and staff) is tiny compared to the population of Columbus (about 24,000). Plus there are no SEC sports events to deal with. I'd say the US Air Force training base to the north has much more impact. By comparison, MSU boasts about 25,000 (students, faculty, staff) in a town of 24,000 full-time residents, with a substantial "Greek" presence and massive sporting events that turn streets one-way multiple times every year.

Starkville is college town. Columbus is a town with a college.

A friend of mine recently moved to the area. He is getting his master's in meteorology at MSU, she was an RN looking for work. They were originally planning on living in Columbus (her working locally, him commuting to MSU), but they wound up living in Starkville.
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Old 02-23-2015, 10:49 AM
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the final conclusion. I did not get the job anyways. Thank goodness. I would have been miserable compared to Texas and now moving back sunny Arizona near Phoenix. Way better area. Thanks for all your assistance.
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