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Myrtle Beach - Conway area Horry County
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Old 11-10-2009, 09:36 AM
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We're looking to relocate to the MB area within the next year or so (depends on when my husband's transfer comes through.) We've done our research and really are thinking this is going to be a great area for us. We are coming from a tourist area where you can't go ANYWHERE on the weekends, and during the week in the summer and winter, because of the tourist traffic - so the tourists and traffic won't bother us, especially since it sounds like there is actually a part of the year when there aren't so many tourists, and the traffic slows down. That will be nice! The weather seems perfect for us. We love the ocean, my husband golfs (and I'm hoping to eventually learn), and we all love to fish. We are coming from an area where there is NOTHING for the locals to do, so the fact that MB can be a little quiet and slow moving without the tourists is nothing for us - there's actually much more to do there than where we now live, where there is NOTHING.

OK, here's where my questions start. We need to be somewhat close to MB since that's where my husband lives. My son will be starting school down there (he'll be 5). We're thinking either Carolina Forest or Murrell's Inlet area? We would rent for a couple of years before settling on a permanent area and buying/building. Are these the areas to look in? And how far would his commute be to MB?

Also, I can't seem to find any information on golf memberships. There are plenty of deals for, say, 5 rounds or whatever, but no info on memberships. Do they do yearly memberships down there? And how do I find out about them? I have looked at MANY websites for the different clubs, and none of them talk about this.

and finally... this is where I might have my only bit of a problem... and I'm going to write a bit much, just so you know exactly where I'm coming from on this one - I know the state is VERY conservative - how conservative exactly, and is it with certain issues? Am I going to have trouble with bringing my son up to believe that all people are equal, should have equal rights, etc. What is the attitude when it comes to color, gays, different races, etc? I don't mind the Republican mindset (always was one until about 10 years ago, lol) or the religious outlook on things such as abortion, etc. (I'm anti-abortion, pro-choice, if that makes any sense. I would never get one, believe them to be morally and religiously wrong, but believe politically in the right to make that choice.) And I find (and have been told) that I am really good at being able to quietly and respectfully disagree with someone else's views while respecting the fact that not everyone has to think like I do. I also am a little "southern" for where I live, in that my son has been taught to remove his hat when he enters a building, to open doors for women and elderly, to pull out a woman's chair, etc. - my friends all kind of laugh and think I'm bringing him up to think of a woman as the lesser sex, and I'm most certainly NOT - I just want him to be a gentleman. We are christian people, and my son will not allow anyone to start eating at a meal without saying grace. So, in many ways we are quite conservative. But I'm a bit afraid of being seen as a "wacky liberal" in many of the ways I believe. How much of a problem am I going to have being kind of a liberal down there? (example - I don't "see" color, blacks, whites, asians, I think we're all the same. Also, I don't really want to see gays making out in front of me - but I don't want to see ANYONE making out in front of me, lol - but I still believe they should be allowed to have the same rights as straight couples. I have a personal religious nagging about it, but legally and politically I believe we should all have the same rights.) Basically, I am personally conservative but politically pretty liberal. Is this going to be a problem down there?
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Old 11-10-2009, 11:04 AM
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Good luck with your move!

Carolina Forest and Murrells Inlet are both good choices, both to live and for schools. Parts of Murrells Inlet are in Georgetown County and parts are in Horry County. Commute to MB proper would be about 15 to 30 minutes from either place, depending on traffic. I would also suggest looking in the Surfside Beach, Socastee and Forestbrook areas.

I can't answer your golf questions, sorry.

As far as your personal conservative/liberal issues, there are so many transplants in MB from so many different areas of the country that I think it truly is a melting pot so you should fit right in without problems.

Do you mind my asking (and I'm sure others are curious too) where you live now, and what your husband's job is that he's able to transfer to MB from where you are now? If that's too personally nosy, just ignore the question - and forgive me!
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Old 11-10-2009, 11:13 AM
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I have only been here for a few months so I am sure there are others who can answer your questions much better than I can but I can tell you I teeter on the conservative / liberal seesaw myself and I haven't experienced any problems thus far. EVERYONE I have encountered has been warm, friendly, and helpful. I should mention, though, that I make it a general rule never to talk politics (this includes my family as well - with the exception of my mother and husband) so I will never have to duck after voicing my opinion. Also, like Dawne said, there are many of us transplants. I can't answer number two because I know nothing about golf. As for number one which part of Myrtle is your hubby working? Murrels Inlet is nice and has good schools but could be a hike if he is working in North Myrtle area.
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Old 11-10-2009, 11:30 AM
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We aren't positive exactly where he will be - he is in management for CVS, so it would be one of the many stores they have there. Hopefully we'll have some idea by the end of the year, and then we can start to narrow down which area would be closest/the best commute. I can transfer anywhere with my job, because I do Medical Transcription from home.

Oh, and we're coming from northern NH (can you say COLD??), Conway, which is tourist-central. We get summer tourists for the rivers and mountain climbing and hiking, and winter tourists for the skiing - our family, however, does none of that. Living in the wrong area, lol.

Thank you so much for your responses. Sounds as though as long as I keep up my usual stance of respecting others' rights to have different opinions, I should be just fine. That's quite a relief to me.
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Old 11-10-2009, 11:42 AM
Location: Charleston, SC missing home Reno NV
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You did talk a lot about the politics part... for me I'm pretty conservative, but i NEVER encountered a time when politics came up. you really put a lot of emphasis on not seeing "colors" that is a RACE issue, not a politics issue, so that's a little offensive to assume that a conservative state does SEE colors. that is obviously not the case. When I moved to SC I was around many many more people of different races and I loved it. I LOVE THE SOUTH, hands down. EVERYONE I encountered was nice. There obviously will ALWAYS be a bad seed wherever you go... but i love southern hospitality, it is totally real (coming from the west coast)...

Murell's Inlet is a bit far from Myrtle I would say for a commute every day to work, especially with traffic. gosh on fridays it can get bad, at least going south on 17 bypass from myrtle to MI so i can imagine business is even worse. (there are 2 highway 17's, one is called "business" that runs parallel to ocean blvd a block west and goes through all the restaurants and novelty shops, etc) and 17 bypass is more of the highway (also parallel to 17 business) but there is not as much stuff to encounter, and it gets you on your way.
Carolina Forest is beautiful IMO. a little community in and of itself. fortunately for me, i am single with no kids and found a condo literally across the street from the beach. I was in heaven

Summer was hard in the city of myrtle, stay away from Ocean blvd if you can. There are a couple of highways made now that you can get around Hwy 17 and Bypass...
Myrtle is a small town when there are not tourists, but there are fall and spring golf seasons, so there are always some people.

I obviously dont know you, but i think you will like it, but i think EVERYONE would like it, how could you not with the beach so close by Again though, im not sure what it would be like to live away from the beach (carolina forest depending on what part is about 15 minutes i believe from a beach)... and in the summer im not sure how easy it is to get there and park somewhere when there are a million tourists, like i said i just walked across the street.

Good luck with your move. I think anyone that is respectful of others will be respected as well.
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Old 11-10-2009, 12:11 PM
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Thank you so much for the info. I'm SO sorry if I offended you, that was not my intention at all. I guess the race/color issue I was thinking of as a "southern" thing, wondering if that's an issue in that area. I know some southern parts are still in general quite racist, and I've heard differing things with MB, as to whether they are "southern" in this regard. If you live there and are offended by the question, I guess I have my answer - and I'm so glad to hear that.

Where I live, we are about 2 hours from the ocean, so moving into that area is going to be WONDERFUL for us, even if we had to drive up to 1/2 hour with getting parking, etc. Although I think I'll end up being more of a cooler-weather-ocean-goer, so I'm guessing I won't have as much trouble with parking in the cooler months? I'm not much of a swimmer, just like the feel of the beach and the beauty of the open ocean, the smell, the sounds. Okay, so I guess I like everything about the ocean.

I'm wondering - living that close to the water, do you have problems during hurricane season? We'd love to live close to the ocean, but are a bit worried about the storms.
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Old 11-10-2009, 01:44 PM
Location: Coast of Somewhere Beautiful
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jamamm - We've lived in the MB area for about 10 years, native to SC, and on most occasions described as "slightly left of liberal". It's not a common combination. You're in for a real experience.

To locate SC politics, turn right at Goldwater and drive several miles past Cheney. Better yet, just Google SC's Second Coming, Jim DeMint. Don't read the literature late at nite; it will cause nightmares. SC's governor fought unsuccessfully to refuse all Federal Stimulus money, because it was a liberal plot to turn us into a socialist nation. Seriously, he did. Just Google Mark Sanford, but ignore the parts about his own personal latin stimulus package. All things considered, abortion is not the key political issue in SC, it's the ONLY political issue in SC. As my mother-in-law always says, "Republicans are the Christian party". That's all she needs to know to decide who to vote for. Oh well..... It won't be a problem unless you let it, but do not expect to find many like-minded souls. The MB area is made up largely of transplants, but that have never seemed to lead to any shift in political leanings, which is hard to understand. Just wear your "Wacky Liberal" badge with honor, like the rest of us. On the plus side, the daily rantings in the newspaper's Letters to the Editor can make for some entertaining reading.

A serious discussion of race in SC is hard to pull off in a forum like this. While all states unfortunately have their share of racists, it's unfair to describe SC as racist. It would also be inaccurate to describe SC as progressive in racial matters. "Separate but equal" still lingers in many attitudes, if not in policies. The confederate flag still flies on SC Statehouse grounds, and remains a serious item of contention. There have been threads on here regarding the flag that went on for weeks. The term "heritage" was used ad nauseum. Race is not discussed a lot down here in polite circles, but we still have a long road to travel.

Gays in SC? Oh my goodness. A state constitutional amendment passed a few years ago by 90+%. As I recall, it declared that homosexuality can be cured with a good dose of Bible reading, so there is no need for same-sex marriage.

On more practical matters, Carolina Forest is not my thing, but many people love it. You're doing the right thing by renting awhile before buying. After you're down here a little while, it won't take you long to find the areas that feel like home.

As Dorothy would say "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in NH anymore!" Just relax and enjoy the adventure.
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Old 11-10-2009, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by PawleysDude View Post
To locate SC politics, turn right at Goldwater and drive several miles past Cheney. Better yet, just Google SC's Second Coming, Jim DeMint. Don't read the literature late at nite; it will cause nightmares.
PawleysDude I must tell you I always enjoy reading your replies to posts. You "tell it like it is" with wit and humor.

I am surprised to hear that all the transplants haven't shifted politics in this area at all.
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Old 11-10-2009, 04:26 PM
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HA HA HA HA!!! I'm getting a good laugh from your post! I guess I won't be talking politics with my new neighbors right off, huh? Your MIL isn't the only one who thinks the Republicans are the "christian party" - I actually have many acquaintances who believe that if you're a christian, you're a republican, and vice versa. They can't accept that a christian could actually be a democrat, or that there is ANY possibility that a democrat can be a christian, lol. Oh well!

I have quite a few friends who wholeheartedly believe in every right wing conspiracy theory, and I've had some good discussions/debates with a few of them and have come out of it okay - we agree to disagree, and I agree to respect them regardless of how incredible I find some of these theories, lol. I've had a couple of friends tell me that I was so respectful during our talk that it wasn't until later that they reallized how crazy I thought their ideas were, hehe. So, hopefully I'll be okay down there. I hope!

I think it's probably going to be a bit frustrating for me, politically. Maybe I just have to wrap my head around that. I'll have to try to talk only religion, and not politics - religiously I'm quite conservative. I just happen to believe that Christ taught that we are all equal, all deserving of his love, and that we aren't supposed to judge each other - that's God's job.

Maybe I need to just keep my mouth shut, huh? If I want to live happily down there.
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Old 11-10-2009, 05:41 PM
Location: Charleston, SC missing home Reno NV
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Maybe I need to just keep my mouth shut, huh? If I want to live happily down there.[/quote]

are you super passionate politically? I mean there are a lot of people that differ in opinions, but unless you like to discuss this topic on a fairly regular basis, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't see you having a problem, but it sounds like that is a MAJOR issue for you. which is okay. i wouldn't want to live in a neighborhood with a bunch of people that i disagreed with. but honestly, that doesn't make them bad people. just easily argumentative. i believe most people are inherently good... regardless if i think they are stupid or not

also the south is the bible belt though... i couldn't even find a place to get a brazilian bikini wax. was told by several salons it was illegal. ILLEGAL??? I suppose they say it's cause of the sanitation? i have no idea, but things are kind of backwards in the south.

all things considered i would go back in a heartbeat. because of the beach.

I didn't live there long enough to experience any storms. I was worried about hurricanes and well and was told by a lot of people to live inland. but im pretty sure myrtle beach area hasn't had a major hurricane in quite a long time. I suppose maybe that means they are due for one... but if you can get a dose of enjoyment from driving down Ocean and admiring the million dollar homes, then id stick with that. that's what i liked doing

you will not have trouble finding parking in the winter months, but they are kind of spread out and you have to hunt for them... i remember wondering where people parked, because a lot of it is hotels, and the hotel parking lots, for guests. there are some public parking areas, and definitely head up to cherry grove and walk out on the pier. oh geez, how i miss it.

Winter time may even bring you some nice weather days. Last year on December 28 it was 79 degrees, and i was included in one of the people laying out on the beach in my bathing suit! ha. of course, it will get cold too. we had a tiny bit of snow actually in january
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