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Old 02-23-2009, 10:10 PM
Location: IN
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The new Census Data for 2007 has been released for Nebraska and all other states. All city-data members can take a look here:
Nebraska QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau

I really enjoy examining the county by county breakdown. The rural counties that have seen the fastest increase in non-farm employment since 2000 have been Garden and Dixon. As a GIS expert I find the demographic divergences between the urban and rural Plains to be quite interesting, but unforunately all to predictable.

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Old 02-28-2009, 02:53 PM
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Thank you, SCGranny. Your response was both the kick in the pants that I need and the thoughtful dialogue for which I was searching.
I have to state that the things that I most love to do, can be done out here on the prairie--except for finding an immediate market. (But, I guess, ahora, that would be true almost everywhere.) I think that it is most difficult to broach the subject of living here with the locals and that makes me lonely. It's very hard, at least for me, to find someone who likes it in the same way that you have stated: "loving animals, hunting, fishing and learning something new.." Usually, I get that as an apology: "We'd go on to Missouri, and have a really nice place, but Bubba just loves the hunting, here." There is a constant bemoaning of the weather and an incessant drum beat about trips to the sunbelt and cement laden cafes/shops/theme parks. I actually own a place in So. TX, but rarely express that to my friends at the coffee klatch because I just get depressed when the crowd picks up the familiar lyrics, "We're leaving next week..."

The conversation that I want is how do we share something good about this place, not apologize for it and be joined, in spirit, by other Nebraskans who are not planning to move away.

I understand the ag economy to a large degree. I think that people, in the small towns, are intellectually, connected to the delicate balance of pop. and economy and Mainstreet, the elevator and the quality of life. But, I think that romanticizing the landscape and understanding it as part of a Good Life often eludes our Desperate housewives.

Anyway, thanks so much for the positivism and the valuable life lesson. I love the internet.
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Old 03-01-2009, 07:23 AM
Location: Nebraska
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Well, I do get kidded a lot here. I had my camera out taking pictures one morning at work. A couple of ladies whom I work with asked me what was I doing. I told them - "Did you SEE that sky this morning? All red and blue and gold? And the full moon hanging between the clouds like a neon sign?" One of the ladies looked at me with a face of wonderment and regret. "You know," she said, "We see this sky every day and take it for granted. But you are right, it was beautiful this morning!"

Sometimes when you live with something all of the time you miss the beauty of it. One guy I know owns a ranch but hardly ever spends time on it; he has a professional job and travels almost every weekend to either Omaha or some other place - San Francisco, Orlando. His sons run the ranch and he likes to go experience the things he never could, growing up on that ranch. He thinks we are a little "teched" for WANTING to move where there is "nothing to do". He is amazed that we go nowhere - what in heaven's name are we finding to DO on the weekends? The neighbors are amazed that we spend time on the "verandah" (they call it a side porch, it extends all the way down the side of the house) instead of inside in the summer. Why? Because it is so open and beautiful, comfortable and quiet, shady and restful. We have a little karaoke machine that we put outside and put our classical and big band music in, and listen to while we work, or eat, or even sometmes dance to. DH has his shop near the corral, I have my shop in the basement, and we entertain ourselves by making things - for either the house, the corral and barns, or to give away as gifts.

We like the silence. We like not HAVING to be anywhere. We like planning out our gardens, our critter housing, our feed and pasture requirements for what we want to do here. We like being alone, together or seperately, and letting the world and its busyness pass us by.

A friend of mine sent me this yesterday, saying that it reminded her of me -

I believe in that - now.
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Old 03-01-2009, 03:09 PM
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I was attracted to this thread marked For Those Who Have Trouble with Rural Nebraska because, as stated, I have had problems with such. The Catch 22 is that natives of this rural area often regard other places as "exotic" and wonderful by exclaiming over some of the very same that exists here--retailing, landscaping, cultural arts, socials. They become derogatory about 'here' when they see other places for the first time. If they don't travel, they will never catch up to the idea that rural Nebraskans can eat whole foods, sing and dance and paint and sculpt and read and speak well. But, when they do travel, for some reason, the outside world seems so quaint to them. Wouldn't it be nice to read or see more comments about the wide, open space, the sky, the local wineries and how intelligent and tolerant the agri-business people are????

Don't like to be so hard on some of the people, around here, but geeez.......I've been to Par-ee and when I came back, I didn't go right to the farm without a bottle of Opus 1 and I didn't hideout in the basement. I drank it on a beautiful patio. Just am so weary of hearing that I couldn't appreciate fine things living here.

I learned how to operate tech equipment in Nebraska, not some jerkwater town or from some redneck from another state!
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Old 03-11-2009, 10:51 AM
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Default The inner view of this thread

Hello, I want to say first of all that this is not a knock on anyone in Nebrasaka or the state in general. I feel I should defend those of us who have moved to rural Nebraska and been not only treated shabbily but at times ostrasized (including my kids). I have lived in Valentine, NE for over 8 years now. Not all the people are rude or mean but many are. I have had to take my daughter out of the public school and homeschool as the school system would not take into account her medical condition or even speak to her doctor about how to accomodate her special needs. Another friend (again not from this town) has had to do the same for her daughter's safety. My child has been assaulted twice (I took photos) and the prosecutor will not press charges as the boy in question is a youth minister's son in town. I have gone out with my husband and had every single one of his friends from work not only act like I do not exist but will ask him to bowl or play pool and specifically cut me out of even trying to be their friend. This is not my attitude, I have tried to make friends here to be stabbed in the back repeatedly to the point I mostly stay home and am working on a Bachelor's degree on-line so I can move my family to somewhere better. There are only a handful of people here that are good decent people that respect others from other places. I have personally seen many families that wanted to move here to give their children a good place to live frozen out by the people who have extensive (generations) family ties. These people have moved away to find a truly decent place to raise their children. I have moved to many different states and lived in both big cities and small towns and have never the level of disrespect in not only the people but the schools anywhere in the U.S. I have lived. The other small towns I've lived in such as Mt. Ida, Arkansas, are truly friendly and the people will go out of the way to make friends with new people. The only respect I ever saw here for an "outsider" is if they are buying the beer and then are forgotten the next day. Maybe other small towns in Nebraska treat newcomers differently but this one sets a poor standard. Tourists are treated with respect as that is how the people of town get tips or stay employed, if you go to the public places you can hear how they cut down and make fun of these people. Again other small Nebraska towns may be different but this is how it truly is in this one.
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Old 03-13-2009, 06:40 AM
Location: Nebraska
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Wow. That is so totally NOT my experience in Valentine or Cherry County!

My daughter and I arrived in Valentine last March to check out the area and the house we were examining in Cody. We had been on City-Data forums for ND, SD, and NE, and had 'met' some people online already, and discussed the various places and attitudes with them. When we arrived in Valentine, our RE agent had already told folks we were coming and had given them a little background on us. Everywhere we went we were greeted warmly; from the motel where we stayed, to the businesses around town. We stood in Young's and talked to the folks there for two hours! Everyone wanted to know the answers to three questions - WHY here (we liked the pictures and the country life), HOW did you find us (on the internet) and WHERE was our family (we had none here, no ties to the community at all). When my daughter and I would go out to eat, folks would stop by our table and pull up a chair to talk to us! When she became ill (she got her very first migraine EVER) the clinic and the hospital whisked her in and out and she had the prescription in her hand in three hours. We would be driving along and folks would be outside and we would stop to talk to them; we were never rebuffed.

When my husband and I moved to Cody, our neighbors came over wth homemade baked goods and one saw that we had gophers and treated our yard without asking or being asked. On our anniversary (we only told two people) our next door neighbor hooked up his team to his buckboard and took us for a ride all over town. We were invited to participate in everything, from the 'smoker' at the fire department to the fireworks on the Fifth of July and the Homecoming party for the High school.

I have attended Community Development meetings in Valentine and Farmer's Union meetings (even though, strictly speaking, we only own 80 acres and are not "real" farmers compared to the ranchers who own 1,000s of acres). At all of them they have been warmly welcoming and helpful as well as friendly.

Since I don't have children in schools (my daughter, our 'baby' is 26) I can't speak to personal experiences there - but I do work for the high school in Cody. Yes the families all know each other and some are related to each other - but the kids get along amazingly well. Everyone has belts on their pants; there are no gang-bangers or kids who race around the school int heir fired-up cars, there is no day-care center on campus for the teens' illegitimate children (there aren't any!), and teachers are not told to stay away from the teen drug dealers on campus (there aren't any!) for their own safety, as they are back east. New kids are happy and welcomed here - even when they come with the attitude of superiority of being in bigger schools, and wear their 'city' clothes, makeup, and attitude like a resentful statement. One foster mom won't let her foster kids go anywhere else to school, because they are quickly assimilated and the teachers find the new children's niche - whether it is art, sports, drama, agriculture, or languages, they work to embrace and educate the kids on their own plateau of understanding. There is a SPED (Special Needs Education Department) on our campus that has one teacher and three aides; they have several full-time students and several students who are mainstreamed who go to some SPED classes to help them in the areas where they need help.

Everyone - from the cops, to the insurance adjuster and physicians and nurses, to the business owners and clerks and barkeepers - in Valentine has been so honest, forthright, and warmly helpful to us, that I can't say enough nice thngs about them. I can't explain why your experiences differentiate so widely from ours, greencat2!
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Old 03-13-2009, 06:57 AM
Location: Ridgway/Saint Marys, PS
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Originally Posted by SCGranny View Post
I can't explain why your experiences differentiate so widely from ours, greencat2!
SCGranny... usually those who claim they had problems caused by other people are usually the one with the attitude problem themselves and don't realize it.
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Old 03-14-2009, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by RadioBroadcaster2008 View Post
SCGranny... usually those who claim they had problems caused by other people are usually the one with the attitude problem themselves and don't realize it.
From scouting all the blogs on this subject and feeling that this is an issue that needs attention, I am almost ready to conclude that you are right: attitude, attitude... and not, location, location, location. However, I think there is a vast personality difference among some communities in Nebraska partially due to job ops and the lay of the land. If you come to the area where I am (central Ne), you will find friends from agri-rural and from the working class and the middle class. And, you know what? I think that's the problem if you follow this thot: Perhaps some of us want to be accepted and understood by all of these and, as is true everywhere, we might not be liked by everyone, here.

Consider though, that one mean person can become a doyenne in these small communities and make it miserable for a young wife who wants to be regarded highly. It's like high school all over again.

I just enjoy rapping about it because I want this to be a very liveable state for anyone who chooses to live here, respectfully.
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Old 03-15-2009, 03:06 PM
Location: South Coast of Nebraska
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A problem that I have is that deer graze off my beautiful shrubs and decorative trees. I've heard that llamas scare away some critters. Has anyone heard of this? Would a llama on my grounds be protective???? or, just another source of poop and grazing???
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Old 03-15-2009, 10:55 PM
Location: Sandhills
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Originally Posted by RadioBroadcaster2008 View Post
SCGranny... usually those who claim they had problems caused by other people are usually the one with the attitude problem themselves and don't realize it.
What he said....
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