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Old 08-18-2008, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by DareToDream View Post
Snort? Maybe?
Of Course! that it. Snort, Snort, Snort, Snort, Snort. TY.

Old 08-18-2008, 06:45 PM
Location: Madbury, New Hampshire
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So long, good bye-ee, wipe a tear wipe a tear from your eye-ee....
Moderator cut: sorry, copyright issuses with the photos.
(PS: We moved from California to NH last fall. Winter was snowy, but fun - and I guess WE knew what we were in for. The only reason I'd point a gun at a living thing was if they wanted to force me back to Los Angeles)

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Old 08-18-2008, 06:47 PM
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I understand what the poster was saying in her original post, I just wish she had expressed herself in a less forceful way. And not gone to another thread and expressed the same sentiments and try to post a link to this thread. It certainly does make one wonder if a troll wandered over here.

Yes, the snow last winter was brutal. Even the locals were sick of it by the time March rolled around. I personally was sick of it by mid-December. Instead of hemming and hawing about it, we did what everyone else did and bought a snowblower.

I am glad some folks have nice places in So. Cal. that they can go back to. My brother lives out there, and the only thing that is keeping him there is a high-paying job. When we was out here last month for a visit, he kept making excuses to extend his trip because he absolutely dreaded returning home to the "heat, smog, and gridlock" (his words, not mine).

The thing about the crime and the pedophiles, etc, is that when stuff like that happens in NH, it makes the papers and everyone knows about it, because it is not really the norm. So even though it might seem like there is a lot of crime in larger areas, like Manchester, there's not. Maybe the cops in So. Cal. are better equipped to handle gangs and the criminal element because it is more rampant out there and they have more experience dealing with it.

I personally don't find the natives to be snotty, quite the opposite, I find them to be genuine and kind people, who expect to be treated the same way. I imagine they could get snotty, though, if they felt offended or slighted by someone or something.

To each his own. It is difficult to move to a place, only to find that you cannot fit in. I know, I have been in that situation before, too. It's best just to move on, I guess. Best of luck.

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Old 08-18-2008, 06:48 PM
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actually found the post quite amusing.

going on about the weather, it is New England, actually northern NE as suthern NE is very different as is the peple and politics, the weather isn't everyone's cup of tea but research and checking a place out during seasons is always a good idea and smart

I carry a gun here in FL and think the castle law is one of the best laws a state has ever introduced.
You talk about home invasions ,curious but I do wonder how many invasions happened with those who had guns to protect themselves

some will back stab , some will be unfriendly, no shock there as guess what , it happens around the world and I know as I have lived in many countries

However I will say this the people on the most part in NH have been great to me and very friendly.
Now this is not at you per se so please don't take offence but I went to Vegas last year to watch boxing with my 10 year old son(he does boxing do you have a problem with that?)
A waitress (beautiful looking too, yes I am a shallow man) was nice to us as was everyone else and I told the woman that everyone here is really friendly.
She replied well we are and that it's nice to hear as usually some think we are not but if you treat a person nice they will be nice back and if you are a down tom earth person then you will again be treated nice.

NH people I found on the most part like people who are down to earth, not materialistic and not into themselves like those we see on orange county housewives with their plastic surgery, big houses they are struggling to afford and keep up with the neighbours.
Now I am not saying you are .

I on the other hand have found people from CA for the most part very different from NH folks, not saying it's a bad thing or a good thing , you be the judge on that and judge to what I am getting at.

sounds like you're looking for liberal Obama utopia, so maybe CA could be right for you especially san fran but ask your self this, why is CA in such a mess and why are people leaving in droves from there and MA.
Could it be that liberal utopia is not all it is cracked up to be.

A poster said earlier that he would wish those CA people would move back as when they move they go on to ruin their new not so liberal state.
I know here in FL many people would agree with that and certainly many people out in NC,VA , CO,AZ, NM, too

I wish you all the best for your family and maybe you have learned a lesson with this, do some research and spend time in a place before moving.
I think CA maybe san fran would be good for you, weather, liberal anti gun, etc etc sounds just right for you, good luck.

For the record I moved to America , I have lived in and around America.

this isn't directed at you but did anyone see this
this post sort of reminds me of a programme I watched earlier called trading spouses because of the different views and lifestyle.
A CA woman goes to LA into the bayou and vica versa, .
we have a CA woman, really into herself telling those in LA not to eat meat, not to kill animals, take up yoga, etc etc then the LA woman was really nice trying to live the CA lifestyle , down to earth , live and let live and was respectful.
Anyway friends come round in LA and this CA woman was preaching this vegan stuff all night and everyone just went along with it.
Same night in CA the LA woman met the other woman's friends and as soon as she told them about hunting, guns and the lifestyle the CA women just went off at her etc.

sorry going off there but has anyone else seen it?

Last edited by proud American; 08-18-2008 at 07:03 PM..
Old 08-18-2008, 07:05 PM
Location: HOT HOT Louisiana
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I've seen it, proud American. You know what? I'm a firm believer that you make your own destiny - I was always told as a child that you have to be a friend to make one, and that you treat others as you would like to be treated etc... I have tried very hard, after having seen much of this country and meeting many different types of people, to teach my kids to be open minded to differences and to take them and use them positively. I mean, how boring would this world be if every place were identical and every person the same? Anyways, I'm sorry that anyone had a bad experience in a move / living situation because I know that can make you feel out of control and helpless and frustrated. I hope the OP finds her American dream wherever she ends up!
Old 08-18-2008, 07:19 PM
Location: ~~In my mind~~
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Ok I think we need to calm down you guys. Geez, I dont even know where to start here We have to let people speak who have a opinion. Just because they dont feel the way you do, doesnt make them wrong, just makes it not the place for them to live. I understand about you all wanting to stand up for your state, belive me I do. It is one of the things I admire about all of you. You love NH with a passion. But lets show folks who dont like it here, and who post their feelings that you are gracious enough to accept their feelings. You are more than welcome to comment away on what they say, but just in a respectful way. Do it for your Mod, lol, as it makes my job much easier.

Val and Capt, excellent posts!!! Very well said. Oh and Val, I am never eatting meat again. It is true, us folks out here in Cali dont do much hunting, and I have my own feelings about it. But I wouldnt ever talk bad or try to get a person to stop doing what they love. I have been told by hunters who actually hunt for food and not to kill an animal just for the sake of killing something, that hunting can be a great time to bond with their family or friends. As far as the animals being raised in slaughter houses. I wont even get into that. That is a whole nother disgusting matter.

vter, thanks for the help. This is a tough thread...

jaynesmithers, I am sorry your experience wasnt what you thought it was going to be. But it was "your" experience. There are many folks here who have moved to NH and absolutly love it, and could never think of moving back to So Cali. I could give you a thousand reasons on why I cant stand So Cali. There is no such place on this entire earth that is perfect. We have had to live through my husband being carjacked, having some gang banger break into our home, with my daughter and I in it, that was a nightmare!! We have gangs in my town, and they also come to my town from other towns. We have smog, heat, heat, and more heat!! Crowds, noise, well like I said, there is no place that is perfect. So if you feel you will be happier back in So Cali, then I wish you luck in your move back here. You need to go where you think you will be happiest, after all, isnt that what life is about? Being happy and making sure those around us are happy too.

Oh and for those of you who are putting down us Calis' Remember I live here too. Hopefully for not much longer!!! I have never acted like you all think Calis' act. Which is why I hate it here. I dont like all the superficial stuff and people out here. Just thought I'd throw that in. lol.
Old 08-18-2008, 07:19 PM
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Sounds like a troll for sure. If not--all the people in NH who complain and rail against the invasion of Mass. residents better cross their fingers and hope Californians don't start heading east in the numbers they've been moving to neighboring western states. If so, you'll pine for the days when you worried about "Ma***oles."
Old 08-18-2008, 07:22 PM
Location: near Portland, Oregon
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Suzet, you're wasted as a moderator, you need to go over and jumpstart the Middle East peace talks!
Old 08-18-2008, 07:26 PM
Location: ~~In my mind~~
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Originally Posted by scone View Post
Suzet, you're wasted as a moderator, you need to go over and jumpstart the Middle East peace talks!
lmao!! Well I will see what I can do.
Old 08-18-2008, 07:40 PM
Location: N.H Gods Country
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Originally Posted by jaynesmithers View Post
My family and I moved to New Hampshire from Southern California and we can't wait to get the hell out! Where do I even begin with this crappy state?

Okay, let's talk about the weather first. We are in the Milford area in southern NH and the winter here is hell! I can't even tell you how many feet of snow we got last winter. At first you might think it would be charming but by April we were going stir crazy from being stuck in the house.

And if you think shoveling this crap is fun, forget it! After 800th snowfall we all had sore backs and were simply tired of digging our car out of this white mess. And if the snow isn't enough then the sub-zero temperatures and icy roads of death made it even worse.

And we're in southern NH! Not northern NH! Think I'm kidding? Then see this story about last year's record snowfall from the Nashua Telegraph:

Nashuatelegraph.com: Record snowfall closes out 2007 in New England (http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080101/NEWS02/131785766 - broken link)

On top of that the people are cold and distant. They don't like newcomers and there's quite a lot of quiet backstabbing that goes on. Even if they are polite face to face, they will stab you in the back when talking to other natives.

And - as if that wasn't enough - these people are all gun nuts! You see people with pistols strapped to their hips walking around! And it's legal here. Yes, they can do it and the police can't stop them. The entire state is filled with gun toting lunatics.

One of the worst things we saw was a guy in a pickup truck drive by with a dead deer on the hood! The poor thing had blood dripping off of it and this vicious monster drove right by my kids. I could not believe it! And the freaks in this icy hellhole seem to think it's just fine and normal! Apparently they encourage this kind of sick animal violence.

And don't get me started about the property taxes either! They are OUT OF SIGHT!!! I could not believe how much more we paid in taxes here than in southern california. Of course they don't have an income or sales tax...they don't need one! They simply make enough by gouging property owners.

And please don't tell me how "progressive" NH is becoming. I have found it to be the complete opposite. A lot of the so-called Democrats here can be classified as republicans. Some of the democrats are gun nuts too! Aren't democrats supposed to support common sense gun control? This whole place is absolutely insane and I can't wait to get my husband and kids the hell out of here.

Live Free or Die? Ha! Leave, freeze or die is more like it! To heck with this icy wasteland! We are headed back to southern california and we're leaving the deer killers, snotty natives and idiotic gun nuts behind!

Oh and for those of you who think that NH has a low crime rate, you're crazy! There are all kinds of shootings (a cop even got killed) in Manchester, along with home invasions, drug dealers and a very high rate of drug overdose deaths. Maybe there was a time when NH had a low crime rate but not now. I felt safer in southern california than I do in this backward, desolate mess of a state.

On top of all that there are pedophiles galore all over the place. For some reason this state has a higher rate of pedophiles than other states. If you've got kids NH is one of the worst states to bring them to! You better keep an eye on them 24 x 7. And they are also having big trouble with gangs here too. I thought we'd left that behind in california but now it's happening here. MS-13 and other gangs are building their numbers here and crime is on a huge upswing!

And what are these backward hick cops doing about it? Not much. They just seem to be letting it happen. Thanks but no thanks. We are headed out of here and back to California. At least they have semi-effective police there who know how to deal with gangs.

This republican-infested little backwater of a state is filled with cops that don't know their ass from their elbow. So watch out if you decide to move to the state of New Hampshire.
I'm sorry that you didn't find N.H. to your liking. I lived there 47 years and didn't realize it was that bad. I was planning on moving back but i'm not so sure now. Hasta la vista baby!
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