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Old 07-06-2007, 08:17 AM
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
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SnakeBite ~ There are two versions of the snake on a staff used by medicine.

The double snake is The Caduceus.

The staff with a single snake is The Staff of Asclepius.
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Old 11-03-2007, 02:33 PM
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Exclamation Summer of 2007 California Rattlesnake Bite Survivor (Mobility, Nerve, and Blood Circulation Damage)

Dear SnakeBite,

With great interest I located your message on your rattesnake encounter when researching nerve damage articles due to a rattlesnake bite. I find that we share many similar experiences. My rattlesnake bite occurred in July 2007 when walking out of my front door to water plants at 10 p.m. I had just returned from celebrating my birthday! I live in Silicon Valley, California in a semi-rural park setting. When the bite occurred, I felt a sharp numbing pain on the left heel of my foot. I immediately screamed and then decided that I should identify what had caused such pain. I screamed "snake" and my husband ran out of the house and informed me that this very thin 1/4 inch wide and 12 inch long snake was a "rattlesnake". My husband had me walk into the house, sit down, and remain quiet. We hesitated for only a minute if we should drive me directly to a hospital or call "911". We decided to call "911" and within minutes two fire trucks and an ambulance were dispatched to my home. On the 20 minutes drive to the hospital, I developed the following symptons:
My lips started burning and becoming numb.
Although there was only one fang mark on the inside of my heel, my leg was painfully swollen up to the mid-calf. I later developed severe bruising on the uper thigh.
My skin was rubbery as I was severly dehydrated and the paramedics were not successful in starting an IV after two attempts.
I was very congested and had trouble breathing.

Once in the emergency room, I was given shots for pain, an IV was started, and I was given oxygen. Within minutes, I was very sleepy and remember being transported to ICU and having the anti-venom serum IV vials started within two hours. The anti-venom serum had to be ordered through a poison control pharmacy program in California. The next 24 hours in ICU were fuzzy as I was in and out of consciousness while being administered six vials of the serum. I was fortunate that I was able to have the same medical staff support me through the IV medication process. Unfortunately, snake bites are not common in Silicon Valley and the medical personnel who treated me had no experience with rattlesnake bites. I continue to be a "test case" for very capable doctors that monitor and treat my symptoms.

After my 24 hours in ICU, I was transferred to a regular hospital room, fitted with a removable kee to foot cast, and trained to walk with crutches. I was released from the hospital 12 hours later with pain medication that I never used and with orders to keep my leg evaluated by using a recliner chair. The next two weeks were difficult as I struggled with much muscle pain and exhaustion. I continued to drink lots of fluids and after one week stopped using the cast and crutches due to the nerve pain.

Within three weeks of the post snake bite, I met with a physical therapist for a mobility evaluation. I was diagnosed with chronic venous insufficiency (varicose veins) that were contibuting to the start of leg lymphedema with swelling of the entire left leg. I started managing a daily home exercise program that included a lymphedema massage for the leg with an intact lymphatic system.

Within six weeks, the nerve damage was inbearable as I tried to manage a demanding work day in the office and extended car rides were very painful. My entire left leg including various nerves and soft tissue would become numb after feeling some shooting pains from various nerves. The numbness would become overwhelming so that I would start lumping and barely walking. After some exercise, my leg would return to limited use. I am a very active person and my mobility score was only at the 30-50% range since the snake bite. I was not able to walk beyond three blocks and could not squat, kneel, lift any weight, or crawl. My doctor prescibed one tablet three times a day of Gabapentin 100 mg for Neurontin to eliminate the pain. The pills have allowed me to increase my walking program and now I can walk up to three miles instead of only three blocks and I can sit in a car for an extended two hours without pain.

Four weeks ago, I started seeing a new physical therapist that specializes in treating lymphedema and was fitted with over-the-counter calf and thigh high graduated compression socks. Since this adjustment, I am now only taking one pill in the morning for the nerve damage. Two weeks ago, I was able to skip and run while pushing my infant grandson in his jogging stroller. I recently met with a neurologist for an evaluation and was assured that the treatment that I have been receiving is appropriate. I was informed that I would probably continue to heal and that this healing process can take up to two years. At this point, no one can assure me that there is no permanent damage but each day is better if I pace my exercise with proper rest.

It has now been three months since my rattlesnake encounter and my family, friends, and work collegues continue to observe that my high energy levels and overall exuberance for life continue to return as I still struggle with bouts of nerve pain and leg swelling from exhaustion.

I encourage all snake survivors to share on this forum their growth and healing experiences as I continue to feel isolated without knowing others with snake bite mobility challenges.

Much healthy healing!

Rattlesnake Survivor
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Old 12-07-2007, 09:39 PM
Location: NW New Mexico
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Default I am so happy to hear from you!

Hello and Thank You so much for connecting me with! I can not say how great it feels to know of you. I regret the long lapse in checking this forum!
It is amazing how much we have in common in our snake bite incident! Holy Smoke!

I am sorry to know that you are having the same pain I am having. Compared to me, you were on your feet much sooner. If I walked, my foot swelled very badly. It was three weeks at home before I could walk lightly on it, four weeks to shoes. Then after three great months of thinking that I was healed pretty much, my foot really started to hurt. I remember Dec 24th feeling literally blinded by the pain. Momentarily, but 'knock you head off' kinda pain, and just as you described it. My foot will still spasm when I am having a bout as well.
This summer was great, I went to a pain clinic and after trying nuero-rotten (it made me sick to my stomach) my Dr. tried Lyrica and that has worked well.
My pain was on a much lessor scale, and spasms were very infrequent. My foot and ankle swelled less, or maybe because I wore no socks, I didn't notice it, but it seems that it was much less. I stopped taking Lyrica daily, and took it two or three times a week and then stopped completely. (for about two weeks)
The weather turned cold about a month ago and the pain in my foot and ankle started to bother me mildy at first, and now I am having the same symptoms again,but not at the extreme level,,,but progressively getting worse. The swelling is noticeable at times, but not bad. I am taking the Lyrica again,I expect it will get better, will see what happens~
I did connect with a Dr. Norris at Stanford University. As well as being tops in the field of emergency medicine, and wildlife medicine, he writes and publishes "Wildlife' magazine. He is highly experienced, informed and educated on snake bites.
I am curious to know how you are doing, I hope you will stay in touch.
I have been told it takes several years for these toxins to be released, but some damage may possibly always remain at some level. The Lyrica is a nerve sleeve builder, so I hope that it will do the job!
All the Best to You ***}>>><<>>>>><<>>>><>>>}:~jade

Last edited by SnakeBite; 12-07-2007 at 10:32 PM.. Reason: use of a word twice in a sentence
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Old 12-07-2007, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by tito View Post
Yes, I would like to know where you live and how the snake entered your home. I can say that rattle snake bite is very dangerous and many people who don't get medical attention on time, die from the poison.
While a rattlesnake bite is nothing to trifle with, you are much more likely to die from a bee sting than a rattlesnake bite. There have been very few fatalities from rattlesnake bites in the Rocky Mountain states in the past several decades--it's very uncommon. According to a UNM study, between 1993 and 2004, ONE person died from a rattlesnake bite in New Mexico. Bee stings killed 3, and domestic dogs killed 3. That study is summarized here: From bees to bears to bulls: Animal-caused fatalities in New Mexico from 1993-2004 .
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Old 12-08-2007, 08:53 AM
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Default I Like Snakes

Stories like this and the fascinating people who recount them are among the major reasons we are moving to this mystical and wonderful state ASAP! My wife, always terrified of snakes because of a traumatic event in her youth, has suspended her fear and embraced New Mexico...and its reptiles...with courage. She has become one with a kind of New Mexican "epiphany" and I'm in awe of her.

As for myself, I love all creatures great and small, and have always had a special interest in snakes. Snake Bite, do you know what kind of rattler bit you? Some are more poisonous than others and their venom can have subtle differences (all rattlesnakes possess neurotoxic venom I believe).

Last edited by dracul; 12-08-2007 at 08:55 AM.. Reason: hhhhiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!
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Old 12-09-2007, 10:04 AM
Location: Branson, Missouri
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Quote from Snakebite
I have been told it takes several years for these toxins to be released, but some damage may possibly always remain at some level. The Lyrica is a nerve sleeve builder, so I hope that it will do the job!
All the Best to You ***}>>><<>>>>><<>>>><>>>}:~

Try one of those ionic foot baths. They detoxify the body.
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Old 12-09-2007, 12:37 PM
Location: NW New Mexico
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Hello Dracul and Song in the Wind,

Dracul, I have snake's body here at home. He came back the next day and a worker here at the ranch killed him. He had come back to sit at the front door once agian. If I were home I would not have permitted the killing. I have always really liked snakes.

I think it is exciting that your wife has overcome her fear! I love all the creepers, always have, excpet for roaches, and I lived in the Bahamas for a long time, and they were the size of mice! I sooo easily trade for these kinds of critters! I have learned to respect them!
I have a great short video that i took of a tarantula that I met walking to my mailbox. It was incredible! Then she kinda came running my way and that was not so funny~ I often take the black widows (and there are a lot) and put them in tupperware and relocate them (I have video of them too!) I cant seem to squash anything, and they are so beautiful. But i remember the E.R. Dr. telling me that only because I had an allergic reaction to the snake bite it was worse than usual, but if I had been bitten by a black widow, I could have been in the same shape if not worse! So, rezzpct'em~
Well, I know you will most likely love living here~ there are many natural animals and plants you can have around to help reduce the not so desireable critters.
This year I had two snakes here, this year is the first year I owned 3 cats! The year before in the summer I had over ten snakes. This year both snakes were bull snakes. FYI
the last snake was less than two weeks ago,,,it was in the 30*s so just when I thought I was out of snake season, there was one. Its all soooo interesting! I can not imagine where else on Earth I would love calling home, as much as here!

Hi Song in the Wind, Long time! Thank you for the thought, that makes great sense. I have tried several different suggestions, yours is a good thought, I will read more about it~ hope all is well with you* Happy Holidays

Love, Jade
AKA Snake Bite
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Old 12-09-2007, 12:45 PM
Location: NW New Mexico
12 posts, read 50,653 times
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Default What type of snake*

Okay,,,I'm a dork, I forgot to answer your question Dracul, At first we thought it was definetly a Mojave and now we think it may be a Prarie.
The Mojave would be unusual to find here, although not impossible.
Most of the rattlers here are Prarie, I have been told.
I have a picture of him squashed by a car, unfortunatley, becasue he was beautiful it's sad to see. I heard from locals we had some big ones this past summer in this area. Best to you~
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Old 12-10-2007, 02:16 AM
Location: Yellville,AR.
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Default Fyi

We want to move to NM as soon as we sell out place in NO Central Arkansas, my Wife was going to our shop to work on some Stain Glass projects,when she called me off the Roof ,(i was repairing some shingles blown), said," HOney you better get off the Roof cause i see a snake that is not the harmless types we usually see around here" .
It scared the hell out of me, cause we have three Dogs that are curious,( I knew muy wife was staying away and safe), and I am not frankly comfortable with heights anyways, so i move carefully let say on and off the Roof. So when i rather quickly was off and running,(you have to picture this rather ,overwight , has been Jock by many years hahaha, running fast what a site, Flim Flam rolling all over ! Least it felt that way . I come up to the garage and lo and behold a baby alert Timber Rattler in the middle of our cement SHop floor,wagging its little rattle, Keep in mind- TIMBER RATTLERS are the MOST poisonous Rattle Snakes in the USA, look it up. We didnt kill it like most would , i just dropped a paintbucket over it and it wasnt aggressive at all just alert, not striking, so i let it go in some remote woods on the corner of our property, now grant you we really have no permanent neighbors except cows, and Land owners checking up on Fences etc. I was told that a worker was leaning on a copperhead in the area while working on a pipe, and didnt realize the snake until he stood up , and it did not bite him.

I think that is not the norm, but all i know is i have seen many Rattlers and had to kill on Viper over seas that was be aggressive hanging in a tree over some volunteers pruning trees, that if you dont bother them they willl move or stay in there zone. That One that Bit you , did come back , because it probably lived close by .
SInce i was a kid i bought books on Reptiles and AMphibians, and as a youngster collected some, I caught a Blueish Racer snake here to show Some guests, what a bad smell , how did i do that as a child !!
Oh Remember there truly are no Coincidences , That Snake remedy was placed there by the ALmighty. BLess You Always, AJ and Denise
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Old 12-10-2007, 02:38 PM
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Thumbs up Lotsa Critters

You are all my kind of people You have heart and compassion and curiosity; some of the nobelest of human traits. I'm honored to meet such folks as you and eagerly look forward to seeing y'all in the flesh!

I've always loved the critters: had two South American Caimens once, two tarantula's (Frank and Ernest...Frank ate Ernest ), several pit bulls (just got a new pup with blue eyes and lots of muscle) and a sweet German Shep, several cats (have two BIG white males that hate each other: Fazoo and TwopointOH), lots of aquarium fish (Pirhana's to Goldfish), turtles, birds (Love Birds, Parrots, Finches and more), snakes (like to get a nice Python someday), lizards (yep...got TWO Leopard Gecko's at present), rabbits, a raccoon, an Emperor scorpion (she used to ride on my shoulder and head), Hermit crabs, Crayfish and a Horned Toad (actually a Short Horned Desert lizard)....whew...I think that covers it...My wife had many cats and TWO horses!
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