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Old 03-02-2011, 04:48 PM
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1500 rent but wages on the whole are larger here.

Not segregated, walk around nyc and you will see every type of folk lol
On my walk home the other day, was on 92 and columbus and went to 30th and 2nd I heard I believe 5 different languages.

I dont know anyone who calls it White Harlem.

No problem with the flag? lol
The CSA was fighting for state rights but for the most part seceded to continue the atrocious practice of slavery.

As stated earlier New Yorkers do not have social groups solely determined by race or culture.

Dont bring a car.

You wont get lost in NYC, it is a street grid system meaning that all our streets have # and most of our avenues also(different story for below Houston st)

Old 03-02-2011, 11:49 PM
Location: Morningside Heights, NYC
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Ugh, I sincerely hope a month of living in the city will change your mind.

My advice is to stop worrying about all the flaming homosexuals who are going to pickpocket you while you're drunk, and just focus on school. BTW, I hope you know that Columbia attracts a large number of flamboyantly gay and lesbian people.

Nobody calls Morningside Heights white harlem, and I live there, little diminutive asian girl with black neighbors. I feel safe and happy in my area (except when the neighbors are a little over-amorous, but that's another story...), and I hope you can enjoy your time at Columbia with an open mind. As a potential social worker, you should realize that you would be working with people who NEED YOUR HELP, and you shouldn't judge them on race, religion, sex, gender preference, or anything. You shouldn't, because I'm pretty sure it'll be illegal. Might as well start practicing now while you're in the city. You clearly are an intelligent girl to get into Columbia, and I hope you take full advantage of the opportunities given to you. Best of luck to you.
Old 03-03-2011, 11:55 AM
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Here's hope in coming to NY and attending Columbia will open up your pretty closed mind!
Old 03-04-2011, 05:46 PM
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
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Originally Posted by newyorker24 View Post
That flag should not be flown anywhere period! I had the misfortune of living in FL for a while and I could not stand it when I saw those southern red***** with those flags all over their clothes, cars, and houses. News flash: We live in The United States of America now, no longer the north vs the south or the Union vs the Confederacy! The flag should be banned as far as I am concerned. when there are still areas down there where black people are afraid to go. In NYC even in the most Caucasian areas no black person would fear that if they walk around there something bad will happen to them.
It is just a flag, I do not really care for it nor does it bother me when I see it or when other people fly it from their yards or where ever. But I do have a problem with people putting their native countries flag above the US flag. Now that is flat out disrespectful, in my opinion.

Another thing, I would feel more comfortable in Alabama or North carolina than in say Indiana or Connecticut. Racism in the north is different from racism, in the south. People up north can be just as racist they are just not open about it.

It's funny that as a black person you defend the south so much
What is this supposed to mean? Arkansas is my home state. I have and feel a deep connection to the south, (this is my home duh) so of course I am going to defend my state and region if someone says we are all dumb or racist. Just like people from NY defend their city when people talk bad about it. If I were a native NYer you would bet I would defend my state and if i were from California or another country the same would apply.
Old 03-04-2011, 05:48 PM
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
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Originally Posted by NewYorkBorn View Post

Young lady if you don't know how NYer's moving to Atlanta Ga and Charolotte NC changed those southern cities then you are deliberately closing your eyes. First of all Atlanta did not have all of those international companies located there over 30 years ago....there were a lot of NYC businessmen and women that thought Atlanta had potential and stayed there and changed it.....now it is a thriving mecca....ever heard people say that Atlanta is a little version of NYC?

The same can be said for Charlotte....all of the banks that are located in Charlotte and the progress that has happened during the last 20 years largely due to us seeing potential in that southern city and moving there.

Philadelphia is a little version of NYC. And when I visit Atlanta I still feel like I am in the south. If they hated the south that much why are they moving down there in droves? Sorry but the south is here to stay whether you like it or not.

Yes the four years will pass by fast......but that does not mean that you will decide to stay and live in NYC.....after the four years are up you may decide to go back to Arkansas. So again what is the worry about $1500 apartment rents? First get through the four years and see if you like NYC......if you do and decide to stay trust me your education at Columbia will guarantee that you get a good corporate job here.....believe me you will understand how people afford to live here.
No college guarantees a job, I don't care who you are. I may get tired of NYC and decide to head back. People generally start out at an entry-level job and Social workers do not make that much. Their salary is similar to that of a public school teacher's.

You are bashing NYC the same way as the girl from NYC that you went to high school with. Take your own advice......just like we should expect things in the south to be southern, you should expect things in NYC to be city......there are over 9 million people living here....with the biggest city population in the US what do you expect? You made the decision to go to school here.....we did not come down to Arkansas and get you! Also to call NYC segregrated is again jumping to conclusions that you know nothing about......you have not even visited every area of the city yet so how do you know that blacks and whites are not living in neighborhoods together? Get on the train and head to Court street in Brooklyn.....the neighborhood is called Brooklyn Heights....when you get there open your eyes......you will not just see black and white living there together, you will also see asian, spanish and other races/ethnicities living there together.
NYC is mostly all white. Blacks mainly live in the northern part of NYC. Even though these are estimates one can clearly see that NYC is segregated. Map is Here

Even in the part of Brooklyn there is obvious segregation. Long Island is majority white with a few black pockets. Again look at the map, it is unfortunate, but true.

This was such an ignorant statement that I cannot tell you. There is nothing different about a Jamaican, Haitian, Trinidadian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, Brazilian and all other people of color from a black american......the only difference between them and black americans is that we all were dropped off the slave ship at different ports! The bottom line is that we all share the same common African ancestor. Again a problem with the mentality of southern blacks and whites......your upbringing has made you believe that there should only be black and white in the world because that is mostly all you have grown up seeing in the south. Why do you think that most of the black americans you speak of left the south in droves after the civil war was over for places like NY, Chicago, Detroit etc.?
Puerto Ricans are spanish-speaking people. They have more in common with mexicans then they do with american blacks. Where did i say there is only black & white in the world? Assuming you mean races of people. No they are more people than just whites and blacks. I never stated that.

As we all know, blacks moved north only to run into further discrimination. I wish history books would stop with the hypocrisy, the north was not all lovey dovey as one may think."If you want to teach a white southerner how to hate send him to Chicago" - Dr. King, Jr., said that quote. Why would he say this if the north was so tolerant? People in Boston became angry over busing and Chicago set up laws to prevent blacks from buying housing in certain areas and the draft riots in NYC... Let's stop with the hypocrisy.

I am black and have plenty of friends from white, to spanish, to asian....why? because I don't allow silly differences stand in the way of meeting great people. My son is Puerto Rican!
I have white friends here in AR so your point? I do not date outside my race, I guess that would be a problem in NYC too, but you might as well just deal with it. Liberals are always so quick to call someone a racist, bigot, etc to anyone who disagrees or has a different opinion from them.

I am a born and raised New Yorker, born in Brooklyn and beside my brief few years living in South Carolina been here all my life. I have NEVER seen a confederate flag flown in upstate NY, PA or NJ. Not saying that it is impossible but I have never witnessed it with my own eyes. But to answer what you said about the confederate flag......it should not be flown at all.......not in the south and not in the north being that you say you saw it here!
There were a lot of confederate flags in PA. That flag has no business benig up north.Far north I would expect the flag to be flown is in the states of west va, kentucky, missouri, maryland, and virginia. even in Oklahoma. Not in PA, PA has no southern influences whatsoever and was never, not even historically, a southern state. I have heard people flying them in New england states as well..but i do not want this thread to turn into a discussion about the confederate flag. And it is funny that people from up there always seem to bring up the flag when attacking the south.

These videos on Ellis Island is the reason that NYC is the way that it is today. The acceptance of so many people to this very day from countries around the world is the reason it is so expensive to live here....supply and demand!
And how do immigrants who can barely speak english and were living in poverty back in their home country magically come into NYC and pay the expensive rents? Something else must be going on here..
Old 03-04-2011, 07:21 PM
Location: East Village
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Originally Posted by TaintedLove View Post
And how do immigrants who can barely speak english and were living in poverty back in their home country magically come into NYC and pay the expensive rents? Something else must be going on here..
Are you kidding me? This is where you've been disillusioned into thinking that everyone's rent is $1,500. Past that, as another poster tried to tell you, wages are higher here. Combine that with public assistance and even an immigrant family (English-speaking or not) can still make a living here.

You know, forget about NYC. You've never experienced it, yet you're stuck in a racist, ignorant mindset about what it is and isn't. It won't serve you well here, particularly not if you want to work as a social worker. You'd be better off living in Arkansas where you won't have to deal with those scary brown folks from Trinidad, the Dominican Republic or Jamaica. I never knew that blacks could be racist regarding other blacks, but I guess you learn something (disappointing) every day.

You can point out segregation all you want, BUT you're failing to acknowledge that most people don't work where they live, therefore, we all ride the subway together, we all eat together and we all see each other in day to day life. Segregated or not, I have yet to meet anyone in NYC who I could call completely racist (except you, if you come here).

To further that point, I work every day with people from all sorts of backgrounds—Dominican, Eastern European, Korean, black, Hispanic and so on. We all get along and treat each other with respect. It's really not as hard as you're making it out to be. (Hell, believe it or not: we actually all have something in common and have a good time with one another!)
Old 03-04-2011, 07:50 PM
Location: Brooklyn, NYC
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Originally Posted by NY Annie View Post
What gets me is that OP specifically said, "I don't like those types of people" and she wasn't challenged on that. The "those types" she referred to are whites and gays. If she was a white girl saying she didn't like those types referring to black people, she'd have been vilified left and right.

Someone needs to open her racist, prejudist mind before she arrives here and it is opened for her. Then again, maybe she'll run into Al Dullton and they can racially discriminate together.
Completely agree with you and it's so sad. The whole race topic is touchy as well as ignorant, as a whole.

Originally Posted by Doobage View Post
I'm a black woman and trust me, I shook my head when I read that. It baffles me how any minority can be prejudiced against someone else. You know what it's like to be judged unfairly, so why do it to someone else?
Exactly. That's why it's best to never judge anyone based on their race or sexual preference. Get to know the person for who they are, not who they sleep with.

Originally Posted by TaintedLove View Post
There was no real apology or reparation for what my people went through. So yeah, I am pretty pissed. I think gay people are disgusting, it is just an opinion and I would not want to associate with them. Like some people do not associate with blacks.
Firstly I'm a black/hispanic male so I think I can weigh in on this a little. Please, don't take this the wrong way but you have to GET OVER IT. It's been how many years since slavery was abolished and you're STILL talking about an apology? Are you serious? Here's a wake up call, you're not getting one. WHY? Because you were never a slave, neither was your mom. I can't stand it when some black people act as if they were the only race to encounter problems in their past. Racism exist everywhere but it's up to YOU not to contribute to it. NYC is a diverse place, no doubt about that. Segregation in some parts are do to other closed minded people (sometimes) who will never amount to anything; Simply do to their limits set by themselves.

You think gay people are disgusting? What are you 14? Grow up. Who gay OR straight people sleep with should not deter you from your destiny. You sound (type as if you're) very misguided and unfortunately that'll hurt your opportunities in the future.

Good Luck.
Old 03-04-2011, 08:58 PM
769 posts, read 1,736,128 times
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I really hope you change your mind and give that scholarship to Columbia to someone that needs it- seriously. You do not belong in NYC. You want to be around blacks, but only certain types. Give me a break. Grow up.
Old 03-04-2011, 11:17 PM
Location: New York, New York USA
239 posts, read 221,784 times
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Tainted, I think you should stay in Arkansas. Arkansas is an awful backwards hellhole and IMO it's a perfect match for you. Why would you ever leave?

I don't think NYC is a good fit at all!
Old 03-05-2011, 12:16 AM
29 posts, read 87,630 times
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Originally Posted by HAC NY View Post
Tainted, I think you should stay in Arkansas. Arkansas is an awful backwards hellhole and IMO it's a perfect match for you. Why would you ever leave?

I don't think NYC is a good fit at all!
Don't go slandering an entire segment of the US population just because of one immature kid. Arkansas is a beautiful state.

What's very funny about her fear about NYC and the liberals/gays -- Fayetteville and the U of Arkansas is a pretty liberal/laid back area. I'm gone now, but I'm pretty sure they made possession of less than one ounce of weed a misdemeanor.
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