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Old 02-11-2008, 03:03 PM
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Lived on 230th St. 147th Ave.
I attended PS 138 then P.S. 181
Was a Rosedale Jets Cheerleader still have my Championship Pee Wee's Jacket
The boat house had a candy store in it.
Played tennis for free every summer.
Went to Town to the library & Carosello's & the laundry and the Bakery.
Went to the Sons of Italy Carnival.
Hiked over to St Clare's and St Pius, the mall you name it because the Q-5 (a) bus did not run up to GA Mall with Korvettes, Walgreens, Alexanders and one strip one level.
Five towns used to have Mays Department store and Fleaport and the guy selling knishes and pretzels in the rv out front.
Snake road had no lights and planes would crash in the swamp, be on the news and then they would cover the name on the tail end.
The SST's/Concord started coming through around 1974/1975 we stood on the roof of our school to watch the thing then our parents complained from that day forward.
Friends riding on Rockaway blvd., in a car, would duck when they saw the landing gear on planes.
The Godfather was the last movie to play at the Drive-in.
The multiplex was only six theatres and we complained that $2.50 was expensive for a movie and $4.50 was outrageous.
I made plenty of friends from Laurelton, Rochdale (Roachdale), St Albans, Cambria, Queens Village. Went to JHS Tri-community 231 then Hillcrest HS when it was still a 'good' school. Springfield had just put in a nursery for their pregnant students.
And the guy who sold fireworks at the start of Snake road on Rosedale side.
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Old 02-11-2008, 03:16 PM
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And the candy house near Weller Lane.
I still visit often.
I lived near the Carlton's they owned the first 'store' in Rosedale it was trucked in along with their house in order for the workers at Idlewild to shop and get the little things they needed without having to travel too far.
Like all neighborhoods it has grown out of the 'ideal' safe for kids of all ages to walk around freely. But their is a ressurgence with the building of so many new homes, the erection of the mini-mansion multi family homes and the repairs of the flooded streets.
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Old 02-12-2008, 03:23 AM
Location: Queens
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RosedaleNY - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (the link codes are messed up on this board. So just copy and paste from http to the last / before the "]")

Here's some pictures I took in Feb. of 2005 for a friend of mine. I know they're not great but they'll do.

A lot has changed though since I took them though:

Columbia Corner is now a Golden Krust.
St. Pius X School is closed and has been leased to the Board of Education. These might be the last pictures of the school with the Cross.
There's pics of St. Pius and St. Clare's.
I took pics from a far of PS 195 and PS 138. A few shots of my old block 148th Avenue between Brookville and 241st and a shot down 148 Drive.
I took a shot of Key Food in town and at the intersection of town and 147th. A shot into the Park, a few snaps down Brookville looking at Rosedale Auto Parts and the former Avanti's. The Pizza King turned Sons of Italy turned Medical Clinic!!! The fire house, Kentucky Fried Chicken off Hook Creek and the Conduit, Sunrise Cinema and the front end of Green Acres.

I'll have to update my pics sometime soon. If anything I've learned that Rosedale gets a lot smaller as you grow older.

Last edited by NeilMcL; 02-12-2008 at 03:40 AM.. Reason: bad html
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Old 02-14-2008, 09:30 PM
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Hi Everyone I am also from Rosedale . Lived there from 1966-1982 . I grew up on 258th street and have more of the good memories than bad .I also shared the same memories like you all had . When I came back over the years to visit I really wasn't surprised to see the changes.OK at least my old house is still up . Anyway I remember growing up there were the best of Times. There are only a few ex-Rosedaleans that I still keep in touch with .
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Old 02-17-2008, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by TEX HLDM View Post
This is basically for anyone born in the late 60's and early 70's, but I'm sure that many others will identify as well...

Do You Remember...
Bambi's? On 243rd St?
The St. Pius School Bazar? In their schoolyard.
Replaced by the Sons of Italy Feast? In their parking lot
That The Sons of Italy building used to be Pizza King? 147th Ave abd Brookfield Blvd
Walking to Green Acres? Through the open gate behind Sunrise Cinemas
The rumor every year that the city was going to setup a hockey rink in Brookfield park? It was supposed to be built near the fire house.
The old Drive-In theater? Always looking at it when leaving the mall at night.
Twin Donut? On Sunrise Highway.
Herman's Sporting Goods in Valley Stream? It was always a mess inside.
When Hook Creek Road was bumpy? Pothole capital of New York.
The Gully in Brookfield Park? Next to the tennis courts.
The Boat House in Brookfield Park? Used to rent paddle wheel boats for the lake.
The two baseball fields used for the "farm" level of Little League? Between the commuter parking lot and Hook Creek Blvd.
Snake Road? Don't have an auto break down when traveling on it.
Rosedale Sports Association? Entrance was a side door.
Danny's Cabs? Also know as Danny's Dare Devils.
Walking to "Town"? 243rd Street
The 747's out of Kennedy? Saturday morning, 7:45am.
When President Regan visited in 1985? Drove right down Francis Lewis Blvd into North Woodmere.
While driving home to Long Island (where most people from Rosedale migrated too!) from Atlantic City, I ran into a shut down east-bound Belt Parkway - right where it has that wicked curve that turns away from running into Sunrise Highway and goes under the LIRR tracks. It's 2:30 am on a Sunday Morning. I hopped off at the old Brookfield Blvd exit and found myself in more traffic. I cut over to the right and was able to make the right hand turn on to Brookfield Blvd. My shortcut ended up costing me an hour as I drove around the old neighborhood. I haven't been there in too many years.

Before I knew it, I'm passing the old Fire House in Brookfield Park. Hey - they put up a real nice playground over there. Another quick glance and I see that the old wooden bridges over the stream are still there. Weren't they rotting when I was a kid??? LOL Boat house is gone. Lake is still there.

Anyway, I hit 147th Ave. The old Sons of Italy building (yeah It used to be Pizza King!) is there, but now occupied by a bunch of medical offices. As I'm sitting at the light, I'm trying to figure out how they got all of those rides in that parking lot along with all of those tents (especially the Under/Over tent - 5 to 1 odds on the 7!). Always wondered why the Sons of Italy building was the only all-white painted building that never had a grafitti on it! One last glance to the park and I see that the old historical marker on the boulder is still on the corner of Brooklvile and 147th ave. It said that an American spy was hung by the British on the nearby tree during the Revolutionary War. Then I look further into the park and I see the old little league fields. Field #2 had trees in left field and field #3 had that large fence in left field. No kid ever carried that fence in a game. Field #4 looks like it still has no grass on it, but it looks like it still has that 220 foot fence.

I made the left on to 147th Ave and before I know it, I'm at Rosedale's five corners (243rd Street, 147th Ave & Huxley). Sure enough, I'm at that light and a city bus is turning on to 147th ave. LOL Just like old times!

Rather than get behind the bus, I shoot up Huxley going towards Craft Ave. I make the quick left at 148th Ave. Damn...overshot St.Pius! The old Convent is still there, and there is that beautiful round school that they closed. I graduated from that school. There's the church (it was always supposed to be the schools auditorium) but they ran out of money. That's why the church had the altar on the stage with the stage curtains flanking it. I made the right on to 147th Road and began to name off the old friend's houses...There's Claudio DeVellis' & Moss' house on the corner. Joe Kick's house. Then Anthony Rando's house. Cribby's place. Then the old Con Ed field we play touch football in. You still need to hop the fence to get in.

Weller Lane and I make a right. There's the place Mike Avolio moved into when he married JoEllen for 10 minutes. Another right onto 147th Drive. Ther'e Anthony Moeller's house. Marc Trama's place. Billy & Johnny Nick's old House. The Sena's. There's the DeSarno's house with the extended porch in front. Move up the block and there's the Shimel's house. I could almost here Nanny Shimel calling for Brent. There used to be a swamp here between 253rd and the St.Pius school yard, but it's all new houses. Another left on to 253rd and there's the Boris' house. Then a quick left on to 148th Ave and there's the Divino residence. Not frog season so Joe Divino can sleep well. Then there's Vito Ardito's house. Back up to Weller Lane and I got to go see 195! Pass the Rinks' and and Malenowski's and then there's PS 195. Just before I make that quick right I glance over and look at the Coletti's household. And I almost forgot how wide this street was (Jamie Cervo's block). I pull up near the school yard and it's not a school yard anymore. They extended the school over where home plate used to be. Oh well.. Then the famous handball courts. Where's Bill Venezia playing handball? Where Mike Kilbride? Or Richie DeCurtis? Where;s the guy doing a whellie from 253rd to Weller? Just before I make the left and circle around the school yard headed back towards Weller Lane, I say that this can't be 195 because the Ice Cream truck isn't parked on the corner. Now...Which house was Angelo Reda's?

I shoot back down Weller lane to 147th Ave and make the left onto 147th Ave going back where I came from...only because I got to swing by town to see what that looks like. A right and a quick left and I'm, headed up Mayda - Or was it Newhall? Maybe it was Caney? LOL Now there's town. No more Roman Carousel. No more Dance Street. No more Palermo's. Rosedale Pizza has a sign in the window selling Jerk Chicken. Good Grief. Hey - there's the old Bohacks/Key Food. I got to get out of here.

I'm headed back up to the traffic on Sunrise so I make the right on Memphis Ave. There's the old Lutheran Church. Got to go pass Rotella's so I shoot down to Francis Lewis Blvd. There's the old Jewish Center. Make the right onto Franny Lewis and head back toward's 147th Ave. I quickly make a left to drive down Hook Creek just to see if it's still full of potholes. What a disappointment - not a one. Perfectly paved. What a shame. I circle back around up to Francis Lewis and then back toward 147th Ave. I go through the light and now I'm at the confluence of 148th Ave, Hook Creek Blvd and Francis Lewis. Son of a gun...they put a red-light here?!?!?! The busses used to turn around over here and there was never an accident...why the light?

OK - Trips over...I'm going to cut through N.Woodmere and put Rosedale in the rearview mirror. Then I almost lock up the wheels at this funny looking eight-sided red stop sign at 148th Drive and the begining of Rosedale Road. They put up a Stop Sign here?!?!?! I blow right through it. Next thing I know, there's a NYC PD car pulling me over for failing to stop at that stop sign as I almost made it out of NYC. I'm on the corner of Rosedale Road and 262.

Me: "But officer, I grew up here. There was never a stop sign there."

Cop: "There's one there now, guy. What are you doing here?"

Me: "But you don't understand...I spent the first 22 years of my life here. I can drive around this neighborhood with my eyes closed and tell you everything about it."

Cop: "OK...let me ask you this...If you spent 22 years here, then why are you here now?"

Me: "Just driving around looking at the old 'hood"

Cop: "Really? How's it look?"

Me: "It's changed...but it's the same. Kind of. I mean Hook Creek Blvd is paved"

Cop: "Have a good night, Sir. Anyone who remembers Hook Creek Blvd like that lived here years ago"

Me: "What does that mean?"

Cop: "You don't live here. You have no reason to be here. You're not from here. But you are from here. You know what I mean?"

Me: "Yeah...I do. I really do. Hey...Thanks, eh? Have a good one"

Cop: "You too, Sir. No more sightseeing, OK? There isn't a Memory Lane here"

Me: "Hey...I got a question for you...What was Rosedale known as before it was Rosedale?"

Cop: "I don't know."

Me: "Cherry Valley Grove. Google that when you get home. 147th Ave was once Cherry Valley Lane".

Then I sped off up Rosedale Road and put the old 'Dale in my rearview mirror.

Radio is off. Names roll through my memory...Barbara Gorman, Linda Silverman, Mark Narduzzi, Yves Marie Desire, Fritzner Pierre, Ritchie Fabella, Jennifer Fiorello, Andrea Salreno, Mrs. Fata, Mr. Vallar, Mr. Russell, Sister Rosemund, Father Michael, Clare Morro, Frank Malcangi, Santo Fontana, Andrew Tolmeo, Chriss Poggi, Mark Trafficanda, Linda Carfora, Joe Iaccavelli, Ritchie Rizzo, Angelo Coscia, Tom Dinetti, Paul Buckley, Todd Gerbasio, and Dave Rando. Is it possible that we blinked and it was over?

It sucks moving away and growing older.

It's GREAT to remember though.
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Old 02-17-2008, 10:59 PM
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I was friends with Ritchie DeCurtis, Dean Gerbasio, Mike Kilbride, Patrick Buckley. I lived in Rosedale up until 1981 or 1982. I was born in 1971 and i remember all of the things that many of you posted. It was a great time in my life. I was on the peanut/peewee championship football teams and I have my championship jacket to prove it.
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Old 02-18-2008, 10:51 AM
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I Must Be Old I Knew Pete Iacavelli, Dino And Frankie Caffora, Antyhony Coscia, Joe Rizzo ,jane Fiorello . All Their Older Brothers And Sisters
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Old 02-18-2008, 11:01 AM
25 posts, read 201,651 times
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I Have Lived In Boca Raton Florida 21 Years From Rosedale. Rosedale People Down Here. Have Seen Fran Errera, Joann Graziano, Richie Feleppa, Joe Passarelli,even Talked To Red Baron's Uncle Last Week . Also Saw Mr Fiedler From Springfield Gardens, The Old Gym Teacher At Our Football Camp Three Years Ago. Also Saw The Savereise Twins, Lois And Martha Along With Patty Annibell Two Years Ago.
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Old 02-19-2008, 09:12 AM
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Default Rosedale Days...

Originally Posted by JOE JENETTE View Post
the original was a&p where roman carousal was
Hi Joe.. What year did you graduate high school? Trying to figure out what time frame you enjoyed our town. Rosedale Lanes closed down this December, been run by the same family since they opened back in 1960, the Albanese family. Still can grab a slice of J&S pizza, the recipe is still the same as it was over 45 years ago, that great square cheese pizza with no gazillion choices of toppings. Guess that's the only place that is still "the same". I graduated Andrew Jackson in 1966 and my X graduated Far Rockaway the same years.
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Old 02-19-2008, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by lild View Post
I grew up in this beautiful little town. In my time Rosedale was simply the best place any kid could grow up in. We moved in around 1958 and moved out in the 70's, I remember all of those things mentioned and so much more. The Queens Day and Memorial Day parades, the bazaar at the Rosedale Jewish Center, George at the hardware store, Mrs. Brownne at Brownnie's (or was it Browning's?) the stationery store, Jimmy the butcher, Mrs. Shaumberger the dance teacher and George & Ruth who owned the candy store before it became Dave's, my favorite luncheonette/candy store. They were there everyday as I walked in or passed by their stores. As a teenager the Drive-In, Green Acres, Brookville Park, the Burger & Shake, and the bowling alley were big hang out spots. Everyone knew you and who's kid you were. Life was grand when I lived in Rosedale.
Did you move into the new houses that were bing built back in 1958? That was the same year that the Chipunks had their first hit and you could hear it playing in Green Acres which was just about getting the finishing touches on it. I think the movie outside the mall opened around that time as well. I am guessing I am older than you if you were in Brownies at that time, I was already 10 years old
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