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Old 10-11-2011, 08:06 PM
Location: Beautiful Pelham Parkway,The Bronx
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Originally Posted by SeventhFloor View Post
Well the neighborhoods in Brooklyn where this has been happening are either predominantly Caucasian, or predominantly Hispanic. So I don't think its a surprise given the ethnic make-up of the neighborhoods.
This is the answer that makes the most sense.Perhaps it's not complicated enough for some people to accept.
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Old 10-11-2011, 08:31 PM
Location: Palm Beach County
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Originally Posted by Airborneguy View Post
There is a new theory starting to come to the fore that this may actually be related to gang activity, possibly a type of initiation. At first it was believed to be one perp, but the descriptions are too different lately.

^^Really (gang-related)? I didn't hear this in the News, but I may have missed it. I hope they catch these people soon; whatever their reason(s) for these actions may be!!!

OP: Who knows why criminals do what they do. It can be any random of things. i.e. abused growing up, something just SNAPPED or triggered the behaviors, rage, etc...IMO; only a professional can truly analyze the "whys", etc..........
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Old 10-12-2011, 12:56 PM
Location: NY,NY
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Originally Posted by luvnyc View Post
Is it because there's easier access to porn on the internet?

Does this provoke men into sick perversions to live out a sick fantasy?

Is it because these men are purely violent sick psychos?

Why is it that a lot of these assaults were committed by Latino men?

Is it the way they may think of women?

Is it that machismo attitude that some Latino men carry view women as objects therefore taking what they want in their minds acceptable?

What's your opinion?

I'm really curious as to why a rash of sexual assaults seems to be coming from one racial group more so from others.
Most of the above is feminist fantasy DRIVEL! It also exhibits a true lack of comprehension of the sexual drive of men. I suspect 'Venus' has never even been to Mars.


[My apologies for not proofing, so forgive the typos.]

As of yet, the perppetrator(s) have yet to approach a black women. So chill.


My theory on why it appears, immigrant latinos, those from Mexico and Central America, commit sexual assault is twofold:

First, there is a cultural clash. In many, countries, specifically in the rural areas, the cultural 'norm' is for women to dress, act, and carry themselves 'sexually modestly. Also, great value is stored in a women's sexual 'virtue'

These are all values which are in great contrast to American norms and specifically contrary to how the average women in NYC carries herself.

In rural Mexico and Central America, women who carry themselves in a 'sexual' manner, women out alone at night, women frequenting clubs/bars alone, are considered non-virtuous, and often outright whores and prostitutes. Men in these cultures generaly treat such women commensurately.

Such attitudes and cultural mores are found in MANY non-Westernized countries and cultures. This is particularly so in Islamic countries, as I'm sure you are aware, but it also in non-Islamic countries.

For example, I am American, but have dated and been involved with many West Indian women. I don't know if today it is the same, but ot too long ago in West Indian countries women weren't 'allowed' to buy drinks at the bar in a dance hall. Not that they couldn't, but those that did were perceived 'negatively'. The women needed to have a 'man' go to the bar and get drinks for them. I discovered this cultural fact the hard way!

Anyway, regarding central Americans and Mexicans, coming to this country is a enormous culture shock, specifically in regard to their sexual norms. If they conduct themselves as they might in their countries, many of their actions which w/b acceptable in their countries are perceived in NYC as offensive, and in some cases illegal.

For gragging a women's ass or touching her body, here in the USA/NYC can be considered a sexual assualt. In their country it would not, specifically, if a women of questionable virtue is the subject; and seen through central American/Mexican eyes, specifically the eyes of rural, unwordly and uneducated men, the majority of NYC women are probably percei ed as non-virtuous. Consequently, they may feel 'culturally' free to be sexually physically forward with NYC women. They may not perceice their actions as a sexual assualt nor illegal.

Also, and importantly, I think it is a matter of the reality that many or most of the men from these backgrounds work at very menial and low paying jobs; and, many if not most, send a significant portion of their earnings back to their home countries to support loved ones, leaving little money for entertainment. Additionally, these men work long and often odd hours, again, leaving little time for entertainment.

Inother words, these men have little money, time, nor social status, in order to pursue sexual relationships. Consequently, women and legitimate sexual activity is just NOT available to them.

As a result, sexual frustration causes SOME to act out, sexually; and, I think, they 'act out' toward America/NYC women who they perceive through their culture as non-virtuous, and probably 'asking for it'.

I also must add that, because of their culture, many of these men are, from an American/NYC ppoint of view, sexually immature. For example, in a culture where women are, indeed, more sexually virtuous than American/NYC women, that most sexual activity for non-married men in these cultures are with non-virtuous women, and ONLY with such women. Many of these men, particularly youn men, may have had few sexual encounters, and none of a 'loving' nature and none which Americans might view as a 'relationship'. Many young men may be virginal.

All of the above, leads to men who are sexually confused, in American/NYC culture, as how and what is appropriate to conduct themselves.

Which, in my opinion, is why some of these so-called sexual assualts are so strange, from an American perspective, such as the guy(s), grabbing American womenMs 'boobs' while rifing past on a bicycle; lifting and peering under American womens' skirts and dresses; and the Park Slope incidents where the perpetrator(s) seemingly simply 'felt up' the women.

Rather odd, in terms of American norms re sexual assualts, which are much more sexuall direct and viscous (straight rape!). Many of these so-called assaults appear almost sexually innocent, from a maturity perspective.

Summing up, I think that most of these so-called assaults are by men sexually frustrated by a huge culture clash, in conjunction with the nature of their immigration status, which precludes normal sexual opportunity and activity.

These guys just don't have the money to 'date' in a normal American fashion, and even if they did, they don't have the time, as they are always working.

As a consequence, American/NYC women, nor only appear as culturallly non-virtuous, BUT wholly unapproachable. The average Transplant or Native women ('white') is incredibly unlikely to 'date' a Mexican/Central American rural background legal/illegal immigrant male; and, these men culturally view these women as non-virtuous and sexually available.

Think about it, if all some non-Americans know of American women is what they see in the American movies and television, where from their cultural eyes, all they see is American women jumping in and out of bed with multiple sexual partners with NONE of the cultural considerations of women and men from non-Western cultures. Fro/ this cultural point of view, American women are seen as sluts and whores!!

They certainly are NOT viewed as in the feminist light as independant, intelligent, sexually free mature adults, free to define themselves and their sexuality. Nope, this just is not the xultural norm for most in the non-Western world.

So, the recent sexual assaults by hispanic immigrant males is just a sexual culture clash, inevitable to occur in a society which devalues cultural assimilation. It is no coincident that virtuall all these assault have been upon white American women, the epitome of western feminism, covorting themselves in a sexual manner which MUST be offensive to many recent immigrant sensibilities.

Another major factor is that a large portion, probably the majority portion of the immigrants form central American and Mexico are single males without their wives and families. I *think* a larer portionof other immigrant types are here with their wives and families. At least to my observation.

Well that is my opinion and as I see it. Black women, not being the major focus of television and movies, are not equated the same sexual media image, so, thus far, have not been the focus of these assaults.

I think it also interesting to note that most of the American white women who have been physically assualted have been able to physically fight off their attackers. This in itself is out of the norm, and indicative of the larger physicality of American white women in comparison to the small stature of the average central American/Mexican male.

This size differential may also be why some of the so-called attacks have been physically benign.

Lastly at the risk of offending some, the 'size' differential may be more ways than one, and key to the lack of sexual interaction between American women and central American/Mexican males. It may also be a part of the sexual frustration. *wink* *wink*!

Just my take.
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Old 10-12-2011, 06:33 PM
Location: Sunset Park, Brooklyn
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^I agree with everything you have said, and this is coming from a Mexican-American. Although, I don't know why you exclude South Americans from your (Mexico/Central America) hypothesis?

And also to your last statement, I love me my black women. I've almost exclusively dated black women, but never found white woman attractive. I guess something got jumbled up during the generations.
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Old 10-12-2011, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Airborneguy View Post
There is a new theory starting to come to the fore that this may actually be related to gang activity, possibly a type of initiation. At first it was believed to be one perp, but the descriptions are too different lately.
That was my initial reaction -- too many instances for one person, but one guy they booked today (see: Suspected Sunset Park Groper Arrested, Morningside Heights Suspect Also Collared: Gothamist) is 26. Is that old for gang initiation?
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Old 10-12-2011, 06:41 PM
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I just think he/they are just small d*cked, little cowards who have to attack a woman to get any.
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Old 10-13-2011, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by jcoltrane View Post
Most of the above is feminist fantasy DRIVEL! It also exhibits a true lack of comprehension of the sexual drive of men. I suspect 'Venus' has never even been to Mars.

Thank you for taking the time to write and explain so delicately. I learned a lot from your post, but I do disagree regarding the porn. Some, not all men simply can't control themselves and can't draw a line between fantasy and reality.

Andez, thank you for not taking offense to my question and big ups on loving the sistas.

Thank you almost everyone for keeping this post respectful and not turning it into a racial fight because that wasn't what I aimed for, I simply questioned the rise in these crimes as of late particularly in one segment of the NYC population. JColtrane explained well why this might be the reason.

Airborneguy, I really hope this isn't gang related. The guy they arrested just doesn't strike me as belonging to any gang.

Thanks guys. You can let this post die out before it does turn ugly.
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Old 10-13-2011, 11:11 AM
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It already has..when you try to assign blame on an entire population by selectively choosing a random crime...well...you made it very ugly and racial. I believe there was a shooting in Brooklyn and the Bronx this weekend, and seems like lately Blacks have been shooting everyone. Luvnyc, as a black woman, can you tell me why these black men love killing eachother and others? Do they have a cultural bias towards killing and crime? I wonder, in their culture do they raise the boys to shoot and kill, and the blakc community view violent black men as role models?

Tell my luvnyc....these are just harmless and innocent questions not meant to be racial right?...so please enlighten us all on why black men are so violent and hateful towards eachother and everyone else? Are they raised that way? Does it make them feel like men in the black community?
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Old 10-13-2011, 12:01 PM
Location: The United States of Amnesia
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The men who resort to this behavior might be deemed undateable by society. Either, they lack the social skills, charisma, physical attributes, social status, etc or they might be sociopathic. This type of behaviour happens with all races/religion of men. Could they have resorted to something else like prostitution, strip clubs, porn etc. Yes, but these methods are look down upon by society (men and women alike) and some men either don't have the $$$ or have a ****ed up moral compass and believe that they are evil/wrong. Remember, Women CHOOSE the men; therefore, they have the power. Rape is taking the power back from women. They are taking the women's option of choice.

The 2 mexican dudes who were arrested were short, had lowing paying jobs, low social status, etc. The majority of women in NYC would have not giving them the time of day. BUT, there are always exception to every rule. Let's take Mario Lopez from saved by the bell. He's of mexican descent but does not look like the typical Mexican. A good majority of women would find that he meets or exceeds the standards of dateability.
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Old 10-13-2011, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by whitlock View Post
I would like to point out that this country has a long history of serial killers all caucasian.
Yes that is true but not all serial killers are white. But then again when it comes to killers, serial killers usually have a higher intelligence.
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