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Old 02-10-2012, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by makossa View Post
I know, life's hard and it isn't fair. For far too many people it's much easier to live in the "bubble" rather that face life on it's terms.
Yes, well said.
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Old 02-13-2012, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by makossa View Post
Bay Ridge definitely leans to the right.
Bay Ridge is one of the more liberal areas in southern Brooklyn

the most McCain neighborhood in the country was Borough Park.
Southern Brooklyn as a whole voted for McCain.
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Old 02-13-2012, 07:49 PM
Location: Staten Island, NY
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Originally Posted by D-Towner View Post
Do you exist?
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Old 02-13-2012, 07:52 PM
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Old 02-15-2012, 12:32 AM
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McCain won or tied 411 Election Districts in Brooklyn
using just the EDs McCain won in Brooklyn he wins by 42,851 votes.

for reference Chicago which has over 150,000 more people McCain wins the same stat by 1,957 votes
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Old 02-15-2012, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by JayBrown80 View Post
Not all Democrats or even Liberals are "socialists". I sort of get confused by this "spread the wealth around, liberals want to take your money" train of thought amongst the mentally retarded Republican base.... when it was a REPUBLICAN administration that started 2 wars of convenience and also came up with the plan to use PUBLIC money to bail out the PRIVATE sector. People like you make no sense. You want to talk about spreading the wealth? Explain to me why Republicans came up with the Bailout? Because that is spreading the wealth, friend. Conservatives and Republicans LOVE spreading the wealth, as long as it's only spread out amongst rich people.

The wall street "moneymakers" you are talking about in your post? Yeah them, the ones who got billions of dollars from the taxpayer to make up for their incompetence? Those are the TRUE WELFARE abusers in this country. Of course, to hear "conservatives" like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum talk, only black women are on welfare.

God...how can Republicans OR conservatives look themselves in the mirror everyday. "You used welfare to buy a yacht!!! Good job son!!!! Wait, you used Welfare to buy a loaf of bread??!!! YOU SUCKING AT THE GOVERNMENT TEAT NEGRO!!!"
Originally Posted by jcoltrane View Post
Maybe because conservatives, by their nature, believe and adhere to basic values like reading, writing and arithemtic, and learn to apply these skills.

Take yourself for example, if you had such a nature you would be versed in the fact that the entire mortgage crisis was parcipitated by democrat liberal progressive policies seeking to increase homeownership rates by SIGNIFICANTLY increasing access to CREDIT, allowing those previously shut out of the mortgage market because of less than ideal qualifications.

These actions were so successful, that these same democratic liberal progressive politicians insituted further policies which further increased the number and degree of those previously denied credt---access to credit.

This outlook of increasing the level of traditional homeownership was begun under the Clinton adminstration. The basic thought and intention was that the average 'wealth' of blacks and other minorities lagged behind that of whites. Despite much effort little appeared to have closed the gap to that point, despite some progress in shrinking the education and income gap.

Causes were looked at which could explain the continuing wealth gap. It was discovered and said that a significant part of white wealth was held in homeownership, and that homes were the basis of white wealth. Whites used their homes to finance their children's education, retirement, and businesses, among other things.

The conclusion was that Blacks and other minorities w/o similar homeownership rates would forever trail whites in wealth accumulaton.

In order to correct this disparity, and in the defined manner of Progressivism, the Democractic Party created government policies and financial incentives which compelled and incented financial institutions to open credit to those previously not given access, and previously institutionally denied access.

These policies were enacted in a spirit of BI-partisian cooperation and compromise that would give President Obama a wet dream. Which is why they were allowed to continue under the Bush administration. The Republicans gave the Democrats precisely what they are clamoring for today. Look what compromise and consensus got us?!

So, the reality is that the present financial crisis was augurred by the PROGRESSIVE wing of the Democratic Party. The leaders of this effort, Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd, were the sponsors of virtually if not literally ALL the consequent legislation.

The greedy backwards republican bankers did precisely what the were compelled and asked to do, manage to provide mortgages to those who normally would not qualify.

THIS is the financial crisis which has blown up in the Democrat Progressive faces. Yet, masters of propaganda, as are all socialist and communists, they have lied to YOU!

Educate yourself and learn the truth.

Have you read a single book on the issue?

You'll need to read more than one.

Though given that one third to a half of democrats are graduates of the education system they created, self education might be asking too much.
Originally Posted by jcoltrane View Post
Only Congress has the power to declare war.

The President must ask Congress to conduct war. The President cannot singularly declare war.

This point has been one of Constitutional contention for some time, and has a particular Republican neo-con peeve.

War Powers Resolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Declaration of war by the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Additionally, the President was without any question, nor ambiguity NOT, I repeat, NOT the architect of the 'bailout'Democratic in any way whatsoever. In fact, the President was relatively uninvolved and lacking in applicable knowledge.

The same for Obama, except that, as the President Elect, the watch was now his. BOTH Bush and Obama presided over the 2008 debacle.

You really need to get your facts straight. Do a little homework!.

Drop the conjecture and supposition of propaganda, as you appear to not know, in a factual manner, what you are talking about.

Where do you get your facts, the Daily Show?
Originally Posted by JayBrown80 View Post
Oh good lord JColtrane. You usually make a fool of yourself when you post, but you outdid yourself this time. I have gotten so used to you jumping on a thread and telling people they are uneducated that I typically ignore your posts. Especially because when you are accusing everyone of being dumb you are usually dumping a huge pile of BS on the floor. (IE "What do you mean water is wet? You must be uneducated! water is dry I tell you! Go read a book sometime!")

The very Wikipedia article you have linked specifically says that the President of the United States has the authority to commit troops at ANYTIME he wants as long as he lets congress know within 48 hours. Then he can STILL conduct war for 60 days, AND gets a 30 day withdraw period regardless of whether Congress approves or not. So the president can commit troops for up to 90 days and Congress can't do a damn thing about it. And then, the only thing Congress CAN do is to cut off funding. And since no Congress ever has, or ever will, cut off funding to soldiers in a war zone, the president in Reality can commit troops anytime he wants with the only fear being a toothless reprimand by Congress. Maybe an impeachement hearing at worst, which wouldn't occur for years after the president started a war.

Good god man, its in the article YOU LINKED. You don't even read the crap you put on here. That is the War Powers Resolution of 1973. You are so convinced that you are right all the time that you just say whatever and slap a wikipedia link on it. Only, as usual, even the Wikipedia link says you are wrong. Hell man, the wikipedia link you gave us even says that the resolution is often ignored by Presidents because EVERY president since it's enactment has claimed it to be unconstituional.

As far as you saying that the wall street bailout happened because liberals increased credit limits...sigh....you are WRONG. As you usually are. First off, the economic collapse was the result of MANY factors and the blame can be spread out across all political parties, private buisness, and public stupidity. You can't break down the US economic crisis to "it's the liberals fault". You also can't say it's "the conservatives fault". It is a global crisis and everyone had their part to play.

You and your conservative cronies are talking about apples when everyone else is talking about oranges.

The conservatives on this board are claiming that all liberals are socialists and that all liberals want to spend you into the poor house. I dispute that claim because it was a CONSERVATIVE administration that started 2 wars of convenience (Iraq and Afghanistan) and a CONSERVATIVE administration that designed and then sold the bailouts to the American public. That was all on George W Bush's shoulders. So the way you and your fellow conservatives stand up and go "conservatives can do no wrong! no wrong! we are the only ones with any financial sense!" only shows how mentally retarded you are and how short your memories are.

Now I am not a company man for the Democrats. I am willing to criticize them when they are wrong. Obama's view on gay marriage is particularly cowardly. But the way you conservatives blame Obama for the bailouts is ridiculous. Did Obama continue a policy that was already in action by the Bush administration? He certainly did. But that's like if the Yankees are 8 runs down by the bottom of the 7th, and then you blame the loss on the relief pitcher before he even has stepped up to the mound. That clusterfudge was on George W Bush.

You can keep embarassing yourself by posting wikipedia articles that you haven't read and don't agree with you. You can keep on going..But obama did this, or obama did that..

But what you can't do is prove that the Republican party or the Conservative movement has ANY fiscal sense whatsoever. Because they don't. Try to keep on changing the subject all you want. The point that I originally stated is that BOTH parties love welfare. Both parties just LOVE to spend tax dollars. It's just liberals want to give it to the poor, and conservatives want to give it to the rich. I am willing to criticize liberals on their screw ups. But you lack critical thought so you can't say the same for the other side.

How about you argue with what I acutally said? What you actually ended up doing is reading what I wrote, in your mind said "Oh Crap, he's right, we conservatives are TERRIBLE people and have really screwed up this country!" and then you said...."Let me throw a whole bunch of BS up on the thread so maybe people won't notice I'm wrong."

All the proud conservatives on this board, who viciously and routinely defended George W Bush when he was President, now try to pretend that he Doesn't exist. It's like you finally agree with what eveyrone else has known since Sept 12 2011, that George W Bush was a fool. And as he is the last Conservative President this country has had, he is still your standard bearer. You can pretend that he wasn't your hero all you want, but I can go back and find post after post of you saying he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. And if you don't see George W Bush as your king anymore, then whom do you claim? You like Santorum? How about Gingrich? Gingrich was sooooo good for the conservative movement back in 97 wasn't he?

You and your cronies keep talking about how great conservatives are, let's look at your leaders then. You have George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. That is the neocon round table there. I guess you could include Romney, but he is more liberal than Barack Obama. When you look at those 4 names, do you feel a sense of pride about your political choices? Do you look at them and go "golly gee, I must have done something right to have such great men be the leaders of my movement." The saddest thing is you don't have the common sense to feel embarassed by how far the conservative movement has sunk. It used to stand for something under Regan. Now it's run by the cast of Dumb and Dumber.

So I hope you have fun crying about how mean old liberals are destroying this country. You can be frustrated by Obama all you want, I usually am on a daily basis. But for you to say that the conservative movement has any answers is laugable. And come Novemeber, you will have a choice of voting for a liberal, Obama, and an even bigger liberal, Romeny. It's your worst nightmare! Enjoy. Maybe if you conservatives would actually run a REAL primary process instead of the 3 ring circus you have now, then you could get REAL conservative candidates. You throw all your weight behind clowns like Bachmann and Rick Perry and Santorum, and you wonder why the rest of the country thinks you are a joke.
Originally Posted by jcoltrane View Post
You must be the stupidest F in the world.

It is NOT a "declaration of war"!

That act does NOT give the President the power to declare war. Are you stupid?

Are you not capable of determining FACT?

Simply allowing the President to commit troops for a limited period, afterwhich the Congress must then act is NOT giving the office of the President the power to declare war.

Has President Obama or Congress declared War against Libya?

Obviously not.

Obama used the same 'powers' given to him as did Bush and Clinton.

Neither of the three presidents declared war; nor did Congress.

So wtf are you talking about?

I didn't read the rest of your idiotic racist BS, perhaps later, likely not.

My purpose is to FACTUALLY correct you, not to argue idioacy.

Choose to be stupid. Continue to argue hate. Enjoy.

If you choose to learn truth, and can discuss a single fact at a time, I'd be willing to discuss, but I don't have time if you wish to hate.

Fact and truth. Fact and truth. I use fact to determine truth. I do NOT attempt to manipulate fact in order to support a truth of my own making. I do NOT choose to ignore fact.

There was never a Declaration of War upon Iraq. Bus did NOT declare war.

The President cannot and does not have the power to declare war.

Anything you say to the contrary is a lie.

I have proved the point.

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