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Old 09-28-2012, 05:24 PM
Location: I live wherever I am.
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Originally Posted by Jukesgrrl View Post
I disagree. One thing that needs to be taken into consideration always these days: Drugs are sometimes administered without the knowledge of the person who has taken them. Especially if the person is especially naive or trusting; has enemies; or is a young, attractive female, it's quite possible another person put the drug in their drink.

Unless I was there and knew the person and the exact circumstances I would never make a judgment about a drug death in a world where date rape and vicious pranks are so common.
I see your point... after all, if a person died from an unintentional ingestion of drugs, then the "they deserve it" rationale falls flat. However, people still need to understand that there's a level of "due diligence" involved in maintaining one's safety. For example, you can't be slipped a mickey if you are in control of what you're eating and drinking at all times. You're not likely to be slipped a mickey if you don't hang around with people who do drugs. I was 15 once... and I have many students who are 15 or around there... every one of them knows that drugs are bad and that it's unwise to hang with people who use drugs.

But, yes, if the person took the drugs unintentionally and unknowingly, I would have sympathy for him/her.
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Old 09-28-2012, 05:29 PM
Location: I live wherever I am.
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Originally Posted by TheImportersWife View Post
You should be more concerned with your wife's doctor's credibility.
My wife hasn't had to see a doctor in a while because she's healthy. I'm sure she's gotten flak about her weight before. But for as long as I've known her, she hasn't told me that any doctor she's seen has gotten on her case about her weight. Some people are just healthy. My ex-wife was nowhere near the size of my wife, and she had a list of health problems that was taller than she was. My mom has been thin her whole life and she has a ton of health ailments. My dad has been fat most of his life and at age almost 68, his only health ailments are a twinge of arthritis in his back (and who doesn't have a twinge of something by age 68?!)

Originally Posted by TheImportersWife View Post
If everything was that simple and easy, then your wife wouldn't be at 400 lbs.
Just because she lacks the drive to lose weight doesn't mean that losing weight is hard. I've lost weight plenty of times and it ain't that hard once you get into the groove of it. Earlier this year I lost 36 pounds in 3 months... and that was darn near all the weight I had to lose, at least if I were to judge it based upon everyone else's commentary about me starting to look unhealthy. It can be done.

Originally Posted by TheImportersWife View Post
Drugs aren't necessarily bad. Alcohol isn't necessarily bad. It's their misuse and abuse that is bad and why it's regulated.
My information and studies read otherwise. Many drugs are beneficial, true, but here's a question for you. What do you think is safer - marijuana you buy from the pharmacy with your medical marijuana card, or marijuana you get in a back-alley deal from "T-Bone"?
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Old 09-28-2012, 06:03 PM
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Default Not all drugs are the same

Originally Posted by RomaniGypsy View Post
If you take drugs, you deserve what you get. If what you get is death, you have earned it.

There's a very good way to avoid dying by drug overdose. DON'T TAKE DRUGS.

We all know that drugs are bad for you. Those of us who choose to ignore that fact are deserving of any and all consequences they get.

Prescription pills kill 125,000 Americans a year, when used as directed. And they disable many more. Poison pills are given to 1 year olds. And multiple vaccines are forced on babies, before there 1st B-day.
Vaccines for things nobody under 4 or 5 gets. Vaccines with mercury & whatever, causing brain problems.

Cannabis ("marijuana") has 0 proven deaths as a direct result of use, and it has helped with over 120
medical conditions. Cannabis oil anecdotes say it can cure cancer & other sometimes fatal illnesses. It was removed from pharmacies in 1937. Now we have cancer epidemic. Govt-corp alliance keeps lying.

Aspirin & other NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can cause deaths by internal bleeding.

2,000 mg of caffeine is fatal. But kids get started with soda pop at an early age. Caffeine is 3 times more
addicting than cannabis, according to a panel of drug addiction experts.

Alcohol kills many, maybe 150,000 a year: overdoses, accidents, liver failure, & some types of cancer. Yet alcohol is legal, & the 0 deaths from cannabis make it too dangerous to re-legalize?

Tobacco (nicotine) sprayed with poisons kills 400,000+ Americans a year. Yet most cops, pols, & execs who bribe pols, prefer that we smoke something that causes 1/3 to 1/2 of its users to die.

Cannabis ("marijuana") may be the most studied drug of all time. Over 1 billion used it since our earliest written history & they're still trying to prove it to be the direct cause of death for even 1 person. Plus it has helped many in over 120 medical conditions more than pills.

There isn't much public discussion about ecstasy but maybe there should be. I've heard of it causing deaths by extreme dehydration. A site called dancesafe (dot org?) warns of the dehydration problem.
Also, I don't know the odds of something else being sold as ecstasy.
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Old 09-28-2012, 07:34 PM
Location: state of enlightenment
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Originally Posted by RomaniGypsy View Post
If you take drugs, you deserve what you get. If what you get is death, you have earned it.

There's a very good way to avoid dying by drug overdose. DON'T TAKE DRUGS.

We all know that drugs are bad for you. Those of us who choose to ignore that fact are deserving of any and all consequences they get.
Does that include the half a million who died from prescription drugs in the last 10 years Annual Causes of Death in the United States | Drug War Facts

35k people a year die from car accidents. DON'T DRIVE CARS!

How about the 3700 people that drown every year. DON'T SWIM!

Newsflash: Life is a terminal condition. Might as well live it up before you go and screw the self righteous, holier-than-thou finger waggers.
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Old 09-28-2012, 07:55 PM
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Default US govt=biggest drug dealer?

Originally Posted by Oleg Bach View Post

How evil can you be when you KNOW for sure..when you are enriching yourself..loading up bags of pills..that someone is going to die..these bastards realize for every 10 thousand dollars they make..a death occurs...whey you buy you support evil

Even pot- when you buy somewhere down the line some biker has bashed someones head in or some peasant ended up soup in Mexico as a cartel killer loaded their corpse into a barrel of acid..people like recreational used of dope- they don't like to think that it is the business of the lowest of the low.

Or take the cocaine issue- how many children have gone hungry or how many families have been destroyed by it's seductive nature. Eventually if you are a big boozer or doper- mental illness caused by organic brain injury occurs -and the high end dope dealer makes sure THEIR family never goes near it...but it's okay for other families to be destroyed so theirs can thrive..

Don't help those that are willing to kill you for profit..if you do- you deserve what you get
Paragraph #1 sounds like Big Pharma. Their pills kill 125,000 a year & disable many more. It will be more with Obamacare or Romneycare. Fostercare also promotes heavy drugging of children (4x average). If you want more harmful drugging of kids & adults, vote for Romney or Obama. If not, Johnson or Stein. If you want more Americans & others killed in wars, vote Obama or Romney. If not, Johnson or Stein.

Paragraph #2 The people in Mexico killed were not peasants, but cops, pols and military people. Operation Fast & Furious had US govt supplying dealers there with weapons & drugs. The purpose of this, it seems, was to replace then current govt with old govt.

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson wants to legalize MJ. He used it 3 yrs for pain mgmt after he fell 50'. If it is grown and bought in our country (from licensed stores), it could be taxed 100% and still be 90% cheaper, while raising double digit billions and we could save $40B a year ending drug war. It would reduce violence, theft, & illegal immigration. "Marijuana" has 0% death rate & 120+ medical uses, so why is it illegal? About 50 million in US, 1 out if 6, admit to being cannabis users.

Dangerous drugs should be medical problem, not a legal problem.

Most police are on same side as dealers, wanting these drugs kept illegal for maximum money. Online CNN poll 96% said "marijuana" should be legal, as use causes no deaths & can treat over 120 conditions often better than pills. Legalize marijuana #1 request coming in to whitehouse.gov, but Obama & Romney won't talk about it. Time to get real supporter of all Americans into White House, Gary Johnson or Dr. Jill Stein.
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Old 09-28-2012, 08:50 PM
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[quote=RomaniGypsy;26279319]What's your source for this information?

Yes, but she's 6'3" and also carries the bulk of her weight in her butt and thighs... which is the healthiest shape for a woman if she's going to be fat.

If my wife were 5'3" instead of 6'3" and retained the exact same proportions, she'd weigh 229 pounds by my calculation. Still quite big for a woman of that height, but at least it puts things into perspective so that the "almost 400 pounds" figure doesn't seem so shocking.

As for being healthy, I base that on the following:

She doesn't have, nor has she ever had, problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, breathing, blood sugar, etc. The last time she had a CBC done, everything was normal.

The only lingering pain she suffers is from an old injury.

She gets sick less frequently than I do, and I don't get sick that often.

She doesn't get out of breath from normal walking or activity.

She is the picture of health, but for her weight. A woman like my wife, with her health profile, who weighed half what my wife weighs, would go into the doctor and he'd be envious of her health.

No kids yet for either of us.

It could be. And my parents were strict as all heck. But I didn't do any of that stuff when I went away to college and was 400 miles away from their influence either. I didn't do it in high school when I could drive and get away from their influence. As a reference point, my brother has done TONS of stupid crap despite my parents' natures, which haven't really changed much over the years. So I could have done it if I wanted to.

Put simply, it's because I was the poor kid in a rich town, I had (unbeknownst to anyone) a form of autism called Asperger's syndrome which has many benefits, but also carries the drawbacks of being socially awkward. Being socially awkward as a teenager is like a death sentence, especially in a rich town when you're also the poor kid. To add icing to that cake, I was asthmatic and poorly coordinated... so I wasn't very good at most athletic endeavors (although I did surprise people sometimes). Basically, I had nothing going for me that would raise me up that social totem pole.

These days, when I tell people (who already know me) that that was my childhood, they look at me like I must be yanking their chains. I've fully come into my own. But it wasn't without its troubles back in the day.

Maybe. But I've known people who had awful home lives who were very responsible and never would've done anything wrong, and I've known people who had awesome home lives who became completely screwed up. There is a correlation for sure, but it isn't sufficient to prove causation.

And I hope I am dead wrong, as it would nullify my vote for the "good guys" if I'm not wrong. What's YOUR version of Jesus like?

Blame society. 200 years ago, a 15 year old was expected to be, act, and live like, an adult.

Originally Posted by purehuman View Post

It's reasoning. Again, blame society. I think it stinks just as much as anyone does.
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Old 09-28-2012, 09:43 PM
Location: Fairfax County, VA
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Yes, it's sad that a person passed on. But on the other hand, she must have known the risks into what she was doing/taking. Or did she not care?
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Old 09-29-2012, 02:27 AM
Location: Central California
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Originally Posted by Trimac20 View Post
I've heard a few cases now of teenage girls (I'm sure boys have done so too but for some reason it's been girls) who have taken ecstasy at a party/rave/concert and died. The reasons varied: in one famous case here it was because the 15 year old girl had a rare, allergic-type reaction and her brain swelled. In another, the girl just took a really high dose (for some reason), perhaps she was suicidal or just not thinking straight.

In many cases, others are involved, but i don't think it's right to totally blame other parties, unless they really pressured her to take it/force-fed her of course. Taking any kind of pill is risky, so you should be prepared of the consequences.

Of course any death is tragic, but I have to admit I can't help but feel a bit less sympathy for these cases than those who say died as a passenger in a car accident.

There's a flood of tributes.etc from friends when this happens, and they always talk about what a kind, friendly, generous etc person she was. I mean they kind of have to, I suppose, so to be honest I do wonder when they say things like that. Not EVERYONE who dies a tragic death is some saint in life. NOT to say that taking drugs makes you a bad person or if you take drugs you deserve death, but it's treated as a tragic accident (I suppose in the case of ecstasy it kind of is, since it doesn't usually kill you, but the risks are there) when it's really the responsibility of that person.
Xanax is far more dangerous than ecstacy. Ecstacy has been made taboo by the media because the pharmaceutical companies can't make money off of it.
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Old 09-29-2012, 02:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Trimac20 View Post
I think in my case being a loner probably did shelter me from a lot of the drama/peer pressure of the high school years.
Let's just say you have a relative who is obese,that drops dead from a stroke.
Would you feel that relative"made their own bed' so to speak?
That they did it to themselves?
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Old 09-29-2012, 06:45 AM
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There are people that I know and the numbers are increasing...I call them "the captured"..or they have been taken prisoner by the system..There is a constant war going on between...Good independent people and the so called evil collective..Big Pharma...doctors who are either stupid or insidiously tied to drug companies and act as their henchmen.

Modern tranquilizers..compounds that lower your intelligence...so people can tolerate the institutional human rights abuses that come with every day life in the rat race...anti-depressants..that alter and ruin a person...drugs prescribed and for the mentally ill who are not mentally ill....These poor people in my mind are prisoners of war...I have heard that 40 % of the populace is doped up on "legal' drugs and are made dependent on them.

People have to understand whether it be street or so-called legal...drugs are a joke- You can't take a doctor seriously who has know you for three and a half minutes and says "take these"...The best life comes from being well rested- hydrated...clean - well fed and loved...Those who avoid any dope to the best of their ability- ARE SOCIETIES STRONGEST..

Personally I know many people who are now under the control of big pharma...Their brain chemistry altered and they will never be who they are meant to be. YES there are sick people out there who may need these compounds..but for the most part it's the greatest offence on the human soul...LEGAL dope..robs people of their lives- and they don't know it---again..I call them prisoners of war..and the sad part is- Once captured...to withdraw them from big pharma addiction becomes dangerous....the side effects can be suicidal in nature- It just blows my mind when dope is prescribed legally and the warning label states - May cause you to kill yourself....what the hell is all that about?

30 years ago they would never let such drugs on the market....I heard some stats that more American soldiers for instance...die from suicide than in combat- something is wrong here....horrifically wrong...street drugs have become the least of our worries.
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