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Old 10-08-2014, 05:27 PM
Location: southwestern PA
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Originally Posted by Mattie View Post
If something rings up at the wrong price at our local store, you are refunded the difference, and given the item for free (not alcohol, alas). Everybody watches the total.
I would never begrudge someone the opportunity to pay the proper price.... even if it IS just a 60 cent difference.
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Old 10-08-2014, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Pitt Chick View Post
I would never begrudge someone the opportunity to pay the proper price.... even if it IS just a 60 cent difference.
I'm on the consumer's side in this. Retailers should be held accountable for all overcharges.
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Old 10-08-2014, 07:08 PM
Location: Verde Valley AZ
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Originally Posted by TracySam View Post
You're totally misunderstanding. I'm talking about a person who argues with the cashier about how some price came up. It's not that they don't have the money; it's that they are quibbling about a few cents. hey get rude with the cashier, as if it's their fault, and they hold up all the people behind them because their total is a few cents more than what they'd wanted. THOSE are the people I'd do it to (hand them $2 because they are holding us all up over 60 cents).

You are missing up two different situations: in some cases, I do give someone a little bit of money just to be nice. In cases like the one above, I am not doing it to be nice, but to make a point. I would never just be rude to an innocent person, just a self-important person who believes they are more important than everyone else.
People don't get rude with me if the price of something shows differently than it should. They will certainly mention it and that's okay. Sometimes, especially on sale items, they won't scan correctly. It's an easy fix and takes all of about 4-5 seconds. Void the price, hit the over ride button, hit the 'wrong price' button and then put in the right price. Done. If people want to quibble that I've wasted a few seconds of their time, well, I just don't know what to say. I NEVER argue with a customer about a price. If it's over $5 I need a manager to approve, and that takes time, but otherwise I just do it.

It's really not up to you to pay for another persons purchases...unless you really DO want to be nice and help them out. But, sorry, the example you gave WAS completely out of line and rude. It should have never happened. How would you react if the cashier did something like that??? You'd be headed straight to a manager and be damned that you were "in a hurry". You'd TAKE the time to complain. Precious minutes of your time...
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Old 10-08-2014, 07:17 PM
Location: Verde Valley AZ
8,593 posts, read 9,646,601 times
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Originally Posted by Mattie View Post
And for every person who would scornfully expect the customer to let the price discrepancy go, many more will appreciate the error being brought to the store's attention.

I recently had an alcohol purchase ring up at full price at the store. There was a display opposite the register with a large sign that said $19.99. The regular price was $36.99. I knew it was a deal, and I got two bottles. The sale had ended the day before, but nobody took the sign down. Because alcohol sales can't be overridden by a cashier, it took 2 managers several minutes to correct my total. I didn't apologize, and the two customers behind me didn't complained. They got off the line and picked up a couple of bottles themselves!
I can do an override on beer, wine and alcohol on my register. A lot of the stores in town have sales that we ad match and I've always been able to do it without a manager. On an amount that high, however, it might be a different story because that's a HUGE one. I've just never had that particular experience.

I don't know why it would take a manager so long to do a correction. The register will let you void something easily enough and even if it's too large an override they have a KEY they can use to do it. Shouldn't take more than a minute or so.

I bet they got those signs changed, pronto! LOL Customers should definitely bring up price discrepancies. We aren't out to rob you, honest! But by the same token I've had customers try to bamboozle me and get things they shouldn't rightfully get. I DO like to help my customers save money but, damn, don't get greedy on me because I'll ignore something that I KNOW I COULD ad match for you and not do it...unless YOU tell me about it. (Not 'you' but in general) I do that for my customers sometimes. They might not know something is on sale somewhere else and I'll do it for them anyway but not if they are rude or greedy.
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Old 10-08-2014, 09:23 PM
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About the check out line / register experience : courtesy, consideration, efficiency et. al. here's technique I employ.

When you are in a grocery register line where the layout is all uniform - the adjacent register clerk is open to you (the consumer). If the adjacent register is not manned, I will - while the register clerk in my line is ringing up the person in front of me - prepare the plastic bags for my own self bagging (if accessible in the adjacent empty station) to decrease the time needed by the clerk serving me (and bag my stuff as it is passed over the scanner and down the conveyer. (win-win)

Another is (when in Aldi's) to select a sturdy produce box for the bottom of my cart so that after getting to checkout and unloading onto the conveyor, the same items go right back into the produce box to use as carrier of purchased goods. Zip! And I'm gone most times before those who were before me in line.

I have had the few occasions where a customer before me in line did not have, or could not find exact change etc... If it's a Saturday when I'm behind them I usually will have change in my jeans coin pocket and will after a slight delay offer to finish there 'grocery tab'. I simply say, 'Merry Christmas' and internally, say, "good riddance".

And for those times when the confluence of dullard customer combined with inept clerk make you wait and wait and wait, the light is flashing for the manager etc... I don't roll my eyes nor give them a nasty look I simply smile and start singing Christmas tunes or tunes from Wizard of Oz in my head like... 'I could while away the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain...' and see if I can complete the whole tune before they figure it all out!

TracySam, you might want to try that as an alternate venting technique. And, thanks for a humorous thread - for, like that old Proverb, "a merry heart maketh a good medicine."
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Old 10-09-2014, 12:15 AM
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In my younger years I had a fat, sarcastic and sometimes mean mouth so now in my early 30's I keep it locked up. If I get a few glasses of wine in me though....watch out!!!
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Old 10-09-2014, 08:41 AM
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Default TracySam, I agree with you

and the same things at all these places bug me to the point sometimes I stay home if I'm not in a good mood. I've learned the majority of people are just inconsiderate and selfish.

I remember when things weren't so bad, especially elevator courtesy. I live in an apartment building with elevators and most of the time I just take the stairs to keep people from bumping into me trying to get on, several people crowding on and then I can't get off on my floor--they then glare at me when I say "excuse me" to get off. I will make exceptions for children, but these are grown people (probably raised by wolves!)
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Old 10-09-2014, 09:03 AM
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I do the same. Except that I don't apologize if I just have one coupon. The only place I ever use a coupon is Bed Bath & Beyond. I hate coupons. I am not going to sit there and cut these things out of magazines, I have better things to do. Plus most of them are not good anymore since those "extreme couponing" shows opened the retailers eyes to what people are capable of doing. Talk about being given a finger, and eating out the entire hand!

I use the drive through ATM occasionally, and after I'm done I pull forward to allow the person behind me do their business. They don't need to sit there waiting for me to put my card back in my wallet etc.

You must be a virgo.....LOL

I completely agree, however, I see the opposite happening all the time; YES, it is true that most people are not preoccupied with anyone else around them, you should see how people act in Disney World, that is the place to see people at their worst! The only "happiest" thing about Disney is when I get back home! LOL

However, this is a side effect of bad parenting, ignored children, the lack of teaching public place manners, and the daycare effect! To me, it matters more that my kids are well mannered and educated on how to behave in a public place, than if they are some mathematical wizard!

There is nothing wrong with you, this is plain OLD COMMON SENSE! Nothing more.

Originally Posted by TracySam View Post
For anyone who is familiar with my venting, I will admit that I do get annoyed by other people all the time. All the time. But at the same time, I'm acutely aware of myself, and making sure I'm not doing something that will annoy others or get in their way. When I mentioned this to someone over the weekend, they acted like my attitude was odd, implying that no one else takes so much care to not bother other people. I wondered if there are others like me.

I just know the things that annoy me when other people do them, so I focus a great deal on not committing those acts myself. Part of it is my empathy for other people, and part of it is my personal need to not be a hypocrite. It might also be partly "do unto others" and a little bit of respecting karma too.

Examples of things I do so that I DON'T annoy people:

--When I'm in line at a cash register, I make sure my cash or debit card are all ready to pay, in my hand, and I very quickly bag my groceries. I do not use coupons, mostly because I hate when a person in front of me uses coupons and hold me up. Once in a great while if I do have a really good coupon to use, maybe in Petsmart or something, I apologize a lot to the people behind me, and say that it's just one coupon and I would never use multiple coupons, and I'm so, so, so, so, sorry.

--When I use the self-check-out, I make sure I go really fast, especially if there are people in line. I make sure there is not a split second that I am standing there looking like I'm confused or not doing anything, because when I'm waiting in line and see people like that, I get really annoyed. If the machine screws up and makes me call over the attendant, I apologize profusely ("Oh my God, I'm so so so so sorry...") to the people behind me and tell them it's the machine and not me. I know that if someone else were similarly holding me up, hearing them acknowledge it and apologize goes a long way.

--If I have a lot of items and someone gets behind me with just a few, I let them go ahead. Again, not because I'm some super-generous person, but because if I had one or two items and the person in front of me had a lot, that's what I'd hope they would do for me.

--If I am driving and have to turn right into a store or parking lot, I make sure I get the hell over as fast as possible and turn as quickly as possible, because I hate being behind a slow-right-turner.

--If I am pulling out of some place and have to go left on a two-way road, and there are other cars behind me and I can't immediately turn left, I will switch my signals and turn right instead and then later do a U-turn to go the way I wanted to go. I would HATE to be waiting for a break in traffic to turn left, knowing that people behind me are getting impatient and saying "you could have gone a hundred times" under their breath to me. Because when people are holding me up like that, I completely hate them, and I don't want to cause anyone else to feel like that about me.

--If I'm in a waiting room like a car repair place or doctor's office, and I'm stuck sitting next to other people, I don't put my arms on the arm rests of the chair, because I totally hate when other people do that and make me feel crowded. Same thing with riding on a plane and sitting next to someone I don't know. I don't care if it's a 4 hour flight, I am NOT putting my arm on that arm rest, even if the other person is inconsiderate enough to do it to me. I just think we all need to stay in our own "bubble" and not inflict ourselves on other people.

--If I need to get on an elevator, I wait for the door to open and stand back several feet so people can get off. I hate when I'm trying to get off an elevator and the people trying to board rush up to the door and get in my way when I need to get off. The unwritten rule is that the people getting off have the right of way, but so many people don't pay attention to this. but then when I'm standing back so people can have enough room to get off, people who want to get on the elevator butt in front of me and crowd the people disembarking anyway. When they see me getting on with them, they might say, Oh I didn't know you were waiting to get on, you were back so far. Then I say, yes, I was giving space for those people to get off (hint hint hint you were rude and did not).

--Similarly, if I am waiting to use an ATM, I stand back a few feet so the person using the machine doesn't think I'm looking at their account info or their PIN. To me, it's just courtesy. But often when I'm using the machine, the person behind me is breathing down my neck and practically spooning me! But a lot of times, when I do leave space, someone else tries to get in front of me! I then have to explain that I'm in line (can't you freaking tell?) and I'm giving that person a courteous amount of space. People are sometimes like "Oh I didn't know you were in line!" But I'm only like 4-5 feet back, ugh.

Does anyone else think like this? To me, it just seems like way too many people are either unconscious of when they are being annoying to others, or they do it knowingly, feeling like they deserve it. I just try, on a daily basis, to not be "that person" that annoys someone else the way people annoy me all the time. But then I get frustrated when it seems like no one else thinks this way, or tries to be even half as considerate. I encounter like 10-12 people a day who get in my way, hold me up, and annoy me by being discourteous, but I really, really, try to do that to ZERO people every day.

I'm sure I annoy people in other ways. I mean, a big part of my job is making sure other people do their jobs correctly and follow all the rules, so I can see how just my role at work can be perceived as annoying to others. So I certainly would not add to that by engaging in behavior that would add to the annoyance. In my personal relationships, I never ask for favors (we've had threads on this before) and I always make sure my problems and responsibilities don't impinge on other people. I think if it like an "annoyance footprint" and I strive on a daily basis to have the smallest annoyance footprint possible.

Anyone else? Don't you think we would all get along a lot better if more people thought like this?
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Old 10-09-2014, 09:42 AM
Location: Chicagoland
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If I am standing in line due to another customer's delay, I am multitasking - e.g. getting everything ready for my checkout (like bags as a previous poster mentioned), or returning emails/texts, reading the news on my phone. I usually even have paperwork in my purse to complete. Or maybe I'll just call my mom to say hello if I have an extra couple minutes. I can't think of a time when I'm simply standing there in frustration because someone in front of me is too slow. I am always able to occupy myself with other things. I could spend the day in line at the DMV and still get a lot accomplished from my phone. The beauty of new technology.
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Old 10-09-2014, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by ciceropolo View Post

Somewhat, although, that business of holding in number two to save for the home throne is not healthy. So sing along to that Christmas classic, "Let It Snow".. let it go, let it go, let it go....
Not to mention there is a product out there called "Poo-pourri". Saw the ad for it last week on you tube -- it was really funny. But you spray this on the toilet water to cover, go, and the oils that cover the water don't allow the aroma to pollute the area.

Gets great reviews. and the ad -- not safe for work...
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