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Old 04-26-2006, 08:40 PM
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I think you should be proud that everyone is raving about your state, NC! What is not to like? You have mountains on the west side and the ocean on the east side, there are friendly people there and beautiful climate. Let's see....the economy is great, there are affordable houses, employemnt is good, and tons of great shops. What is there not to like?? I'm from the Mouse land (FL) and i can not wait to get the heck out of here. Take away our Disney World and palm trees and you have one flat, HOT, muggy state with RUDE people! Make room for one more "magnet" to come into your state!

Old 04-26-2006, 08:48 PM
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nctarheel- In my family's case, (We live near Seattle), my husband's family is in PA, and FL, and it really would be nice to be closer. (My kids have only met Grandpa once). Also, yes, housing has gotten outrageous here, and if we ever wanted to have a better house, well frankly, we never could. It has gotten very expensive to live here! Another reason for us, is there is a whole nother part of the U.S. we haven't gotten to explore! So, no, NC isn't our only option, but the cost of living is so affordable (housing anyway), compared to the NW, and it sounds like a wonderful state from what everyone says. I've actually been researching quite a few states, and it's between NC and TN (another wonderful state!) for us.
Old 04-26-2006, 09:04 PM
Location: Jersey Shore
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You make it sound so light, "Hey Honey, I hear the weather's nice in the Carolinas. Let's get outta here!"

I can only speak for myself here. It was really a much more thought out decision on our parts. We happen to live in a beautiful area with great schools and we are surrounded by horse farms. Unfortunately, my husband was laid off and to survive here, you really have to make a disgusting amount of money. There is no downsizing in this area. Three bedroom townhomes sell for over $400,000-never mind a single family home. I have 3 small children and did not want to go back to work just to stay in NJ. We waited it out for months before we started researching other states. North Carolina was appealing to us because it seems Southerners value the sames things we do as a family. It is also close enough to NJ for us to make trips back to see our families.
We are not looking for a different life-just an enviroment that matches the way we've been trying to live our lives.
Old 04-26-2006, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by nctarheel
Im sorry but I have read many posts on here about people moving to NC and some coming without even a job, like people are fleeing the plague. Is it really that bad where everyone is? Im being serious. I just never would really want to uproot my family or life just for a warmer climate or because I heard people are nicer. Seems like newcomers are metal and NC is the magnet for them.

Maybe I sound harsh but I dont intend to be. What is really the final straw that made you want to move?
As an "old transplant" I both know what they feel and know that it can be dangerous. They will make up any reason in the word to defend there more. and most of them are legit; but not all. It just seems that there is so much hype about the area now, that people come here and expect the streets to be paved in gold and for there to really be no problems. It's pretty scary. For me, right now. after 11 years; the negatives of my move to "the triangle" outwiegh the positives. And the opposite is starting to happen to me. I'm starting to struggle to say anything possitive about this area because I have come to resent my move here. Perhaps the most dangerous misconception people have when relocating to almost any area in the way they are doing so here.... is that the area won't change. People are attracted to NC because, for now, it is very affordable, the economy is great, and the taxes are low. It seems like they've got it all under control right? Not so much. The same thing was happening in Southern California from the 1950's-1980's that is happening here now... and people are now falling over eachother getting out of there to escape the highest cost of living, and wacked out politics in the country. The irony is.... it's the tremendous influx of newcomers attracted to the area for it's current low cost of living and booming economy, that will cause the bubble to burst. As to the person who couldn't wait to leave Florida... what attracted you to the area in the first place? Most likely all of the same things that make you want to come to NC now. But hey, another 10 million people joined you; and now all of a sudden, in a matter of less than 20 years... it's an overcrouded, overpriced, area whose weather used to be "beautiful" but now is hot..right?,

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Old 04-27-2006, 05:11 AM
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Makes it sound like we're a bunch of blonde bimbos starlets looking for a big break in movies. So we end up moving and doing tricks downtown because we can't find the streets made out of gold. Ha!

Come on, streets paved in gold? Do you really think that people are moving there because it's the promised land or something? It's economics!!

Personally, I think that to contemplate a move like this shows that you're intelligent enough to plan for your future. For a lot of us, living in the north and having a big house, car, etc means making big $$. To make big $$ you have to work long hours, long commutes, higher costs for everything. I look at the quality of my life as just okay. I work for everyone else. I spend more time commuting than I spend with my kids.

Massachusetts spends hundreds of millions of dollars on snow removal each year. I'd rather see that money going to public assistance, health care, schools, infrastructure, etc.

If you're there and moving back, years ago you were singing a different tune and just the same as we might be justifying moving there, you're doing the same to move away so when you get back here to your family you can tell everyone how horrible it was. It can't be just one sided.
Old 04-27-2006, 06:25 AM
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I'm not trying to be rude but....economics playing into reasons for those of you fleeing a high cost of living area, selling your homes for hundreds of thousands of dollars, does nothing for us but drive up housing prices here. You have all this windfall from the sell of your home because of the area and come down here and buy up all the prime property. The natives can no longer afford to buy in the up and coming desirable areas...or buy a beach house, which the natives used to could do relatively easily. There's a lot of resentment about that as well as the rudeness displayed by a lot (not all) of the transplants.

One thing that caught my eye just this morning was an article in the N & O where the word "queue" was used instead of "in line". Southerner's do not say "queue". I've noticed the infilitration of "queue" quite often in our paper. It's miner things like this when added to a long string of miner things that chips away at our culture here.

So please try to understand our point of view.
Old 04-27-2006, 06:36 AM
Location: North Carolina
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Originally Posted by Markh
Massachusetts spends hundreds of millions of dollars on snow removal each year. I'd rather see that money going to public assistance, health care, schools, infrastructure, etc.
Well, you're going to be vastly disappointed if you expect to see that in NC The strongest argument Gov. Easley had to push the lottery into approval was because schools needed the $$

But - the economy of NC. As an "old-old transplant" I can say that I've seen the economy and business structure of this state change. Back in the 80s -- early 90s, whole corporations were transferring down here, thinking nothing of spending millions to bring all their employees. We were part of a 250 employee+families transfer. Our company thought nothing of paying the expenses of the house sale in our original state (even buying our house if it did not sell in time for the move), paying for the cost of moving our stuff, paying the closing costs on a new home here, and bumping our pay for that year to cover the taxes added on because those benefits were considered taxable income.

Some fields of work had more jobs than people to fill them, so the pay and incentives were very lucrative. Information technology was the golden ticket back then. The banks, in particular, probably had the most aggressive head hunters. For those with less education, there were the mills, furniture factories and poultry processing plants.

Today ... welllll I'm not going to say that things are bad, but I definitely have the feel that this state no longer has the glow it once had, as far as opportunities. Information technology has shrunk vastly. All the programming and customer support jobs are being sent to India. Bank of America is scathingly called "Bank of India" for outsourcing thousands of jobs, Wachovia is currently in that process, and BB&T had an announcement in yesterday's paper that they intend to send a huge chunk of IT work overseas. RJ Reynolds was hacked to death by tobacco lawsuits; Krispy Kreme imploded by trying to expand too far, too fast; the textile industry tried to stay vital by replacing home state workers with Hispanics, before it finally gave up the ghost and scuppered its plants, and the furniture industry ain't doin' so well. Those are just some glaring examples of how segments of the workforce, once a strong prop to the NC economy, have become dim.

There are some bright notes. Lowes Home Improvement has soared and is transferring its operations from tiny Wilkesboro to Mooresville, the state is trying to replace the information technology jobs with incentives for companies to bring their bio-tech work here, and even NASCAR has become an industry unto itself.

I don't think that anyone moving here with zero prospects will totally fail in finding a job, but I don't think you'll have as easy a time in your job search as those of us who came here over a decade ago. I wish those who do try the best of luck. I don't think I'd want to deal with the stress of moving to a totally different part of the country and have to find a way to make a living here as well. You have cajones to be doing that
Old 04-27-2006, 06:57 AM
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Default Good for you

It is a very difficult task to make a desicion such as you and your husband did. People will always try to tell you that what you are doing cant be done or shouldnt be done. Thankfully, you and I are not among those and will continue to do what makes US happy, not our family stuck in a rut. I was born and have lived in CNY for 44 years. I have no family left within a 3hr drive. I hate every minute here, the weather is terrible and the taxes are worse than the weather. My mother, after moving from here to Maine many years ago, told me last week sthat she never felt like she belonged in CNY and does feel like she was born to live In Maine. She stopped ahving to take sinus rx for headaches the minute she moved. I have also suffered with allergies all my live incl headaches daily. While in Corolla NC(northern otb), I had no allergies or headaches. I cant wait to move to NC. I am looking for info on Edenton, Chowan River and Albemarle sound area-we visited this month. I loved the open areas of land yet the conveniences of a small village. I cant find anyone in this forum who knows about this area(near Elizabeth City). Corolla was great, but I dont think I want to love anound all those tourists and many businesses there are only open during the tourist season.
Old 04-27-2006, 07:41 AM
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I am looking for info on Edenton, Chowan River and Albemarle sound area-we visited this month. I loved the open areas of land yet the conveniences of a small village. I cant find anyone in this forum who knows about this area(near Elizabeth City).
Can't find anyone? Gee thanks. I live in Edenton & I've responded to all the questions that you've asked in your various posts. So much for my help! I believe another poster, relocating & having a home built in Hertford (15 miles), responded to you as well. Edenton is very, very tiny (just over 5000 pop.), with no city of any real size, for over an hour, in any direction. Granted you've not been inundated with reponses like someone inquiring about Raleigh, but as you can see, you're simply not likely to receive a large number of responses specific to Edenton.

Additionally, when you don't respond back to people who were kind enough to answer you, it would be assumed you have no further questions. After reading this post, perhaps you just didn't find the info offered to hit the mark for you. If that's the case, just say so, & I'll cease & desist with offering my assistance. If you do have further questions, please ask & I'll do my best to help you.
Old 04-27-2006, 08:49 AM
543 posts, read 1,636,171 times
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Personally, I enjoy reading all your points of view but of course I can't just read them without responding.

I'm not sure 'fleeing' is a one size fits all statement. It's no different here than there. There are more desirable areas that I'd like to live in also but can't afford to.

10 years ago I could have bought waterfront property on Cape Cod for half of what I paid for my current home. Now I couldn't afford a shack on the water in any part of the state or any states near by. Personally I don't know who bought all the property but I do know that the prices sure have gone up.

Is it just the trend that the rest of the country is going through or is it from 'foreigners' coming with pockets full of money willing to pay anything for housing?

Fuel increases+pay increase+material prices increase+tax increases =housing price increases..

I'm not sure it's my fault that house prices go up regardless how much money I make or lose off my overpriced house here in the NE.

We've been looking in NC for going on 3 years and I've watched house prices go up 10% or so every year. Even multi-phase developments have increases between each phase. But then again in the area that I'm fleeing, house prices have gone up 8% or more each year for the last few years.

Housing affordability is relative. Typically if you make more $$ then you end up spending more, make less you spend less.

I think for *most* people that it's hard work and determination that dictate where you live, not luck of the draw or outside influences. Obviously there are other exceptions/circumstances that come into play here.

'Queue', that's an english thing, we don't use that one up here either.

SilverWing, I hear you, but change the state and industry names and the stories of woe can apply to any state-- not just there. It's sad to see so much stuff getting shipped off to other countries but a lot of it ends up coming back due to customer satisfaction issues.
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