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Old 09-11-2010, 09:28 AM
Location: Chicago
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Originally Posted by mostie View Post
"get up on the wrong side of the bed"...


"..nothing more than trolls and somehow I doubt you even live in Omaha"...

Nope again.

I have done my best over the last year to embrace this place, and yes, I live in Omaha. I would certainly have no reason whatsoever to venture into a forum on Omaha if I lived elsewhere, believe me. Disliking this city does not make a person a "troll", disliking this city makes a person someone who....dislikes the city.

You obviously love it here, and that's all well and good, and I'm happy for you- because not only do you love it here and have all sorts of good things to say about it, but the unemployment rate is fantastic, so you are winning on all fronts.

I, on the other hand, don't like the screwy roads and road signs/lights, drivers who lay on the horn if you don't move within a nano-second of the light changing, and drivers that drive like speed demons, and with attitude. Who designed the roads in this insane place, anyway? Who fills in the horrible potholes and crumbling roads, who fills in the cement around the roadside grates so you don't pop a tire on the edge of the metal like we did, or the pothole my co-worker hit that was so deep, not only did she pop her tire, but bent her rim on it as well? And for the love of all that's sane...why on earth don't they plow the roads and put salt down when there is a lot of snow??

The humidity in the summer is nothing short of horrific. After a rain, there is a film on everything, come on now...how can a person be positive about that? It's gross. My neighbor, at 6:30 AM this morning was out mowing her lawn- at 6:30 AM on a Saturday?? But what am I complaining about, at least she was fully dressed- at a couple hundred pounds and around 5'2, and in her late 40's, she normally wanders out in her backyard doing her thing with a bra on, and short shorts...or a short t-shirt and her underwear...and I don't think my poor kids will forget the time she was out in the backyard with a towel wrapped around her- and nothing else. Don't look, you say? Sort of hard with a short, chain-link fence, and looking out the kitchen window. And don't get me started on the several hunting dogs that live with her in her home, and are let loose at the crack of dawn to bark at anything living or not that moves.

You don't hear birds chirping here...you hear locusts. The smog is unbelievable, comparable to California- difference is, in California there are mountains that surround the areas where it is the worst, giving it a "bowl" effect that holds the smog in. What holds it in here??

Shopping, "culture", you can find that just about anywhere in this country- there is nothing in the way of those things that make Omaha stand out from the rest- and I'm sorry...I find it really difficult to get excited about the Cornhuskers college football team, and it just doesn't do a thing for me to see autographed pictures of the players in the various restaurants, or to "have a chance to meet Famed Cornhusker *Fill_In_Name_Here*. But people here are rabid about them. Just. Rabid.

The bottom line is, some people DON'T like it here, and that's their prerogative. So people find a whole list of negatives, and a couple of "lame positives" about Omaha. And...? That's because to some people, there isn't much here to be positive about, or maybe some people DO like defensive driving, or potholes that you could lose a leg in, or never being able to turn left on a main road, roads that change the driving rules in midday and heaven help you if you don't notice the sign that says it's "One way ---> Between the hours of 4 PM to 7 PM" because it's hidden by trees and so small you DON'T notice, or humidity that suffocates, and rain that leaves film, or culture that's specific to this area. Why you feel the need to defend it, I can't imagine- so some people don't like it, you do, so there you go. There is nothing "wrong with people" who have a different opinion about this place. You know the old saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure"--same holds true about places.

So, if I don't like it here so much, why, you ask, do I stay here? Simple.

There are jobs here. Period. There are jobs here.

Well I'm sorry you don't like it here too, hope you can move to some place you do like. But.. if you don't mind me asking what general area do you live in? Anyway, Omaha doesn't have smog, just fog from the humidity, and those things you hear aren't locusts but are a completely different bug called Cicadas.
Cicada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Umm... and whats confusing about the streets? Every 12 numbers is a mile until past 60th street where it becomes every 18. And Dodge is the main drive with the two secondaries, Center and Maple being in the North And south respectively.
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Old 09-11-2010, 02:13 PM
Location: Omaha, NE
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LoL we dont' have Smog, sorry. I think your confusing it with Fog which we do sometimes get in the morning but our air is clear. Also, like Raphael said, those aren't locusts they are cicada. Noisy but don't ruin crops and grass.

The streets are annoying but you must understand we have a thing here called winter which really tears up the streets. I'm sure we spend more then most bigger cities on the coasts to maintain them but they really get damanged from a good storm. Until some type of breakthrough in concrete comes along that's something we have to live with.
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Old 09-11-2010, 02:35 PM
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Guys, in all honesty, I want to love it here, really I do. My grandfather was born and raised in Chadron, but this is my first go-round with Nebraska, I'm native Californian.

Problem with the streets, oh I understand that winter and then summer can really jack up a road, no doubt about it- but it would be nice if there were something up around the really major potholes, you know, the ones that you could fall off the face of the earth in?

Cicadas..locusts...sigh. Big, icky bugs, lol. Took me months to figure out just what it was I was hearing, I thought it was some wierd thing with the electrical wiring outside!

We live in the older part of Omaha, in a pretty cool huge turn-of-the-century house- we're on the edge of the "bad" part---but haven't had any problems, so....truth is, I detest the cookie-cutter houses on the other side of town, but seriously that's just my preference- I'll take a hundred-year-old house with character any old day--again, it's a preference.

I appreciate you guys not roasting me for my comment- and I'm glad I was able to supply a belly laugh to the couple who posted on the previous page, lol.

Meanwhile...I'm doing my best to change my way of thinking, and to find things to like about it here- I'm really not as crabby and crotchity as my post would make it seem!
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Old 09-11-2010, 02:39 PM
905 posts, read 1,614,157 times
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Oh, I forgot- the streets are confusing because you can't turn left off of Dodge, have to go through parking lots or around the block, etc.- hardly any left green turn arrows, you are praying you can dodge the cars coming from the opposite direction so you can turn without getting hit---and green arrows on Dodge that change different times of the day, omg...I"ve never seen anything like it, and I"m not used to looking for it- or the roads that are one way for certain hours during the day, both ways at other hours, and then one way in the other direction for the rest of the time---and defensive drivers, holy moly...I feel like I'm on the Autobahn at rush hour with a grip of angry drivers, lol.
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Old 09-13-2010, 10:40 AM
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Dodge is the only street like that in Omaha, and its not even that long of a stretch of street. There's only a small section of dodge you cannot turn left off of, i think its like 20th to 40th? Its been awhile since i've been to that section of Omaha.

The streets in Omaha are set up awesome, in my opinion. They made it so incredibly easy. Major streets are so simple - numbers run north south and names run east west. Super easy!
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Old 09-13-2010, 05:18 PM
Location: Omaha, NE
175 posts, read 377,281 times
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Originally Posted by rezfreak View Post
Dodge is the only street like that in Omaha, and its not even that long of a stretch of street. There's only a small section of dodge you cannot turn left off of, i think its like 20th to 40th? Its been awhile since i've been to that section of Omaha.

The streets in Omaha are set up awesome, in my opinion. They made it so incredibly easy. Major streets are so simple - numbers run north south and names run east west. Super easy!
Don't forget the named streets have hundred blocks associated with them. So Burt is like 800 N so you know it's 8 blocks north of Dodge street. Also convient looking up addresses, such at 814 N 90th = 8 blocks north of Dodge on 90th street.

My own problem with that is the numbers seem to disapear from the street signs when you get to West O.
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Old 09-13-2010, 09:06 PM
2,763 posts, read 4,275,753 times
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Ah, i never went to west omaha very much, i lived in bellevue and then central omaha, so west omaha normally wasnt on my list to go.
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Old 09-19-2010, 08:35 PM
Location: As far from the ocean as you can possibly get!
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Originally Posted by JustMe_T3K View Post
Likes doing stuff that is fun

Dislikes people asking stupid questions

Yeah, I've lived in the Omaha area my whole life (I'm in my early 30's), and there are things to like about it. But there are some very major things to dislike about it.

1)Husker Fans. Sorry, you are going under the bus. I am not a football fan, period. Therefore, I don't care about the Huskers, either. I hate that on game day, no matter what you do, where you go, you are FORCED (unless you refuse to leave your house) to listen to the game. And I swear, one time this guy asked me about the game or something, and I POLITELY said that I was not a football (I didn't even say Husker) fan, and he SCREAMED at me that I should move the bleep out of this state if I didn't like the Huskers! Just saying, some of the fans are complete whack jobs.

2)The crime/murder/violence rate is so freaking sky high anymore, that I don't even feel safe in the town I live in 15 minutes from the city. I have a 6 year old, and I don't even like to take him anywhere anymore because the violence has reached ridiculous levels.

The museums here are great. Over the summer there is lots to do, i.e. the Jazz festival, PRIDE weekend, Summer Reading Program at the library, etc.

The Playhouse and Rose and other venues are great if you want to see a show.

There are some really, really great restaurants, including Dixie Quicks and Come on in to my Kitchen.

The zoo is top notch.

The summer is disgustingly hot. The winter is brutally cold. And the fall and spring are shorter and shorter every year.

I have lived in worse places, but I have lived in better. Which is why when we are both finished with our degree's, we will move elsewhere.

But some people (like some of the other posters) are content to do nothing but b*tch about where they live, NO MATTER WHERE they live. So, you just have to ignore them. They are just trying to incite you and get you to react to their comments. They have a laugh, you get pissed, they win. So, forget them.
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Old 09-23-2010, 04:14 AM
Location: Macao
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I'm not from Omaha...I think I drove through it once though.

BUT...having read your thread...it is interesting. I have ALWAYS associated great INDIE MUSIC with Omaha...just seems like a great place to be in a band or support bands, with a lot of people who love real good music!!

I also think the population is an interesting one. Kind of into interesting things...like indie music and the like. I'm from Michigan originally, and lived in states like NY and CA...and the domimant music interests are just so much different...I often really miss that Northern Midwest indie music culture - Minneapolis is another hotspot I think of, as well as Madison, Omaha, etc.

Kudos so many people brought that up, and I'm not even from Omaha, and would love that part of it.

Again, I'm not in Omaha...but just from driving through your state and Iowa as well...just seemed like farmboy galore and cornfields everywhere. That is a culture to itself, some people like it, and some don't. It is something to embrace though.

Personally, we also had cornfields in the lower parts of Michigan..and I personally associate them with flat boring lands..lol..and have no interest in them whatsoever. That being said, when I do think of CORNFIELDS..I do think of Nebraska and Iowa...and it IS a unique culture all to itself. Granted Omaha is NOT a cornfield, but you're going to always attract the farmboys and farmgirls to your city pretty much forever, being the big city in the region.

Another thing I think about is WRITERS...Iowa and Minnesota has a lot of them..and I would think Nebraska would too. Just seems like a conducive environment for it.

Anyways, thought I'd throw that out there from an outsider for things to chew over and think about.
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Old 09-26-2010, 08:53 AM
905 posts, read 1,614,157 times
Reputation: 823
Seems to me like I ran across someone on Facebook who had a "like" on some guy here in Omaha who apparently writes Zombie books, lol!
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