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Old 06-19-2012, 06:39 PM
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I'm looking for my father. I am 17 yrs. Old . My fathers name is Joel Salazar he was born in 1973. That's all I know about him. I have pictures and memories of him. He could be in Mexico or Texas. Can somebody please help me find him? I really miss him and love him. Last time I saw him I was 5 I believe.I have no money. I beg to please help me find him.
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Old 06-23-2012, 02:22 AM
Location: Arizona
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Default I want to know

Im writing this in chance of finding my real dad. My name is yani but was born with the name yanira aurora Gomez,I'm 17 born June 5th. I have a sister named Yvette and a brother named Raul who was named after him. I know I few things about him, he was born in Mexico born January 13, 1952. I think he went by Raul but his name was victor Raul Gomez. He also lost alot of his immediate family in a very strong earthquake that hit mexico city in 1985. I'm not sure if he was married to my mom but her name was sonia born in Mexico on August 29, 1963. She was marries before and had four children already jose, issac, yesenia, and alexandro. She also had diabetes. My story is that the two of them got arrested for bad choices with drugs is all I know and he and my mom sent us to live with neighbors that lived in the same apartments as we did in Phoenix. Their names were evelyn and David, but they no longer could take care of all 7 of us any longer because they were gone for 2 month. They thought it would be best to give us to CPS. I was put up for adoption when I was 11 month I think. I was nine months when him and my mom went to jail and two months went by so I was put up for adoption at 11 months. That's all I know about the situation. I'm really thankful I know that much. PLEASE HELP!!!! I have no idea what either parent looks like or have an image in my head and no pictures.
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Old 08-18-2012, 11:43 AM
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Ok, I'm going to take a shot at this. I've been looking for my Daughter's father for a few years now and have come up with some information, yet not enough to actually FIND him....or let his family acknowledge that she exists, etc.

Here is what I know....And I'm going to give ALL information I have...could get long, but my daughter REALLY would like to at least see her father ONCE again.......

I met him in Elyria, Ohio in 1995. He worked at a restaurant named Delphine's as a cook/chef near Midway Mall. He worked with a cousin of his named Fransisco Velazquez (de) Zaca....My friend had a long term relationship with Fransisco and they had two daughters who are my daughters cousins and he is STILL in their lives and lives in the area. Fransisco has brothers named Abundio and Bernardo as well as some others.

When I ask Fransisco about my Daughter's father, I keep getting the "I don't know" excuse. I'm getting frustrated.....actually, frustrated doesn't even cover it!

He went by the name "Miguel" but his real name is Pablo. His papers he had all said "Pablo Zaca Guamani". Before he lived in Elyria, Ohio, he lived in Palatine, IL, but also lived in other areas of IL such as LaGrange. While in Ohio, he also worked in Lorain at Georges Family Restaurant and in Avon at Sugar Creek.

One day I saw a western union paper he was sending to Mexico and he wrote his name as "Pablo Zaca Cuamani"....this will make sense later.

We lived together near the mall in an apartment. Our daughter was born on December 6, 1996. When I asked him SPECIFICALLY what name she should have...and told him NOT to lie as this is the name she will carry forever....he insisted her last name should be GUAMANI I reluctantly gave her that name.....though in the back of my head, I always felt something wasn't quite right...but I was 20 years old at the time...so what did I know?

When our daughter was about 6 months old, I found a letter he had hidden in the bathroom from someone in Mexico. I was intrigued because he NEVER hid his pants or anything else for that matter (maybe the truth, but not THINGS) so I took the letter and read it (it was obviously in spanish, but I did my best) I wound up making a copy of it so I could show it to a friend that spoke English and Spanish fluently so I could see if what I was translating out of it was true. What was said is "porque tus dos ninos ella estan grandes" or something to that effect...."your two kids are getting big" SO....I confronted him about it and asked if he had any kids he wasn't telling me about. He FINALLY fessed up and said that he did have 2 kids in Mexico....yet failed to mention to me that he was MARRIED......At that time, his kids were around 4 and 12? Names were Louis Miguel (Older) and Cecilia (younger). I was upset that he would LIE about having children no matter what the circumstances...if he can lie about them, he can easily lie about our daughter.

When our daughter was around 1 year old, his drinking had finally gotten the best of me and I asked him to leave. He stuck around the area and continued to see our daughter occasionally, yet denied her paternity..so I took him in for a paternity test (DNA) to prove to him that she was his...the people doing the test actually laughed because our daughter looks EXACTLY like him..but whatever! The test was POSITIVE that he was her father.....as I had known all along.

I wound up getting married and moved to the Parma, OH area w my husband. But still continued to take her to visit her dad if she wanted me to.....I never forced her...it was on her terms and he was constantly drunk so I was limited as to when I could take her. Once he came out this way to see her....ONCE

Then in 2004 when our daughter was about to turn 8 years old, I got a phone call from him saying he was going to stay with his cousin in IN and help him open his new restaurant, but he would be back, and he'd call to talk to our daughter, etc. That was the LAST time we heard anything from him. Turns out he was running from the police because he had outstanding warrants for a few DUI's/accidents, etc.

Here is what I know of him and his family....

His father's name is: Miguel Zaca (de) Nayotl
Mothers name is: Delfina Cuamani (de) (not sure of her mothers last name)
He has a brother still living in mexico named Rutilio Zaca (de) Cuamani
His daughter is around 18 or 19 now and is named Cecilia Zaca (de) Velazquez
His son is around 24/25 and is named Louis Miguel Zaca (de) Velazquez
I do not know his wife's name at all, but loooks like her last name is Velazquez

I THINK I have found his other brothers in the US......Delfino Zaca (de) Cuamani, Cupertino Zaca (de) Cuamani, and I'm Not positive on Delfino and Cupertino, but it sounds about right from what I remember of him talking about brothers...and I believe there may be more than that...possibly a sister?

When I messaged a few of his family members on facebook, I got NO response...NOTHING I know his cousin, Fransisco's family members talk bad about the children in the family that are not full blooded mexican, etc so that could be why? I don't know...everything with him was a big secret and it seems it still is. He told me his mother and father know about our daughter, but I honestly do not believe a word the man says (if you can even describe him as that.....who just up and leaves their 8 year old daughter never to call/return, etc....my phone numbers are STILL the same!!).

His address in Mexico is..

Calle Viente Guerrero No 8
San Gregorio Zacapechpan
Cholula Puebla, Mexico
C.P. 72760

I found property records online listing his father and brother, Rutilio at this address and I already knew most of the address beforehand from the letters he was receiving from Mexico. I wrote them down and kept them JUST IN CASE.

I understand that in Mexico FAMILY Is #1 (as in the mexican woman they are married to and THOSE children) anything they do up here is hush hush...blah blah blah....but seriously. I don't want his money, I don't want ANYTHING from him, I've raised her this long without his help, why would I need it now? She's almost 16...its time she gets some answers from him and YES, I think he OWES her an explanation as to how he can just leave her behind like yesterday's trash!!!! She is beautiful and extremely intelligent and she just needs to fill in the blanks of her life so she can have a good, productive adulthood without this holding her back! SHE doesn't want anything from him either...just the chance to talk to him and possibly see him ONCE more....that is ALL. She knows her life is better without him in it, yet she does deserve the answers to the questions that she has.

From what I have heard from the ONE cousin I found in California that was willing to acknowledge that we even exist.....he was living in IL again, then went back to Mexico, then brought his wife up here with him, but is back in Mexico again. I'm not sure he is still in Mexico, but I would like to know. I wholeheartedly believe he is in IL because he is a creature of habit more than he realizes.

I also would like for my daughter to see at the very least pictures of her brother and sister (that we know of..who KNOWS how many more children he's fathered and abandoned over the years he's been up here). Her brother and sister have EVERY RIGHT to know that they have a sister here and at least her NAME.

In the facebook message I sent to Delfino, I even included pictures of her as a baby with Pablo holding her and pictures of her as she grew up....NO response AT ALL...REALLY? Not even a leave me alone?? Come on!! His daughter looks JUST LIKE my daughter at that age....the resemblance is UNCANNY.

IF it helps at all...My daughter's name is Michaela Solana, but she has always gone by the name Solana. The last name her father insisted she have is "Guamani" However, after thinking about it and some research/help from the one cousin he has that was willing to speak to me, her last name SHOULD be Zaca.

I would appreciate ANY information or help anyone can give. If I knew I'd make it out alive, I'd go to his house in Mexico, but the fact is I'm not sure, so I'm not going to go that route. But if I find someone crazy enough that is native to Mexico to go with me, I just might!

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Old 12-07-2012, 10:00 AM
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Me y my husband have been trying to find his mother for a few years y no luck her name is Francisca Moreno ribbon the last place we know of her living at is Veracruz mexico
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Old 12-15-2012, 09:17 PM
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Iam tryin to find my daughter father he was deported.to mexico from battel crreek to mexico city went by cholo daughter name isabell he was deported in 2003
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Old 01-24-2013, 01:42 PM
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Default update info

Originally Posted by blanquel09 View Post
I am looking for a Adrian Blanquel Ortiz 32 from mexico city he may be liveing in hidalgo with his father, he was deported in jan 2010, i am the mother to his 2 year old son, i have cancer and a dieing i have no one to take my son. I know how much he loves him and would hate to see him have to go to the state when i am gone, i have no family i am all my son has other than his papa. please help mme find him i have tried everything and i dont have much time left, please contact me at [email]dasem0609@gmail.com[/email] i really dont know what the time i have left is, and i want to know my son is with family who loves him..

i posted this in th forum and i have new contact info [email]fauxieflacka@gmail.com[/email] 702-274-1405
i am still looking for adrian blanquel ortiz from mexico city or may be in hidalgo please contact me megan ann dase
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Old 09-22-2014, 01:12 PM
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I am trying to find my sister in VALLE DE GUADALUPE I have her last known address she was staying with friends theyare JOHGUN GARCIA THERE ADRESS IS ONA DO 112 ECATOTER DE VALLE DE GUADALUPE if anyone can help me PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GO ABOUT FINDING ANY INFORMATION I WOULD GLADLY APPRECIATE IT I LIVE IN SC MY PHONE NUMBER IS 843-889-0568 home my cell is 843-367-7540- and my im is [email]tam402@aol.com[/email] thanks so much
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Old 10-25-2014, 07:29 AM
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Hi my name is Laura lizett Arreola, i am 28years old i was born on 6-13-1986 my mother past away when i was 4 years old her name is Teresa Arreola, she was born on 6-24-1962 and my little brother and sister who are twins were 2years old they were born on 6-07-88, i been looking for my father for quite sometime now all i know about him is his Name and where hes from, his name is Luis Flores, and hes from Magdalena Sonora. If anyone out there has any type of information about him please please cantact me i would love to meet him theres so much i would like to talk to him about it would be much appreciated, thank u, [email]lauraflors.la@gmail.com[/email]
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Old 01-08-2015, 05:41 PM
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Hi I am looking for my birth father in Mexico, our story is he was in the U.s with us as I was a child and got in to a lil trouble.. and went to prison after that he was deported back to mexico and was told not to come back, my mother gave up on him seeing he couldn't come back and obviously moved on and I think he is afraid to contact us, I am looking for Antonio Silva born in 1971 also goes by the name Cipriano . Last time I seen him he was in Jaurez Mexico and I was 13 and I am no 21 .. I was told when I was 13 that he owned a painting crew that did remodeling and painting on houses in the area, and also that he has sisters named Becky and Sarah Silva also from Jaurez and I have a Aunt named Carmen who lives in the Denver Colorado area...
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Old 10-09-2015, 12:44 AM
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Hey. My name is Monica Ramirez, I'm living in Northern California. I'm currently looking for my father Miguel Ramirez-Fajardo. Unfortunately, I lost complete communication with my Father. I do know that he is in Mexico working as a taxi driver. I do want to mention the last time i spoke to him was September 16 2014. He might be working somewhere else. I am very desperate to find my father. I now have a two year old son that wants to meet his grandpa. Any information would help. If someone can give me new websites to look or some type of way i can get a hold of mexico taxi drivers company I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is monicacisneros1998@mail.com. i have a 200$ reward of any information that leads to finding my father Miguel. Thank You for taking the time to read my letter.
P.S Miguel is in his late 40's.
Sincerely, Monica
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