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Old 04-06-2013, 10:53 PM
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I 'm a plurality sort of guy, who has multiple purposes that defines my life. I attempt to micromanage my marriage children, faith, work, health, music, writing, pet care, TV, computer, radio, hobbies, entertainment, disaster preparedness, socializing, shopping, chores, exercising, reading, sleeping, and preparing for eternity. I could elaborate on each purpose or things I aim to do, or past tense have done, but that would be boring. Mine possibly your life today is a multitasking albeit information overloading ,but we have an inherent need to have purpose oops purposes and to adapt to them resulting in hopefully happiness and meaning.

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Old 04-13-2013, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by mordant View Post
There is no purpose to my existence other than what I choose for it. And often, existence is at cross-purposes to my chosen purposes. I think of it like a driverless steam roller, relentlessly moving along, and god help me if it crosses my chosen path.

So in the end my purpose is whatever I decide it is until something or someone messes that up and I start all over again and come up with a new plan.

Next question?
Originally Posted by MysticPhD View Post
Actually that is what a prosecutor would call a lesser included purpose. It is unavoidable that we must choose our purpose . . . but that does not negate the fact that we do ultimately have one. Our success or failure in discerning it and achieving it will determine our fate during the next phase of existence, IMO.
Originally Posted by mordant View Post
You posit that there is a "given" or "destined" purpose to be aligned with. You seem to be suggesting that the "giver" of this purpose hides it and expects you to find it, or suffer the consequences, ranging from temporal unhappiness at being unfulfilled, to (depending on your exact theology) eternal damnation, reincarnating as a rock, being made to try over and over until you get it right, and I suppose somewhere in the world, someone teaches that you will be placed in an armlock and given a never-ending Dutch rub.

To me what fits the facts of the case better is that you have a particular set of strengths and interests, and you do your best to find a way to use them for the good of all, without barking your shins too much in the process. Then you die. The end.
Originally Posted by MysticPhD View Post
You add a lot of unnecessary human speculation and angst-producing outcomes to what is a much more straight-forward situation. We are to develop the independent consciousness that is obviously the progenitor of all consciousness. It is independent because it cannot be dependent on anything else. We must emulate that. It is creative as evidenced by our reality . . . in spades. So we must be creative as well. My personal experience of it tells me it is unconditionally loving and accepting . . . so I believe we must also achieve that state of mind. You are missing that last piece of personal experience so YMMV.
Originally Posted by Matt Marcinkiewicz View Post
There is no purpose to life beyond the brute Darwinian purpose of gene propagation. Anything we tell ourselves regarding "purpose" is either self-deception or genuine ignorance about the workings of this vast, meaningless universe. I fret for the day when I'm no longer able to deceive myself effectively enough to endure.
Originally Posted by mordant View Post
You might consider the absence of given purpose in a more positive light. You are implying that a given purpose would be beneficial. Well, it would also not be YOUR purpose that you have CHOSEN. It is freeing to lead a "purposeless" existence -- freedom from being second-guessed or judged, freedom from being obliged to support some alien agenda.

You also needn't over-complicate matters. My purpose right now is to write this post. And to scratch my dog behind the ears every now and then. It suffices. It is not necessary to have a heroic starring role in a galactic drama to feel fulfilled. It is not necessary to take life seriously. It is okay to laugh at its absurdity.
Originally Posted by FrancaisDeutsch View Post
Boy, did you ever say a mouthful!

People worry too much about fulfulling dreams, being liked and popular, worrying meticulously about what others think, and last but not least, accumulating wealth. When you learn to live life in the moment, you aren't as trapped by illusions (illusions = all those things you "think" you need to be happy).

All that said, it is great to have goals, but not "dreams". Dreams prevent us from being happy? "That can't be", you say. I say, "Yes, it is."
Originally Posted by Woodrow LI View Post
Learn what I can
Share what I have
Try to leave what I touch in life, better than when I used it
Overcome the trials of life
Know my life is just a fleeting moment and be prepared for it to end
These posts highlight the diversity of consciousness that we are intimately involved in propagating within the universe. It is a curious characteristic of we creatures who propagate this consciousness . . . that we seldom if ever consider what it IS (phenomenologically) we are propagating and why. It seems that because we automatically USE it to think about such things . . . we don't think about it as something to think about. I was shaken from this lethargic or apathetic stance toward consciousness by an experience in deep meditation. My life has not been the same since.

It is natural to associate everything about our existence to the physical body that propagates our consciousness . . . and to limit our concerns and speculations to the physical reality we experience using that consciousness. This makes Matt's Darwinian imperative a major candidate in the purpose quest. It also explains Mordant's disillusion and angst over the physical outcomes and exigencies of our physical existence in detecting no purpose at all for our existence. A disenchantment with any consciousness-produced idyllic desires and objectives explains Francais's approbation for Mordant's nihilistic approach to our purpose. Wood, as always, displays a wisdom born I think of similar experiences to mine (especially in battle) and a blend of Mordant's pragmatism with some higher calling reminiscent of the Tao.

These perspectives are not that antithetic to or inconsistent with a purpose for humankind. It is an evolutionary purpose . . . as Matt suggests and it aligns well with Wood's desire to "Learn what I can; Share what I have; and Try to leave what I touch in life, better than when I used it." Here are some excerpts from the Tao that show how we CAN figure it out . . . contrary to Mordant's pragmatic nihilism.

The fact is, each of us knows far more about reality --- past, present, and future --- than we are able to understand and express rationally. And whether or not we work on our inner development, we all experience, with our intuitive minds, the most profound truths about our world and our destiny. What we must do, then, is use our analytical, logical mind to bring this potentially vital information to the surface, where we can use it. . . . And, in doing so, we achieve the fulfillment that comes from leaving what we touch with our minds a little more evolved than we found it.

If individuals do all of their thinking on the physical plane and make little effort on the nonphysical plane --- cultivating intuition, gaining instinctive knowledge of the workings of the universe, and developing the insight to evolve both themselves and their society --- then those lives have no real meaning or significance in terms of the physical reality. This is so because work done on the nonphysical plane is more aligned with the purpose of the universe, and therefore, it has a more powerful effect upon our physical reality. Our inner work influences and evolves the universe, which in turn, evolves our reality.

If reality came about because the Absolute wanted to know itself, then our evolutionary destiny must be to help it get a good look by investigating, observing, and emulating nature.

If we extend the Taoist ideal of a cooperative world-consciousness to universal dimensions, then the universe has but one purpose and evolution moves in one direction: toward the development of a vast network of a nervous system that brings into existence a conscious mind for the entire universe.

We, as individuals, and even as a world society, are then merely neurons in the growth of a universal consciousness. We can see the embedded pattern of this growth reflected, for example, in the evolution of our species --- from the simplest brain stem of the lower life forms to the complex brain-mind of humans.
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Old 04-14-2013, 12:10 AM
Location: So Cal
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According to Tolle, it's to be in the present moment... I assume it's to spread that peace of being in the moment... I interpret that to mean that we're all bouncing orbs vibrating around in in this world... perhaps if we can keep that bouncing down to a minimum.. perhaps it may spread peace... IDK... a little heavy thinking for a beer guzzling dude who likes Metallica......
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Old 04-19-2013, 10:09 PM
Location: M I N N E S O T A
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Default What's your purpose in life?

To not die
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Old 04-20-2013, 02:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Matt Marcinkiewicz View Post
There is no purpose to life beyond the brute Darwinian purpose of gene propagation. Anything we tell ourselves regarding "purpose" is either self-deception or genuine ignorance about the workings of this vast, meaningless universe. I fret for the day when I'm no longer able to deceive myself effectively enough to endure.
I know you made this post a while back, but I felt I had to respond to it. I completely agree with the Darwinian purpose of gene propagation. I have wracked my brain as have millions before me seeking an answer to this great question. Man constantly seeks "these answers" and religions were founded to address these questions. Such is the problem of self-awareness.

I am a man of science and the one constant that I have come to realize is that humans and all living things have a "will to live." We are meant to live and self-propagate. As we die, we continue our genetic legacy through our offspring. Our offspring then continue the cycle in a never-ending process. Everything that we do revolves around this concept. What do we consider to be the greatest aspects of the human experience?

1) Love - probably considered one of the most powerful forces of the human experience. Love for another human being, your family, children, and for other fellow humans. Love arguably exists so that we can reproduce and produce offspring. This serves as the primary method of self propagation. Love for your family allows you to care and nurture for them so that they themselves can have their own families in the future. Love for other human beings is also considered noble and serves to promote human species propagation.

2) Altruism - also held in reverence. People who give to others often at their own expense. These can elicit some of the most powerful human emotions. Mother Theresa taking care of the poor, survivors of 911 helping each other out. Why do we "ooh ahh" and marvel when we see a video of a selfless man diving into a burning building to retrieve a helpless child? This is because such acts assist human propagation.

3) Great human discoveries and achievements - The invention of the wheel. The invention of the light bulb. The lunar landing. Why are these so highly regarded? These events are largely irrelevant for other species. An insect or a frog could care less whether we landed on the moon. Again, such discoveries and feats are great advances for humankind and further advances our species.

Also as a man of science, I have studied and have seen first-hand too many examples of a "greater order" to name. Our bodies even down to the molecular level are built to self-sustain and to reproduce. Why are our physical primes also our prime reproductive years? There is a detailed and highly intricate order to everything. DNA, genetic sequences, biological and cellular processes. There are also universal laws of physics and mathematics. Everything acting in concert with one another. One great symphony if you will.

It seems to me that these things were "designed" and "placed" here for a reason. This reason, I do not know, but I can definitely tell you that we are living, reproducing, and evolving for some sort of greater purpose. What this purpose is, I do not think we can fathom.

Your post states that the purpose of life is gene propagation. I agree with this but the question is why? Your statement is analagous to saying, the purpose of driving is to get from point A to point B. Yes, but WHY? Why are we driving in the first place and why do we need to get to point B?
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Old 04-21-2013, 12:56 PM
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Mystic's emboldened points are on target for those who are able to tap into universal consciousness through the Dao or under any other guise. While I and a few others I know arrived being able to do so, I know many more who have learned to do so as suggested through opening their consciousness in deep meditative experiences.

Swack as a scientist cannot give proof but confirms through his experience a "greater order" to the evolution of our planet. Often those involved in medical care or other scientific pursuits readily recognize the beauty and simplicity of a creative force as demonstrated through universal laws, and have witnessed the inexplicable if not the miraculous. Though some try hard to argue against this awareness, it seems Swack is open to acknowledging the unexplainable. But many who remain unable to reconcile what is visible without proof consequently dismiss what Mystic has outlined.

It seems we are still in the process of evolving, but most don't yet delve deeply into a spiritual union with collective consciousness (Source). Truly our species has differentiated itself so strongly through ego identities that connecting with the rest of this planet, much less the universes beyond, remains alien to many who consider life on an individualized level. For them, connecting with Source in the way Mystic explains or that I know possible makes no sense. Some seem either totally disinterested and reject possibilities while others find a religious connection not only sufficient but quite satisfying. That does not make their experience less valid than mine, just wholly different. We may encourage others to delve into their inner connection, but one cannot experience the way without redefining one's own self-identity sufficiently.

Living in sync with universal consciousness is for me a lifetime unlearning experience as it requires more or less constant focus to detach somewhat from this plane. This detachment does not mean that I do not experience the joy of loving and being loved or from working hard and advancing in my career to the extent that I can do so conscientiously keeping with the greater good. It does not totally insulate me from the pain of loss or disappointment when I see others treated unjustly. It does require that I try to remain aware of that this experience we think of as our lives is just one aspect of the whole.

The layers of reality begin at birth. As we age we naturally get caught up in forming commitments to people we love and many times acquiesce to societal mores in order to attain some semblance of a good life, but we can choose to remain aware of our real identity as but a part of the whole collective energy source. Those who attach to religious ideas are comforted by the thought of an afterlife and may try to live as best they can within the boundaries of their beliefs. Those who are not religious may be guided by what they think of as their own conscience. Those who attempt to connect with Source outside of traditional religions experience this part of our journey as the exterior manifestation of our interior homework and often do so with the intent of healing, mitigating and promoting. Again, the experiences differ, often radically, but each is on her/his own path so the attempt is not to be judged.

While I know many who are highly spiritually evolved, I do not know anyone living in modern society anywhere on the planet that is able to totally shake off worldly effects. I do know some who are sufficiently aware and detached enough to realize our essential inter-connectivity and who choose to tread as lightly as they can, determined to elevate and bless whoever and whatever encountered. I also know many who seek to define human excellence as Swack did: Love, Altruism and Discoveries (Creativity). The method perhaps is less important than the effort as positive energy will further evolution while negativity and self-centeredness will impede. That is simply the law of cause and effect at work.
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Old 04-21-2013, 03:24 PM
Location: OCNJ and or lower Florida keys
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to make sure the cats have something eat and a warm place to sleep at night!!
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Old 06-19-2013, 01:30 PM
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So I'm sitting here supposedly studying for the NCLEX and my mind wanders off to my experiences in the last four years, from the person I was to the person i am now and i realized that even as a reclusive, I was writing about what was going on on the inside or talking to random people online about what was going on inside of me, or posting on forums, or reading books to help make sense of my feelings so as to best put them into words, or talking to close family members about what I felt going on inside of me and how what I perceived was going on in the world was affecting all of us and traveling solo as a way to better get a feel of what's going on in me so that i could create a new story for myself so that i could express something more positive in some way and it occurred me that all my life, all I've ever wanted to do was express myself. I get the GREATEST joy when I'm able to express myself and that pretty much explains why I'm on forums, it explains why I want to travel, it explains why I wanted to volunteer, it explains why i chose nursing, it explains why I don't feel "ok" if I can't share how I feel with others or when I can't have the freedom to be private when I choose, or why I can't handle people telling me how to behave or how to feel or how I SHOULD feel, or why I like psych and philosophy and topics on religion, it explains pretty much why I do what I do in my own way and it's like it was staring me in the face all along!

I'm so big on self-expression in so many ways that it just makes sense that it's whole purpose in life. I get the greatest joy, when I'm able to express myself in some way, shape, or form.
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Old 06-19-2013, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Royalite View Post
I'm so big on self-expression in so many ways that it just makes sense that it's whole purpose in life. I get the greatest joy, when I'm able to express myself in some way, shape, or form.
You see clearly!

There is nothing more beautiful than letting the world know who you are. And sometimes it takes more courage than it does than getting into a cage with a tiger.
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Old 06-19-2013, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by iNviNciBL3 View Post
To not die
That is a duty...my purpose is just like everyone else- to save the world of course....I wonder how many millions of human beings have a nice and healthy messiah complex...There must be lots.
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