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Old 09-13-2007, 07:41 PM
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Pinda, any chance your husband works at Fox Valley Technical College? I remember they have a truck driving program there. If you're in the Fox Valley, then it sure is a small world. We're originally from that area. I agree with you about WI's long and cold winters. We visit our families there sometimes in the summer, but we don't miss living there. That's wonderful about your husband being the state champion. About truck jobs or schools here, I don't know. I do know that there used to be quite a few trucks parked along the 303, about 10 minutes from here. Hopefully others here can help with that info. Otherwise, I recommend just searching the internet.

You're welcome for my help. I'm just glad to help (as I think most of us on this website are too) because we've been in your shoes. Due to job transfers, we've moved 7 times to different states, so we understand what you and others are going through. We hope and pray that AZ is our last destination because we really like living here. During our early moves, we lived in "normal" city neighborhoods. Our last move from another state was from a master planned community (MPC) with amenities and centrally organized events. Since we loved our quality of life so much living in a MPC, we focused our search here mostly on MPCs. Since city neighborhoods and MPCs can vary, our realtor also showed us some non-MPC neighborhoods for comparison. I can tell you that due to our MPC experience, we would only choose a MPC if we had to move again. One of the biggest reasons why is because when a person or family is moving from another state, the family members don't know anyone and can feel lonely. Even the working person who immediately has their co-workers can feel this way if they're not invited to do things outside of work. MPCs with amenities and centrally organized events help new residents grow their circle of friends quickly. In most "normal" neighborhoods, people only meet their immediate neighbors. Sure people can meet more people through going "out", going to church, etc, but that all takes time....including the time it takes to choose the church you want to attend and participate in. In a very short period of time, we made friends all over our MPC (Vistancia), and our friend circle stills continue to grow. Everyone we've met that has moved to Vistancia is amazed at how friendly and welcoming the residents are here. We think it is because there are so many people moving here from out of state and wanting to make new friends. Although our native AZ friends are wonderful too. Regardless of which MPC you choose, we know you'll like living in one.

About comparing the neighborhoods you mentioned, I don't know anything about Trilogy's Power Ranch. Is the Robson's Pebble Creek you're talking about the Pebble Creek in the Litchfield Park/Avondale area? In my opinion, it is pretty there. We didn't look specifically in Pebble Creek when we were house hunting, but we did look at neighborhoods in that area. I do know that location is in/near a superfund site where there was water contamination. Not all of that area is included in the superfund site, but some is. If you find a house you like there, just make sure it is not in the site area. It should be disclosed on the homes' property report. Estrella is one of the MPCs we seriously looked at. It is beautiful there, and has amazing amenities and events. We chose Vistancia because at the time we liked the schools, location, and "newness" of the homes and amenities better. Vistancia was/is brand new. Estrella has been in existence for awhile (10-15 years?). Don't get me wrong, I still like Estrella. However, due to the planned growth we felt that buying in Vistancia would be a better investment. I remember reading either a news or magazine article that said the NW valley would become the next Scottsdale.

In regards to AZ versus FL, I've heard about awful home insurance issues in FL due to the hurricanes. Maybe that's not an issue in The Villages area?

Arizona Annie, your comment about the monsoons made me kindly laugh because it made me remember a time when I picked my husband up from the airport here from a business trip to South Carolina. It was a very humid day here (at least people including me and the weather people thought so). When I commented to him about how humid it was, he said, "What humidity? If you think it's humid, you should feel it in South Carolina." I was surprised he couldn't feel the humidity here that day. I agree living here now for a few years I do notice the humidity during our monsoon season.

Dakota85, I'll reply to you tomorrow. I have to run for tonight.
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Old 09-13-2007, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Great Joy View Post
Arizona Annie, your comment about the monsoons made me kindly laugh because it made me remember a time when I picked my husband up from the airport here from a business trip to South Carolina. It was a very humid day here (at least people including me and the weather people thought so). When I commented to him about how humid it was, he said, "What humidity? If you think it's humid, you should feel it in South Carolina." I was surprised he couldn't feel the humidity here that day. I agree living here now for a few years I do notice the humidity during our monsoon season.
That's funny. Just goes to show it's all relative, isn't it? 100 degrees without humidity here feels to me like it did at 80 degrees with the humidity in Washington State, but when Monsoon hits and we start getting the humidity and 115-120 degrees, I start looking for the A/C everywhere I go.
Thank goodness it's only about 2 months long. I can deal with that to have the other 10 months we have here. Take care Great Joy! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
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Old 09-14-2007, 03:17 PM
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Dakota85, good luck with your Petsmart job opportunity. The drive between Vistancia and that corp office is a breeze and only takes 25-30 minutes, driving by yourself and no HOV lane. Even during the worst rush hour moment I've had, the max is 35 minutes. The only area of that commute route that gets somewhat slow traffic during the height of the rush hour is the 101---mornings heading east it gets a little slow approaching the 17 interchange and evenings heading west it sometimes gets a little slow in the right lane as people are trying to get off at the exits. One of the good things about the 101 is that it has a westbound one-way "frontage road" and an eastbound one-way "frontage road" to give people an additional route option to help them more easily get to their destinations. Both the westbound and eastbound frontage roads are named "W Beardsley Road". These one-way frontage roads follow along both sides of the 101 from 75th Ave past the 17 to Cave Creek Road.

Regarding your comment about "not much out there" (here), there is a lot of development occurring and much more in the future too:
Present development close to Vistancia: Developers fill Peoria's hot corner (broken link)
Present development within Vistancia: Phoenix Commercial Advisors: Available Property
Future development within Vistancia: Vistancia - The difference is real
Future North Peoria Development: City of Peoria General Plan (http://www.peoriaaz.gov/GenPlan/Default.htm - broken link) -- Check out the maps section in the lower left column -- excellent info
Future 303 Plans: Loop 303 North of I-10

I don't know about Tramonto. We looked at Anthem when we were house hunting. We really liked it because of it's beauty and amenities. But we immediately decided against it because of the location. We were at a dead stop on 17 north just trying to get to Anthem. The traffic along 17 between Anthem and the 101 can be horrendous.....just ask anyone how it is every day during rush hour and on the weekends when Phoenicians are trying to head up north. Fletcher Heights is nice, but I think they're a "normal" subdivision, not a MPC. West Wing Mountain is nice too, and I know they're a "normal" subdivision, not a MPC. I have met a few people who live in West Wing, and they are some of the people who have told me it has been difficult meeting and making friends with people in their subdivision.

Vistancia along with other subdivsions near here are located in zip code is 85383. Vistancia is new; the oldest homes here were completed late 2004/early 2005. So if you want to buy an existing home, there are homes here in your desired home age range of 0-5 years old. With your price range, you would get a very nice home here with either new construction or resale. We have excellent schools; some of my earlier posts have more details about that. Vistancia is beautiful with desert, mountains, and yes, green too. We have 2 golf courses, large event lawns, multiple pools, ponds, water falls, parks, and many green spaces scattered throughout the neighborhood sections. Sure, it's not green compared to areas of the US where there is a lot of rain, but it is very green for being in the desert. Plus, Lake Pleasant (a big lake) is only 30 minutes north of us here. To help us with our drastic change from moving from greener states, this is also one of the reasons we chose Vistancia. State income and property tax are both low here; at least lower than most of the other states we've lived in. Please let me know when you have other questions as I'm very happy to help. Have a fantastic weekend!

Arizona Annie, yes, I agree it's all relative. Take care and hope you have a fantastic weekend also!
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Old 09-14-2007, 05:41 PM
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Thanks you so much for the info, its really appreciated very much by my wife and I. Petmsart let me know today I am one of the finalist and they would get back to me 7-10 days for next steps etc. Thus my wife and son would come out on next trip to check out the area if the job details eventually work out etc. But again the info is very much appreciated. Thanks and have a great weekend.
Do they have little league out near vistanica for my son?
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Old 09-14-2007, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Dakota85 View Post
I know everyone has told me zip code 85308 is very nice, but my wife and i if we do end up coming out there with our 7yr old would only buy a house no more than 5 years old, and that zip code looks like they are older homes.
If anyone who lives in Vistancia or near Vistancia, and the same for Anthem and works at Petsmart or near Petsmart corp office could provide me some info to these two post it would be greatly appreciated. Along with any other info. Our price range would be between 350k-425k that we would want to spend on a house thus could look at homes even higher due to market.
Did you drive around that area at all? Yes, most are a bit older (5-15 yrs, which isn't THAT old), but it's such a great location. The craftsmanship with new homes are so great. Remember, "location, location, location".
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Old 09-15-2007, 08:49 AM
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Dakota85, congratulations! That's great you're one of the finalists! How exciting!

Yes, there are several little league programs in the area for your son. In addition to baseball, there are lots of different sports programs to choose from here.

By the way, I had to drive your route during rush hour last night due to an event I went to. It was 5:30pm, and it was "clear sailing" with no slow spots in both directions. It only took about 25 minutes!
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Old 09-15-2007, 01:54 PM
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Thanks so much, just showed my wife and son your resposne, thanks again and have a great weekend.
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Old 09-17-2007, 03:08 PM
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Dakota85, you're very welcome. Hope you had a great weekend also.

sablebaby, I agree with you about "location, location, location". That's why we decided to buy our home IN Vistancia. Please know I like Arrowhead too. It is a beautiful established development.
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Old 09-20-2007, 04:36 PM
Location: Estero, Florida (formerly Appleton, Wisconsin)
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Great Joy,
It is a small world. Yes my husband works part time at Fox Valley Technical College in the Fox Valley in Wisconsin.

So is Arizona your favorite place of all the cities and states you have been too? I will have to look further into the Superfund, I saw that referred to in some sites, but I did not know what they were talking about. Could you please explain a bit more.

Is the air quality good around Vistancia? Are there large airports or military bases around that would cause problems with the air quality. In Appleton, Wi, the air quality seems to be fine, I keep reading about air pollution around Phoenix.

Sorry for the delayed response. We just returned from Virginia, my husband competed in another Rodeo to help raise money for Make a Wish. They raised $15,000, yeah!
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Old 09-21-2007, 01:41 AM
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pinda, wow! It sure is a small world!

Regarding favorite place, I first want to say that we've enjoyed all the states we've lived in because we believe it's important to focus on the positives and enjoy each day and each area no matter where a person lives. Our favorites though are AZ and GA. We like them the best because the things that are important to us are a combination of (in random order) beautiful nature landscapes, warm weather, strong economy, good and well-paying jobs, low crime, low pollution, good schools and hospitals, better quality of life, affordable housing, decent demographics, Christianity, clean and well maintained cities (at least major portions of them), and of course, friendly and caring people.

In our opinion, both of these states meet our desired living criteria. Are there some negatives to them? Sure, but to us they're minor, and besides, no place is perfect. Are there other states that we think would meet our criteria? Yes, but we haven't lived in those states to know for sure. Are these the right states for everyone? I definitely don't think so because we all have different likes and dislikes.

With respect to your question about superfund sites, please know I'm not an expert. I know very little about them. We looked at homes in neighborhoods in the Avondale/Litchfield Park/Palm Valley area. (I don't remember the neighborhood names anymore as it was several years ago.) When we noticed the superfund statement on one of the home property reports, we immediately stopped looking in that area. How good or bad is it there? Maybe it's good there now because it has been cleaned up already, but I really don't know because I didn't investigate it further due to my memory of what I saw in the "Erin Brockovich" movie. If you haven't seen that movie, it's a true story (in CA I think) about a lawyer who investigated and worked with residents to sue a company for contaminating their water supply and to pay for their health issues. In the movie and in real life, that contaminated area then became a superfund site. To help you, here is a link to AZ's environmental website: ADEQ: Superfund/WQARF Programs: Site Information and Maps: Phoenix From the little bit of searching I did, it is important to note that these sites are everywhere in the US. There are other superfund sites in/around Phoenix and the rest of AZ as well as in other states all around the US. Some are already cleaned up, and others are currently being "cleaned".

About air quality, I think it is better on the outskirts of Phoenix like we are here in Vistancia rather than further in. When we look in the direction of central Phoenix, there is a transparent light brown cloud above the city at times. When we look away from the city, it is clear. One thing we found interesting is one day we had friends come to visit us that live closer into the central part of the city. They stayed past dark and commented how wonderful it was to actually see the stars here. That comment surprised us because we're used to being able to see the stars and we thought everyone could no matter where they lived. They thought that a potential reason why they couldn't see the stars very well where they live is because of the street lights there, but we have street lights here too. Maybe they have more streets lights there?

By the way, welcome back from Virginia! And, congratulations for raising all that money! You both sound like wonderful people!
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