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Old 01-02-2013, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by ferrarisnowday View Post
What is TMK?
Its an abbreviation for to my knowledge
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Old 01-06-2013, 05:16 PM
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to my knowledge?

not sure, old guy here.

too much ketchup

too many Klingons

too much Kryptonite
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Old 01-26-2013, 11:36 PM
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Garfield residents demand change after recent string of violence

There's been an obvious spike in crime in Garfield "up the hill" as of late... In the past six months theres been four homicides & at least 10 non-fatal shootings/shots fired into occupied structures...
Idk where violence is coming from. It seems to me like there's no connection linking most of these shootings (besides the ones that took place around the accidental shooting death of Ne'Andre Butler); my guess is that robbery and civil disputes are the respective motives. And not to downplay the seriousness of the problem of gang activity in the "gentrifying" neighborhood of Garfield up the hill, but I doubt that it's related with Garfield and a rival hood beefing (for example hypothetically the Garfield VS. Larimer beef reoccurring) or a temporary falling out between Garfield gang members...
What ever it is/where ever it's comming from it sure doesn't look good over in G-field.
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Old 02-24-2013, 09:44 PM
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I deleted the map in which this thread was based upon (link first page). Though now my Offical Allegheny County Crime Map has most of that information (link below).

Here's a list form of the different active street gangs in Pittsburgh/Allegheny County PA:

-Direct West Coast Influenced Crip Gangs:
Arlington Heights Crips (2nd Era South Central, Los Angeles Eastside Grape Street Watts Crips)
the Hazelwood Crips excluding the Glen Hazel Goons set (2nd Era South Central, Los Angeles Westside Rollin 60's NeighborHood Crips)
581 HillTop Crips (2nd Era South Central, Los Angeles Eastside Grape Street Watts Crips & possibly the Tacoma HillTop Crips Gang)
7000-7600 Race Street Crip set of the UpTown Homewood Crips (2nd Era South Central, Los Angeles Eastside Grape Street Watts Crips)

-Locally Organized Crips Gangs:
A.C.F. Crips
A-Cide Crips
Bricc N*ggaz
[UpTop] Charles Street Crips
Crawford Village Crips
Dallas-Inwood Boyz
Darccide Smash Gang Crips
DownTown S.Q.V. Homewood Crips
Duke City Crips
Eastcide Homestead Crips
[UpTown] Kirk Patricc Avenue Braddocc Crips
Lincoln Avenue Crips
Souljaz of Everybody Clicc (includes Brighton Place Crips, Down Botton Fineview Crips & UpTown Northview Heights Crips branches)
Sco Nation Braddocc Crips
Rankin Crips (includes Hawkins Village Crips branch)
UpTop Glen Hazel Goon set of the Hazelwood Crips
UpTown Homestead Crips
UpTown Homewood Crips
Whitikar Trap Boyz
[Southcide] Zhoove Crips

-Direct West Coast Influenced Blood Gangs:
Bailey Avenue Bloods branch of McKee City Bloods (3rd Era Inglewood Family Blood Gangs)
East Hills Bloods (2nd Era South Central Los Angeles Piru Gangs)

-Locally Organized Blood Gangs: Garfield Bloods
Hill Districk Bloods (includes Bedford Avenue Bloods, Bentley Drive Gang, Chauncey Drive Bloods Down Low Blood Gang, Flackside, Gute Block Gang, Reed Rude Boyz & Webster Avenue Bloods branches)
McKee City Bloods (includes Down Bottom Harrison Village Goonies & UpTop Goon Squad branches)

Independent Groups~
Larimer Avenue-Wilkinsburg Gang:
City Bound Gangstaz
J-Town Hoods
Larimer Avenue Hoods
UpTown Hoods (includes Hunter Park Gangstaz branch & the UpTown Trillside branch; Trillside includes:Trill-Turner Hoods set, U-8 set, etc)

Original Gangstaz:
Manchester Original Gangstaz
UpTop Wilson Avenue Gangstaz

Westside Convicts:
C-City Convicts
Down Low Goonies
Gang Green
Greenway Block Killaz
Money Up Front Gang (includes the UpTop Rude Boyz set)

*Although only the later three are the only ones with a notable presence in the streets

888 Posse:
Charles Street Valley Tre Eights
Perrysville Tre Eights

Mon Valley Independent Gangs:
Cut Throat City Young Souljaz
C-Town Addicted To Money Mafia
C-Town 1700 Gangstaz
Duquesne's many crews
Swissvale G'z

Northside Independent Gangs & Hoods:
Brightwood G'z
HoodTown Mafia
Rhine Street N*ggaz

West End Independent Gangs & Hoods:
Smell Block

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Old 04-18-2013, 05:28 PM
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According to the police it's thought 70% of homicides in our area are considered gang-related. With the warm weather, shootings are going to increase. Last week was rough in Homewood, and there have been shootings/shots fired in the Zone 5 rough neighborhoods/Central Wilkinsburg alone everyday this week. It's hasn't been publicized yet if all the recent violence is gang-related, though some of it probably is...
Authorities estimate 70 percent of homicides in the Pittsburgh area are gang-related, although crime statistics don't specify when gang affiliation is suspected.
200 law enforcement officials to gather in Ross to start two-day conference on gang activity in Western Pennsylvania | TribLIVE Mobile
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Old 04-16-2014, 08:29 PM
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^Here's my link to Pittsburgh Gang & Hoods Map II (from a non authority)

As of late, people on the forum have engaged in topics which lead me to go on about the history of the streets and certain gang neighborhoods, so I thought now would be a good time to redepute my gang map. This map has little correlation with my crime map, colors represent gang bandana colors/and colors for the intensive purposes of the map rather than 'badness' of neighborhoods. On my Map of the Body Bag Map, you can see OLD Hood 2 Hood videos of these gangs from 2005-2009.

2014 has been relatively quiet so far. 2012 had a few gang related shootings, but nothing like 2010 or 2008, and the numbers were lower than usual. 2013 was slightly above average in terms of gang violence. Again 2014 has been relatively quiet so far. However from, recently posted YouTube local underground diss music videos and from facebook/twitter/other forms of social media, the streets suggest gangs tempers are rising with one an other in certain areas. These areas are mainly within Homewood and the Zone 5 hoods/Central Wilkinsburg, but the 15104 is getting involved. Yet the Northside has been quiet for almost 24 consistent months. The notorious Beltzhoover vs St. Clair Village feud has continued with Beltzhoover vs. parts of Knoxville/Mt. Oliver, in 2013 multiple gang-related killings occurred, this year the violence in the South Side Hilltop has been unrelated. On the Westside, respective gangs in the Mountain-View Apartments, East Sheraden, West Sheraden, Elliott and McKees Rocks' Projects have been really keeping their distance. There was one broad day drug homicide in the Uansa Village Projects though.

Also recently (but not via major news indictments) gang members of all ages from juvenile members to 20's members to 30yr old members, have been heavily hit by the police. Word on the street is that there's at least one gang in each Pittsburgh Police Zone/most Allegheny County gang affiliated neighborhoods was "man down" (targeted with many high profile arrest, but no where near dismantled) by the cops since January.
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Old 04-16-2014, 08:39 PM
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Here's my disclaimer:
Color Key
Blue=Crips (inc. local Gape St Crips)
Black=non Bloods, Crips or Convictz
Green=3500 Westside Convictz
Orange= for the most part dope boyz/crews/hustlers or in some cases gangs with unknown affiliation to me
White= a defunct gang/razed project
colored line= open dope turf for both respective gangs & independent drug dealers
Yellow= wannabe predominantly black gangs
Purple= multiple small gangs

Information Guide
-Sets are the factions of gang members within a large territory
(yrs active/turf/affiliation/color- is self explanatory)
-know to be cool/non hostile with means gang members are in good standings with the other gang(s)' members
-hypothetical rivalries incidents what could happen
-known not to get along with means slight tension yet groups keep their distance
-rivalries with astricts are violent feuds which occurred 2013-present
-rivalry feud that has taken lives from 2007-2012, in most incidents gangs like to keep their distance when not actively feuding
^ to a lesser extent means a feud from 2007-present where gang members have been shot non fatally in most incidents gangs like to keep their distance
Again the purpose of the thread is to voice your opinion, experience, knowledge, rants, thoughts, questions, or what ever it may be on gangs, gang neighborhoods and street violence in Allegheny County.
I know a lot of individuals by face or more interactions. Some are family, some are former friends, a few are current friends, some are acquaintances/mutual associates, some are negative encounters, so on so fourth. I my self know history to beefs to hand signals of around 65-75% of these groups others are more second hand stuff.
This year there's been rants on the forum about how gangs and non law abiding inner city black youth can be hell bound thugs who are a potential danger to any person who they cross in public.
Of the hypothetical 100 adult gang members I know of I'd say only 40% are true don't care who the shoot and will rob/kill with little remorse. They often have no views on rape of girls or the protection youth and seniors. If the live to the age of 30's, they retire from the gang, but they almost never go clean.
Of that 60-50 (number 50-not percent) are the kind gangsters that eschaton describes, the kind that is also just as hard core as the 40%, but the will only go for people involved in the drug life, and show some morals regarding safety for kids and seniors. When they retire in the 30's they have a greater likelihood to go clean or somewhat clean.
10 of that 100 are able actually able to be saved and are good people stuck in bad situations. Usually they join the gang later in their teens than their counterparts and join first as associates rather than full time thug members. They are often former high school athletes who don't go to college, but have values regarding criminal activities. In the movie The Blindside, one character who fits into this category seems like the character "David" Micheal's budy from the Tennessee Projects.

The dynamic within juvenile gang members is different...
The movie Boyz In the Hood shows the full dynamic of inner city youth. There's the scholar, aka Trey, but he's friends with gang bangers and shaped by his environment. He plays the role of what people call neighborhood kids- kids who are great young individuals who a little-nothing to do with gang affairs.
There's the true athlete or popular individual-Ricky, who is very hardend by life in the ghetto. These are good kids-but because of their popularity, they are often closer to gang members. And these individuals have a tendency to be teenage fathers plus because of higher degree's of gang association their more likely to be victims of homicide than kids like Trey who are lesser involved.
Then there's kids like Doe Boy/Lil Chris/Monster/the 'Jerry Curl' brotha with the bib in his mouth, who represent hard core, full fledged neighborhood crew or gang members. They often go to juvenile detention centers for guns/drug/gang heireicey enforced crimes and become drug dealing gangsters like in Menace II Society/Paid in Full/New Jack City/etc..

What I'm trying to elaborate is in these neighborhoods not all black youth who seem to be troubled young thugs are in fact troubled young thugs, rather in actuality their only a little different from you're middle class suburban/city kid. And not all young thugs are the ones who disregard human life and shoot up innocent people in broad daylight.
I'm no cop I've just grew up in variety of places so I know a lot about the inner workings.
-Kids join gangs for money, family, protection, because that's all their expected to do, or for what ever reason. These days colors and territories are being more disregarded than in the 90's. Colors have ceased because even thugs know if all 20 of them dress in all the same colors then the police will notice them more easily. Facebook/twitter/instagram and the hip hop mixtape/YouTube scene has united more neighborhoods, as they all see there more alike than different. Now Larimer youth can chill in some street of Homewood and vice versa, for example. Or two rappers can link up on a song from different or even rival neighborhoods. In the early 90's-mid 2000's this would never happen.
-I think the whole female dynamic has stayed this same, but back then you had now defunct female gangs like "Street B*cthes", "Bloodetts" & "Cripletts". Female full time gang members are often masculine lesbians, where as- part time female associates or male gangster's girlfriends/wives often have to smuggle drugs in prison or be look outs. Some women on the paper trail of gangs like prostitutes are held to lesser standards.
-I've already mention on another thread how whites in some neighborhoods are just as involved in gang life, while in other areas with similar demographics whites are not.
-They all have deferent acronyms & slang associated with each gang or neighborhood. So within the realm of Pittsburgh inner city slang/"Ebonics" there's another dialect within the dialect.

Last edited by Uptown kid; 04-16-2014 at 09:54 PM..
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Old 04-12-2016, 01:49 PM
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Memo: Pittsburgh police on alert after dealers threaten to ‘open up on them'
Police believe Homewood gang members may be behind Wilkinsburg backyard ambush
Pittsburgh Gang & Hoods Map
Since 04-16-2014 gang activity has indeed been on the rise in Pittsburgh and in most cities across the country as well.

Although the 2014-2016 numbers aren't as bad from 1992-1994 we're experiencing more of a Chi-Raq style gang scene and this will get worse. In the 2000's, Chicago politicians elected to close its mega housing complexes- hence creating the current day media sensation of violence cycle in South Side Chicago. Sure those numbers were actually better than 80's & 90's, but it did not go with out notice... Now the Mayor & DA are looking to close Pittsburgh's most hostile section 8 communities. Mixing inner city public high schools, low income housing complexes and mixing micro-culture has proven not to work so well.

2017 WILL be a violent year. 30 Years since crack changed the game.

1987-1989 (crack first came to Pittsburgh no Crips, Bloods, LAWs, OGz or crack dealing gangs)
Crack epidemic begins & original gang rivalries
1989-1991 (non gang affiliated hoods/early gangs vs each other & earliest Crips & Bloods)
1992-1994 (climax/highest point of gang epidemic)
1995-1997 (downward spiral of 90's gangs)
Crack/Heroin & standing neighborhood rivalries
1998-2001 (total decrease in gang colors, but rival hoods still exist, projects began to close)
2002-2004 (gang colors returned, feuds continued but some projects closed)
2005-2007 (colors were less present than decade before, but many same feuds, more projects closed)
2008-2010 (2008 & 2010 were full of gang violence 2009 was only a drop due to police indictments, projects were still closing- but by now gangs displaced from public housing took control of their new hoods)
Heroin epidemic & social media influenced beefs/new era alliances & rivalry
2011-2013 (murder itself & police indictments took 2000's gang bangers off the streets, section 8 landlords for rowhoueses across the city are demoted, rival hoods are now friends... New generation of gang members)
2014-present (melee of gangs with no guidance; UpTown X beefs with UpTown Y; the Hill Disitrict gangs used to be united, but now Addison Terrace's/De Ruad St Bloods beef with Allequippa Terrace's Blood gangs/Bedford Avenue's Blood gangs; & certain Crips are united with Bloods & G's who are all feuding together with other Crips united with Bloods & G's- which would never happen before 2010)

Last edited by Uptown kid; 04-12-2016 at 01:58 PM..
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Old 04-12-2016, 05:38 PM
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Thanks for the update. Not my world, but good to know someone is keeping us up to date.

Serious question - is there a Pittsburgh equivalent to Buddy Gray?
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Old 04-12-2016, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Uptown kid View Post
Here's my disclaimer:

What's the story with the Brett Manor? I used to deliver the PG to customers up there back in the early 70's and my mum still lives near there.

I was under the impression those apartments were mostly occupied by immigrants from Bosnia, Russia or elsewhere or students at downtown tech schools.
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