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Old 09-19-2018, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Pilot1 View Post
No, not at all. Under Obama's reign we were heading towards Totalitarian Communism, and the political weaponization of Government against Conservatives, Libertarians, and Republicans.
Yes, because anyone was stopping you from posting this kind of paranoia before Trump became President.

Old 09-19-2018, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by CrownVic95 View Post
I read your first paragraph, scratched my head, and asked myself how did this guy got on my ignore list?

That question was quickly answered in your second. Trump is the best President we've seen going back at least as far as LBJ, without question. Probably for longer than that, but with JFK, there would be a moment of pause for consideration. Sadly, we'll never know what full effect he may have had.

Trump did more for America than 9 others before him even before he took office by obliterating PC. And no one else could have or would have done that. And he has continued to advance the interests of average, normal Americans every day since.

Your derogatory comments feed the radical leftist pigs that we both know have done great damage to our national fabric. Thus you are aiding their woefully misguided efforts, so they are very troubling to see.
I have always considered the Ignore list somewhat childish...

In fact I don't even really know what it is or how it works, but no matter to me because I can always read or not read whatever comments I want, reply or not, and I'm a true believer that we don't expand our mental band width by only reading or hearing what we want to hear. Not that expanding our perspective is any real goal for most people here, but for me, it is.

Without any help from C-D, I usually ignore comments like yours, rhetoric like yours that is also "woefully misguided," insulting, uninformed and further off the deep end than most. Might just add that Trump didn't obliterate PC. Trump has only demonstrated what ugly looks like as he acts like a mouth-breathing hot head. Instead of civility, class and poise we've got a POTUS who acts like a reality TV show host forever chasing better ratings. His Jerry Springer type fans loving every episode better than the last no matter how bad it gets.
Old 09-19-2018, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by LearnMe View Post
I know we had our problems. Lots to complain about, be angry about, little-to-no trust in government, "throw the bums out!" Sure, but as bad as it was, don't you miss the America before Trump?

Instead of throwing out the bums, seems Trump surrounded himself with new ones. Instead of "draining the swamp," we simply got another swamp to contend with, wonder about. A POTUS who instead of explaining why we needed a new health care plan, to cover people with previous conditions, we have a POTUS who explains what women will let you do to them under the right conditions.

Instead of a Noble Peace prize and a world impressed that America would actually elect a black POTUS, we get a wall that Mexico will pay for, and "thousands of Muslims" Trump said were cheering on 9/11. We get the best health care plan ever, never seen. An international trade war and now China cozying up with Russia. Instead of Michelle, we get hanky panky with porn stars and Playboy bunnies and even better, hush money paid in the $100 thousands to keep them quiet.

Not that any of this should have us wonder what else needs to be hushed...

Right, but what about the economy and our 401Ks?

I knew I shouldn't have started this thread, but I do surely miss the good old days before Trump started making America great again...
Very much so. I miss the rationality. I miss a President who didn't tweet nonsense virtually every day of his life. I miss a President who didn't live in a world of conspiracies and have a best friend who runs the National Enquirer. I miss a President who respected the law and the agencies of our government that enforce it. I miss having a President who wasn't some cheap business huckster who treats every action as though it were an opportunity for a "negotiation" of his. I miss a President who was knowledgeable about government and foreign affairs. I miss a President that valued our NATO alliance and didn't treat our friends worse than enemies like Vladimir Putin. I miss a President who realized Canada was a great friend and neighbor and didn't sell them out for the sake of a few dairy farmers. I miss a President who struggled to find a solution to the health care problems in this country rather than one who could care less. I miss a President who knew America was a great country and didn't carry on about how it needed to "be made great again". I miss a President that understood that America was still struggling to sort out racial issues and did not attempt to defend neo-nazis and the ku klux klan. I miss a President that didn't have to pay off women he had affairs with and than try to conceal the fact. I miss a President who didn't continually try to dodge giving testimony about the Russia investigation. I'm sure I could think of even more, but the reality is that our present President has deprived of us of the normality and stability that democratic regimes thrive in.

He is a goddamn disgrace.

Its a shame what we have declined too. Comrade Trump deserves Comrade Putin not the presidency of this great country.
Old 09-19-2018, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by danielj72 View Post
Ok I think we are conservatives of a different stripe. Trump was not my guy, actually Mike Pence is more my kind of candidate. I am glad Trump is not PC, I just wish he would fact check and think before he speaks. His treatment of our allies has really bothered me, as I believe NATO is a very important factor in keeping Russia and Islamic terrorism in check. The NATO powers are important friends of America and they should be treated as such. I also wish his personal morals were more in line with the conservative values he claims to support. Trump and congress did great with tax cuts. Health care and border control have been failures though. I personally believe we could have done better, that I suppose is where we stand apart. In the end though we are on the same side and I will vote for Trump in 2020 in spite of the reservations I have about Trump and his character. Fighting these social justice warriors and stopping the socialist agenda takes a real A game and we conservatives need to bring our A game to the table to stop them from ruining this country. My feelings about Trump will not prevent me from making my vote count for conservative Republicans in 18 and 20.
But don't you see? Part of not being PC is to ignore facts let alone do any fact checking. That's how you develop the prejudice and bigotry, built on ignorance, that makes being PC very difficult for people who just don't care about the truth or what anyone else thinks...

I appreciate some balance demonstrated by much you note in your comment, refreshing compared to so many comments that are truly imbalanced, but when even some balance like yours already leads you to conclude you will vote Trump in 2020, I have to conclude we are Americans "of a different stripe."

For starters, throwing in misrepresentations like "stopping the socialist agenda" also demonstrates some bias and ignorance that makes it clear, we're not likely to reconcile our differences. Either that or I counter with "stopping the fascist agenda" and how intelligent is that all considered?

"Two wrongs don't make a right," and two dumb accusations are just dumb...
Old 09-19-2018, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Rocko20 View Post
I wish Trump could run for more than 2 terms, the outrage from the left is worth it a lone.
How does that Ignore thing work again...?
Old 09-19-2018, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Tom Lennox 70 View Post
No, I don't miss the days of Obamacare, weakness against terrorism, unfair trade agreements and the War on Coal. And yes the left was dividing us well before Trump ran for president, like with Trayvon, BLM, etc. I believe Kaepernick started his bull crap before Trump even started running.
But 9/11, some serious terrorism, happened before Obama, and we experienced no such terrorism by a foreign terrorist organization during Obama's term. Obamacare came about because people cared about the rising cost of health care and people who couldn't get coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Easy for Trump to do nothing, because Trump doesn't care. Maybe you either, but most people do. "Unfair trade agreements" is a matter of perspective and not altogether working too well for Americans looking to export their goods despite the now rising trade barriers thanks to Trump's escalating trade war. To right the balance of our GDP compared to which exactly? We're not order-of-magnitude bigger than any other economy, and we're being taken advantage of?

And as long as you are going to get into the REAL important stuff, no one was taking a knee before the start of football games during Obama's two terms either!
Old 09-19-2018, 11:37 AM
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You know what I miss about pre-Trump?

It was boring. Obama (great president or bad president) was boring. What did the right carry-on about? That Obama put mustard on his hamburger. /yawn Scandalous! Conservative talking heads had a field day with that. It was great. When I'd wake up and see that the biggest headline was what type of condiments our commander-in-chief used... I knew things were going to be just fine.

I feel like you can judge the state of the world by what the headlines are. Here's my metaphor between Obama headlines and Trump headlines... and it happened all in the course of one day.

One morning I was on my way to a college class and walked by one of those newspaper kiosks in NYC. The major headline... Michael Jordan was returning to basketball. He's an athlete. Not a world leader. It is a game with no real consequences. Just a pastime really. And this was in NYC and Jordan was famous in Chicago. But, the biggest headline of that day was an athlete playing a sport. That's it.

About 35 minutes later, a plane crashes into the WTC. And the headlines the following day pretty much read: Catastrophe. And these headlines continued for weeks.

That's how it is now. Obama was "yawn" and Trump is daily tragedy.
Old 09-19-2018, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by bawac34618 View Post
The entire thing is that people want an America where white fundamentalist Christian men run everything and everyone else knows their place in the hierarchy. They want women back in the kitchen, gays back in the closet, and brown people back on their side of the tracks out of sight and out of mind. They want a nation that is heavily culturally Christian and where Christianity is promoted by the government. People may have the right to not believe or practice a different religion but they need to be discreet about it as to not offend the fundamentalists. At the core of it all is a deep, seething anger and hatred towards the LGBT community, largely because of the Obergefell v Hodges SCOTUS decision and the fact that the church was dealt a huge defeat. Individuality is to not be tolerated. Everyone must know their role in society and play their part. It's hard to believe it's 2018 and this is where we are at. It feels like we are back in the 1950s again.
Makes you wonder who is actually doing all the "seething," whining and crying, that conservatives surely love to pin on liberals as if they very respectfully appreciate everyone's rights, not realizing THEY are the reason for so much of the division and unrest! Intolerance of people not like them, alternative beliefs, religions, etc. One thing for certain, those who enjoy the trappings of advantage, opportunity and freedom afforded by the status quot are always going to disrespect and put down anyone who wants to "rock their apple cart," even if others are simply wanting the same advantages, opportunity and freedom!
Old 09-19-2018, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by LearnMe View Post
Thanks for the sympathy, concern, no doubt just as sincere and honest as Trump tends to be, but don't worry about me none. I've had my disappointments about prior presidents. Maybe not like with Trump, but this too shall pass, and I have some level of hope and confidence that America will be better again, even if not soon enough...
Sorry your economy and 401(k) are doing so well, I know it's hard to endure

I'd respond to your other points, but, amazingly enough, in your word vomit of an initial post you didn't have any
Old 09-19-2018, 12:05 PM
12,219 posts, read 3,149,185 times
Reputation: 1515
Originally Posted by danielj72 View Post
I am in my 40s so I was not here for the 50s but I can say without doubt that I am sure they were much better than 2018. I know from my own memory that the 1970s and 1980s were better tha 2018 because there was less cultural pollution and leftists, SJWs etc. were tiny in number and not taken seriously.

White Christian men founded this nation and ran it. Under their leadership it became one of the most successful and powerful nations in history. I am not sorry or ashamed of any of this. We are simply sick of the white bashing and the attacks on our culture.

Women back in the kitchen? Only if they are good at it We have conservative women in leadership positions around the nation, your statement is false. Your just angry we reject the angry feminist “me too” view of women’s issues.

“Gays back in the closet”.....yep, no matter how much y’all try a whole lot of this country will never accept homosexuality as normal. Yes there is a deep seething anger of the Supreme Court edict on gay marriage. Not only does gay marriage disgust people but the court illegally created law. Many of us simply do not accept it and never will. If you choose to engage in socially unacceptable practices it should be done in the privacy of your home or “in the closet” as you say.

“Brown people back on the other side of tracks”......wrong. Any freedom loving American supports fair treatment for all citizens. You will find minorities as conservative leaders around the country just as you do women. Again y’all don’t like the fact that we reject your angry view of race issues in this nation. BLM and Colin Kaepernick are not representative of all minorities in America in spite of how liberals present these issues. What they represent is a group of angry hateful underclass who live on the fringes of society and the law. Meanwhile millions of minorities are doin fine in this country.

“We want a heavily culturally Christian nation where Christianity is promoted”......true, and I will not be sorry for this either. We have freedom of religion but that does not mean we should remove Christian values from the sight of all who don’t believe.

I also see you seem to resent the idea of an ordered society and law and order in general. I don’t want your socialism, I don’t want the politically correct telling me how to think, what to say and what to believe in. I do not want them rewriting our history or redefining our culture. I’ll go further and say I want these leftist influences in our culture stomped out. They are dangerous and if left unchecked they will create a nation that looks more like Venezuela than the USA. One thing every leftist should remember............eventually the conservatives will fight to protect this nation. We will not become a socialist nation peacefully, you will have to fight to impose it.
Look at it this way...

Ever since the founding of this country, we have moved to "the left" if that's what you want to call it. I call it progress. Even our founding fathers were "radicals" in their day, and yes they happened to be white, but being white is NOT what determines greatness. Even our founding fathers seemed to understand this as best they could at the time by suggesting that ALL men are created equal. We've made progress one decade after the last ever since, and we're still making progress even if painfully slow, despite thinking like yours.

Won't address all your notions badly in need of correction (as if that is possible) but the issue of being gay is a perfect example of backward thinking still a problem today. I'm as heterosexual as they come, but I noticed a long time ago that not everybody is like me, and that's okay! Who am I to judge as long as they don't impose on my way of life. They only want the same that I enjoy in that respect. I married who I love, and I do in my home as the freedom in this country is supposed to allow me, not according to anyone's brand of religion. We are a secular country, for a reason! You don't need to "accept" gay people. Just let them be!

If you want a "heavily culturally Christian nation where Christianity is promoted" you will forever be more and more disappointed as more and more people don't think that way or require that way of others. Go to your church of choice and worship all you like along with like-minded worshippers. Sure. Build a prayer room with a statue of Jesus on the wall, invite all your friends to join you. Be as Christian as you want to be, but for "God's sake" allow others to enjoy the same freedoms. "Live and let live!"

I've really got to ignore the rest of your comment. Too thick...
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