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Old 05-10-2019, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Sorel36 View Post
It's a boy who acts like a girl. The other one seems also seems homosexual. They are a couple a mentally confused, atheist, religion hating killers.

What does religion have to do with their behavior.
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Old 05-10-2019, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Sorel36 View Post
It's a boy who acts like a girl. The other one seems also seems homosexual. They are a couple a mentally confused, atheist, religion hating killers.
the girl who allegedly participated in the school shooting is a female to male trans who calls herself alec. alec has an illegal alien father who has been jailed for a weapons offense and domestic violence and deported several times, according to the daily mail.

Press dropped coverage of this school shooting like a hot potato.

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Old 05-10-2019, 04:16 PM
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Father of one shooter was an illegal alien deported several times, convicted of domestic abuse

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Old 05-10-2019, 04:22 PM
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Transgender, illegal alien, purple hair freak probably gay and on meds.
Now it makes sense no more coverage
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Old 05-11-2019, 06:57 AM
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Originally Posted by PilgrimsProgress View Post
Father of one shooter was an illegal alien deported several times, convicted of domestic abuse


But they are fine outstanding people....right...
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Old 05-12-2019, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Goodnight View Post
What does religion have to do with their behavior.

Read their statements.
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Old 05-12-2019, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by scarabchuck View Post
Seems like the school were the bullies. Hopefully this doesn't end up a case like the Florida one, where the district and it's policies pretty much let it happen.
Basically every public school in America has a policy to contribute to these sorts of things.

I've vehemently opposed 0 tolerance since it was enacted when I was in highschool.

The reason being is, it is not natural to cower to others and be reliant upon an adult in the room to handle life's woes.

See. I get it. I've understood it since I was in highschool what, 15 years ago?
Liberals are bleeding heart do gooders. They run the show in schools.
While their intentions of decreasing violence is noble. How they go about it is totally wrong.

Here's the problem within their problematic solution.

School ends. Kids graduate and move on to adulthood.
Schools purpose is to partially prepare kids for the real world.
Parents are responsible to ensure their kids are prepared for the real world.
Otherwise don't send junior to school, see what happens.

Here's the thing. They continue to coddle through grade school into highschool.
Conditioning students that "violence is not the answer" and "if there's a problem, tell an adult, a teacher, guidance counsellor, Dean of students, principal, school shrink, social worker, or even the student resource officer".

Here's what that translates to.
You've sheltered kids from reality. You've created generations reliant upon an adult to solve life's woes for you.

That isn't how the real world works.
They've been conditioned to be reliant and conditioned for a "utopia" that does not exist.

Look at my generation for example.
Why are so many millennials stuck at home living with mom and dad into their 20s and 30s? Why are so many inept at standing up to their bosses to get sustainable wages? Meanwhile those on the left say-Unions are the answer! They're not.
I never had any issue getting the benefits package I wanted, the paid time off I wanted, the pay I wanted. I never needed a union. In fact I chased a union out of a place I worked at in NY.

One of the premises of 0 tolerance policy is-Teachers are there to teach. Not break up fights. And I whole heartedly agree. Stay out of it. Let them fight.

I dealt with bullies. I stood up for kids who literally were defenseless compared to the much bigger and stronger punks that tormented them. Dudes even twice my size.
When you bloody up a punk. They either become friends after licking their wounds, or you go separate ways never to interact with one another ever again. Why? Because they grasp pain. Everyone does. Pain is quite an effective reminder and deterrence.

Instead what is in place, is this feeble limp wristed nonsense of kumbaya with (my highschools policy here others may be different especially today) alerting an adult, teacher hall monitor principal, whoever.

What happens next is, the school calls the bullied and their bully first thing in the morning for "peer remediation" principal is present. Schools shrink is present. Student resource officer is present. Any witnesses are also present.
Talk it out. Settle it without fighting.

Been through it once. Shot my mouth off. The kid that got me called into the office was a dude the same size as me who grabbed my little sister by the butt. He was terrified of me. Didn't know she was my sister. Before 0 tolerance he saw me fight knew what I was capable of doing so it was preemptive on his end to prevent being confronted and possibly catching a bloody nose.

When the student resource officer informed me in a threatening tone that he could arrest me if I put hands on the kid on school grounds? I shot my mouth off and said, fine. I won't touch him. On school grounds that is.
I'll follow him home. I'll be at the local hang outs. When I see him he's fair game then right? So long as it isn't on school grounds?
Wrong move. But worth the reaction by all who were present in the room.

Never mind he grabbed my sister and made a remark about her butt.
I was the "bad guy".

I lost time from 2 classes that morning. All in vain of protecting a bully who also was on my football team, who's father was a local cop.
That badge doesn't grant junior any exemptions. But it does.
Instead junior ought to be held to higher standards rather than hiding behind his daddy's badge.

For my comment, I was tailed for the next couple months pulled over for loud exhaust/modified exhaust, suspected not wearing a seat belt, (had an old truck at the time came equipped with lap belts only) you name it.
I kicked a hornets nest. That's okay. I knew what could happen. It didn't bother me. I found it laughable daddy would waste department resources to have me followed from school straight to work or home. Cite me for loud exhaust give me a fix it ticket. I'd pull the glasspacks off when I got home, slip the beer keg muffler back on, run down to the station before school, have the sergeant sign off on the ticket, throw the glasspacks back on when shop class came around.
I made a game of it.

What does this nonsense prove? What does it prevent? What does it deter? Nothing.
Not a thing. It enables bullying and made it worse.
Back in my day of highschool, we had Myspace, and AIM messenger.
Today there's TONS of social media platforms.

Bullying progressively got worse as there were more avenues than face to face interactions on school grounds. Now, one could send threatening messages electronically. Everyone regardless of politics can and does talk tough with the comfort of an anonymous handle/screen name and a keyboard. There's no threat of physical repercussions that follow from being threatened.

What used to be-"I don't like you, you're different, I want to punch you in the face" being met by someone responding "feeling froggy? Leap. I ain't got all day" and an exchange of fists leading to becoming friends or never speaking to one another, has intensified to "I'm going to hurt/kill you and there's nothing you can do to stop me."
And the one on the receiving end knows that if they stand up to that, they're going to be in worse trouble than the one making the threats. Or, get an adult in the room and circle jerk in the office follows. School gets to have their cake and eat it too.

Here's what's laughable about it.
Back then if bullying happened online? Say on MySpace or AIM messenger?
School would say, not my monkey, not my circus we are not responsible for what happens after school hours. But if it happened to an athlete or the son/daughter of a police officer or school staffer? They would pursue it to asinine lengths. Anyone else? Nah. Just ignore them junior. Block them. We will change YOUR classroom scheduling so YOU don't have to interact or even be seen by them. Except there's a fatal flaw there...

You, the victim of a bully, have to have YOUR schedule changed, to appease a bully? That's empowering the bully. That's enabling the bully. That's saying, it's acceptable to bully others, for we will simply re route the bullied in an attempt to prevent them from being confronted by the bully. That was again, what my school did at the time. Other schools may be different.
There was no punishment for the bullies actions. None at all. A mere note made that they're saying/doing mean things. Called into the office for "peer mediation" to talk it over with adults in the room.

Once highschool ends... that program you were conditioned to be reliant upon ends as well.
Get into the job force. Especially blue collar trades where teasing and hazing occurs daily. You'll go rat out someone to HR. And what happens next becomes a full fledged effort by everyone of your peers to make your life hell to get you out of there for making problems. I've witnessed that first hand with newbies 2-5 years younger than me.

Hell, one of the dealerships I worked at, someone had a problem with me because I made them look dumb when it came to fixing diesels. They went across the border to CT bought a thing of fire crackers. Got the service writer in on it, gave me a little transit with drivability issues. I was bent over/kneeling looking for the data link connector. They tossed a thing of black cats behind me and I jumped and smacked my head on the dash. Everyone in the shop laughed.

Did I get sad or cry woe is me? Hell no. I smiled ear to ear and said I'll remember that.
I got them all 2 weeks and about 1,800 dollars later.

I went up to sales and grabbed a balloon.
When sales would do holiday weekend sales, they'd tether a big balloon with flags on vehicles in the front lot. Inflated to be about 3-4 feet in diameter.
I filled it with acetylene and a touch of oxygen. It was a slow day in the shop. The guy who threw the firecrackers behind me was doing brakes on a Lincoln Town Car. I creeped up behind him, taped the balloon to the floor, sprayed brake clean on it and made a trail leading back to the locker room/bathroom. Hit it with a cigarette lighter.

Dude jumped up smacked his forehead on the rotor gave him a gash in the shape of a smiley face across his forehead. Blew out 3 windows in the shop, knocked about 30 years worth of dust from the rafters and had everyone vacate the building. It literally shook the whole building

I don't get mad. I don't get even. I win.
Made everyone else in the shop angry. Oh well. The owner of the dealership almost fired me until I told him what had occurred prior to me doing that. He laughed and said well played. Pay for the broken windows and you can stay.

Afterwards everyone laughed about it. The guy I did it to however got so butthurt I didn't get fired he left. He had like a God complex or something. Sure he flagged alot of hours. But he literally thought his chit didn't stink, and that he could do no wrong ever. Alot of his work came back because he rushed and cut corners. He also liked to throw fits and yell at others in the shop for "stealing his work" and he would pull stunts like leaving extra nuts/bolts laying around on someone's work bench making them second guess whether they forgot pertinent hardware so they'd run back out grab the vehicle and waste half an hour or more triple checking everything.

Now... if I followed 0 tolerance (a nonsensical initative that I don't believe in) policy approach, dude would have been brought into HR. Spoken with. Maybe at worst, sent home for a day or two. Forced to apologize to me. And he'd have everyone else in the shop bothered by my mere presence.
How do I know this? I've seen it happen to guys younger than me who were teased or hazed who had been indoctrinated/conditioned to go tell an adult.

I've always managed to find that one guy in every dealership I worked in that was just like that guy. I'm seen as a valid threat to their ability to earn an income they enjoy.
I'm productive, proficient. And I'll even go out of my way to help others in an environment where it's every man for himself. (You're paid on production, you don't get paid for helping others)
When it's that guy vs me in who can out prank who. I always win. I never lose. I never get mad. I never get even. I win.
Same with micromanaging overzealous service managers.
I've sent 4 packing. Come in my bay yelling and screaming? Because you screwed up a warranty claim by omitting pertinent diagnosis information? Threaten my income?

Nah... your wife might find out about your rendezvous with that chick from HR or sales etc on your lunch break.
Your nose candy habit might be put out for all to know.
Your browsing of golf clubs, boats, vacations, etc while on the clock from the comfort of an air conditioned office might just make its way back to the owner...
Funny thing is, I can do their job. They cant do mine. Warranty submissions? Appealing claims? Turning charge backs into the manufacturer paying for them? I can do that. That's easy. Updating an antsy customer? That's easy. I did that. Really paid to leave contact info on the repair orders you dinks. I circumvented the system and wound up with a following of loyal customers that way. Customers that would trust me and nobody else to touch their stuff for I could explain in dumbed down terms what's wrong, how to fix it. Why it is doing what it is doing. Something snake oil salesmen at the front desk can't do, but can push for fluid flushes and nonsense that do nothing but increase billable hours and get a kick back from "service" industries.

After a while, you get tired of the shenanigans and the constant cuts in SLTS Labor ops. You open your own business and the stress almost completely disappears. Especially since you don't follow the corporate model of more chiefs than Indians and being a leader instead of an order barking boss. Couple that with Trump's tax cuts, and give raises to your employees, money that used to go to taxes... everyone is happy.

I don't get even with bullies, I win. Something unions in the workplace can't do for you and something schools 0 tolerance policy can't do for you...
As for my guys... There's rarely ever an issue amongst them. Why? I tell them they're a team. Work together get it done early get paid for a full days work and go home to your family or air conditioning/pool and cold beer. If someone makes a mistake? Let them learn from it. Don't berate them because they made a mistake. Let them know what they did wrong, how to correct it, and how to avoid it from ever happening again.

It costs nothing to be kind to one another. It costs nothing to help each other out, there's no shame in asking questions if you don't know something. Or are somehow "expected" to know. You're all in it for the same purpose. Exchange skills, abilities, blood, sweat, and hours, for dollars, to sustain yourselves and your family. So why be at each other's throats? Check your ego at the door or you won't like how I handle your nonsense.

I've only dealt with 1 problematic employee, turns out. He's got alot of problems at home, his coping skills were to lash out against others to make himself feel better... for misery enjoys company.
So since I don't rationalize with feelings.
I told him you've got 3 options.
1. Pack up and find someone else to work for who will tolerate your BS.
2. Put your big boy pants on and leave home at home.
3. Find someone to talk to about your problems and how to cope/correct them. Life's too short to be mad at the world including and especially including those who are not contributing to your problems and are completely innocent.

Otherwise you won't be here to hurt my income, my reputation, especially the reputation and income of others you work with. I hear one more time from a customer or employee you're back to shouting, name calling, and being a bother, you'll collect your final paycheck and you won't get a glowing review from me, which will only make your situation at home worse since you just lost your source of income. Suck it up Nancy boy.

Other difference between me and other "bosses" I don't do that crap in front of an audience. I pull the problematic individual into private 1 on 1 meeting. With nobody else present to laugh, mock, or feel intimidated that the boss man will shred them.
Working for others, that cheap suit and tie, and white collar with penny loafers did it for attention to assert power/authority over me. Didn't work for them too well. That suit gave them the illusion they had power and authority over me. They didnt. I often embarrassed them at their game. I was deemed unmanageable by 2 places almost fired, until I reminded them I was the reason their customer satisfaction scores went up, I was the reason the shop became profitable and not breaking even. Especially when it came to diesel truck repair/modifications. Shops used to cower and avoid installing lift kits or aftermarket performance components. Not me. I'd build daddy's money boys bro dozers. That didn't succumb to death wobble at highway speeds or while towing. Want a 600+hp daily driven diesel, and no worry about loss of longevity? Not a problem. Front desk would shriek and shout we're a dealership we only do factory authorized repairs!

Yeah. And the factory rarely gets it right. Folks don't buy diesel trucks solely to cart around kids or occasionally tow a toy on the weekends. Alot of folks buy them to work them. Can't really claim Ford Tough when it's on the hook for doing what it was designed to do. There's aftermarket solutions the factory is blind to, I don't know about you hoss, but if I'm dropping 50 60 70 thousand dollars on a truck to tow and haul and it's constantly down for repairs costing me money tying me up my production up, that's money not earned for every hour every day that truck is down and in your shop. I get a 35 dollar per day rental a focus? Nah. Can't tow. Can't haul. Can't plow snow. With a focus. Don't send that 35 dollars to enterprise. Take that 35 dollars for yourself. Take that trade in that's sitting out back, register it to the dealership. It's a write off you dink. Didn't business school teach you that much? Damn you guys love tripping over 100 dollar bills to pick up pennies. Then blat about it as you let opportunity pass you by.

Places that listened to my ideas... they're doing well.
You know Ford won't cover the rental for a contractors F350 dumptruck. You do know they'll pay 35 dollars per day.
You ripped someone off bigly on trade in for that dump truck sitting out back that you'll wholesale at auction and be lucky to break even or gain profit from.
Throw a couple grand at it in needed repairs/maintenance, register it, insure it, deduct it/write it off. Guess who kept coming back for repairs to be made long after the warranty ran up? That guy. Who depended on that tool, that was provided with similar just older, for when his went down.

Why go to Billy bobs backyard shade tree and towing when the warranty runs out taking a gamble that someone knows the vehicle inside and out, when you can go to the dealer and get similar to what you use daily to make a living, and have someone who absolutely knows that vehicle like the back of their hand and know it will be good as new in a few days... or permanently fixed with proven components the factory doesn't authorize for repairs?

But anyways... I think we all can agree bullies suck.
My first hand expirience says, violence is the answer. Equal to or greater than, what was initiated by the offender. A bully doesn't forget the pain of a broken nose, a loose tooth, swollen eye swollen lip. They thrive from the torment they initated upon others. The attention they got from making others around them laugh at another's expense. The "another" often times being completely harmless in every sense. Who's only "crime/offense" was solely existing.
My challenge for liberals is to stop feeling and start thinking. Your utopia does not exist. It just enables further degeneracy of society. No matter how badly you want it. It defies the human condition of self preservation. It's not only wrong in that regard. It enables bullies to be worse than you can even imagine.
For they can get a mere slap on the wrist. And if their victim fights back or stands up, or someone by standing witness the victim succumb to malice, stands up and gives a dose of instant karma, they're in worse trouble than the bully? Nah... that is how you propagate dependency and promote fear. Your social engineering expirament is not healthy. Not conducive. Does not do anything productive. It only intensifies things.

Just like with school shootings, liberals focus on the firearm. Never the individual. Calls for gun control. Yet... I've still to see a gun get up, chamber a round and go harm/kill innocent people.
Blame the implement never the individual. Never consider Motive, Incentive, or intent.
God forbid school staff becomes armed to thwart an active shooter and stop their wanton violence. Keep right on pushing for more restrictions of liberty, keep right on pushing on reliance of .gov as if this is a problem the government can solve... pfft. I've got news for you.

If you think the government can solve this you're delusional.
Short of a trillion dollar effort or more, to disarm the entire nation, short of getting an absolute police and surveillance state straight out of Orwells 1984... until politicians of both sides stop focusing on the implement, nothing will be done to solve stop prevent or deter it.

Contrary to perpetuated myths by politicians and the media...
You can have both firearms and a safe society. You can have children and firearms in the same household. (I'm living proof of that.)
You've been fed chit and told it's Soufflé and bought the fear that's pushed in vain to restrict limit even calls for eradication of a civil liberty to keep and bear arms.

It should be everyone's priority to lawfully legally defend what is rightfully theirs.
Not a .gov service.
It should not be reliance on a reactionary measure to stop these heinous attacks.
It should be proactive. And the only fear should be the heinous who want to harm others for whatever irrelevant reason. They ought to be the ones calling for the toppling of the 2nd. Not suburban soccer mom's out demanding action.
Not the Brady campaign.
Not any one.

The heinous within society, which is a very very small portion, statistically speaking. Ought to be the ones who are fearful of those who do support, do exercise, the right to keep and bear arms. Don't make excuses for them and blame mental illness. Don't lend credibility to them or give them a crutch to lean on, a card to throw/hide behind.
Don't cower to their attacks. Don't support state sponsored/endorsed victimhood with endorsing gun free zones, and having to wait for others to come rescue you, no fault of their own.

Revoke the incentive. Motive and intent will follow.
Especially if we could get the media to report, "Attempted mass murdering scumbag entered so and so school today and was put down like the rabid animal they are, more details at 10."

Can't really claim you don't condone violence, when your initiatives enable violence to a level that hasn't been seen before. For if you didn't condone violence, you'd support lawful defense up to and including lethal force if necessary. Why you want to keep bad policy in place that's proven to be 100% ineffective and focus solely on the inanimate object is beyond me. Shows me a lack of problem solving skills, a lack of coherent, logical, rational thinking just blind emotion.

I'll say it again.
I would gladly volunteer my time to stand guard inside or outside any school, armed. Wouldn't cost the tax payer a red cent.
I can get many others to do it too.
I'm independently wealthy. I don't need a pension, a dental plan, a badge or uniform.
For fun, I participate in 2 and 3 gun competitions even fighting/defensive pistol and carbine courses. So do those that support my idea in volunteering their time and resources (training, armor, weapons), to serve as a form of community service, to serve as a supplement side by side with law enforcement.
The 2nd allows for militias. Why not call upon those ready willing and able to defend innocent lives from heinous murderous scumbags?
Goes against the grain of firearms solely being for nefarious purposes?
No more victims of "gun violence" to support your anti gun agenda?
No growing government and bureacracy at the tax payers expense?
It's not fair kids are scared of succumbing to rabid homicidal scumbags.
It's also unfair that those who don't have kids need to pay for others who do, to be protected by .gov...
Any other time community service is seen as great. Applaudible. Noble. Except when it involves a proactive and pro 2A measure that counters the current narrative of Gunz bad. Gibz gunz.

Why repeat the same thing over and over again. And expect a different outcome? I don't understand it.

But alas. I won't get an honest answer, or honest argument. Just
NO! Because...
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Old 05-21-2019, 12:09 AM
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A lot of reference to the shooters here--just wanted to pause a moment and put the focus instead on the victim, Kendrick Castillo. He was 18, about to graduate two weeks after the shooting, and by all accounts an all around GOOD KID (the victims always are) ready to go to college to study electrical engineering. He put others before himself and attempted to restrain the shooter to allow his classmates to get out of the room or safely get under desks and took a fatal bullet--he was a hero.

He was an only child. I cannot begin to fathom was his parents are going through. . . . . . .
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